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  1. @Someone here what answer were you expecting hehe. @Bazooka Jesus 😳😳
  2. @Someone here Nope I am not enlightened and never will be. I'm not even real.
  3. @Someone here I dont know honestly. Dying is just scary. It's so intelligent and I (thought) is no match for it.
  4. @Someone here @Bazooka Jesus thanks, honestly this has given a lil existential crisis and I never thought I'd get one again lol. I really feel like my death is around the corner, that primordial fear we all have is connected to ego, the minute the fear drops, ego disappears and vice versa. @Swarnim Its very paradoxical, you ultimately dont need to embody, because embodiment is Now and always happening. Complete presence/wakefulness in the present fixes everything (if you were awake to the body your posture would improve & youd eat healthier, if you were awake to the emotions you'd leave them be rather than try to change them). So the embodiment (Having the integrity, love, truth, etc.) is a voluntary choice made from this complete presence. The body is completely selfish, you want food, sex, shelter that's it. But paradoxically when you fully grasp this selfishness you can then have the good behavior, virtues, etc. Because it's a conscious choice(yet no choice is made), not "I must be nice to people.". @nistakehello .
  5. This shift has been happening for the past few days. It was difficult for me to share this earlier as: It's become nearly impossible to convey at this point, it's so simple that its untouched by thought. I guessed you can say I'm unenlightened each day that passes now. I say unenlightened, because I assumed I'd be like a God being, or some super consciousness guru type of person (you get it, something "special"). In fact it's been the opposite, becoming more and more ordinary to the point where it's scary for the ego. I guess you can say "I" have seen the full animalistic/organic nature of reality. It's just this mysterious process, I'll never be able to understand it. It's completely selfish, in the sense that it is IT, it has no concern for anyone, as the idea of people is just an idea. But this selfishness is the selflessness. Because, in this pure mysterious process, there is no Self. It's clear now that there is no one. This body eats, shits, procreates, and just survives. (Btw, theres a deep appreciation for survival now, as it's so beautiful). Theres no more thinking that I'm important, this very mechanism (communication/memory) is a survival tool! Thought is just another survival mechanism, and this mysterious process is doing it. (Not doing). The body is wide awake at all times, it always has been! Wanting to become awakened seems funny now, as this body has always been wide awake, it's so advanced it's beyond comprehension. Theres no such thing as sleep now, body is always wide awake, it's just a question of the specific activity in this body. Also there is no body, just sensation of organs, all different yet operating in harmony. Space no longer exists, it never existed, it's all here. Just felt like sharing this, it gradually and gradually lasts longer (this __blank__). Today it's last 80-90% of the day. So yea, the universe is completely Cold, Animalistic, but that is the magic. It's so beautiful. It doesnt give a shit about you, because theres no you lol.
  6. Something random but incredible. Ever notice that meditative voice in the mind? It's that voice that is silence, it can come in the form of an insight. The voice that doesn't come with doubt, desire, problems, etc. It just speaks, and is silent immediately.
  7. @Nos7algiK when you give the straight forward answer it's usually always denied, as people truly want stories to entertain themselves that's it. It's also an LOA kinda thing, like look at the irony here: How can I find a good man when all men are needy, desperate, narcissists, etc. It's like lol of course you won't find a good man, you're always looking for the "bad" man lol. I say this with love though forreal, I never want to hurt anyone feelings, just want to see people waking up to things as I am as well.
  8. @Karmadhi john anthony lifestyle is the poster child of toxic masculinity. He gets shitfaced when he goes out, he picks fights with people. He hires prostitutes for his videos. Hes insecure as fuck and projects it on all the other puas. Embarrassing lol.
  9. @Preety_India I wanted to give you the blunt truth and it's very simple. You seem to be feeding on stories, that's fine. Itll hurt, but the ego is a masochist . Nothing more to say here, you either get it or you choose to keep dreaming.
  10. @Preety_India theres no point in making those black and white statements, as I can simply ask you to elaborate on them. In a sense it's like you're creating a more and more elaborate web of confusion with these simple statements. Let go of that, be here. Relationships are mirrors, what you want from another is what you want for yourself. For example, I can easily make a list of how my woman should be, but I know that the woman will only be attracted into my reality if I have some of those traits or mirror them perfectly. The thing I really want to express here is that it seems like you're expecting this magical man to arrive, but you think that you're 100% innocent and that's what's weird. No offense, really. You attract yourself, I'm surprised no one else tells you this here. And btw there's women on this forum who have their shit together way more than me, so this isnt some attack on women in general. Most people here I think are being too nice at this point but you're torturing yourself with all this. Simple: Transform yourself and your magical man will arrive. That's it.
  11. @Preety_India I understand you were just answering a question. I'm just trying to add some relief maybe. Like if you expect that much from a man, then you may be expecting too much from yourself? Maybe you judge yourself harshly on certain things? Not calling you out I may be wrong.
  12. This is weird lol. Like the 10 commandments of how a man should be. Being a good man as you perceive it isnt about following rules, just handle your shit, raise your vibration, live your purpose, and all those rules are handled automatically. Can you imagine the stress of just trying to fill all those bullet points you've listed? This is secretly just ego stuff, deprive her of what? What boundaries? What's her stress tolerance? You see how these bullets you've made can easily be corrupted?
  13. @Preety_India that's the point, you wont need signs. Kinda like how Leo mentioned once that if you see through your own self deception, you will never be deceived again by others. This is poetic a lil but bear with me: if your heart is pure, then you'll never be deceived or fall into a toxic relationship. I say this with humility and I'm not bragging I swear on my life, but I can see possible toxic relationships a mile away, so I just keep working on myself. The right girl will come to me, but I'm gonna have fun!
  14. @Preety_India from my experience, relationships are mirrors. That means that when you really love openly, you will attract a man who does the same. I'm talking radical love, like not expecting anything from the other person, not loving the image made up, but seeing the life in front of you. You must see that woman and man in the relationship feed into the dynamic. That means that a person who's grounded will never have a girlfriend/boyfriend who's needy, it just cant happen, itll be too obvious to fall for. There is never one innocent person in a toxic relationship, because after all it's a relationship, the two people feed into it. The victim makes the victimizer, the needy person makes the abuser. No such thing as a needy person dating someone who has his/her shit together, if we are talking about a serious relationship and not some fling or fooling around, it just won't happen. Most people are in love with images πŸ˜”πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™‚.
  15. Seems like bullshit. Only the ego thinks it has to be a dried up stick to be liberated. Poor guy, no life, no humanity, just torture. Or maybe hes enlightened idk.