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  1. @Luc1nda Yes, exactly. A Goddess only will accept a God who is equal to her. Immature boys and abusive toxic men, are like mosquitos to her.
  2. @DocWatts All great points. I guess the better move, which it seems like is the current plan for the Democrats, is to punish all involved, crush all domestic terrorist/white supremacy groups, punish the Republicans who broke laws, and let them tear themselves apart, as they further lose standing in the public's eyes, ensuring they lose less and less power and votes. I'm sure even without the plan stated above, the Republicans are still pretty much done for, after supporting Trump all this time. Their brand is forever tarnished.
  3. I'd love to hear some more opinions on this topic.
  4. Good point, that would be a risk and would be a backfire to this plan. IDK, he was successful at winning the presidency, and holding onto despite his hundreds of blatant crimes. All he'd have to do is court back his base, which would probably be pretty easy as they consider him their savior sent from God. Of course I agree that there should be accountability and repercussions for all their crimes. But the hypnosis here is, is this plan would cripple the Republican party and remove them as an obstacle to America moving forward. What is one man's justice worth to never having a bill blocked by the Republicans. Again, things like health care reform, police reform, gun reform, climate control, creating a thriving economy, getting everyone a living wage, getting money out of politics, and civil rights for everyone, could all get easily passed with the GOP out of the way. So is one man's justice, worth all those possible outcomes? I'm not so sure.
  5. This article may have swayed me on the idea of not prosecuting Trump. Sounds unthinkable I know. But this article actually makes a good case for why letting him go could be the smart move to make. By letting him go, and allowing him to continue to run for office, Trump would most definitely start his own political party. One of Trump's most defining characteristics is he will turn on you if you ever show disloyalty. So of course Trump would gleefully throw the Republicans under the bus if they dare go against him in the coming Impeachment trial. He has already been turning his base against the GOP for months. The current path of moving to impeach Trump is looking possible, as the Democrats looking likely to get enough Republicans vote to impeach. This is in the Republicans best interest. Because Trump, once convicted, would never be able to run for office again. The GOP could finally move on from Trump, and regain control over their party, and resume taking back control from the Democrats in the coming years. This path leads to years to decades more of power struggles with the Republicans. And the Republicans using every dirty trick they can to wrestle back control. This path leads to us wasting decades fighting each other, while ignoring the social issues, economic crisis, the global threats, that could lead to our extinction. But, the smarter move could be for the Democrats to fold on the coming prosecution of Trump, not allowing Impeachment to continue. This would lead to Trump starting his rival political party, the 'Patriot Party', to try and regain the power of 70,000,000 adoring devoted followers. This would destroy the GOP. As they could lose the majority of their voters. Because of the split, some Republican voters would side with the GOP, and others would stay with Trump's party, it could split both their potential voter bases in half. Which would mean neither of party would be large enough to get near majority in a general election. Rendering both parties nowhere near a threat to the Democrats. The Democrats would be virtually running things unopposed. They'd be able to pass any bill they'd want. With no major opposition to block it, things like health care reform, police reform, gun reform, climate control, creating a thriving economy, getting money out of politics, and civil rights, could all get easily passed and put into action. To the benefit of us all. Downside to this would be letting trump and his radical base to continue. And who knows how much damage they could continue to do, if not opposed. But, could the pros outweigh the cons, in what going with this idea could accomplish, not just for America, but for the world? ----------------------------------------------------- CNN: "Moments before Donald Trump boarded Air Force One for the final time, he offered this cryptic message to his supporters: "We will be back in some form". Which, undoubtedly, struck fear in the hearts of Republicans (See: "McConnell, Mitch"), who has spent the last few days and weeks trying to ensure that Trump never, ever comes back. Trump, according to The Wall Street Journal, is considering the possibility of starting a new party, which he is calling the "Patriot Party." If Trump is serious about starting a party to rival the GOP (and Democrats), it would be an utter disaster for Republicans. Trump has a large base of supporters, some of whom were not deeply involved in Republican politics prior to Mr. Trump's 2016 campaign. If Trump urges all of those supporters to flock to a more Trumpian party than he believes the Republican Party is positioned to be, it immediately splits the traditional GOP vote into two factions. And neither of those factions is large enough to be a majority in a general election. A Trump-backed splintering of the Republican base -- or, even worse, an open war between the Trump party and the GOP -- could cripple the chances of conservatives regaining power in Washington not for months, but for years."
  6. Damn that was a good speech. He didn't seem to be reading a teleprompter, but speaking from his heart. So inspirational. He is turning out to be so much better a President than I thought he could be. The future looks promising.
  7. I'm sure he is going to have his hands extremely full cleaning up all the messes trump caused and trying to get America back on track, to have any concerns of what's going on in other countries.
  8. I couldn't be more happy to be wrong in my prediction of today being a bloodbath. Yay for civility. Here's to peace going forward.
  9. I used to be a bigtime performer. I traveled across the country and played stadiums and major festivals. I was used to playing to crowds of 30K+ every weekend. Had thousands of friends, and dated alot. About 3 years ago I gave it all up. Retired from performing, let go of all my friends and communities, and became celibate. All to dedicate myself to spiritual path. Within those 3 years, I barely see anyone. I have one friend I hang out with regularly. And I see my parents about once a month. I get food and supplies delivered. So mostly I am fully removed from society. And I'm the happiest I've ever been. Heck, I have so little desire for companionship, I don't even want a pet. I have zero drama in my life. I don't have to navigate other people's issues, needs, traumas, egos, projections, etc. I do what I want, when I want and no one has any control over me whatsoever. I figure I will do this for the rest of my days. So to anyone considering the hermit life, know it can work and is wonderful.
  10. That seems to be viewing God and Ego as being separate. Ego is part of the dream(me/God), just as is thoughts, feelings, senses, and everything else. I'm God dreaming. I'm in control of the dream. But I'm not yet fully aware of this, hence still getting convinced that the dream is real. I'm working to become fully lucid in the dream, and not just creating the dream (for lack of a better word) unconsciously. See description below.
  11. I already am my higher Self, and there is no other dimension than here and now. At least that's my understanding. This is more of a case of me (God) understanding (or more precisely remembering) what it is possible for me to do (dream), which is anything and everything. Right now, I'm lost in the amnesia of the dream. I simply have to wake up from the dream (Awakening), remember who I am, then go back dreaming (Reality) and willfully become lucid and create the dream at will.
  12. I personally love aggressive women. My ex when I met her, said that she had a hard time with men because she honestly scared them. When she let herself be her sexually aggressive self, it made men uncomfortable. But when she met me, I allowed her to be fully herself. Whatever she brought to the bed, I could match. So be warned that the world is full of boys that get scared by strong women. But some day, after weeding thru all the boys, you'll meet a man that appreciates and nurtures your aggressiveness and strength.
  13. I know I'm dreaming all this, exactly how it is. And how it is is perfect. But, to use the analogy of when i'm sleeping dreaming, I am in a dream and don't know I'm dreaming. To me it is real. Lucid dreaming, becoming aware it is a dream, and then being able to control the dream. This hypothesis is the same, the real world to me is a dream and I think it is real and not a dream. I want to wake up in the waking dream, and be able to create at will. It's the difference of being in a sleeping dream and knowing it's all my creation and just going along for the ride of whatever it is, or becoming a lucid dreamer and being able to teleport, create whatever I want, fly, and so on.
  14. Good question. I guess because the waking world seems more 'real' than the sleeping dream to me. I still consider the people in my life as real, with their own lives that extend beyond them being in my perception. Whereas when I meet people in a dream, I know they only exist because I dreamt them, and they only exist as long as I am dreaming them, and cease to exist when I'm not imagining them. It's my views and beliefs that create the difference between sleeping dream and the waking dream. Hypothetically I know they are the same, but not in actuality. But, once I close that gap, and have the same beliefs for all dreams, there is no reason why I can't lucid dream all dreams I'm dreaming.