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  1. I’m an introvert. I listen to who inspires me, and I spend time contemplating and basking in the beauty and magic of my solipsistic field.
  2. I wish to be more connected with myself and reality. We are all gonna die, but to me, the worst thing for me would be to live my life never tapping into the full potential of my gifts and dreams, etc. I guess the first step to accessing these gifts is to deconstruct negative beliefs/fears and the materialist paradigm beliefs.
  3. 1. I don’t want to depend on a substance to be access my gifts. 2. I have no desire to use substances right now. And it’s not legal where I live. 3. I want to be able to use my psychic gifts free in any setting/environment. 4. Drug use robs the joy and fun out of the process for me. If spirituality is a marathon and if psychedelics are using artificial intelligent legs or a car, then I would feel cheated. I have always felt that if I couldn’t have a mystical experience without drugs, then my mystical experience is not strong enough. The highest mystical experience and highest thing I think is to be able to have a mystical and magical experience with mundane, sober consciousness. If you can’t see God without drugs, then you don’t know what God is. That’s my thoughts on that because God is here and now, always. No need for drugs when you can bypass that middleman. 5. I value my mind. My mind is most important to me. 6. I want to directly tap into the source of my psychic gifts at will and bypass secondary things like drugs or crystals or whatever. I just wanna use my mind. Those are all the reason I have right now.
  4. From my experience, I notice that hardly anybody talks about the paranormal and psychic abilities, especially on this forum. I am interested in exploring my mind and gifts to the fullest. I believe we all have psychic gifts, it is just that not all of us have accessed them. I am wondering if anyone has experience with unlocking their psychic gifts or has an resources or books on the subject? I have already read The Holographic Universe, which has been an inspiration to me. I am a magician, but I would also like to enhance my psychic powers. I remember that one time, I dreamed of a conversation and it happened just like I dreamt it. I also remember being able to foresee what was going to happen as well. I think it is call connected to the power of intuition, but I would like to access my gifts more. Unfortunately, I have noticed that as I have gotten older, I am become more logical and thus out of tune with my gifts, intuition, and dreams. This is a flaw of the materialist paradigm. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  5. What’s wrong with mental masturbation? When you get the orgasm, you will appreciate the mental masturbation. Cool stuff Greenwoods.
  6. Just because everyone does it doesn't mean it is right. You could say the same thing about human trafficking, DUIs, substance use, rioting, slavery, racism, or anything else. The morality of it seems more convincing when others are doing it with you. The ego-mind uses other to rationalize its selfish positions. Without a sense of other, it is harder for you to rationalize stealing online art.
  7. Take a break. I'm not sure if this is true, but I can imagine that having your vision locked in close range for long periods of time could cause detrimental effects. You want to also look away out in the distance to engage your long range vision as well. EDIT: Actuality is here right now. You don't have to strictly look at your hand. Just be present in the now. Actuality is meditation and is being in the present moment.
  8. Depends on your intention of the practice. What do you really want to get out of your visualization? What is the intention you are setting for it? This is up for you to decide if you think it is worth writing them down. If I had some golden insights and ideas that outweighed my initial intentions, I may write them down as the insights are running through me. This is one of the reasons why it is hard for me to meditate. But for me, I think it is worth it. However, I am trying to go to the next level and working on trying to let go and detach from me wanting to engage in my creative thoughts. When you visualize, it is important to set an intention or question to focus on. Sometimes you can be playful and explore your imagination. Your visualization can be for insight, creativity, relaxation, identifying limiting beliefs, exploring trauma/shadow work, overcoming fear, etc. Sometimes, you can train your mind to let go of the ideas and continue the visualization. This helps you train your memory, as opposed to being reliant on remembering through writing it down. Keeping your focus solely on the visualization can help train other parts of your mind. If you keep going off and on then your practice will be weak. So it is kind of a trade off, and you are the judge of what is most important to you. EDIT: I would also note that you may miss out on an even deeper realization if you disengage from the visualization practice to engage with the ideas and insights. It can sometimes be hard to tell if the ideas you get in your practice are the seed or fruit of the insight. The solution can be to experiment with doing both ways to see which strategies work best for you. But whatever you do, follow your highest inspiration.
  9. True Freedom is that everyone gets what they want, and as a result, no one gets what they want.
  10. Good. Go act on that inspiration. Life is paradoxical. You find your greatest treasures in the areas where you never thought they could be. Doesn’t matter right now. All you trying to do is plant seeds and water them with inspiration. They will grow fruit only if you continue to water them. The plant dies when you stop believing in it and giving it love. I hear ya. It is tough. However, there are other ways to use your philosophy skills down the road. Getting work experience wouldn’t be a bad idea. How can you know what you want without knowing what you don’t want? Use early work experiences to figure that out while also making money and building resume. Good idea. What is your plan to stop? Also, it would be interesting to examine your feelings and beliefs more around sex. Use a therapist and a journal. Btw, don’t expect you quitting the porn drug cold turkey. If you can, then great. Sometimes, it takes small, brave baby steps to accomplish your goals. Strive to take one baby step of improvement each day. It is helpful to have an accountability partner or coach because if you have set goals and failed them many times, it is not uncommon to lose integrity with yourself. You gotta slowly build back your integrity with yourself by setting goals you know you can accomplish that day. If you set too many high goals and don’t achieve them, you can imagine what this could do to your self-efficacy. It’s like having a friend who promises and never delivers. If you have such a friend, you will eventually lose trust with them. The same can happen to yourself. Gain back that personal accountability and keep staying hard! This is my last post on this post here. Wish you well.
  11. Best Productivity Hack For Spiritual Entrepreneurs by David Lion https://youtu.be/HDxmILIExeY
  12. I asked David Lion about discipline and here is what he said https://youtu.be/C_p8wo_UV2U This may be the problem. No wonder you procrastinate so much. Your goals that you set seem to be too strict and unrealistic. It is like your trying to run a marathon when you haven’t even ran a mile or even taken the first step. Start small. Work out when you get the inspiration to. Be more Blissiplined instead of disciplined. The energy you approach things matter. What excites and inspires you the most in life right now? Do that. It depends on what it does for you. How does that help and serve you? Does it excite and inspire you to be more of who you are or is it an escape from something? Notice how you feel. Notice the impact it has on your life long term and your beliefs. Where do you think you should start? Start with what inspires you and excites you the most. Nobody can tell you what that is. You have to feel inwards. No amount of logic will help you decipher what you feel most alive about.
  13. Your asking for a logical answer when the answer is actually emotional. I already stated it before. You need to act upon what lights you up the most. If you are inspired by animals, go volunteer and work with animals. If your desire at this moment is to go camping or see a friend, then go do that. When it is your heart it is freedom and when it is your mind it is fear. If the mind is not working with your heart, it is not working for you. Do an experiment where you quiet your mind, listen to your heart, and imagine what desires come into your consciousness.
  14. Yeah. This can happen. You don’t want to complicate things to much. Your trying to conceptualize “work” too much when you need to have a direct experience of it. You are getting lost in your mind with different concepts. You have to see “work” around you and contemplate that. For instance, you may see people “working” and bees and butterflies “working.” Just observe the actual process of what “work” really is then ask more questions about “work.” Work ethic is a code and set of principles for how you use your energy. It is that simple. You don’t need to go into what code and principles are just yet. As long as you can grasp the essence of what work ethic is, you can then ask questions to contemplate deeper. Do animals have a work ethic? What is the importance of work ethic? How can I increase my work ethic? How does it relate to my life purpose? What is the opposite of work ethic? Why am I lazy and procrastinate? What are the obstacles to my work ethic? How is a bee able to have such a strong work ethic? What is the relationship between work ethic and survival? What are the most optimal principles that I could live by to increase the quality of my work/energy? These are a few examples to go around the iceberg, as well as penetrating deep down the iceberg. No. This is you getting lost in your mind. You have to focus on one topic of inquiry at a time. Use the example method I described above. You want to have a direct experience of it. You can always contemplate other topics that come up, such as what is direct experience? But don’t expect all your answers to be conceptual. You want the experience. To know what happiness is you have to experience it. Just defining happiness is not fully contemplating. Hope that helps.
  15. Your own philosophy. Don’t limit yourself to one school of thought. Study all the schools of thought that you can and pick the gems you find resonate with you. Don’t be strictly Buddhist or strictly stoic or hedonist or nihilist or skeptic or solipsist or whatever. Study everything and just be you. Watch Cobra Kai on Netflix. Mr. Miyagi, a karate master, ultimately tells his student, Daniel to live by his own philosophy and make it his own. You have to see the creativity and ingenuity in just being yourself. It is so amazing that we would want to be somebody else other than ourself. Wonder about that. It boils down to finding out what you love most about life and doing that as much as you can.