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  1. That is exactly what I said in different words.
  2. Watch your projections there buddy. I never said anything of that nature, that's a story you're creating. This is a community that Leo started, and revolves around his content. Makes perfect sense to keep good communication up with your community. Communication is key to any relationship. That's all I was saying.
  3. No new video again this week. It's been over 4 weeks since Leo's last video. Which is not what I have issue with. There are hundreds of videos in his catalog, most of which I'd guess most people have yet to watch and digest, so not a loss in the way of content. And of course Leo has the right to take off as much time as he wants, or to never make new content at all, if that's what he chooses. It's more the lack of communication I take issue with. In the past Leo would communicate to everyone when he would take time off from making new content. But to my knowledge, unless I missed some communication somewhere, there has not been one word about taking month(s) off from making new content. To me this shows a tad bit lack of respect for the community here. But that's my own created meaning and I take responsibility for that.
  4. You could just bleep out that one word instead of scaping all of the video?
  5. I'm happy because I actually follow Nonduality as my contextualization of reality. There is nothing else but this, and this is perfect.
  6. That was the point Hope you enjoy as much as I did.
  7. On the suggestion of friends, I bought some GHB to experiment with for the first time. It's not necessarily a common drug, so I thought I'd do a trip report, as it may be of benefit to some of you out there. What is GHB: GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate), also known as G, is an oily liquid, with a slightly salty bitter taste, usually sold in small bottles. GHB is a depressant drug which can produce a high with small doses, and cause sedation with only slightly higher doses. People report that G makes them feel euphoric, with a loss of inhibitions, increased confidence, and a higher sex drive. There is also a similar drug, GBL (gamma butyrolactone). GBL is a precursor to GHB, which means that it is converted to GHB inside your body after swallowing. It has a faster onset of action than GHB, and is often more potent – so a smaller dose is required to have the same effect. Personal GHB Effects: GHB is my new favorite drug! There are tons of benefits, and really no negatives. Although GHB can be taken solo and enjoyed for its affects, I was told that GHB was an extremely sexual drug, and be prepared for some great sex, and boy were they right. When I tried GHB with a sexual partner, I said to myself "my god, where have you been all my life". GHB is fucking amazing! It turns you into a sexual BEAST! On the first dose, we felt what would be considered as a combination of high and drunk, but completely in control of oneself. The sexual affects are what I can only describe as ravenous. We were 5 times more sexually aggressive, playful, erotic, willing to try new things, and this deeply passionate sex lasted full steam for all night (maybe 6+ hours). I was personally way more confident, cocky, and self-assured on G. Waking up the next morning, I did not have much of any hangover. As far as I can tell, there are really no downsides to GHB, other than the risks on dosing, so as long as you're very careful on your dosages, you should be all good. GHB is something that will be part of my life going forward. Anytime I want to have great sex with a partner, I'm pulling out the GHB. How long does GHB last? This will be different for each person and their tolerance levels. I'm more sensitive to drugs, so I was high all night (over 8 hours), whereas my partner was high for maybe 4 hours and stated she felt sober thereafter. Some people will do 're-ups' (doing another dose) after a couple hours to keep the high going longer. Officially GHB effects usually occur within 15-20 minutes and last up to 3-4 hours. Dosage: Dosages can vary. It's advised to follow the instructions of the one you're getting it from, and always only buy from a trusted source. It's advised to start with a low dose and work your way up slowly by increasing the dose in small increments. However, an appropriate interval between dosing is essential to avoid accidental overdose. GHB is often mixed with another liquid, as it can taste awful. Mix with something sweet or milky, but never with anything alcoholic. Negative effects: I personally had zero negative effects. But here are some risks that are commonly reported. Do not mix with alcohol! This seems to be one of the main pieces of advice I got from experienced users. That and be 100% sure on your dosages. As with any drug, the difference between a light trip and a heavy trip can be the difference between a couple ml/mg, so you have to extra diligent and sure on your dosages. I personally had zero negative effects, but here are the official Risks: It is easy to overdose on G, as there is not much difference (less than one milliliter) between a dose that gets a person high, and a dose that has them “going under” – becoming unconscious and unresponsive. Avoid mixing G with alcohol. This can increase the risk of going under, and delay the time it takes for G to take effect – interfering with safe dosing intervals. A number of deaths have been caused by G. Death can result from overdose, or severe withdrawal syndrome. Using G with other depressant drugs, such as alcohol, benzodiazepines and ketamine can increase the risk of going under and stopping breathing. In some cases, people might be hospitalized after using G. G is addictive and dependence can develop quickly. Dependence mean people will develop withdrawal symptoms on stopping use, which can be severe and life-threatening. The sedative properties of G can leave a person incoherent or comatose, so unable to give sexual consent. Taking G can put you at risk of sexual assault.
  8. Meaningless unless Trump and his closest circle of enablers, such as many Republican Senators, get charged with Sedition too, and get convicted. Without that, it sends a clear message to other Republican politicians that they can plan another insurrection with zero consequences. Because who cares if the cannon fodder/low level brainwashed imps get charged, if all the planners get away with it? Unless there are consequences for Trump, things will undoubtedly get worse, and the future of our Democracy is bleak.
  9. I heard he used to suck dick for coke.
  10. @Leo Gura I'm kinda baffled on how someone who seems well experienced in Psychedelics, and seems to have a pretty good understanding of how Reality/God works, became a Trump supporter. How is that possible? I would think that his journey of Psychedelics and meditation would raise his awareness and consciousness to the point that he would easily be able to see through Trump's lies, cons and deceit.
  11. Only if someone made numerous videos thoroughly explaining all of this...
  12. All was answered. Any shared answer will be unsatisfactory. Find answers for yourself through direct experience.
  13. "Benefits": You are literally God. You are eternal. You can never not be, so fear of Death is gone. Not having fear of death greatly improves the quality of life. Fear of death is the root of most all fears, so not having this fear means you don't have fear in general. You live with confidence. Can fully experience life, without holding back. You are infinitely intelligent (whether you realize it or not). There is no Past to suffer from, as the Past is a concept you are imaging Now. There is no Future to worry about, as all there is is Now, and Now forever. There are no other people to suffer from, as they are illusions you have dreamt up. No one can ever hurt you, as You know they are figments of your imagination. Others are inconsequential, as they are just You experiencing Yourself. This recontextualization changes everything in how you relate to "others". There is no meaning to anything, except the meaning you create. There is no purpose to any of it, other to experience. There is never anything to worry about, except if you as God want to experience worry. Taking ownership of the experience of all of Reality (You), recontextualizes your experience of it. Everything is Love. You are all that exists. You are Love. So You (as consciousness) are bathed in Love for eternity.
  14. One is choosing to wake up from the dream, the other is choosing not to go back to sleep. You cannot accidently kill yourself via Mahasamadhi. It is you, as God, choosing not to go back to being a human in a reality. It is chosen with all of God's will, so it cannot be accidental.
  15. This is about as solipsistic as you can get in a video