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  1. I need help finding some music. Can you share some music that you like? @Leo Gura the album "Pure energy of unconditional love" by Martin ball is amazing.
  2. It seems obvious that Frank was inspired by Leo. His style, message, and target audience has some similarities to Leo's but lags in all categories imo. Although not as good as Leo, Frank is talking about important stuff that should help raise humanities consciousness especially the gym bro demographic that needs it desperately
  3. Ok thanks. I snorted it., my trip sitter, my girlfriend, was distracting me and focusing on other things. She doesn't know anything about spirituality or psychedelics and I guess I didn't give her proper instructions so it's kinda my fault 😬 I guess I should have done it alone since you say low doses don't need a sitter.
  4. I had a somewhat unpleasant trip on a low dose 5 Meo DMT. It was partly due to the person around me who I thought I could trust to be a sitter. Turns out that was a bad idea. This was my second low dose. I'm planning on working my way up. Should I try the same dose? Or should I go for a higher dose? Any reassuring advice?
  5. I've only ever done mushrooms. Then through Leo I found out about 5Meo DMT and found it appealing for obvious reasons. But appparently after 5 Meo DMT everything else feels like 5meo DMT. Should I do nnDMT before 5 Meo dmt? So I don't rob myself of being able to experience the DMT beings and elves in the future if I wanted to? Or is 5 Meo so good it's worth doing first?. Also 5 meo is legal where I am but nnDMT isn't.
  6. @felixk_priv you said "I am much more okay then I should be". Who's to say how you "should" feel. The way you feel is the exact way that you should feel especially if you feel ok. Some people get emotionally distraught when some stupid celebrity dies. "Should" they feel like ? They would say "yes! Absolutely" You will be dead soon too just like your father. I think you realize this and you are happy to be rich also. Stop complaining that you feel "ok". Being "ok" is great.
  7. @Leo Gura Would you recommend starting with a 5mg of 5meoDMT snort and working up from there to be safe? I've only done shrooms. I started with a microdose and worked my way up to a heroic dose. Had a great time doing that. Mystical experience for sure. I'm 34 years old, I have a history of depression but I'm about 90% cured through self actualizing, meditation, all thanks to the catalyst of your videos. Would appreciate help with this if you can. Thanks
  8. I'm a dental hygienist and alot of people grind and clench their teeth throughout the day or night. It is called bruxism. This over-works the muscles and causes many problems especially jaw tension. See a dentist, a massage therapist, or learn to massage your jaw area at home. Learning about bruxism, it's triggers, and symptoms, and effects can also help you break the habit. Awareness/mindfulness also helps alot Bruxism causes alot of damage to the jaw joint and the teeth over time.
  9. How is other people's accounts of having an independent experience not evidence?
  10. TMDMTEB developed by Micheal Langford It's 2 hours a day, similar to Leo's and Ramana Maharishis method. Its similar to self inquiry, neti neti, concentration, and I AM, meditations.
  11. @NoN-RaTiOnAL awesome answer. Leo says he stares at his hand for an hour a day and does the mindfulness meditation too. Was wondering if there is something else that I could choose from? Was hoping to get a collection of the practices he mentions in the videos on this thread.
  12. Leo made a video on the balance of theory and practice. What are some practices one can do to actualize the theories from the videos? Or how does one actualize the theories from the videos into everyday life?