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  1. So, I have made several posts about this topic, and I have been wanting to discuss the matter again after Leo's Blog Post on Liberal Vs. Conservativism Simulation with the Global and Local Maxima concepts. So, here I go. But first, you must watch the video to get the idea of global and local maxima. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p11-oggW1E&embeds_referring_euri=https%3A%2F%2Factualized.org%2F&source_ve_path=MTc4NDI0 The thing is that when you awaken, you will think you have reached the global maxima, but in reality you are still at a local maxima. There is no getting rid of that self-deception. It is kind of impossible to awaken to a true global maxima because reality is infinite and your human form will always be finite. The reason why I say "kind of impossible" is because I think it is possible to awaken global maximally, but it is through physical death. You see, when you awaken and reach a high state of truth and understanding, human survival puts constraints on the degrees of awakening possible. Just being a human is already an inherent limitation on consciousness. Just think about an alien state of intelligence and how they may have significant degrees of understanding of reality than we do. Now, think of an ant. Do you think that an ant could ever reach an awakened state compared to a human? No! It can only reach an awakened state relative to being an ant. But what would that even look like? We cannot even imagine this because we are not an ant. Now, do you think a human could reach an awakened state of consciousness? Yes? Relative to what? The awakened state you have as a human will be no more deeper than that of an ant because reality is infinite. You will have an alien who will already have a deeper understanding of reality than you ever will. And then there will be another type of alien who has an even deeper understanding and so on and so on. Awakening seems to be only applied to the species. When we say Leo is Awake, we are essentially saying that he has reached a high level of understanding compared to the average human level of consciousness. When we say Leo is Awake, we are not saying that he is global maximally Awake, but he is local maximally awake because there are still infinite degrees of awakening. Buddhism is a local maxima even though there are some Buddhists will think the Buddha was global maximally awake. The same with Jesus and the same with Leo. Do you see the problem? Awakening is relative in a sense because there will always be higher levels of awakenings. So that means that one awakening you have will be relative to a higher or lower awakening that you could have. For instance, no-self is a form of awakening, but it isn't the highest. Understanding how God exists, what reality is, and why there is evil/conflict is another type of awakening that you have. And all of those insights will be affected and constrained by the limitations of human understanding and the influence of human survival. The paradox is Leo is now talking about genetics impacting relationships/sexuality, but I still think genetics is overlooked when it comes to spirituality. Our human genes and brain already limit our understanding of reality because these were created by Reality. Do you think we can ever comprehend Reality with the brain and genes that reality gave us? I am basically using Leo's argument that "Brains Do Not Exist" against itself here. If our brain is imaginary and if understanding happens through a functioning imaginary brain and imaginary genetics, then any awakening produced will also be imaginary? I tried to explain this concept via Godel's Incompleteness Theorem and now I have explained it via Global/Local Maxima. I am not sure how else I can explain this insight to you all. But the global and local maxima I think is the closest idea that I can think of to illustrate that there is no final or global maxima awakening. Leo is awake relative to the human species and 3D perception. An alien is awake relative to the alien species at a 4D or whatever dimension. Death is the absolute awakening because that is the moment where the finite form merges back into the Infinite Source. The finite form can never grasp the whole. Reality is infinitely mysterious. What are your thoughts? What am I missing?
  2. United States is great. We have pretty much everything here that you need. We have warm and cold. It is the land of the free and home of the brave. I am grateful I am an American. But do you.
  3. Of course! Avoidance is one of the top causes of all emotional disturbance.
  4. In the mental health counseling world, we call this a cognitive distortion, negativity bias, or self-fulfilling prophecy. I doubt it is the whole truth. OP is leaving out love, which is the ultimate truth. OP is choosing fear and not love and it isn’t his fault per se.
  5. You might as well have said it.
  6. My brain. My iphone ChatGPT Journaling
  7. Option number 1. Success is more important than happiness. Happiness comes and goes, but success will stay with you forever. Living a meaningful life is more important to me than living a pleasurable/happy life. To go after your purpose, there are gonna be days when you are not going to be happy and that is okay. It is okay to not be happy. What is not okay to me is living below my potential. I would regret that the most on my deathbed.
  8. You didn’t mention anything positive, so what you said is half-truth at best. Reality includes both positive and negative elements.
  9. @Leo Gura You bring up some good points that I will contemplate more. Thanks for your detailed responses. In the context of this post, I am still curious about what women are really looking for in physical attraction. Like is it symmetry of face, muscles, or what? Is there such a thing as a universally attractive male? If so, what makes a man a 10/10 on looks? Brad Pitt is an example that comes to mind. A lot of women would rate him highly as physically attractive. But why?
  10. A lot of negative beliefs. Not a single positive belief in this post.
  11. I appreciate your thoughts on this. I am just struggling to accept this because that would mean that more than half of the books on your booklist are full of shit. It is just hard to accept given that people like David Goggins were once 300 lbs and illiterate and were able to persevere through hard work. That’s David Goggins secret to success. He didn’t have the best genes. In fact, his Sickle Cell held him back and almost took his life according to his book. I don’t know how you would explain that. The philosophy of Rocky Balboa is all about hard work. Rocky didn’t have the best genes or anything. His work ethic was the best and that’s what made him the best. Ivan Drago had the best genes and Rocky was still able to beat him because he trained harder. David Goggins was very similar. He didn’t have the best genes in the Seals. But it was his determination that helped him achieve the pull-up record, run ultras, and get through hell week. Genes without discipline are nothing. There are many child prodigies who get forgotten. Robert Green talks about this concept in his book Mastery. He says discipline is more important than one’s natural talent. That mastery is achieved through deliberate practice. Of course, a person with Fragile X will probably have limits on their intelligence that would prevent them from being a mathematician no matter how hard they practice. And a person with Anterograde amnesia will never be able to learn a new skill. So there are limits on consciousness. But from my personal experience, there were people who were more naturally talented than me, and I still kicked their ass at tennis, trumpet, chess, and education through my deliberate practice.
  12. Hello. I am flying for the first time alone. I went through the airport security millimeter wave technology, and I can’t help but wonder how it works and whether I am getting radiation exposure and what this will do to my long-term health if I will be a more frequent traveler. What do you all do? I heard you can request for a thorough pat down instead. The millimeter seems less time consumption but am concerned about the health risk. I typed my question into ChatGPT and this is what it said: “Millimeter wave technology is used in some airport security scanners, such as body scanners and luggage scanners. These scanners emit non-ionizing radiation in the form of millimeter waves, which are a type of electromagnetic radiation. Non-ionizing radiation has lower energy than ionizing radiation and is generally considered to be less harmful. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States states that millimeter wave scanners used in airports emit far less energy than other common devices such as cell phones and microwave ovens. The scanners are designed to operate within safety guidelines and limits set by regulatory agencies to minimize any potential health risks. The millimeter wave scanners used in airport security are considered safe for most people, including pregnant women and children. However, individuals with certain medical conditions or concerns about radiation exposure may request an alternative screening method, such as a pat-down search. It's important to note that while the risk of radiation exposure from millimeter wave scanners is generally considered to be low, it is not entirely zero. However, the amount of radiation exposure from these scanners is typically well below the safety limits established by regulatory agencies. If you have specific concerns about radiation exposure or airport security, it's always a good idea to consult with relevant experts or authorities who can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information.” Thanks!
  13. But Owen’s looks aren’t that great and he gets many girls? Isn’t it all subjective?