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  1. Seriously, how is this guy still allowed to post these utterly dumb questions again and again and again. He's had how many posts locked for low quality? At what point do you just ban him, because he is obviously not learning anything at all. Is this what you want this forum to be?
  2. You, as God, is dreaming this, everything within Consciousness that is right Now. Other possibilities are an illusion. There is only this. And it's this, and not something else, because you created it to be so just like this and not some other way. If it was some other way, it would be that and not this. But that's all fantasy created Now. There is only this, nothing more, nothing less. And Now is eternal, as it has no beginning and no end.
  3. @GreenWoods Seriously, thank you for all the work you do and share here. It is honestly the saving grace of this forum, and the type of intelligent informative discussions I would ideally like to see on a forum dedicated to higher consciousness ideals, instead of the low consciousness stupid shit that is 99.9% of this forum nowadays. Please keep up the amazing work and keep sharing.
  4. I've been 14 years since 2003 which was my first. It was truly life changing. Like literally changed my life. It's not a festival, it's something unexplainable. My advice: Don't stay in your camp. Go out and explore as much as possible. BM is overwhelming. The environment is harsh. You'll want to stay where it's comfortable. Resist that urge. You will run into the most magical things out there, but you have to venture out to collide with them at that exact point in time and space. Try to go out every night till dawn if you can. Always bring a backpack with you at all times, even if you think you will just be gone for a moment, trust me you will get lost for hours. In the pack: Shaded goggles for day, clear goggles for night, sunblock, protein bars, snacks, full water bottle, cup, hydration tabs, mask for dust storms, gifts for others, headlamp with red light (doesn't blind others and yourself at night), toilet paper (the portapotties run out at night), and whatever you need to keep you going such as caffeine, adderall, coke or whatever. During the day, people can succumb to heat exhaustion in less than an hour. The hospital tents are always full of people from severe dehydration and heat exhaustion. Take care of yourself, and keep hydrated. Drugs will effect you differently there, as the environment is so different, so take it slow. Have a good bike. Electric is preferable. You'll have alot of ground to cover every day. Always use your bike lock. people will most definitely take your bike. Take care of your feet. It's 9 sq miles, and you'll be doing alot of walking. Every night before going to sleep, give yourself (or have some else do it) a foot bath in diluted vinegar. Then rub your feet in your favorite moisturizing cream /shea butter. Then put some socks on. You'll feet will be right as rain in the morning, and ready for the day. Go full out, with your heart fully open. This is a chance of a lifetime. Love as fully as you can, and you'll get back that love in ways you can't even imagine till you're there experiencing it. Have a wonderful time!
  5. This is ironic, as I am a masochist. Pain is as pleasurable as an orgasm to me. When at an orgy, I sometimes ask someone to flog or cane me as hard as they can, for as long as they can, till me back is totally bruised, black, blue, and bloody, and I reach the most euphoric state, on par with or maybe even better than an orgasm. Whatever this is Now is perfect. Suffering can't exist Now, as Now is all there is. Suffering comes from comparing to other. There is no other, only Now.
  6. Again, this now is all there is, everything else is fantasy. But, sure, as a hypothetical, pain is neither good nor bad, it is just what is. I am consciousness, I am all of reality. If "pain" is what I am, then that is what is, and there is nothing else than what is, and what is is perfect as it is all that there is. Imagine being infinite nothing. Then you willed yourself to create something, from nothing. And that something was "pain". It would be the most beautiful thing that ever existed, because it would be the only thing that had ever existed (and it's still nothing, as it's all one). That is what Now is.
  7. 1) Wouldn't matter at all. Whatever this is, it is this and not something else, because if it was that then it would be that and not this. This now is all there is. Everything else is just a concept and fantasy. I accept and enjoy this, and don't give any mind to fantasy. 2) I know of a quadriplegic that lives as amazing of a life as i do. Surrounded by women, goes to festivals and parties. Sure, he has challenges, but he fully loves and enjoys his life. And so would I, as that would be what reality is, and peace is fully accepting what reality is, whatever it is.
  8. Survival is not part of my reality at all. I know I am God dreaming up reality, and will for all eternity, so the concept of "survival" is meaningless. But, as I am in this dream reality, all I have to do is enjoy it every moment. For instance, this weekend I was a model in a fetish fashion show, then went to an orgy play party afterwards till dawn. Then Saturday did a photoshoot of 30 models at an underground club, then another orgy till down afterwards. Woke up in a women's bed, and went to a huge 300 person dance club for the evening. Pretty much every day is something like this for me. I've designed my life to be nonstop fun, artistic endeavors, sex, festivals, drugs, partying, connection, love, experiences, celebration, and enjoyment. And I love every moment of it all. I love myself, I love everyone in my life. My life is the embodiment of love. The concept of "survival" to me seems silly. Death is imaginary. This dream will be forever changing, and I will love whatever this dream is, for all of eternity.
  9. So what? What does it matter what Republicans think? Alot of people loved serial killer Ted Bundy. He was charismatic and charming. He said he was innocent, and all the people that loved him believed him and fought for his freedom. But the law is for justice, regardless of how people feel about it. They still arrested Bundy and fried him for his crimes. Trump is overwhelmingly guilty and deserves to pay for his crimes, regardless of who doesn't like it. They can protest and whine and cry all they want, just justice and the law needs to be done regardless.
  10. Yep, sounds exactly like what i witnessed.
  11. I saw UFOs in the desert of Eastern WA back in 2004. I'm skeptical. I tried to find any logical explanation, tried to find any rational scientific explanation. But, nothing human made or nature based can move from one point in the atmosphere / sky to the other side of the sky in a half a second. Nothing on earth can. That's light speed. I spent the whole night watching 6 of them doing erratic, impossible, movements. Days later there was an article in the news of local sightings, so I wasn't the only one that saw them.
  12. Sex isn't everything. Find where your power is and follow that path.
  13. That is not what Selflessness is.
  14. It's called ' Eugenics" and was a big part of the Nazi party. And if I were you I would take a serious look at myself if I favored controlling and limiting the lives of disabled people, saying who can live or not, and basically favoring barbaric methods favored by Nazi.
  15. To me, that person is in a very unique and powerful situation. Let me explain. All this work is about getting to the point of a Spiritual Awakening / Awkinging to Infinity / Awakening to being God. To be able to do that, one has to surrender their whole life to 'death'. This is the thing that stops most everyone, as no one wants to die, so they hold on and cannot surrender. But, one that has nothing to hold onto, and wants to cease to be, has the key to just letting go fully to be able to experience the greatest thing one can experience. So honestly I am envious of someone like this. As of course of action, use this gift. Take a high dose of 5-MEO, let go completely, and experience God.