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  1. "But," he said, "you cannot see my face, for no one may see my face and live." —Exodus 33:20 (NIV)
  2. I am a 27 year old virgin as well. It honestly isn't worth losing your virginity just for the sake of losing your virginity. Do you see how toxic our culture is that it would lead to you want to kill herself because you haven't lost your virginity? There is nothing you have to lose. I will be honest that I would like to find a woman and have deep intimate passionate sex with, but at the same time, that is something that cannot be forced. Also, I have a fear of giving away my power and energy to another person. I hear people saying that once they do sex, it is like a drug, and that you will want to keep doing it. I would just give you the advice that I am trying to give myself after my own breakup of my first long-term relationship, and that is to focus on developing yourself into the greatest version of yourself. "The flower does not dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes." Good luck.
  3. Even a job is a gamble. If everything is a gamble, then you might as well make smart gambles. Keeping your money in the bank is a gamble because your money loses value from inflation 3-5% per year. Whereas investing in a mutual fund with a solid track history is a calculated risk. Driving your car to work is a gamble, but there are ways you can do it consciously and unconsciously. Life is a game a Texas Hold'em. We don't get to choose our cards. All we can do is play our best hand with what we have been dealt with and keep moving forward.
  4. You mean we don’t deserve their help? We aren’t beyond their help. We are beneath their help.
  5. No such thing as fate because fate is based on an imaginary future. The only thing that exists is now. Everything is now.
  6. I think there is some truth to humans being diurnal and that our bodies experience higher cortisol associated with the nocturnal lifestyle.
  7. I am thinking about posting a review in the next couple months of what I think is the best HYSA. So far, I am really liking Wealthfront. It is easy to use and I can see all my money and have all my accounts in one place. Capital One and Marcus are also great options. I personally do not care for Ally Bank.
  8. It says monthly interest is 4.11 and apy is 4.25 for capital one
  9. That’s awesome! I am really enjoying Wealthfront so far! I love Capital One, Marcus, and Wealthfront. https://www.wealthfront.com/c/affiliates/invited/AFFB-779H-ULPY-HRG3 https://www.marcus.com/share/AUS-A5R-H3AA
  10. I’ve been doing some more research and it seems like the YOTTA situation is different from Wealthfront and how they operate. Yottas issue is that it had a middleman intermediary which was Synapse and when Synapse collapsed, it froze funds in Yotta customers accounts. Wealthfront seems to operate similarly to a brokerage account like Vanguard. If Vanguard or Wealthfront went under, there are things in place to secure customers their money back. It seems like it may be frozen, but it isn’t lost. Wealthfront doesn’t use an intermediary middleman, so what happened to YOTTA won’t happen to Wealthfront. Here is a referral link: https://www.wealthfront.com/c/affiliates/invited/AFFB-779H-ULPY-HRG3 If you sign up to Wealthfront through the link, you will get 5.50% APY for 3 months.
  11. I really love all of my HYSA's. I love them all for different reasons. I love Wealthfront, Capital One, and Marcus. I feel like I am just wanting to open every HYSA possible just to see what they are like.
  12. Ally seems like a popular choice but they have a lower interest rate at 4.20%. I have been satisfied with Capital One, Marcus, and Wealthfront so far. Wealthfront makes 5% interest, Marcus makes 4.40% and capital one makes 4.25% as of right now. Wealthfront has stayed strong at 5% for the past year it looks like. And Wealthfront has been in business since the Great Recession.
  13. What do you have in mind? Wealthfront and Marcus by Goldman Sachs seem like good hysa accounts to park money for savings. I invest in index funds in my Vanguard account. But I park the rest of my money in an hysa to maximize the interest I can save. Edit: @Leo Gura I saw your reply on my other post. Thanks! Do you personally use an hysa and see any benefit to them? I still keep my account at a local credit union for emergencies and easy cash and right now I have my money spread out among Wealthfront, Marcus by Goldman Sachs and Capital One to see which one I like better. Thanks for your suppprt.
  14. I do hysa and VTSAX. Why do they lock it up?