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  1. Frank Yangs response to Actualized.org
    Frank Yangs response to Actualized.org
    It's a method when you think as a newbie:
    "I'm doing my daily meditation to be more conscious !"
    In a sense that's great to do that, but in another sense it makes you think that being in a meditative state 24/24 is not possible or realistic.
    If you really want to be conscious, like really conscious, you can't just "sit and do my daily meditation", it has to be 24/24.
    You must have the will to stay conscious all the time, all day, all month and all year.
    If you do that for a certain amount of time, without quitting, you won't do meditation anymore, it's gonna be your natural state, you gonna realize it's your natural "state".
    That's what monks do in a nutshell, their seated meditation is a tiny part of the day where they train themselves to be conscious, it's the rest of the day that really matters, all the activities you normally do mindlessly daydreaming about anything and everything.
    The seated meditation become more like a "time of the day to relax even more" rather than a "time of the day where I try to finally relax my mind".
    This is maybe one of the most important insight to have, because until then, you can meditate for decades and still be highly unconscious and dissatisfied with life (it's not that uncommon).
    That is essentially because people think this way "Meditation is an activity that I do at a certain time of the day, and being conscious is not possible all the time, it is an experience that I can only reach in "meditation""
    No, you can be conscious 100% of the time (by being conscious I mean being aware, not having a blank mind), you won't even be able to stop once it's the case, because that was always the case.
    You just were too invested and attached to the voice in your head, creating an illusion of unconsciousness

  2. Frank Yangs response to Actualized.org
    Frank Yangs response to Actualized.org
    Dude, you put it perfectly.

  3. Conspiracy Nutcases Mega-Thread
    Conspiracy Nutcases Mega-Thread
    I think the craziness has to play itself out so that people can suffer from the consequences and learn to let go of unworkable and painful ideas.
    Humans basically learn through suffering. Excess leads to chaos and suffering, suffering leads to a desire for re-balancing, sanity, and peace. And so it goes in cycles. It's the Hegelian dialectic. We have had 80 years of relative peace since WWII. This peace has made us complacent and spoiled. Now this peace is starting to crack as the old system which got us here will not be enough to get us to the next level, but people are not willing to evolve consciously. So there will be suffering. This is what the Orange >> Green transition looks like. It has begun, but only just, so there is much backlash.

  4. Got rejected by text
    Got rejected by text
    By going out so much that you are so busy talking to other girls that you don't have time to think about it and no one lead matters. And also by training yourself never to invest before sex.
    As soon as you think, "This lead is special" you screwed up.
    Note: this is only during the early phase of dating. Once she falls in love with you, then you invest back and treat her nice.

  5. Got rejected by text
    Got rejected by text
    Dude, you cannot build attraction via text. It will NEVER work.
    Grow some balls and build attraction in-person. That's the only way. You're using texting to attract her because you're a weasel. You want to weasel your way into her pants, and she smells your weakness from a hundred miles away.
    Text should only be used to set up date logistics and keeping leads warm.
    Once she said No, stop texting her. NEVER try to logically convince a woman to sleep with you. It reeks of desperation, low value, and cluelessness. A woman will NEVER sleep with you from logical convincing.
    She will never, ever sleep with you now. So move on to the next girl and do it right next time.
    Also, stop giving a fuck about rejection. Invest ZERO into any girl until she sleeps with you. Do not even spend 15 minutes thinking about her. ZERO INVESTMENT.
    You're gonna have to learn that the hard way.

  6. Consciousness is waking up to itself
    Consciousness is waking up to itself
    It's not merely that consciousness is awaking up. This is still too impersonal.
    You are waking up to the realization that YOU are God -- the only being in existence, who created itself.
    Keep hammering on this point: YOU ARE GOD! Really! You are creating yourself.
    Yes, of course, God is Consciousness, but it's absolutely crucial that you fully realize that YOU are God, and just some vague field of consciousness or some impersonal thing.
    This must be an uttetly personal realization. The ego must realize it is God. Zero distance between you, reality, and God.
    You have not awoken until you are completely conscious of how you create every object in your room and every creature on this planet.
    Are you conscious that you created the sun?

  7. Stage Turqoise, Shunyamurti: Nobody has gotten liberation from plant medicine
    Stage Turqoise, Shunyamurti: Nobody has gotten liberation from plant medicine
    Of course are levels of Absolute.
    There cannot not be levels of the Absolute. Otherwise it would be finite and limited.
    There are more levels than you can stomach traversing. It is endless.
    Whatever you call liberation, there is far more to be conscious of. Liberation is not the same as Infinite Consciousness.

  8. Nonduality for newbies (video)
    Nonduality for newbies (video)
    A great intro video on relativity and nonduality. Nice work.
    In regards to mentioning psychedelics, I’ve found most people are more open when I bundle it together with other methods. For example, “To gain insight into nonduality, one could practice meditation, yoga, psychedelics, a solo retreat, sensory deprivation tank. Of these, psychedelics may be the fastest route, when used correctly”. This has a mature tone.
    A couple ideas for future topics that come to mind: one is to connect nonduality through direct experience. Most people have had glimpses in their life. Perhaps being in awe of something majestic, like a star-filled sky. Time and “me” dissolves. There is simply One, Here and Now. Then the self snaps back “Whoa, that’s beautiful. I need to get a photo to put on Instagram. . . “. This ties into what you mentioned about contrast. If we are aware, one can observe the contrast between a temporarily dissolving of time, space, self and the re-emergence of time, space, self. . . I also think the duality between imagined vs. real is a juicy topic. There is the duality of two opposites and the collapse of the two opposites such that imagined = real and real = imagined.  Yet also all the grey areas and interconnections between imagined and real. 

  9. Tell Us How You Got Into Personal Development
    Tell Us How You Got Into Personal Development
    Share your story, how you discovered personal dev, and what struggles you've overcome.
    Here's an example from me:
    Name: Leo Gura
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Location: Las Vegas, USA
    Occupation: Personal Development Speaker & Entrepreneur
    Marital Status: Dating
    Kids: No
    Hobbies: enlightenment, meditation, personal development, reading, learning, nature, healthy eating
    I got into personal development in 2007 when I started my first online marketing business in Boston and then Dallas, Texas. From there I started reading more and more self-help books until somehow I stumbled upon the pickup community -- a community of guys who learn how to get better at attracting women. I sucked with women and dating a lot back then so I hit it really hard and spent the next two years immersing myself in mastering the art of dating. In doing so I delved even deeper into developing myself. During that time I discovered life coaching and became certified as a coach. Then I launched Actualized.org, which was intended to be a personal development blog. Then I started making more and more videos until the thing ballooned into what it is today.
    Personal challenges I've overcome:
    Was fat my whole life until age 21 Absolutely sucked at attracting women Used to be very shy, introverted, and socially awkward Started my own business and became financially independent Cleaned up my diet A LOT, now eating mostly vegetarian Learned weightlifting Changed careers and finally found my life purpose Started my dream business: Actualized.org What I'm working on now:
    Working on enlightenment Working on improving my health & diet Working on being more authentic in relating to others Working on growing and deepening Actualized.org

  10. What are your general impressions/thoughts of Teal Swan?
    What are your general impressions/thoughts of Teal Swan?
    @Hardik lol no.
    She is mostly in Tier 1/2 lol 
    There is the 3rd tier in your biology. There is Self-Creation instead of Self-Deception

  11. How is it possible that Leo and Ralston disagree?
    How is it possible that Leo and Ralston disagree?
    You should know this: I have never had a panic attack in my life. Until the first time I look 5-MeO-DMT. And I've never had one since. But that first time.... I learned what a panic attack is. I overcame it by surrendering.
    A 5-MeO-DMT breakthrough is the most shocking and freaky thing that will ever happen in your life. It is pure mindfuckery. You will be so mindfucked you will not even understand how such a mindfuck is possible. It is an impossible mindfuck, yet you will be right in the middle of it.
    I hope you like a good skullfucking by God, cause you're gonna get it

  12. Methods for becoming a millionaire
    Methods for becoming a millionaire
    @Humanoid Dude, how the hell is a guy working at a grocery store supposed to become a doctor or a lawyer???
    Doctors and lawyers make that much because they invested 8 years in expensive schools and have a ton of student debt to pay off for a decade.
    The statistics on anyone becoming a millionaire are gonna be low, by definition, because millionaires must be rare in society. When you say you want to become a millionaire you are automatically shooting for the top 2-3% of society. Yeah, that's gonna have a high failure rate because you gotta out-compete the other 98%.
    But it's not a matter of luck, it's a matter of working smart and really really wanting it. If you really really want it, you can do it. The problem is most people don't want it bad enough. They aren't willing to work for it. The failure rate is so high because most people who attempt it are just bullshitters. They aren't serious.

  13. Escaping Wage Slavery
    Escaping Wage Slavery
    Financial Freedom = Escape from wage slavery as Leo explained, in this day and age you can make millions in your 20s. 
    Also, if an entrepreneur loves his job it’s hardly “slavery” the ideal is that you don’t need to work for money and simply work because you love what you do. 
    Anyone at the top top of their field doesn’t just work for money. 
    Do you think these star athletes need money after their $50 Mil contracts, Or the musicians who have made millions, even the millionaire/ billionaire businessmen, or whatever? 
    They are simply in love with and obsessed with what you do, I’m at that stage now finally and I fucking love waking up and working 10 hour days in the week, LOVE it right now, I can’t get enough of it lol. 
    The ideal is finding something you love and be able to create financial freedom through it, or simply warning an income from it  

  14. Escaping Wage Slavery
    Escaping Wage Slavery
    It's certainly possible to escape, but you'll have to be very ambitious and hard working.
    It will also require the passion of a Life Purpose.
    You can become such a creative and productive person that you generate millions of dollars of value within a 10 year period, thus buying your freedom. But most people just aren't serious enough to be that creative and productive. They don't have a compelling enough vision.

  15. It's Coming
    It's Coming
    Regarding un-imagining limits, I wanted to share a trick that has helped me a lot (got it from David R. Hawkins).
    Whenever you feel limited by anything, say to yourself: "I am an infinite being and not subject to that"
    It's just incredible how efficient this statement is for deprogramming oneself and cutting attachments.

  16. Is emotional release necessary on this path?
    Is emotional release necessary on this path?
    Very necessary if you want to be fully whole and not dysfunctional.
    Don't forget that many of those Buddhist monks are dysfunctional people regardless of how enlightened they are.
    Awakening requires a lot of processing of your internal emotional baggage. The more baggage you have, the more you'll have to process to reach ultimate peace.
    Working out your emotional baggage is one of the most useful things you can do in life.
    It is a mistake to suppress emotional and psychological stuff by deciding to just bull your way through to enlightenment. You can bull your way through to enlightenment (maybe), but you will have a lot of inner work to do afterwards. The macho Zen approach is not that effective for most people. Most people need a softer, more emotional, more holistic approach.

  17. Lucid Dreaming as a tool for Enlightenment?
    Lucid Dreaming as a tool for Enlightenment?
    Depends on how much effort you put in. If you are very ambitious, you are very likely to have a lucid dream(s) within the first few weeks. But it may take some more months to get really good at dream control.
    But if you are doing everything right and put in the effort, then it's definitely not years.

  18. Did anyone figure out a way to stop demonizing people?
    Did anyone figure out a way to stop demonizing people?
    I often find myself demonizing people in an effort to change or stop them.. i want to change my ways here and works towards a place where i can help people with true growth instead of creating a shadow, and learn when to speak/listen, and learn what to say and how to say it
    My musings is that - when it comes from a place of love it's all okay. you love them for who they are, and you are there to help and serve. you just love them, just the way they are, without desire to change them 
    how do i get to that place?

  19. Leo,whats the best, most effective and fastest way to awaken?
    Leo,whats the best, most effective and fastest way to awaken?
    @actualizing25 There is no clear answer. It depends a lot on you. It's a good idea to be open to exploring various methods to find those which resonate with you. Allow this to be a process of discovery and experimentation, that way you can stumble upon new stuff, new methods, new teachers, etc.
    Psychedelics will give you some solid glimpses but they will not be enough by themselves to embody awakening. You will need some manual practices. Developing your concentration ability is crucial. It think this holds people back the most. They can't focus the mind long enough to awaken.

  20. Did anyone figure out a way to stop demonizing people?
    Did anyone figure out a way to stop demonizing people?
    I have two basic techniques:
    1) Be so busy working on your life purpose that you don't have time to criticize others. Focus on being constructive rather than destructive. If you were working 14hrs per day on your art you wouldn't have the time or energy to criticize anyone.
    Critics are usually people who have nothing else to do. They aren't using their time productively. They aren't wise enough to channel their energy creativity.
    2) Awaken to Love. Realize that you are all people. Then it becomes impossible to criticize or judge others because you are conscious that their mistakes are your mistakes. If you were conscious that you are Hitler or Jeffery Epstein, how could you judge him?
    Judgment is only possible when there is still the illusion of "other" in your mind.

  21. Leo saying sadhguru is not awake
    Leo saying sadhguru is not awake
    About Sadhguru, I will say this. After studying him a bit closer, and in light of my recent awakenings, I think he's more awake than I originally thought. I think he's a masterful teacher and yogi.
    Given the tricky business of trying to guess another teachers' degree of awakeness, I will refrain from making definitive statements and instead just caution you guys not to take it for granted that your favorite teacher/guru is at the highest level. Be skeptical, but also open-minded and fair -- and acknowledge excellence where you see it.
    There is much valuable stuff you can learn from Sadhguru. I would not want to denigrate his work. But also keep in mind that there may be higher levels. How would you know? You see? That's the key point. The trick is to learn from teachers without getting stuck with their limits. Of course this applies to me as well.

  22. Leo saying sadhguru is not awake
    Leo saying sadhguru is not awake
    The question of who is Awake is not about power or being better than them. It's a practical matter because you need to know which methods will and which won't lead you to the highest levels of Awakening.
    That is all. It's not about a dick measuring contest.
    If you think you will ever fully Awaken through meditation, for example, I can tell you right now, that will never happen. Not even after 40 years. It's useful to know that so you don't waste time.
    I'm just trying to save you guys time.

  23. Leo saying sadhguru is not awake
    Leo saying sadhguru is not awake
    You value Leo's opinion too much. He is just one person.
    Stop the idolization and start doing the work.

  24. Leo saying sadhguru is not awake
    Leo saying sadhguru is not awake
    Could you recognize yourself in a mirror? Not many species of animals can. Similarly can you recognize that another is yourself? Not many humans can.
    Maslow wrote about how self-actualized people could easily recognize each other. He was able to observe this phenomena as he himself became self actualized. 

  25. Leo saying sadhguru is not awake
    Leo saying sadhguru is not awake
    All the teachers always let their dogma get in the way. Notably, their dogma against "drugs" which (ironically) stems from ignorance haha. Leo is emptier than anyone i have ever known or heard of. People think "aw no, gotta do the path a certain way...no 5meo" but leo takes the most powerful traditions (Vendanta, buddhism, hinduism etc.) then identifies all of the most powerful techniques in each practise, then purifies them to make them even stronger, puts them all together...then combines this with a handful the most powerful psychedelics known to man and allows his intuitive voice guide him...all while, still remaining empty of dogma. This level of emptiness and purity...nobody else has this. Sure, maybe a few rare cases of people who practise one powerful technique...but all at the same time? from every direction? On 5-MeO-DMT? haha, nah. I dont think we actually realise what is happening here. I mean, holy fuck...this isint ground breaking......this is fucking something else. Leo hasnt just tamed the Ox and brought it home...the ox has started smoking 5meo with him hahahahahah. Im telling you, this is not normal. Not even for enlightenment. I hope to go as deep as leo. i will dedicate my life to it. This is something very very fucking special. something is happening here