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  1. The beauty of buddha's is that they can take any form, such that youd never even know they were buddhas. The janitor in your office building can be enlightened as fuck and youd never know it .
  2. @Leo Gura does vegetable broth have less heavy metals?
  3. @RendHeaven For sure, that one really drilled the importance of nutrition in my head.
  4. Just appreciating Leo's contribution in nutrition with one of his older videos. The idea of making a huge healthy soup once a week and having some everyday is awesome, and resonates with me for one of my biggest values: Simplicity. Things are a lot easier and less stressful when we keep our diets simple and healthy, fuck it, I'll eat the same thing everyday if it increases clarity and energy. For anyone who wants to start with this soup I'll share the stuff I made my soup with, no measurements included, I trust you to come up with your own portions! -Bok Choy -Celery -Cherry Tomatos -Mushrooms -Green Onions -Chicken Broth (Many benefits from the collagen , important!) -Broccoli -Bell Peppers -Pink salt and Black Pepper This is it! Enjoy .
  5. To everyone, Thanks for your suggestion guys! I havent sat down for a few days and prefer to let go of the word meditation, I prefer Meditativeness. Since I guess I'd say I'm always meditative at this point but the act of "meditation" feels more like its holding me back than just letting go of it. Honestly, I've been receiving more insights and even saw Maya for the first time just contemplating and praying to mySelf. I'd say I'm already meditative and can maintain it doing most activities, to a point where for the first time a few days back I had a trigger moment and completely let it go because after all: what is there to defend? The next step for this path is simply to let go of that which doesnt serve me anymore, that's all. Then if i desire to sit and enjoy the present I'll do that. Which is why I'm cleaning up the diet and slowly letting go of coffee (I'm mostly meditative when I drink coffee). About 2 weeks from now I'll see what happens. Your suggestions are appreciated, and I take bits and pieces to better my life .
  6. @Gesundheit hehe I dont have a brain, sorry cant relate 😎.
  7. A few times in my life I've kind of seen the future and its like deja vu. I'm mentioning this because last night my mother was talking to me about stuff and as she was I knew I've seen it already, I even told her and we both started laughing. Why does this happen?
  8. @Thought Art weed is just another part of reality, and I think you can genuinely enjoy weed the same way people love wine, food, art, etc.
  9. @Village if you get high quality flower it can actuallactually lower heavy metal amount than the safe limit. So if you buy good stuff then it's okay. I do agree with you on what you said when it comes to buying your weed on the street.
  10. @Hansu yea I'm currently using allegro decaf French roast. Decaf usually has anywhere from 2m-15mg of caffeine which is WAY better than normal coffee. Anything below 20mg is pretty harmless although I still wouldnt drink It at night. And yes the cheap brand is where you messed up probably.
  11. @Thought Art that's good! I find with weed it doesnt "add" any emotions, it only amplifies the current emotion I'm feeling.
  12. @Thought Art okay cool. Have you ever used CBD? Its known to counteract those effects of weed. My plan with weed is to mix it with high cbd strains as they balance between high and actual medicinal benefits (less anxiety, less inflammation, more relaxation).
  13. @Thought Art interesting. Would you mind telling me some of your background? Like: -do you exercise consistently? -are you eating foods that feel good? Nothing personal aimed at you I'm just trying to see something.