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  1. Look at it this way. When you are dreaming, what is your body made of? Does it die when you wake up? Does it reunion with God when you wake up? Consciousness = Everything in Reality including your body = God =Imagination/Dream
  2. And if you cannot find a cure, maybe look into learning to love the pain. Look into Masochism. People who have rewired their mind, to view pain, which everyone else seeing as bad, as something beautiful and pleasurable. Anything in reality is not inherently good nor bad, that is meaning that each of us put on something. I believe it would be possible, through extensive mind work, to rewire your mind to view your sensations of the body as something you can enjoy. It's an extreme idea, but sounds like you're in an extreme situation, so best to consider anything and everything.
  3. "Only thing you have to fear, is fear itself". My guess is that your block is fear related. Leo has some wonderful suggestions in this video on how to get past your fear blocks.
  4. @Leo Gura Could you speak more on this? It's a subject that's import to me, as I've got the permanent very loud ringing, which can be maddening. Been waiting for decades for someone to come up with some kind of 'cure'.
  5. Again, what? What does this have anything to do with this discussion. Piss off please.
  6. What? Nothing said here is anything close to this. Gross misunderstanding of what was said.
  7. I met the most extraordinary Woman a couple months ago. We fell in love instantly. True Soulmates. Shes traveled the world studying Spirituality. Our energy together is unlike anything I have ever even heard of in my decades of Spirituality. When we touch, there is a massive amount of energy exchange, like Reiki but dialed up to 10. When we sit in the energy exchange/love connection, and allow it to take it's course, we begin to get sucked into a Spiritual Awakening/Spiritual Death. At first, while doing this energy exchange, we would both start to black out, and have to sever our connection to regain consciousness. Lately we both allowed ourselves to let it go a bit longer. A couple nights ago, I went so far that I felt myself dying and had a panic attack. Last night, while I laid on top of her, holding her, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she went limp. When she came back, she said she died, and had a choice whether to come back or not. And all of this is 100% without any Psychedelics. Has anyone ever heard of this type of occurrence, where energy exchange/love connection leads to a Spiritual Awakening/Spiritual Death, every time Soulmates touch?
  8. What would a global awakening look like? God (singular) waking up, that there are no others, only itself.
  9. Yep, you got it! (you being consciousness, not the character )
  10. I think you are the one doing the projecting, my friend. I'm just stating an opinion based on information I've gleaned from what Leo has said over the years.