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  1. **I'll start this by saying I am a licensed and insured professional. Do not even try to attempt this yourself** I've been a professional Fire Performer for about 20 years. At events I started to do a form of fire performance, called 'Fire fleshing', where I would light parts of people's bodies on fire. I never charged for this, did it just for fun. This brings a great amount of joy to literally everyone who sees this form of art. People have spent their whole life avoiding being lit on fire, and here they can now be lit on fire, safely, and they just light up (pun intended) with excitement. A photographer friend wanted to start doing photoshoots of this. After about a year of doing fire photoshoots together, we decided to start charging for them. We charge anywhere from $500 to $10,000, depending on if it's a solo shoot or a corporate event. We are planning on doing ComicCon events, where we can pull in around $50,000 for a weekend. We continue to expand our business ideas, and have nothing but fun doing it. We can be fully creatively expressed, and make some good money doing so, and meet some awesome people along the way. I'm posting this here as an example that anyone can start a business doing literally anything. If I can start a successful business lighting people on fire, you can start your own business doing what you are most passionate about. Hope this is inspirational for you to start your dream business. * Each model has signed a release form to use these images for any purpose.
  2. Yes It's all Mind. It has no substance, only the appearance of it. Something and Nothing are the same thing. Call it whatever you want, it's just one thing, your imagination. All there is is Now. It's predictable, because you imagine it to be so. You imagine the future, as a thought Now, based on a Past you are also imagining Now.
  3. There is no you. You are imaginary. You (the imaginary character) are within consciousness, which is God's imagination. The confusion is the definition of 'You". There is only One, and You (God) are it.
  4. Everything within consciousness if God's imagination. If it's not being imagined within consciousness, it does not exist, as it's not being imagined. Look right now at what is and is not within consciousness.
  5. That's the point. You are trying to get to that point of feeling like you're going to die. Then you surrender to death. That is what an Awakening is.
  6. I've had this same experience, of taking psychedelics with a partner, and being able to hear each other's thoughts. My take on it, is the psychedelics start to lift the illusion of separateness, and the oneness of everything begins to become more apparent. You are one, falsely believing you're two, beginning to see shades of your true Self.
  7. This is the best guide for being a Man.
  8. I'm not trying to 'get away' with anything. Nor am I trying to be a 'fuckboy'. I just want to be a good man with an active sex life, and not hurt anyone. And yes, getting a bad reputation in my community, means you are unsafe, and unsafe men get ostracized from the community, by not getting invited to events, gatherings, parties, festivals. My community greatly cares about creating a safe space for women. And my community means everything to me, and is my whole life. "I mean the girls who want serious relationships would avoid you and the ones who also just want quick sex would stay." This is not what I'm saying I want. I want to be able to have sex with any woman I have a sexual connection to. Some might lead to a stronger connection that leads to a relationship. Some might not. The point is, if I have a feeling that it might not, is it okay to still have sex with her, with that knowledge it won't necessarily lead anywhere.
  9. To add to this, I'm not talking about going out to random clubs and hitting on Stage Orange and below women. I am only attracted to Stage Green and higher women. My community is huge, like 8-9 thousand of amazing Stage Green / Yellow peoples. So there is no shortage of amazing women. If had lower standards, and was just going to clubs and picking up club chicks, this issue wouldn't be much of an issue. As I would probably never see that woman again, after sex. But this is definitely not the case. Every woman I come in contact with, and have sexual attraction with, is someone that I will see again, and is connected to like every person I know. Hence the apprehensions. And I am very much not attracted to random club/bar chicks.
  10. I just realized what is the thing that stops me the most when it comes to Women. I have no problems with approach. I'm good looking, charismatic, interesting, confident. So I have zero issue attracting women. And I get hit on alot by very attractive women. My issue is that when I see a beautiful woman I'm attracted to, I judge whether to approach her, or have sex with her, based on if I would want to date her long-term. Which is very few women, as I have high standards. So with this I am limiting my possible sexual connections by like 90%. See I live in a pretty tight-knit community and everybody knows everybody. My fear is that if a woman is interested in me and I have sex with her, she may want more afterwards and want some kind of relationship, and if I don't want that as well, then I could hurt her. And in my community, to hurt a woman, you will get a bad reputation very quickly. Besides that, I'm a compassionate man that doesn't want to hurt a woman's feelings by creating false expectation by having a passionate night of shared love. So I'm left with passing up many many opportunities of connection. How do you go about handling this? Do you be up front and honest with her that night, before having sex, and say this is a one-night thing for you, and don't want anything more? Seems cruel and a major mood killer. Do you have sex with her and then just ignore her messages afterwards, until she eventually gets the hint? Also seems cruel and unethical. Do you have sex with her, maybe even a few times if it's good, and then tell her later that you're not interested? Again, seems unethical, as if that's what I felt from the beginning, the right thing to do would be to be upfront from the beginning. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to just be an uncaring man, so I could have sex with as many woman as I want, and not give a shit whether they get hurt or not. But, that's not me, and never will be. Being a loving person, I have no choice but to consider the consequences of my actions on others. So you can see the conundrum. I wish I could get over this fear, so I could just follow through on every connection that arises, not worrying about the aftermath. How do you personally handle this? **Experienced input only please.
  11. Heard all this many many times before. Hopefully this time it's a revolution, leading to a space that fosters intelligent discussion, instead of a cesspool of immature teenagers or grown 'men' who have the maturity level of teenagers. I've been checking in on this forum for many years, as I see it has the potential to be something great, and at times there is greatness. Years ago there used to be some real jems of deep conversations and debates. I feel like the toxicity of this forum has scared off most serious people, and most what remains is childishness. Hopefully this time it makes a difference, leading to a real change. Thanks Leo.
  12. Letting go of all those things, or not, the dream remains the same. The dream (reality) has to cease for one to be Awakened.
  13. When I'm home, my digestive system works perfectly. When I'm away from home for many days, say on a camping trips or week-long festivals, my digestive system seems to shut down. No matter how private of accommodations I have, my system just can't poop for many (3-4) days when away from home. This of course hinders my enjoyment of these activities. Do you know of any natural (no chemical laxatives) things to take (beyond fiber, or coffee/tea, as that does not do the trick) that can get the bowels moving smoothly even when the body doesn't want to?
  14. Everything, including everyone in your life, are all you. It's all the same. Everything is within consciousness. Nothing is outside of consciousness. Consciousness is one thing - Everything = God = You. This Now, is it, all of it, is you. To give up your family and loved ones or not, is irrelevant. It's still the same, all you, all God. What's the point of all this, of life? It's to unify love. Can you reach higher states of love through "others"? That's for you to decide. My advice, love you family. They ARE the path to spiritual realization, as your love for them helps you maximize love. Use that love and connection as a tool on your path of realization. To do the opposite seems counterproductive. Gratitude for those in your life is the path of love. Love is the path to realization of who and what you are. Which is Love.