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  1. Hi everybody I was watching two of Leo's old videos about how to stop being a victim and I really liked it. For the last couple of years, I'm deeply immersed in victim mentality since I have a chronic autoimmune condition (IBD) which is painful, causes diarrhea, costs lots of money because of medications, I have difficulty in physical activities because of bone loss and .... I basically gave up most of my ambitions in life because of this illness, and I settled for a below average life. I believe I just dealt a bad hand and I can't do big in life because of these circumstances. In fact, seeing Leo himself dealing with his illness, and sometimes you can see the vibe of victim mentality in him about his illness gives me a bit of more hopelessness. Can anybody give me a piece of advice on this issue and give me some insights about how to overcome this mental barrier? Especially someone who himself is dealing with some kind of disability or chronic illness. Thanks.
  2. That's right, but I'm not interested in game and such things, as I've said I'm not very interested in having girls. I'm just attached to their opinions about me and value their opinions and judgements so much. Can you help me with that?
  3. Hi everybody Before everything, I should state that I live in a very conservative middle eastern country and this might be a bit out of touch with your worldview, but please bear with me. I’m a guy. From my childhood until 23 years of old I’ve had very minimal contact with the opposite sex and women’s world, and frankly I wasn’t interested either. When I was 23, I was introduced to the redpill community and at first I was actually a bit shocked by their claims and point of view about women as I didn’t have any experience with women and until that I thought women are literally angels. After redpill I was introduced to blackpill community and incels forums and everything went downhill from that point. Since they are extremely obsessed with women and their opinions, it subconsciously affected me and from that point I placed so much value in women’s opinion about me too. I went into serious self-image and self-esteem issues with my height and looks, and I felt very inadequate. After about 2 years, I finally managed to get myself out of that mentality but after building up some courage and confessing my love to my childhood crush I was downright rejected by her which given my background with redpill and blackpill ideologies was a huge blow to my self-esteem. But I focused on my career and self-improvement and got myself out of the situation after another 2 years, and was in a very good place last year and gained some confidence. At that time, I proposed to a girl that I developed a crush on in our neighborhood. At that time I was considered a very good husband material guy according to my culture, I had a good educational background and was financially and socially secure, and also we were “objectively” a very good match. My family and also her family were very happy about this marriage. To my, my family and also her family’s utter surprise, she said no. Me, my family and also her own family were very persistent thinking she is playing coy and hard to get. She would left my messages on read for many days, didn't answer directly, almost didn't care about the situation at all which is very unusual and uncommon in our culture (Please don’t judge the culture if you are judging right now, the girl herself always has the last say as in this situation, and she isn’t forced into anything she doesn't want). The process took almost 6 months, which was very hard on me emotionally. As this was a very brutal and unexpected rejection, I spiraled back into self-esteem and self-image issues. My problem is that before discovering about redpill and blackpill and before these two rejections happened, I didn’t have self-image problems and I certainly didn’t believe women determine my worth as I didn’t really care about their views on me anyway (no offense), but now I’m a bit hurt and salty. I’m a bit jealous of my friends and other people having girlfriends and being married. My jealousy is not about them having girls, I’m not very interested in sex or anything, but the jealousy is actually about the fact that they are being accepted and even pursued by women, and I was rejected. I am subconsciously giving authority to women to determine my worth. I want this to stop. I tried so hard to get back my authority and not allowing them to determine my value as a man, but I just can’t. I can understand intellectually that my worth is not determined by women and actually nothing has any worth whatsoever, but I have difficulty embodying that. Any advice is greatly appreciated