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  1. This now being all there is, is what is so, whether you are conscious of it or not. If conscious of it now, focused on it, one sees that there is no life or suffering, just this, whatever this is now. But, it's also fun to get lost in the created story of life, all the joys of dualities, even suffering.
  2. Look right now at direct experience. All there is is right Now, no more no less. There is no suffering in this direct experience, is there? That is just a thought / concept. That is the benefit. This didn't change my life, as I have no past to draw a comparison to. But, knowing I am only this now, and nothing else, there is just acceptance and appreciation for this bubble. I can't suffer from a past. I don't suffer from 'others'. I just am always now appreciating what is now, and nothing else.
  3. @softlyblossoming There seems to be a general consensus here that doing these video with him while he's getting much needed hospitalization is ill-advised. And feeding any delusions of grandeur, or supporting spiritual thoughts from this manic state, could be dangerous and may harm him in the longrun. But, I don't see you addressing any of that in the comments. Care to rebuttal? Do you think that it might be possible that doing what you're doing might be harmful, even if you're sure it's being helpful?
  4. All there is is a sentient field of consciousness that is made of nothing, but still dreams. Everything in this bubble of reality, including you, everyone in it, and the environment, are all this dream. Everything in this reality bubble is one thing, which is dream. And it all only exists now. This is where all dualities collapse. Creation and destruction are one, as this bubble is created and destroyed at the same time. There is no past or future, only now. Self and other are the same thing, this dream bubble. There is nothing else but this dream bubble. Nothing exists outside of what it is Now. And you are it. Not a person experiencing it with other people that are separate from it. Only this Now, and it's a dream, you are all of the dream, and so is everyone you think you know.
  5. It's not always possible to have an experienced trip-sitter available. The thing most don't take into account, as Leo says 'it can take 100 trips to reach a full Awakening, and it can take 100 Awakenings to fully understand God' (I'm paraphrasing here). Sure, you can get a glimpse in one ceremony, but it take alot of work of exploring the infinite to understand it. So if this is the case, going to a experienced practitioner is just not practical. For this long process, home tripping is the most viable. Unless one has a partner or friend that is willing to trip-sit for every trip, which would be most ideal, for everyone else alone tripping alone is going to be the most likely option. As long as the tripper fasts so they won't vomit while under, is in a safe space free from any dangers if the person thrashes about, and is in a space that isn't in hearing distance to others incase the tripper screams or yells while under. And as the tripper gets more and more experienced and used to the trips, the more likeliness of them having less and less possibilities of freakouts.
  6. Sounds like a cult, not the word that gets thrown around alot, but cult in the literal sense. An ego devil that preys upon the weak, to make himself a god in their eyes, so he can take advantage of them. Any teacher that makes themselves the focal point, is a cult-leader wannabe. And of course they were all nice, people in cults usually are. That's how they are able to recruit more people. Glad you didn't fall for it, sad for those that did.
  7. No surprise there, seems like this was coming, at least IMO. I have bipolar friends, and the signs were there. Hope he gets better. P.S. in the videos his audio is unintelligible, but from what I can make out sounds like the rantings of mania. One of the main features of bipolar mania is delusions of grandeur. So I wouldn't conflate that into wisdom, or necessarily encourage it. But, I could be way off on that assessment.
  8. Holy shit, this made me laugh. Good humor, sir.
  9. Mostly. It's enough to survive on / cover all the basics so I don't 'have' to work. So if I live simply, I'll be comfortable. But, I will most likely have to do more, as large financial needs come up, like if the house needs to new roof, or new kitchen, or I need to get a new vehicle, and so on. I am in the process of leisurely writing many books, so if published might be a good source of future income. And I have an interest in doing spiritual life-coaching, which I could do from home. But both are something that I'm passionate about and 'want' to do, not something I'm forced to do.
  10. Yeah, not supposed to talk sourcing, for obvious reasons, as unfortunate as that is, it's still the reality we live in. But, if you're really truly passionate about this work, you'll be unstoppable about finding a way. If you really dive deep into researching, you'll find a way to get these substances. One lead will lead to another, until you find the trusted source in your area. That's what most of us here did, and so can you.
  11. @rayamonoes Maybe consider that when you took the 5-MEO it was the feeling exactly as it was supposed to be. What you describe is what most feel, like it's too much, you might be overdosing, or that you might be dying. That fear you felt was very normal. What it comes down to is your ability to surrender to that feeling. When you feel like you're dying, to say "fuck it", and just let go. It's not so much which psychedelic, as many of them will get you to that moment, but how you use them to practice letting go. Letting go is beautiful and blissful, it's the holding on that makes it a bad trip. So I'd suggest picking any of the psychedelic that people usually suggest for such things, be it 5-MEO-DMT, 5-MEO-MALT, LSD, Psilocybin or whatever, and start low and work your way up to that feeling, and learn to accept it, learn to feel into it, and maybe even learn to love it. That's where the magic happens. P.S., Welcome to the forum.
  12. The much teased substance is finally here, 5-MEO-MALT. Has anyone ever tried this? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Does anyone have any further knowledge on 5-MEO-MALT that could be useful for any psychonaut? Thoughts on information LEO shared in his video?
  13. What is happening Now, this, is God's imagination. Thoughts, feelings, sensations, and yes Ego, are all part of this, this reality bubble. So yes, Ego is part (this is a fallacy, as 'part of' points to separation, which there is none) of God's Oneness.
  14. Awesome, looking forward to hearing all about it. I'll add it to the list of psychedelics to experiment with in the future. I'm sure you'll be covering every aspect of this substance in your video, such as best method of administration, ideal dosages and so on, but could you also include the integration process.