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  1. @Lento That makes all the sense to me, and btw the video just came at the right time. No one actually knows anything about whether they're doing the right thing or not as there's actually no right or wrong!! It's just a matter of trust and faith in the process and of knowing that growth is the ultimate goal! Your principles are very practical for dealing with such states. Thx for your support, I truly appreciate it πŸ™πŸ»β£οΈ
  2. I don't know how things can change in a very unexpected way. Sometimes it feels that the timing is wrong, the place is unsuitable or the conditions are hard. There's something inside me that's saying unclear voices alongwith unbearable confusion. The state of confusion has been accompanying me for like a week, not being sure about my present emotions and not being sure about if the decisions I'm taking are the best ones . But through such state, there's a deeper faith in the process that keeps me connected to something higher than my actual state, and I'm sure it'll show me the clarity of my experience. May be I need to give myself more time for things to get connected. Getting mad, escaping from what matters or focusing on the secondaries are not gonna disconnect from this state of confusion. May be accepting it and allowing it to be are gonna bring about the deeper understanding! What I always look up to is where I was vs. where I'm right now. I never imagined that I can reach this level of growth, awareness, adaptability, getting used to difficult conditions, capability to let go, detachment from everyone around me and being close to myself. The pain of the past, the difficulty of the present and the unknown of the future keep the faith bigger. Nothing is perfect, and sometimes the imperfections make things look more real. It's beautiful to find someone with whom you can be very reflective, very open to change and very honest , someone who reflects your reality and inner self, someone who trusts and supports you, someone with whom you can have such deep conversations and discussions that you never have with anyone else and somone who makes a difference in your life. πŸ’œ
  3. My state can only be described by the song "everlasting nothing"πŸ’œ :
  4. Ur welcm πŸ™πŸ»
  5. @Annoynymous yes, and to make your plan strategic, give an additional time for such calamities. For example for doing the first project put an ideal plan for finishing it in 5/6 days, and a more realistic plan( in case you miss out a day let's say) for finishing it in 8-9 days, and then make the following plans depending on those two plans. In this way you'll not miss out the bigger plan not matter what happens. The more you'll practice this way, you'll start shifting your plans to become more realistic and more strategic.
  6. @Annoynymous that's absolutely normal. What I see that is missed in your plan is adaptability . Keep in mind that whatever plan you make, it's not supposed to include rigid rules that say X should be done, then Y and eventually Z, and if Z is done before Y then the whole process is gonna be affected . U gotta include in your plan the outer circumstances that may happen accidentally with you, your ego-backlashes, losing interest, wasting time on secondary things , your physical illness, sleeping hours , taking some rest, your meetings, etc. in a way that your plan becomes so flexible such that u can adjust it daily if necessary to be aligned with your actual life. At the beginning it's gonna be really difficult, but with time you're gonna be able to organize your life by depending on your flexible plans. Good luck πŸ’«
  7. Thx, I appreciate that πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’«
  8. It's been a long time since I journalled here. Taking a break from solitude and from following a specific routine from time to time is essential. I went on a 4-day trip to a nearby city with my family. I had no internet most of the time . It was more about being in the state of flow with everything, not missing anyone, not thinking about anyone and not bothering myself with anyone's problems, just a state of flow. I stopped dieting during that time, but did my daily habits. I walked a lot in those 4 days. The best part about it was meeting my close friend and my cousins as it's been a long time since we met (they kinda empowered me). Here are some realizations of that trip: There's so much left for me to do, and life is more than just a bunch of socializations, solitude, actualization, growth and work. Taking feedbacks with full open-mindedness is essential for bringing about the further step towards reaching the goals. I'm not giving my full potential to what matters to me the most in this phase of my life. Being lost in the streets is actually enjoyable☺️. That state reminded me of my last-year state which I could've found enjoyment out of it instead of considering it as suffering. Feeling empty inside, feeling lost, not knowing what the hell are u doing with your life and being confused about past memories and pain, future desires and present priorities are all things I deeply relate to and have been experiencing for so long. However there's still sth in all of those states that can be enjoyed and can bring about some fun to the present moment. Considering such states as suffering is a creation by oneself, and reconsidering some parts of it as enjoyable can change the whole mindsets of suffering! Being trustworthy gives me satisfaction and blessπŸ’«. It's not about the quantity of people who trust you, but about the quality of that trust, how much it can last and how deep it's affecting people's lives. This is sth I'll be working on enhancing.πŸ’ Finding funniness in every situation is actually enjoyable ;it's not about being able to make jokes, but more importantly is laughing at the jokes and being joyful with the laughter. That requires taking things less seriously! πŸ˜‰ Every single thing in life is connected in some way to the enjoyment. This principle is what I need to follow in every facet of my life including the difficult, negative, unbearable and hard parts of the process. This principle can change the whole approach to life in general including commitments and work. I'd like to end up that trip's affection with my favorite piece of classical music called "Canon" πŸ’—
  9. That's so inspiring and deep! I'm very glad that you've reached this satisfying level that payed off and is still paying off πŸ’—πŸ˜. Wish u all the best cause u actually deserve all the best πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’« 🀞🏻❀️
  10. @Ingit Wrong or right in this situation is relative. You're looking at them from a paradigm that's simply different from theirs ( be careful I'm not saying better, because at the end it's just a bunch of concepts and ideas that are believed with/without evidence and deep understanding ). There's nothing wrong with being overthinking or being so stuck in your mind as long as it's not hurting anyone.And be careful, it's not because you think you're right, you'd turn out to be right. Expanding your consciousness will transcend you to a frequency that's higher than that of other people around you, so you just can't make them see or understand the importance of being conscious, no matter how deep your words are. Simply let them do whatever they wanna do and tell yourself that you don't wanna be like that ;start exploiting them consciously.
  11. @Husseinisdoingfine What's important is building lasting habits instead of doing bunch of healthy things monthly that can simply add to your life little enthusiasm but not much effect. Besides don't be so much taken by the trendy, "healthy" lifestyle hacks and tips. Have a look at your daily routine and see what needs to be added. Start practicing 2/3 habits, and once you feel that they're becoming a part of your life, keep on doing them, and add to them 2 more different habits, and so on. I also wanna recommend using a journal for building your habits to track your progress and plan monthly which habits you wanna install. For productivity, it's something I've been lately working on, and I'm using a journal to write my insights, conclusions and notes on. If you're interested, check it out :❣️/?page=1 Good luck ✨
  12. @Raptorsin7 No, but why are you asking?
  13. @mkrksms May be your jealousy could be a problem in your previous relationships, but being in a polyamorous relationship isn't gonna solve the problem, but simply gonna make it worse. I would suggest to break up with him, and take a break from being in a relationship to heal yourself up, to understand your actual problem of jealousy and to work on solving your problems and transcending yourself to the next level. Keep in mind that if you don't solve your problems at their roots and grow yourself, you're gonna keep on attracting guys who are at your level. You deserve someone who would love you for who you truly are, and who would really appreciate you .You're worthy and perfect, but you need to appreciate, love and value yourself more.Wish you all the best πŸ’œπŸ’œ
  14. @Rasheed You need to work on self-acceptance and at the same time on being connected to your vision. And keep in mind that that person you're comparing yourself to is at chapter 20 in his life while you're at chapter 15(this doesn't demonize your self-worth but simply makes you aware of the difference in the experiences each one of you has ) ; in this way you're gonna be more willing to firstly accept your level, secondly learn from the experiences of other people and thirdly improve yourself faster. Fosuc on the mastery process and what it really takes, instead of distracting yourself with other people's accomplishments, and you'll reach there some day , but you need more patience, time and experience. Good luck πŸ’«