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  1. Listening to music is not a distraction, but binge watching YouTube video clips is. It is just procrastination. I love listening to music while doing manual work, it gives me more energy.
  2. Y'all have thousands of posts on this forums and each post is like an essay. 500-1000 words, or even more. Endless discussions about sex and politics. I mean, it's literally impossible for a real human to spend so much time on one website while going to work etc.
  3. Tucker Carlson "Have you ever considered conquering Poland, Lithuania, etc?" Putin "Not even in my worst nightmares. Everyone there hates us like cancer lol."
  4. OK, so the guy believes that most modern genres of music (rock, punk, metal, etc.) only exist because of black people. He than says that Eminem is a good rapper, but definitely not the best by far and that everyone that says Eminem is the best must be racist. In my opinion, a lot of white people prefer Eminem not because he is white, but because they can identify with him. His song are also much easier to remember compared to most other rappers.
  5. The last time I was sick for over a month, I was having throat pain and doctors said they can't find anything. I literally had to force my doctor to prescribe me some antibiotics as she didn't want to. The pain was gone after 2 days of tbe antibiotics treatment. It was some type bacterial infection.
  6. I can't believe I am actually sharing such a deep secret here, but I will just go ahead. At least nobody here knows my real name and where I am from, so here you go: Sometimes I fall asleep without brushing my teeth.
  7. Drinking a bottle of vodka and vomiting on everyone sitting around, then blaming them they have made you drunk for fun. Never got me laid for some reason...
  8. He can literally just go to a psychologist and realize that his main problem is lack of self love. He thinks that making a ton of money can somehow fix this problem, which of course is absurd. People hate having problems that cannot be solved so they delude themself and start solving different problems that they can actually solve. Lack of self love = very hard problem to solve Lack of money = easy problem to solve
  9. Yeah, you are idolizing a guy who is bragging about his $500 cigars. I am afraid you cannot be helped.
  10. Or a whole African village salary. You should be really careful, because one day, you can literally be making $100 again. Nothing is guaranteed.
  11. Your ego clearly is a b*tch. You making 400-600 a day and not happy with it? Give us a break
  12. "How to not get fucked up by girls, astral beings, and crypto..."
  13. The problem is that some of you are convinced you cannot lose in this game. You make trades with 10x leverage and hope for the best, with money you don't even own. It's only matter of time you will lose. There is no other way around it. You are walking on thin ice.
  14. Well, you have started this thread after all. You literally wanted to be talked out of crypto. You have admitted you fucked up, which is a good start.
  15. You don't need to make your money back with crypto. That's your ego whispering to you that if you don't recover your loses fast, you will look like a fool. Who cares? Only your ego. You said you have a business? Why do you need to get rich so fast then? Focus on the business not gambling. Make some actual investments once you get rich.