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  1. You missed my point. IPhone is just a technology that has replaced other technology. There is nothing special about it. But, can an AI replace your favorite actor or singer? I don't think so.
  2. Can someone explain to me why Bitcoin is so much superior compared to other cryptocurrencies? Was is created by aliens or someone from the future, so we are unable to create even better platforms than Bitcoin in the future, or simply copy it? For example gold is the superior precious metal because it has very special properties and it cannot be created/replicated. I see real value in gold, but not so much in Bitcoin.
  3. If you fap too much, it's not like milk anyway.
  4. Namibia, Australia, New Zealand? Asia is nice, but too dirty and overcrowded.
  5. Pick only one movie!!! My all time favorite is Agora (2009) IMHO, this is one of the most underrated movies in history. It has everything - great acting, music, memorable scenes and dialoalogues, a strong message. It is a historical movie about clash of religions, science and power in ancient Egypt under Roman rule. I have seen this movie about 10 times and always get back to it.
  6. Yes, you have created this reality where others expect you to reproduce and live a mediocre life, otherwise you are considered a weirdo. While, in fact, there are no others and everything is just an illusion you have created for yourself. I don't find this sad but rather "cringe"...
  7. I think you should delete the last text mate. It's a huge spoiler for those who haven't seen the movie...
  8. Actually, it's the opposite! We need more live stock in most places to stop the global warming!
  9. If selling a used bathtub water can make you millions, then why not being a pickup artist? Anything related to sex sells really well.
  10. I have seen almost all of his movies, but The Whale is probably the most depressing one. Incredible acting by all protagonists.
  11. Do you realize that most beautiful blonde girls, including that one on the picture, look completely different without make up, hair dye, etc.? The photo is just an illusion.
  12. Level 1: Reading a book Level 2: Meditation Level 3: Researching psychedelics ... Yes, that would be a very fun video game. I bet millions of people would play it
  13. AI generated art is just a gimmic. It will fade away really quickly.
  14. Yeah, I get it lol, but isn't it just a waste of time? Just forget about flapping and move on...