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  1. @RMQualtrough The question is, is love an emotion? Or is it simply the absence of 'obstruction'? And therefore equivalent to peace.
  2. @Adamq8 That's what I thought, but I didn't want to offend him or anything...
  3. Okay, I agree. Enlightenment is not about emotions per se. I've had two satoris so far and in my first one, love was at least somewhat present though. On a 'physical' level, but more so also in the sense that I needed to change things in order to align myself with truth.
  4. This might be a very stupid question to ask, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this nevertheless. After all, I don't want to make any assumptions about the way an awakening experience might look like for a person that doesn't really feel that much. Please excuse my ignorance if this is a totally flawed approach altogether. Anyways, enlighten me (lol).
  5. I don't have a solution, but I can 100% relate. Though I don't really like saying "I want attention", as that has somehow gotten a really negative association in our society. I think it is only natural to crave love, and while our means to get it might be very toxic, at least those of us who noticed this are blessed with the awareness of it. I mean, others are probably totally oblivious to the ways in which this desire controls them. Generally speaking, I think it is very valuable to see those tendencies within yourself. This way, they are not necessarily "the only truth" and you can go meta on it. E.g., in a relationship, rather than behaving weird, you can open up about it and figure out solutions with your partner. I hope this makes sense
  6. @Blackhawk I'll think about it.
  7. @Roy @Rajneeshpuram Yes, when it comes to the overpopulation of the planet we have to take measures. @Blackhawk But when it comes to the elimination of all 'sentient beings' to keep them from suffering, the approach of anti-natalism is a rather limiting perspective. I think Leo's latest video explains this very well. We actually need form (and therefore suffering) to make the universe complete. I'm not saying that birth is any better than death. The anti-natalist avoidance of birth is just as fear-based as the fear of death, so ask yourself how helpful that can be. Ultimately, both birth and death exist (at least on some relative level) and petty human ideas do not have the power to change the way the universe works. This should be integrated rather than rejected.
  8. @Swarnim Yeah, I think the speed does not even matter that much. And it is probably also our role as a society to establish networks and help children to increase their consciousness independent of their family background.
  9. @flume I totally agree. I was not trying to make the point that everybody needs to have children. My point was that it is not quite right to believe that it is wrong to have children in the context of an anti-natalist ideology. This ideology should clearly not be the decisive factor in terms of whether you personally choose to have children or not. (Of course ultimately everything is 'right' if you want to hear that, but I think we all have grown beyond needing to repeat that over and over again. Accepting the chaos ultimately leads to a higher order, and there are still degrees in love/deception that we do need to take into account.)
  10. Hey everyone! In recent months I have seen a lot of people advocating for anti-natalism, and I can see that the perspective is tempting. However, after giving it some thought, I can now say that the view that we should not procreate in order to save our children from potential sufering is overly simplistic. (1) Maybe the instinct of avoiding suffering is wrong in the first place. If it were best for reality to exist without suffering, that would be the case. But that is obviously not the truth, and in fact suffering exists as a necessary counterpart one has to 'work through' in order to get to the 'brighter side'. Without suffering, there would be no love, and more importantly, no way of teaching ourselves how to love. (2) Other people (or species) will still get children. We know that from other issues and obviously declaring something illegal does not equate with its total elimination. The wiser path to go is to raise CONSCIOUS children that serve as a good example to other human beings and function as valuable leaders to establish a harmonious larger whole. This is crucial to understand when it comes to coping with climate change. It is all about the distribution of resources and the sustainable use of our planet. Prohibiting procreation is not the way to solve things. I just wanted to share this....perhaps it helps somebody to better understand this issue. Lots of Love
  11. @AdamR95 Are your satoris fully spontaneous in the sense that they seem to be triggered by nothing at all? No meditation , no contemplation, no yoga or psychedelic? Anyway, all you can do is surrender and once all the resistance is gone, only Love will be left. Don't be scared of Love! I know it is really hard, God's Love is actually a little cruel in some respects as it requires us to change and embody it, but you have the power to make it! You ARE God and its Power!
  12. Hi, this sounds really cool. I have never experienced jhana, or if so, I did not know the label. But I am sort of into lucid dreaming and I know that in a dream, physical sensations can be very real. As to how you could replicate this experience - you really can't! Those experiences just happen. I'm not saying it is all just a matter of luck, but it isn't in your control, either. Regular practices can help to trigger certain experiences, but you have to be detached from the outcome. Otherwise, you are just getting in your own way. But generally speaking, if you have attained that state a few times already, it is likely that you will get there again.
  13. *** just to clarify: I don't claim to be fully enlightened. just wanted to point out the stunning effects of a little bit of doing nothing and seeing how pointless everything is.
  14. BOREDOM IS A GOOD THING! I was bored this evening, Depressive boredom, nothing to do in life, everything is pointless. Guess what? "My" second natural satori just happened, out of nothing -literally. Just out of thin air! Don't be scared of boredom, it leads to good things. I just spent a good amount of time laughing and shaking and being out of control. Sending you lots of Love!!! In fact, boredom is a good sign. When you're bored, try and become aware of how it's actually more true than all the distractions and attempts to be productive.