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  1. If you truly love game/graphic design, I'd say try that out! I say this as someone also quite interested in that field! But know how unstable it may seem. What are some things you can do game design wise? Or are interested in learning? I have a friend on here that may be able to help you out direction wise on this! I'll PM you his handle and more details! He's a small indie game designer. If you're unsure what you wanna do, I'd suggest trying out most everything you're interested in. Design a few websites, build up your portfolio and see what sparks joy the most when you make it! For what other jobs could suite you- I'd need to know a lot more about your personality/preferences/skill-set.
  2. @Hello from Russia No problem with the bias or anything. I appreciate the insights/genuine advice. I used to be (and still am to an extent) still under the intense conditioning of "one must go to school." But also had my own journey where I found that standard education can actually hold you back. School isn't always helpful- depends on your teachers/environment/ECT. I'm moderate now on school. Either it's a pretty good or bad idea. Think I'm so keen on it because originally I wanted to be a doctor, like you heard. And the only way to become one is going to school. I still worship science feilds over creative unfortunately: falled for the "intellect is the greatest strength of all." I've found that a lot too in my research: some of the most successful people just start doing the thing they want. Rather than going to school before they're "good enough." Best wishes on your designer carrer! ? Conciousness work by far had been the greatest help in my art as well. I'm an artsty girl myself, I'm covered in picking one up ? ( Though I am bisexual, I'm already with someone, so got that covered) I find it curious most people think I'm a guy over the 'nets ?. Wonder what in my tone suggests that. Also am moved out of my parents house (Kinda have been since 13/14 to be honest) but am a broke 20 something. The bus is cheaper than insurance/gas for now ?. Suppose having high quality company is a bit harder to find. Suppose I'll still try my Facebook groups and see if those produce anything. (Stuff like hiking, plant enthusiasts, ECT. Shared interests are a good foundation) Thank you for all your advice again! ? I'm naive in the sense I think more of peoples good traits than there are. Need to get out of my bubble and remember not everyone does conciousness work. Not seeing my introversion as a whole a flaw is a good step. But recognize when it's holding me back. Overall, think I'm lacking a sense of community, and that's a main driving factor to go to school. I could get behind an art school like you have in mind. Like I sad, no need for apologies about the rant ?. I appreciated the honesty in them and they do give me stuff to mull over!
  3. @Mada_ Thank you for your part! I've been doing the YouTube/learning by books. I'm unsure what Udemy is. I'll give it a Google search afterwards ?. I'm unsure how to get an apprenticeship. ? If you know any way, please lemme know! Otherwise I'll find a way through some Google research! @smurf88 Thank you! I'll check it out tomorrow! @Hello from Russia Thank you for your continued insights on my situation! ? I think you're very right on that. I'm still looking to harness the basics (Though I've been drawing for almost 10 years, it's only in the last 3 that I've gotten serious at it) If the teachers were good in their field, they wouldn't be teachers ? Think I have issues with assumed inadequacy and fear of being in my own echo chamber of art. I tend to think I'm "far behind my peers" And that if I don't get others feedback on my work, then I may stagnate. A part of why I wanted to go to college is also to get better at socializing. I'm a... cripplingly reserved/shy person. And gets in the way of many great opportunities. ? Comes as no shock that this is rooted in low self esteem. Never did anything...well fun in my teens. Like, at all. And I wanna learn how to do that with others. I've been trying to find others to connect with. But with the pandemic and not having a car, I'm finding it difficult.
  4. Until my financial situation changes, college unfortunately is not a *reasonable* option. (If you know any ways to make college cheap as possible, lemme know though! ? Kinda decideding what I wanna do still) The main arts feilds I'm looking at are illustration, animation, and perhaps writing for more context ?. What are some alternatives to college on these, if anyone knows any?
  5. @Hello from Russia Thank you very much for your down to earth questions/observations. ? You're right about me caring a bit too much about what others think. Bad habit picked up from my surroundings/culture/letting my insecurities control aspects of my life ?. I do wanna go to college for something I'm passionate about (but like I said, I'm not 100% sure what that is any more) and to help me and my SO out of poverty with a higher paying job. (Especially since we may want kids) As it usually is- my answer is probably more self acceptance. And get over this "make something of yourself or be consumed by flames" mentality. ? Overall, think all this is just be being really afraid for the future. ? @TimeGoatApologies for second tag time goat. Wouldn't let me get rid of for some reason ?
  6. @TimeGoat Thank you so much! That was very well put. And thank you @dflores321 for your part of well! ? If I go into the sciences: a degree is required for virtually all jobs ?. Think I'm struggling to accept I'm more creative/want to do those things over what I always told myself I *SHOULD* be doing. Kinda look down on the path myself because: "I didn't go 8+ years in college and work hard to study on it" (even though there is a lot to study in art ?) And as we all know, the financial payout of an art career- is turbulent at best ?. I'm in a position know where that works and it's okay I don't bring in much. But I don't want that to be forever. My programming on the "need" to go to college is still pretty strong. I have a belief that others look down on me for not going. Or even if I use some of the free resources: I'm never gonna be official. ? At this point in my life, money becoming more and more important ? I hate that it is. I'm pretty lost to be honest. I used to be "the kid with the future and who had it all figured out." Now I'm dropout who doesn't really know what they want to do. I feel extremely behind my peers and jealous of all their opportunities. (I'm 21 and still haven't even gotten a car- I've lived next to homelessness for a long time until theast few years. But that's just a step up into regular poverty...)
  7. 1. I have always REAAAALREAAAALLLLYY wanted to go to college. ?Like... really, REALLY badly. At one point when I wasn't able to get in- thought about ending my life kind of bad. (Sounds extreme and it was. There were other factors to it to- being in a bad environment with bad mindsets ? Thankfully those have improved!) ?I'm kinda lost on what I want to have as a career to be honest ? Used to "want" to be a doctor. But realized that was others/my own expectations and isn't exactly what I *really* wanna do. (That's like a 3-4 year journey to realize that) ? Now I'm on many creative paths as a career. But they don't scratch that certain itch. (I struggle to see my art as a career, and am wondering if I'm author material ?) I do want to be educated. Perhaps it's just the attached I've had "needing" to graduate one day with a master's/PHD in *some kind* of science field. ? Know this is quite rambly, but I'm super lost. If anyone can offer any help, I'd appreciate it!
  8. Wasn't sure where to put this, hope it finds answers here! Context- I'm a dewy eyed 20-something interested in psychedelics. I have never once done ANYTHING like this. (Never have been drunk/high either!) Anything is helpful. Your expirenece with them? How to procure them? Are they worth the hype?
  9. For both myself and everyone trapped at home. What are ways to build muscle/stay in shape at home? Anything helps!