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  1. @Leo Gura is your God-realization also imaginary?
  2. Hey, I am writing this post in the hope of receiving guidance to help resolve my mental conflict about the coronavirus vaccine. I just want to make an educated decision to finally put my mind at ease. I am open to and genuinely interested in your perspective. I am looking for an intellectually honest and nuanced discussion. I don’t want to be motivated by fear or trapped in ideologies. Let’s try to leave the political / economic stuff out and focus on… the science / health side of things (vaccine risks vs covid risks) epistemology & pig picture thinking being motivated by love (pure intentions) …because I don’t want to get lost even further in endless conspiracy theories. I don’t like to go down all kinds of rabbit holes because it: creates confusion wastes time & energy is distracting & addictive At the end of the day it comes down to who do I trust because I honestly DO NOT KNOW, which leads us to the main issue: Authority & trustworthiness There are two main anchors I found to be reliable: Embodiment Epistemology / understanding / wisdom / nuanced thinking / consciousness If one of the two is lacking, the person automatically looses authority and trustworthiness. I’m conscious of my bias: I’ve been disappointed by mainstream medicine because it couldn’t help me with my severe autoimmune condition / health issue. Alternative / holistic medicine was my ‘savior’. Anyway, it’s basically a fact that mainstream medicine doesn’t know shit about holistic health and the cause of chronic disease. This makes long term side effect concerns legit. I doubt their assessment of the risks (virus vs vaccine). Many of my role models (Paul Chek, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Wim Hof, Aubrey Marcus, Aaron Abke, etc.) seem to be against the narrative that’s being pushed in the mainstream. The only conscious people I know that support the covid mainstream are Leo Gura and Sam Harris. It’s hard to assess a persons epistemology and and consciousness via YouTube but Paul Chek definitely embodies holistic health and is wise as fuck (he is 60 years old and more vital than most in their 20s). Leo on the other hand is probably the GOAT of epistemology (this intellectual honesty makes him trustworthy) whereas his embodiment of holistic health kinda sucks (genuinely no offense). In general, a big critique of Leo is that he doesn’t embody a lot of his teachings, which undermines his authority. @Leo Gura I‘d be extremely grateful if you could help me get my head straight again. Please explain your take on this in detail, so far I’ve mainly seen incomplete or dismissive arguments. Have you considered recording a comprehensive blog video about your take on the pandemic? I‘m sure many open-minded followers that are still in the fence would deeply appreciate that. For example, how do you reconcile the Social Matrix with following the mainstream? Especially when it comes to health. Now, I am conscious of the fact that none of my role models are infallible and everyone can be deceived, especially by conspiracy theories. So who the fuck shall I TRUST?! I DON’T KNOW haha and we are back to square one. That’s why I’m left to my intuition & logic, right? Do you know of any people who embody holistic health that support the mainstream? Two opposing forces: Intuition & logic The vaccine is a straight forward solution, it would be a relive. My intuition (might be paranoia in disguise as well), spiritual understanding and alternative health knowledge tell me that I should wait at least until next year to make a decision. Partly due to new covid variants, if a new (more effective or safer) vaccine gets released, I’d prefer to wait for that. Additionally, I don’t really fear the virus and trust my immune system because I’ve done a lot to heal it. On top of that, I started questioning germ theory entirely (opposite would be terrain theory). The truth is probably somewhere in-between. I’m sure the vaccine is right for most people because we live in a sick society but does it make sense for young people who embody holistic health? If I got a severe case of covid it would feel like a challenge and I probably would not regret the worst case scenario because I trusted myself, whereas I would most likely feel like a victim and regret the mRNA vaccine if I got severe side effects. My logic tells me that it is absurd to doubt the numbers/statistics (on covid risks vs vaccine risks) because billions of people have been vaccinated and I’m sure it would be public if we had an epidemic of vaccine side effects. Even if covid isn’t that much more dangerous than the flu and big pharma is just out for the money I don’t really think that the vaccine manufacturers would be so reckless... But then again, even if they have good intentions mainstream medicine doesn’t understand holistic health and therefore can’t predict long term side effects. But then again, again, this sounds like paranoia and overthinking lol I am skeptical about myself. I don’t want to be naive. Where is the line between neurotic overthinking and deeply contemplating an issue? I want to be free of doubts about the vaccine and be confident in my decision before I get it because otherwise I might experience the negative placebo effect every time I come by a convincing piece of information that claims coronavirus vaccines have long term side effects (this could be both from conspiracy theories or legit discoveries by official sources a few years down the line). Can you recommend any source that rigorously debunk plausible conspiracy theories about covid? Besides that, I think that there are effective treatments like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin or other supplements. What covid treatments can you recommend? Last but not least, can you recommend any easy to understand sources that clearly show the deaths, hospitalizations, and especially long covid cases by age? I‘ve found these two reputable sources so far, but they didn’t really help with clarity because they aren’t easy to navigate: https://www.ema.europa.eu/en https://www.thelancet.com/ I want to get the vaccine so I never have to think about all of this craziness ever again and can focus on my life purpose. One of the biggest things holding me back is that I am not willing to get a new (booster) vaccine every year and I assume that this will be the case. Am I brainwashed? I feel lost in (mid-/dis-)information. How to make sense of all this? I’m trying to figure this out but both sides seem plausible. For the longest time I believed the mainstream when it comes to covid. Most people I know (including my parents) are vaccinated. But then, I could literally watch my mind getting sucked into conspiracy theories like Plandemic. I‘ve worked on disentangling myself from those and now I‘m basically not attached to any one side. I‘ve switched perspectives back and forth many times, just like Leo describes in this video: Now, there are just holistic health principles and government corruption issues that are holding me back. Covid really putts my epistemology to the test...
  3. Imma quote you on that haha @undeather very helpful and reassuring, thank you so much!
  4. Leo’s new video really resonated with me but I’m a bit confused… Currently, I’m reading “The Core Teachings of the Buddha” by Daniel Ingram. He presents ‘the three trainings’: morality (leads to a ‘Good Life’) concentration (leads to altered states/jhanas) inside practice (leads to ultimate inside/enlightenment) According to Daniel Ingram inside practice means, realizing the true nature of all sensation, which is synonymous to realizing ‘the three characteristics’ of all sensation: impermanence (all sensations don’t last) no self (non of the sensations are you) suffering or dissatisfaction (all sensations are fundamentally dissatisfying) All of the three characteristics are interconnected. Now, here are my questions: How do we resolve the conflict between trying to be satisfied and the alleged/supposed truth of dissatisfaction? Is the satisfaction meditation from Leo some kind of concentration practice? I guess, in that case it would resolve the conflict because when doing concentration practice one is deliberately ignoring the true nature of all sensation and focuses on an illusory object. Would love to hear your thoughts (especially if you have direct experience). Thanks in advance!
  5. Depends on what results you want. Here are some great examples: Paul Chek Aaron Abke Aubrey Marcus Dr. Joe Dispenza
  6. Hahahaha yes that’d be nice sir
  7. @StarStruck Haven’t you seen his interview with Martin Ball? @Leo Gura Not gonna lie, your charisma seemed a lot more calibrated back then haha I appreciate your courage though. I’d categorize this as a great learning experience. Keep at it. I believe it can be done in a graceful way. When your book comes out I’ll interview you and we’re going to kick some ass
  8. Sadhguru is a master at this. I admire his ability to non-violently communicate wisdom in a fashion that is accessible for many people across the spectrum of consciousness and development.
  9. I don’t know but I think that if Leo truly embodied ‘Love’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Peace’ this behavior would dissolve. I can tell you from direct experience that debilitating gut issues play a major part in this. @Leo Gura hope to see you heal and expand soon
  10. Very accurate. Hahahahah
  11. All jokes aside Here you go: Aaron Abke (this dude is amazing! Super open and pretty conscious. He’s big on the law of one and a course in miracles.) Frank Yang (Do I really need to say why haha? Your convo would be nothing short of legendary) Paul Check (Incredibly holistic and wise being. Over 80 5meo trips. Also balled) Aubrey Marcus BuddhaAtTheGasPump Daniel Ingram Sam Harris Joe Rogan Lex Friedman Guru Viking Again, thank you for opening up to this! Made my day
  12. Right... For the record, I’d join your cult just for the fun of it lmao
  14. Great discussion! I don’t know but one part of the reason why these so-called ‘gift gurus’ have certain genetic advantages might be because they put in the work in past lifetimes... At the end of the day, I'd say: don't get too hung up on this topic and keep an open mind. Just do the work. Remember that genetics are not set in stone. Call me deluded but I choose to believe that anything is possible.
  15. Damn, time flies... Happy birthday Leo! Have some fun Much love <3
  16. Thanks for sharing <3
  17. I love that perspective! Damn, that’s something others have been talking about?! A few years ago, a similar idea intuitively came to me. Seems logical... Getting this external validation is exciting haha This universe is so amazing man
  18. Existential crisis after existential crisis after... The last few years have been tough, to say the least. Without going into detail, let me tell you that I had to endure a lot of confusion and suffering. You could argue that the first few years of ‘personal development’ and ‘spirituality’ made my life worse haha I actually hit rock bottom in multiple areas of my life simultaneously and thought that this trend would continue. I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. But... my vision/intuition/higher self pulled me out of the depth of my despair and ignited something unstoppable within my heart. And so I was shot into orbit... December 2020 was the turning point. Ever since I have become happier and more fulfilled with every single week that passes. Sometimes I don’t know how to handle the intensity of this blessing because it’s just so incredible, overwhelming, and beautiful! I don’t know what, but something is going on with my third eye. Lately, I randomly burst into uncontrollable laughter and feel EXACTLY as if I'm super high on weed. Especially when I go meta on the situation I’m in, I realize the absurdity and beauty of THIS moment. I would have never thought that I would be able to access such states without any outside stimulation like breathwork, cold showers, drugs, or even meditation. I remember how meditation and Leo’s videos pushed me into existential crisis, nihilism, and feeling disconnected from the world and my emotions. At that point, I tried to remind myself of the fact that ‘whatever you are going through is what you are coming out of’. Now, after deconstructing my worldview and consciously reassembling it (on going process) everything has shifted. Almost EVERYTHING makes sense now, the universe, my life, reality, almost my entire world view feels cohesive for the first time in years. Now, meditation makes me more joyful, more connected, and more alive! Just watching Leo's videos now triggers unbelievable euphoria hahah Funnily enough, I stumbled across this picture on Instagram a few years ago but it’s shocking how accurate it is. It summarizes my journey almost to a TEE. I went through these exact stages (not linear, sometimes circling back and forth haha). I don’t think that I’m close to enlightenment but I might be heading toward my first glimpse of awakening or a mystical experience. Super excited about that, I truly feel like a playful child that is discovering reality ? I don’t know if this will be permanent. It would be naive to assume that but Leo gave me (or let me rephrase that) I developed such a big picture view that it feels impossible to ever fall back into the frame. Even if another dark night of the soul awaits, I don’t fear it because being so meta makes everything enjoyable. Traffic sucks when you are in it but when you are looking onto it from 10.000 feet above, in a plane, the cars look like ants and even chaos appears beautiful. To be honest, I don’t know what’s going on here but I love it! I feel in sync with life and I get more in tune with it every day. It’s almost dream-like. I went from victimhood and fighting with life to being a creator and flowing with life, in a matter of months. The stars are aligning themselves and all of the above was only possible because I let go of my spiritual ego and realized that I had to master my survival first. When I first discovered actualized.org I fell into the trap of pseudo growth, I was a wannabe tier 2 guy. This is something I would have never admitted a year ago but I am NOT ready for death yet. Building a firm foundation from which you can transcend is crucial in my humble opinion. To stop judging and start embracing / consciously committing to plugging the holes in the ‘lower levels’ of Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs and integrating the ‘lower stages’ of Spiral Dynamics is what actually helped me grow a ton. It’s easy to lose track of or negate the ‘importance’ of relative stuff. I certainly fell into an unhealthy obsession with the Absolut (aka enlightenment), which created a massive shadow. This shit is nuanced and you gotta be a strategic motherfucker haha Now, through focussing on mastering survival and building a proper foundation I rebalanced my life. I’m back in harmony baby AND THIS + integrating/resolving all of the fucking paradoxes and existential crisis I went through resulted in/triggered this outburst of happiness and expansion. Hopefully, this will encourage some of you that maybe aren’t over the hill yet or go through a depressive episode. I also just wanted to spread some love because reading ‘succeeds stories’ like these always made me euphoric about human potential and fueled my vision. Trust me, life can become sooo sweeeeeet :)) When you are stuck just keep going and going and going. Develop this unstoppable drive and have the wisdom to move forward no matter what. One day you will look back in awe and be amazed at how far you have come. Thank you all so much for being part of this community! THANK YOU LEO! THANK YOU TO MYSELF! AND THANK YOU TO YOU! ?