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  1. @Khr Practice yoga for cultivating self-love. Enhance your self-acceptance (one way is by practicing do-nothing meditation) as it's deeply interconnected with self-love Hug yourself regularly and especially at the difficult times. Talk to yourself in a kind way ( this is a powerful way to bring yourself up) Give praises and comments to yourself Tell yourself " I LOVE YOU" and feel it deep down Feel your feminine energy especially when you wear nice clothes or wear elegant makeup Please yourself and forgive yourself more openly Be fit, eat healthy and enjoy the beauty of your body Raise your confidence
  2. @mandyjw yep it kinda makes sense ; there are sometimes limiting beliefs that we inherented from our parents and our society/culture that have nothing to do with reality. @Adodd Hmmm but the fluoride in water may be in different form ( has different chemical bounds with elements in water that have different effect from the effect of the bounds in the toothpaste)
  3. @RendHeaven your welcome 💕
  4. @RendHeaven the indications of an opened third eye : An increasing pressure in your head and between your eyebrows, as it's a pulse of something expanding in the middle of your forehead You become calmer, more loving and at a higher level of consciousness There's an increase in your sense of inner self There's a sense that colors are brighter and the environment is sharper You become more grounded, centered and focused Keeping in mind that the third eye is located in the pineal gland
  5. I've heard this from a spiritual teacher called Ehab Hamarneh, but didn't consider it as real until I experienced it. I usually brush my teeth twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste called Colgate and it's been a long time since my third eye opened for a long duration(15 min) frequently although I meditate daily and practice mindfulness. However the past two days I didn't brush my teeth as I stayed in my cousin's house and forgot my toothbrush, and I noticed that my third eye is opening quite easily and frequently. Has anyone experienced that??
  6. @Ayham That's very good for you to start your actualization journey from this young age. Welcome to the forum. You seem very passionate so that's really good, I encourage you for that 😍💗 My advice for you is to start the following habits (btw I practice them too) : Morning/evening scientific prayer ( it'll ground you and charge you with positivity) Journaling (very important habit that will literally transform your life ; you can start with your motivations in life, your dreams, your life principles , etc) Cleaning up your diet, eating healthy and reducing sugar intake ( you wouldn't imagine the level of your energy when you'll build this habit) Contemplation (it'll deepen your understanding of the world and of yourself so much) Reflecting on your life ; look at your life from different angles and think about every experience you passed through and what it added to you. In this way you'll learn to embrace your life and your being. Eliminate watching TV as much as you can Build the concentration habit (it'll increase your concentration level and help you to open your third eye) ( I used to practice this habit but not any more honestly) Research ; don't only focus on watching Leo's videos to take information from them, read from different sources and listen to many people with many points of views to have a bigger picture of what you're learning. Read about psychology, history, philosophy and self-help marterial. And write your notes so that you can remember them later on. And along with those habits you can start practicing yoga (very powerful habit) Keep in mind that building habit is very difficult and it needs a lot of effort, patience and persistence. Be kind to yourself and don't be too harsh on yourself. The most important component to start actualizing is self-love, so try to cultivate more of it as you move along the journey. You can't build so many habits at one time. Try to add one or two habits every month, and have a record of how much you're improving in practicing every habit. Best of luck 💕
  7. @Cauliflower Independence, real happiness and real growth are my motivations to become a better person. It's important to remind yourself of the macro level of where you're heading. Be authentic with yourself and keep your faith in the process, in universe and in yourself big cause I think in hard times what saves you is your faith. Good luck ?
  8. Ur welcm ??
  9. @Annoynymous yes, and to make your plan strategic, give an additional time for such calamities. For example for doing the first project put an ideal plan for finishing it in 5/6 days, and a more realistic plan( in case you miss out a day let's say) for finishing it in 8-9 days, and then make the following plans depending on those two plans. In this way you'll not miss out the bigger plan not matter what happens. The more you'll practice this way, you'll start shifting your plans to become more realistic and more strategic.
  10. @Annoynymous that's absolutely normal. What I see that is missed in your plan is adaptability . Keep in mind that whatever plan you make, it's not supposed to include rigid rules that say X should be done, then Y and eventually Z, and if Z is done before Y then the whole process is gonna be affected . U gotta include in your plan the outer circumstances that may happen accidentally with you, your ego-backlashes, losing interest, wasting time on secondary things , your physical illness, sleeping hours , taking some rest, your meetings, etc. in a way that your plan becomes so flexible such that u can adjust it daily if necessary to be aligned with your actual life. At the beginning it's gonna be really difficult, but with time you're gonna be able to organize your life by depending on your flexible plans. Good luck ?
  11. @Ingit Wrong or right in this situation is relative. You're looking at them from a paradigm that's simply different from theirs ( be careful I'm not saying better, because at the end it's just a bunch of concepts and ideas that are believed with/without evidence and deep understanding ). There's nothing wrong with being overthinking or being so stuck in your mind as long as it's not hurting anyone.And be careful, it's not because you think you're right, you'd turn out to be right. Expanding your consciousness will transcend you to a frequency that's higher than that of other people around you, so you just can't make them see or understand the importance of being conscious, no matter how deep your words are. Simply let them do whatever they wanna do and tell yourself that you don't wanna be like that ;start exploiting them consciously.
  12. @Husseinisdoingfine What's important is building lasting habits instead of doing bunch of healthy things monthly that can simply add to your life little enthusiasm but not much effect. Besides don't be so much taken by the trendy, "healthy" lifestyle hacks and tips. Have a look at your daily routine and see what needs to be added. Start practicing 2/3 habits, and once you feel that they're becoming a part of your life, keep on doing them, and add to them 2 more different habits, and so on. I also wanna recommend using a journal for building your habits to track your progress and plan monthly which habits you wanna install. For productivity, it's something I've been lately working on, and I'm using a journal to write my insights, conclusions and notes on. If you're interested, check it out :❣️/?page=1 Good luck ✨
  13. @Rasheed You need to work on self-acceptance and at the same time on being connected to your vision. And keep in mind that that person you're comparing yourself to is at chapter 20 in his life while you're at chapter 15(this doesn't demonize your self-worth but simply makes you aware of the difference in the experiences each one of you has ) ; in this way you're gonna be more willing to firstly accept your level, secondly learn from the experiences of other people and thirdly improve yourself faster. Fosuc on the mastery process and what it really takes, instead of distracting yourself with other people's accomplishments, and you'll reach there some day , but you need more patience, time and experience. Good luck ?
  14. @Shin such an inspiring video??thx for sharing ??
  15. The fault in our stars? ; this is the only movie that made me cry the most. It has very deep, touching story. And I felt that the depth of the love in it despite very difficult life-circumstances is what affected me the most.