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  1. Did you do 5 Meo? Too bad your unique experience doesn't feel ecstatic.... It would be awesome if it did. Hope you get better soon!
  2. The West is higher up in spiral dynamics and is trying to bring the whole world up. Evolution can only be resisted for so long. And lower stages can only be tolerated for so long.
  3. This guy has been to every country and Iran is at the top of his list! Who would have thought?
  4. Awesome man, so that's where you get your mind blowing insights
  5. @CARDOZZOI agree there are alot of distractions to watch out for. God is infinte self deception. What is distracting can vary from person to person.
  6. Lol thanks! Just what I was thinking at the time
  7. He never had it.
  8. Aurelius: "The obstacle becomes the way " Edison: "I haven't failed, only found 10000 ways that won't work"
  9. Nice, now that's going Meta. -Everything propels you to enlightenment including this forum. -This forum is way better than other ways to kill time on the internet. -you get to talk with some really amazing people once in a while @Zest4Life is right, immersing yourself in the world is way more rewarding. You should try this @Julian gabrielif this forum isn't doing it for you.
  10. The world's and America's biggest problem is China, Russia, and radical islam. Either candidate will do fine in this area
  11. Can you share some chakra resources? There is so much on the internet hard to know what's a good resource.
  12. Are you joking? Sounds like you had a nightmare 2 years ago and this still effects you? I have never heard of something like this. Either you are insane or some sort of gifted dream master genius. Either way you don't need psychedelics with dreams that strong.
  13. Sex and pick up is a social event so it will involve some basic social calibration and conformity. Imagine a caveman trying to adjust to society. Almost no matter what he does he will stand out ESPECIALLY if he tries to be himself. No offense but if you think the menstrual cycle is something today's women enjoy talking about then your social calibration is way off. This is why having good friends is important. It shows you are well adjusted into everyday society. The A in PUA stands for Artist because it is an art. Picasso mastered the fundamentals and basics of art before experimenting with original ideas. Master the basics of social interaction before trying to be original with women. Good luck my dude. You will get this.
  14. I can't help thinking I am behind the eyes somewhere. Even if I am an infinite dark void I feel like it's behind the eyes somewhere almost like looking through a window into this realm. However I know there is no black infinite void in that direction or in any direction. Or is there? Any advice on how to shake this image?