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  1. I feel like 5meo gets all the love around here. Nothing wrong with that, but what can classic DMT provide for someone. What special effects can It have?
  2. @Harlen Kelly Who said I was talking to one girl 😉😀?
  3. I have no problem being direct and setting up a date. The thing is she's far from me and has a car, I dont 😁. So you think she'd be down to drive to my area to go on a date? She seems to be pretty into me.
  4. @Harlen Kelly she's a bit far from me. I'll figure something out.
  5. Its been really bothering me and I keep mentioning it but idk what to do. I work from home but what I really do is just lay down all day and look at my phone, I procrastinate with my work assignments. Theres people in my team who are passionate about the work, but I dont care about it at all. It worries me, since I spend all day slacking off. My life feels incomplete.
  6. This is so confusing. I'll be texting a girl but she'll take hours to respond. I know that instant replies look needy but wtf, how are we supposed to have a decent conversation when there's 3 hours between every message? Also: I was recently texting a girl, I didnt message her all day and I texted her, she replied so fast that it actually freaked me out, so I can kind of understand the girls perspective.
  7. Me on 3 stamps of lsd 😁.
  8. @Forestluv I am willing to do something like that, theres just that fear hehe. I'm also considering opening a go fund me to provide funds to buy the space and use a smaller portion of money to rent myself a little apartment. I'd also use the money to plan out charity activities like making a soup kitchen. Although I do feel kinda bad for using go fund me. Living meditatively, simple, and helping others sounds like a beautiful life filled with truth and love. Oh, forgot to add dmt to that mix :).
  9. I feel bad talking about my mom 😔. I just get really annoyed.
  10. @Forestluv my basic needs are met, yet still living with family means I dont have the freedom to take my life to higher levels. I'm willing to keep my shit together, but having to do a bunch of stuff for my family members who expect me to do it for them makes me lazy, since I'm like what's the point of keeping my shit together if I'm also gonna clean up after other people, it's so annoying. Theres so many little things that annoy me. For example eating healthy means a lot to me, but it gets really hard when everytime I go out with my mom she starts craving food and always buys out from restaurants, these little behaviors do affect my focus, energy levels, and mood. Like for example I tell my mom I'm quitting sugar, then she'll pull some shit like buying me a chocolate bar and when I say no it makes me look like an asshole. She'll just buy me shit i dont even ask for that goes against the changes I'm trying to make, and then it's like oh I'm being ungrateful, I didnt fucking ask for it! 😡 Also, I'm grateful for my job I really am. But, I just dont care about it lol. It goes against my values. I value simplicity, this job is literally pulling a bunch of data from a website and organizing it around. I got adhd, if it's not interesting, I'm opening up instagram. I tried it but I dont buy the whole, "you can enjoy work anywhere" approach, if you're not into it you're not into it.
  11. @mandyjw i know what I want. I want to open a meditation studio and live a simple life.
  12. @mandyjw I'm seeing what you mean, the thing is that the work in my job is all numbers and close attention to detail, I have 0 interest in this type of work, I'm like a chicken in a wolf pack, im not a wolf 😂. I feel incompetent and deceptive working this job. Like I'm lying to myself and my coworkers. Maybe the good you speak of is the lesson I'm learning now that this job isnt for me. It's easy to say I can enjoy my work anywhere if i already have work that i enjoy. I'm pretty sure an enlightened guy working at McDonald's is gonna have a hard time if he's not passionate about French fries.
  13. @mandyjw I won't get it from a bank then.
  14. @mandyjw I'm sorry I just dont like the work I'm doing, I work for one of the biggest banks in america. I dont know what unconsciousness this bank is fueling/supporting in the world. Not demonizing them, but I dont want to work for a place like this. I wanna open a meditation studio 😁, and make it donation based, and meditate with my fellow brothers and sisters and others. That's my ideal life, sure I desire money, hot & healthy women, but this is what I really want. Simple living.