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  1. Yolo does not exist. It is Yodo. “You don’t live only once. You only die once, and you live everyday.” -R0ckyreed
  2. Ultimate Mega Thread For Happiness Journal/Homework What Is Happiness? (Incomplete) Happiness is being completely satisfied with the present moment exactly as it is. There are many forms and levels of happiness, ranging from contentment/satisfaction to excitement/ecstasy. Happiness comes down to being fulfilled with my life as it is now. Happiness isn’t in the future, it is my relationship to the present moment. Desire Vs. Happiness Leo did not really talk emphasis the relationships between desire and happiness as much as I would have thought. Buddhism assumes that desire is the root cause of suffering and dissatisfaction or dunks. But is desire an obstacle to happiness? The relationship between desire and happiness reminds me of the scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone where Dumbledore tells Harry that “The happiest man on Earth can look into the mirror and see only himself exactly as he is.” I think this means that when we are completely happy, that means we are completely satisfied. When we are completely satisfied, we do not desire for anything to be different. Desire often times comes from a place of dissatisfaction. We want something that we do not have. But desire is part of life. To live life is to desire. I do not desire safety now because I already have it. But as soon as what I love is threatened to be gone, I desire to maintain it and get it back. As soon as my attachments are threatened to be lost, I desire to maintain. But when we are completely happy and satisfied with life, we still have hidden desires. Just because it appears we have no desires now does not mean we have no desires now. Hidden is the desire for life and that is always running even when happy. I can be completely satisfied with everything and still have desires but the content and quality of my desires will be different. A person who desires is someone who has meaning and a want for something more. A person who is depressed probably has fewer desires and fewer things make them happy. Desire is a good thing but excessive desire like excessive anything can become toxic in the same way that water nourishes the soul but can also drown it. We can also be drowned in our desires, so Buddhism is partly right about the excessive extremes of desire, but desire itself is the drive in all living things for greatness and happiness. Without desire, we would all be clinically depressed, with no meaning at all to live. Each breath we take is a desire for life. Contentment Vs. Happiness Contentment is also another part of happiness. Contentment can be seen as positive or negative. Contentment for the overall big picture of life is essential. But contentment for mediocrity can be a recipe for disaster. It is important to be content in striving for excellence. There is something rewarding about striving for excellence. Contentment can lead to complacency which can stunt ones growth and happiness. Happiness appears to be related to balance. When one has balance in their life, one is happy. Again, excessiveness to either extreme of excessive desire or contentment leads to unhappiness. Happiness is like walking a tight rope between contentment and desire. I will share more of my thoughts on happiness as I continue to contemplate them more. Happiness List of What Makes Me Happy (incomplete) Listening to music - beautiful soundtracks Spending time outdoors in nature Meditating (in nature) Hiking (in nature) Running (in nature) Going to the hot tub Watching beautiful inspiring movies (Harry Potter, Castaway, Forrest Gump, Pirates of Caribbean, etc.) Playing beautiful video games (i.e., The Last of Us, Life Is Strange, Uncharted, Skyrim, RuneScape, etc.) Reflecting on some of my happiest memories during my childhood/adolescence Helping people feel good, inspired, and happy Sharing wisdom with others Learning about personal development, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality Contemplation - Thinking philosophically about life to gain deeper understanding. Creativity - writing whatever I want Love - spending time with my girlfriend and family Driving in the country wilderness and around cities Reading a book in my room or out in nature Going to a restaurant and getting the meal I want Good health - being able to have a lot of energy Being able to travel to novel places to explore the beauty of the world Singing and making music Jumping and not having a care in the world Picnicking in nature
  3. Yup! It is fascinating. And you further imagined you taking cannabis and having a cannabis trip of you imagining a car crash and Super Mario. Then, you imagined writing about it on the forum here. And now, you may be imagining writing a reply to this message or not.
  4. What’s more impressive is if you can Bhaktisamadhi.
  5. Get clear about what you really want out of life. Then go take the necessary action steps to do it.
  6. Please watch the video below. I will present a summary and analysis of the arguments presented here. Summary The speaker: The speaker talks about how he debates with religious people and finds it easy, but finds it hard when talking to spiritual people because they talk about the limitations of reasoning and the human mind. The "spiritual people" claim that the subjective reality is what is most solid and the only thing that can be known and consciousness is the key to experiencing the world and everyone lives in their own illusion of subjective reality, and science is part of this illusion because we can only know and speak about things subjectively. We cannot know anything more than our own minds. The speaker wants to know how to reply against solipsism and how to argue for the materialist/rationalist worldview. Matt's response: The host Matt Dillahunty states that "these people aren't worth having a conversation with" because they cannot be reasoned with because they have thrown out reasoning and claim everything is subjective. When one throws out the notion of objectivity and truth, we cannot get anywhere. Even if solipsism were true, Matt says that he has to act in the reality that he experiences, which seems to indicate that it is shared. There is no other reality to experience. Solipsism being true does not impact "my life" at all because we have to deal with the reality that we are given, which there is no alternative. If there is no truth and it is all subjective, then they cannot get to any objective claim. Matt states that just because we cannot be absolutely certain about anything does not mean we do not know anything. Reality is testable and consistent. He says that if solipsism is true then "you are a figment in my imagination and not the other way around." Matt's response to science/logic not being objective: Matt states that spiritual people are wrong when it comes to science and logical reasoning if they are right about solipsism because identity non-contradiction logic is absolute and true in all possible worlds. They cannot even reason their claim without logic being true. Thus, to convince someone who does not believe in reason is divorced from reality is a waste of time because you have to give a demonstration that it is a bad idea to be unreasonable. If people do not accept reasoning then it is unreasonable to have a conversation with them. Matt states that he cannot think of anything that would count as evidence for God. He does not know what would convince him that God exists and that if God exists, God should know what it would take to convince him and thus is not "my responsibility." Matt talks about how we can even doubt evidence of God as being a very sophisticated mass delusion, in which we are in a position where we cannot confirm anything. Jen (the co-host) states that the brain has been demonstrated to be the origin of consciousness by neuroscience and alzheimer's where if there is damage to the brain, there is damage to their personality and consciousness. Matt then talks about methodological naturalism and states that it is the view that only the natural world can be studied. Then, he talks about how souls probably do not exist because of what we know about nature, science, and split-brain patients. My Analysis The speaker and hosts seem to be in the materialist/rationalist bias. They already assume that reasoning is a given. But they never question what is reason and what is reasonable and who has the best reasoning and the criteria for something to be reasonable is subjective. They also overlook the simple truth that everything is subjective. There is nothing in your direct experience that would suggest that there is any objective world a part from your senses. The atheists fail to consider the reality and ramifications of solipsism and the Cogito. The self cannot know anything but that it selfs!! We are in a world where it seems like there are other consciousnesses, but Matt states that he "accepts the reality that is presented to him because there is no alternative." Well, I could say the same thing about dreaming, and I am sure Matt and other atheists would claim that dreaming is less real than this world, which is also an unreasonable and unscientific claim. I think Tracie explains it the best here: She talks about how the solipsist makes a good point that we cannot know whether this world is the same as our dreams at night. But she still makes the same claim as Matt that we have to accept the reality that is presented to us because there is no alternative. That even if there is an objective world that we cannot access, this dreamworld that we are experiencing is a reality that we cannot escape from, so we might as well treat it as if it is real because we have not been presented with evidence that it isn't. The issue is that they do not see how their minds are constructing their dream right now. They dismiss hallucinations, NDE's, and other mystical experiences, but when it comes to the "physical reality" they do not apply that same level of skepticism. They already create a duality between hallucination and reality without ever verifying that the physical world is not itself part of the Hallucination!!! To create such a duality is itself a hallucination within the Hallucination!! Or as Matt states later, The Mass Delusion. We will get to that part later... Matt states that those spiritual people are not worth having a conversation with. But I would say that who is worth having a conversation with? He is just using that to cop out of considering their ideas all together and denies that there can be anything beyond reason because to state something beyond reasoning, you would have to use reasoning to explain it to a rationalist. The rationalist is stuck so far up his own ass that he cannot even conceive of a world without reasoning. The idea is so preposterous to a rationalists mind. Matt makes the claim that reality is testable and consistent. But he does not consider that maybe that is part of the dream. What we call reality is what we call consistent, but that does not mean that what is consistent is any more real than what is not. Jen states that consciousness originates in the brain by what is tested and observed with alzheimer and split-brain patients. But what is overlooked is that the brain, the instruments, test results, and the patients themselves are something that is held within consciousness! Finally, Matt talks about how even if solipsism is true, that does not prove that a God exists and he states that he does not know what would convince him. He gives the example of considering what if we were all mass deluded. It seems ironic that he considers mass delusion when it comes to evidence for God, but when it comes to evidence for science and physicality, mass delusion does not even cross his own mind! He does not consider that the reality that he is presented with is a mass delusion! He does not realize he is God. He puts the responsibility of God "proving itself to him" as God's responsibility. That is like saying that you should put the responsibility of Truth-seeking to your mother. Matt is God in denial that he is God. Thus, he will never discover he is God because his ideas of God are other to his Self. Matt does not hold science to its ultimate test. If Matt was a true advocate and supporter of science, he would put God to the test and try out all of the meditation/psychedelic techniques to discover God. The issue is that Matt has an operational definition of God that does not exist. God cannot be operationally defined!! So, how do we test and prove God?? You don't get it. You are operationally undefined!! Yet, you take your own existence for granted. You cannot even prove you exist because all notions of proof of your existence assumes you exist to receive, understand, and construct the proof of the proof. Don't let these atheists, intellectuals, scientists, or academics fool you into believing that they are smart. They will use rationality to self-deceive you. The irony and paradox is that all of the Jordan Peterson's, Matt Dillahunty's, and Sam Harris's are complete fools, and yet they are still God in denial that they are God. God is so intelligent that it is dumb. The true purpose of life is to raise your awareness to the nature of your own intelligence and divinity. I rest my case.
  7. Nothing in this world is more hilarious than a Solipsist Food Fight. All your arguments here are a sign that you don’t know the Truth. If you knew what Solipsism is, there would be no reason to be playing these BS games, unless you want to go back into The Matrix. It shows you are not serious about Truth. If Awakening is not present now, then it is imaginary (like Santa Clause). None of you all are Awake. Your notions of Solipsism and Truth are a self-deception. This self-deception is locking your mind in another Matrix within the Matrix.
  8. They should outlaw clickbait as false advertising! Thank you!
  9. https://gazette.com/news/us-world/pentagon-officials-claim-alien-mothership-could-send-ships-to-earth-in-draft-research-paper/article_d1b180d9-61d7-5100-a020-96385f437253.html Is this fake news? I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t already been posted and addressed here if it isn’t fake. Edit: I know that the Alien Mothership is imaginary, but I am wondering whether it is something we will imagine being as real as our physical bodies some day? There is a difference between something being imaginary that doesn’t actually exist vs something that does. This present moment is imaginary. So I’m wondering if the Alien Mothership news is as real as this moment or if it is fake news like Santa Clause? Edit Edit: Those who say there is no difference between real news vs. fake news are fools. Conflating wisdom and foolishness together is Foolish with capital F.
  10. Thanks guys for your responses! I have gained more clarity now on the matter! Everything is God no matter the quality. God is omnipresent in Heaven and Hell. Thanks again!
  11. I can tell by the first sentence that you are not ready nor mature enough to handle these teachings. Do yourself a favor and forget about spirituality and this solipsism stuff and just focus on living life for a while and build yourself up. You are going to become even more depressed and suicidal if you continue down this path trying to brainwash yourself with solipsism. This is misunderstanding spirituality/solipsism. The point isn’t to brainwash yourself. The point is to discover what is true. All of your ideas of solipsism and spirituality are False!!!! I will say that again! All of your ideas about spirituality/solipsism/enlightenment are False and not true!!! If you can’t see everything as the Self, you got it wrong. And if that realization makes you depressed or egotistical, you got it wrong.
  12. Maybe God hides Leo’s toilet in the same way that Whiterun is hidden from Consciousness during the opening of Skyrim. In a first person game, there are things that appear to be in the distance that I can go to. It is amazing how that works in a game. All there is, is the Screen that gives the illusion of other and external reality.
  13. You have to challenge your negative automatic thoughts, core beliefs and integrate shadow. It is all about interpretation and perspective. Try to see that comparison is a game that gets you nowhere. Same with negative thinking. That’s all comparison boils down to. The only thing worth comparing yourself to is compare yourself to God.
  14. Okay. So basically God is the field I am experiencing now. It is all of my senses whether they are shit or not, it is God. Being blind is another experience. To ask why God would make me blind is to also ask God, why did you make me human and not some worm or alien? The main thing that stumps me is that God hides many things from itself. Right now, I cannot see or access Leo’s toilet. I only have a concept of it right now based on my experiences of toilets. Does Leo’s toilet even exist as anything more than my concept of it? I believe that I could go out in the world (or my perceptual field) and locate it, so does that mean that Leo’s toilet still exists even if I am not there to perceive it? Leo initially seemed to state it like his toilet really exists even when God does not have access to it in its field. If God can hide things from itself and they still exist, then how is that any different than the idea of an external world?