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  1. Symptoms of repressed feminine
    More Feminine Ressources?
    It’s not subjective. The biggest distortion that occurs on this forum is repression of the feminine side.
    You can tell if you take a peek at the dating/relationship section.
    You may not recognize it when you see it, so I’ll mention some symptoms of feminine repression below. And you’ll notice many of these popping up on the forum.
    Intellectualization Spiritual bypassing  Ineffectiveness in birthing an idea into reality  Lack of emotional intelligence The mind is seen as superior to the heart, which creates a lack of clarity and non-directionality Decisions are made from a place of pain avoidance or abstract “shoulds” and “should nots” All things can be rationalized- devil’s advocate  Difficulties with women  Misogyny and bitterness  Trying to escape reality  Anti-Earthiness  Valuing the ideal over the real Coldness Competition to prove one’s worth Lots of judgment around holding up a certain standard of masculinity  Men policing each other’s masculinity  Seeing social isolation as a virtue Macho posturing - aping masculinity Prickliness

  2. Using crushes for inner work
    How to stop having a crush? What are crushes?
    If the crush is telling you that, then use it to explore the root of the place where the unhealthiness is coming from.
    Think about why you've been struck by the Cupid's Arrow for this person. Really make a contemplation practice out of it.
    Our subconscious will attract us to whoever embodies qualities that we have pushed away, disowned, repressed, and denied in ourselves. Is there anything about this person that you have repressed in yourself?
    If so, there is probably some Shadow integration that's needed in order to not come into alignment with these attractions.
    But the thing is... it's the LEAST HELPFUL thing to do to repress your feelings about this person or to try to get rid of them. Your feelings are a direct SYMPTOM of a deeper ROOT. And if you suppress your symptom, you can't get use of it in finding the deeper root.
    It's a bit like a root vegetable... like a carrot. If you try to cut off the leaves, the carrot will still be underground. And you can actually use the leaves to pull the carrot up.
    This crush is the leaves... but what is the carrot?
    What is the deeper root that these feelings are alerting you about? 

  3. Intro into emotional mastery
    I want advice
    You need to start working on emotional mastery.
    It's essentially about gaining greater understanding of how affects move into awareness as feelings and paired with thoughts create movement, emotions in us, and the lack of consciousness and awareness in this process.
    Emotions seemingly happen to us, we're becoming victims under circumstances, we find ourselves involuntarily riding on the emotional run-away trains, seemingly without buying a ticket, without choice whether to or not to get on that emotional train. We simply find ourselves on that emotion train, going nowhere, fast. 
    Emotional mastery is about understanding the function of affects, and how to have a healthy relationship with them, so that we can take constructive action and minimize suffering in that process. 
    We have the control to create a space, a gap, between affects as an impulse, the coming into our awareness as a feeling, and the creation of emotion.
    Creating that space, it gives us room for constructive thought processes to happen, the choice not to ride that emotional train, and turning to constructive responses. 
    Why would we ever want to ride that train? It is in no way helpful. We need to learn to observe the arrival of that train, and to choose to not get in it, or rather choose to only ride the positive ones - there are positive and negative affects. 
    These affects/impulses exist for a reason, momentanomeous in nature, for us to act upon them. If we fail to act upon them, and revert to repression of emotions, this will fill our glass and it will overflow, resulting in destructive behaviors, emotional outbursts against others and self.
    We can repress both negative and positive feelings. 
    Depending on our personality, that destructive focus may be internalized or externalized. Although, even for the one that internalize this hurt, sense of wrongness, and suffering, it is very likely to spill out onto the people that we are the most comfortable with, closest to us, and whom matter most to us, family members, a spouse, and possibly even our own children.
    If our glass is constantly full, it's going to spill, often, and make mess. The more into a repressive behavior we are, the bigger the glass we create for ourselves, and the bigger the spill it will be, making bigger and bigger messes. 
    It is our personal responsibly to develop emotional skills to constructively interact with these impulses. And that calls for us to set feeling if being wronged, and victimhood aside, and take full responsibly for these affects, feelings, and emotions, as well as the triggers and the aftermath we create, it's all our responsibility to own and to change how we relate to it all. 
    We are empowered to control our reactions towards this, we cannot control the world and the fact that affects are, and happen, and feelings will be triggered.
    Whether we create movement in us, emotions, is something that we can create great intention within us to learn to master. 
    To make this happen, we need to understand how we relate to feelings. Often it incorporates the inability to communicate feelings in a non-triggered state, which acts as a reliever, a valve, keeping equilibrium in our system so the pressure does not build up.
    This is where acting upon affects is so important. They need some action, either create change possibly by setting boundaries, internal or external, to embrace through acceptance, or letting go via no action by choice (choosing no-action is an action).
    These should never, ever, be suppressed. They will come back to humaunt you in unpredictable and destructive ways. 
    People experiencing low emotional mastery tend to create control mechanisms that work to reduce the suffering involved in the negative emotional process, through avoidance of experience.
    Essentially adding layer after layer of control that try to ensure that we don't end up in an emotional state. Of course, this works in a way, but adds something that we cannot control and which perpetuates the suffering involved, pushing it and us towards a breaking point with increasingly violent outbursts. 
    Learn more a out affects, e.g. try Google Tomkins Affect Theory, learn what affects are, and what they are for, and what kind of action they are calling for.
    Investigate you triggers, these are yours to own and to disarm. Where there is a trigger, you need to befriend it, but first you have to learn to see them, then you can own and disarm them one by one. 
    For each trigger owned, the more space and pressure will be relieved from your system and the more momentum you gain.
    Also, you need to dig past the surface, where triggers help you become aware of past happenings that you have repressed by not taking action, you need to bring these out of the shadows and address them, in constructive ways. 
    There is a reason why you have ended up using what you do as your personal coping and survival strategy. You need to learn to unveil and see that is underneath to fully accept whatever is there. From there you can create powerful change. 
    Exposing yourself to others is a part of this process, talking to people, perhaps a professional, therapy, but also exposing your inner self to friends and family, dropping roles, façade and allow yourself to act in a more authentic way. 
    Notice how talking feelings/emotions with family, those with whom it ought to be easiest to turn to for this, and to find support with, often is the hardest. But doing so, is often the thing that carry the greatest effects. This regardless of their ability to receive what you share, that sharing is more-so for the facilitation of your own healing. 
    Learning to do all of this will result in the emergence of emotional detachment.
    Affects are, there is no way of controlling what is. 
    Feelings may be, when something comes into our awareness. 
    Emotions, movement in us, happens after attachment of thoughts. 
    Notice how detachment of engaging thoughts helps reducing the occurrence of unfavorable feelings. 
    Simply explained, that which means nothing to us does not call for our attention, and passes us by, without causing ripples. 
    There are numerous things that mean nothing to you but which triggers others, and vice-versa, there are numerous things that trigger you but carry no what-so-ever meaning to someone else.
    This is represented by the bagage we carry with us, past experiences, biases, social context, upbringing and so on, and so on. This creates our triggers. 
    We also need to learn what kind of bagage we carry with us, and choose to let go of such bagage that is weighing us down, through processing and acceptance. With no knowledge of what is in our backpack, we cannot free ourselves from it. 
    In all of this, in this process, there should be no shame, no guilt, and an abundance of self-acceptance and compassion.
    Love what you find, love yourself, and that love will guide you and set you free. 
    I hope you find some sort of value in this. 
    Bottom line, you have to create this for yourself, and there is no reason not to start right now. 

  4. Migraine: possible causes
    How to heal migraine holistically?
    not in their world, no. They haven't unfortunately be trained for holistic thinking and it usually ends with a diagnosis and prescription. Not their fault, just huge systemic defects in medical education. There are many many potential causes of migraines. 
    Is there any more information you would be able to share with us? With migraines it is always necessary to rule out all possible obvious and less obvious causes: 
    more obvious: dehydration, stimulant use, caffeine intolerance, chronic stress, high salt/protein/fat intake, high consumption of animal foods, deficiencies indiet, sleep deprivation, posture problems, excessive screen time, insufficient contacts/glasses or a need for optic support, excess of sugar, fizzy drinks, added fructose, sweeteners, chemicals in food
    less obvious: food intolerances and/or sensitivities, medication you are on, toxins in the environment (e.g. certain cosmetics), struggling liver, blood sugar problems, histamines or salicylates in food 
    even less obvious: microbiome disturbance, increased gut permeability, mold problems, neurological problems that migrains are just  side effect of

  5. Dealing with things that don't resonate (refocus)
    Losing motivation and drive for Life because of overvaluing external validation.
    I won't address all of your post. However, the quote above striked the thought in me that you get what you focus on. Instead of not wanting fear or rejection, you focus on what you want in that moment. "I feel fear when chatting someone up I am interested in. Instead of avoiding fear, I want to [be connected and present to myself / let go of the outcome with the girl] here right now."
    Fear doesn't resonate. Fear is not true. What is that what you want that fear points you to?

  6. Thread about thinking map of Paris is all there is when being in map of Europe w/ -luv
    Getting My Covid Vaccine
    Scheduled my vaccine for Tuesday.
    Maybe I can shoot a video of me getting it. We'll see.
    Pfizer version.
    Neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna vaccines contain any heavy metals.
    Don't delay, schedule yours today.

  7. Copy note to every one who feels stuck after solipsism-alone-god trip
    120 mg changa trip report - God/Love is all there is - which is you
    Dno why I'm writing this. But today I smoked what I guess was about ~100-120 mg of changa (45% DMT) and this trip surpasses anything I have ever in my life experienced in profoundity, inlcuding earlier DMT trips and my "2CB-awakening" trip. The trip lasted almost an hour. I listened to music in my Sony NC bluetooth headphones during the whole trip, and it was fucking amazing. These two songs was what I "peaked on" I guess :

    In many ways the trip was similar to the 2CB trip in regards to the basic insight "Hello, wake up, you're God and everything is absolutely Perfect", this was just a much deeper diver into what that means.

    I now feel like I could jump out from a 20-story building and absolutely nothing would happen, except Love. Of course, *not* doing that silly thing is also Love. Everything that happens, everything that has happened is absolutely perfect. Just God. Just Love. 

    The reason I feel that is that it has become -- through this DMT trip -- so obvious to me, that everything is just pure Infinite Consciousness/Intelligence, in other words Love, God. So in a relative sense, of course the character, WiTO would "die", but it wouldn't really make any difference. I wouldn't die. Nothing would really die, except a figment of God's imagination (i.e. "My" imagination).

    I have realized on a deep fundamental level that there is absolutely no reason to fear anything.

    Yet, if you fear something, that too is just God/Love playing the game of feeling separated (and thus fearing things).

    Suffering = Healing . Wauw. Through the 1 hour trip I went through practically every human emotion possible. From manic laughter, infinite joy, to the deepest bottoms of hell. Yet even when I was experiencing the pain of hell, I saw that that too, was Love.

    There has to be apparant "evil" / "wrong-doing" for God to "learn" (imagine) how to be 'Good'. You see, if there was no bad people in the world, no people doing any bad things, then what would stop you from raping/doing harm? Cos in that scenario "it hasn't been done" and therefore you might as well just do it, cos you're infinitely free and infinitely powerful to imagine whatever you want.

    It's because that God is truely INFINITE that everything exists, including hell, pain, suffering, wrong doing, rape etc. 

    If those things were not possible, then God wouldn't be God, which of course is not possible, cos God is God (is what everything is).

    God - We/I/You - are playing a delicate game of letting our imagination run amok, freely, and all kinds of "bad" things happen (World War 1/2, murder, rape starvation, the list goes on) but that is truly and fully deliberate of God. By imaginaging all the "bad" things He/She/I is capable of doing, and seeing how much pain/suffering it inflicts on to Himself, God learns to constrain Herself to only be acting out of Love. (I'm speaking relatively here, cos absolutely everything is just pure Love).

    What I mean when I say "Everything/I/You = God" is just that everything is perfectly planned, perfectly deliberate. Ultimately, nothing wrong can happen, only Love. God doesn't make actual mistakes, only "apparant" mistakes (cos She's Infinite).

    You are infinitely powerful. You are just absolute pure Love. You can make absolutely ANYTHING happen, yet you on a deep level, you don't want to just be able to walk on water or fly like an angel, cos if that happened, the beautiful dream would collapse onto itself. Boundaries/rules are nessecary to play the game of life. Which We are all playing/imagning :-)  On the other hand, I also understood that in other "dimensions of reality" you are actually doing all that. You are swimming around in Oceans of Love, flying on clouds, being all the birds, whales, having infinite amounts of sex with perfect imagined dreamed up Girls/Guys. I had all that and experienced all that doing my changa trip. I experienced anything I wanted to imagine. Just magic. Just God. DMT is truly something.

    Yet, the reason why "you" are here in "this dimension" of existence is because you got tired of all that, and wanted to imagine a more complex game, where you forgot you were all-powerful and instead you imagined yourself to be "poor little me" stuck in a cruel outside world. 

    Like an ultimate test/game for God Herself to test how capable of Love He is. (Of course God knows She is capable of anything, yet God loves playing games. Haha omfg it's so beautiful I could cry. It is all just 100% Love. Just perfect. Just God playing with ITSELF. WHICH IS ME. WHICH IS YOU!!! HAHA. WAUW. It's unbelieveable. Ineffeable. Completely ineffeable. ITS SO FUCKING GOOD, YOU CANT BELIEVE IT! HAHA. JEEZ. OMFG.  how could it be otherwise? HAHA.:-) <3

    I see a lot of people on the path whining about feeling alone after having a Oneness/God-relization. They say "It's all just me. None else around. So much loneliness"... but this is just your ego talking. Really. If you truly understood what God/Oneness is (=what you truly are) you wouldn't feel lonely at all. On the contrary you would go out and hug random people on the street and tell them how much you love them. That's what you would do. Cos those random people are seen to be you, and you can't help but Love yourself. 

    Playing the "It's so lonely"-card is a trick of the ego to keep you from God/DMT/Love-consciousness. It's basically a defense mechanism to keep you asleep. It's the ego way of interpretating the teaching/insight "I am God" to "Oh how depressing, I am alone"... while in actuality the teaching "I am God" if truly understood would lead you to scream and cry manically out of pure joy and go hug everyone and say sorry to everyone you have offended, hugging everyone telling them they are Perfect and worthy of infinite love.

    What you truly, on the deepest level, want is just Love. Hehe. It is so simple, and yet ineffeable and so immensely complex and beautiful.

    Every twisted situation, every twisted question about x and y just, ultimately, boils down to Love. How could it be otherwise.

    Now of course, this teaching can be pretty powerful in the hands of an untranscended ego. So called Zen Devils. "Oh I'm God, so then I can't suffer anymore!" (me 8 months ago  now more humble, and seeing Suffering=Healing=)) or "Oh I'm God, so I can just rape or kill somebody for my own pleasure, it's still just Love! Hah!" ... well yes, you could do that, and it would be absolute pure Love, but it's just so happens to be the case, that if you ACTUALLY "understood" "got the message" that Reality is Love = God = You, and that everything is Perfect, and that nothing bad can happen, then you wouldn't want to inflict unnesaccary pain onto others. It just goes deep against the inner manifesation of God in human flesh to do that. When you have truly merged your ego with the knowledge of "the True You being God/Love/Everything/Nothing/Consciouesness/Absolute/Infinite" basically every breath you take will give you joy, cos you see how miraciously Perfect/Intelligent/Loving absolutely everything is, INCLUDING not raping/Murdering/doing other silly things. In other words, you constrain yourself to relatively speaking maximizing Love (although absolutely speaking Love is always maximized hehe). You merge the Relative (Life) with The Absolute (God), and you then ultimately come to realize that Relative=Absolute=Love=Life=Existence=God. Hehe. It's hard to convey in words, actually impossible.

    Now does this mean, you just have to smoke X amount of DMT/Changa and then you become enlightened? 

    No. Also I wouldn't call myself enlightened. There is still egoic needs and wants, still a separate self trying to conceptualize it all. Hehe.

    But anyway, I think in order to have such a deep full-blown God-relization trip, you need to have a clean soul first. Souls that are unclean/still are shadowy/selfish will by design not recieve a full blown God-realization trip, cos that wouldn't be Love.

    So clean yourself op by maximizing Love:D Which often means doing the hard things, i.e. meditation-habit, eating healthy, exercising, being kind to others (and most importantly to yourself, all though others are also yourself, oh god:D)

    Does that mean I say my mind/ego/soul is 100% pure? Nah, far from it. I also believe shit can get much deeper still. I'm amazed by how infinitely deep the rabit hole of realizing your own Godhood goes. That hole is infinite of course. Always more realization to be had.

    Suffering = Healing. Everything is God/Love. All is well. Love ya all <3

    Feel free to ask any Qs.

    Also, if you want my trip report summed up in a video, here ya go:
    Ultimately, I have nothing to say. Just keep on doing what you love. If you do something you don't love and which doesn't feel right, try to change it into something you love. Also dive into your fears. Gold is hidden as a gift if you do the things you fear. You are all perfect beyond perfect. You are all Love.

  8. There is no two LR's. Myth busting of self-referential beliefs.
    How to stop wanting a relationship?
    This. Is. Awesome. ?

  9. On having a chill vibe & being sexually open
    Sexual inexperience and shame coming with it
    @Valach  What may be good for you is being chill with girls. Hanging out with them on a regular basis.
    Feel into your body what feels right when being with them. Hear into your body when you feel you overstep boundaries. Be non-serious with them, joke with them, laugh about yourself.
    If you want to talk deep about something, talk deep with them and you feel right away if they are up for it.
    Enjoy their being. Enjoy sharing your grounded presence with them. Enjoy sharing your authentic self with them, and if they don't like it that's ok because there are so many people out there with whom you can connect on a deep level.
    Regarding sex, just enjoy their presence. Have a genuine intent of enjoying this moment with them. Be fun and be open to anything crazy that can happen. Sex doesn't have to happen, but you also don't mind if it happens. You are chill about that. You respect others boundaries and are open for them opening up. You love to make them feel safe. You love to make them emotional, to bring them on an emotional rollercoaster with you. You have fun. You enjoy this moment. You don't have a destination or end goal, you just want to have fun and enjoy the time with them. Sex is one stop on the road you are traveling.
    I know it is hard to be not needy about sex, if you crave it. Focus on a fun, chill and non-judgemental vibe. You want to hang out with them, just assume they want too. Assume they want you, and they can always show their boundaries if the case would be true that they don't want you. You know you want them - let your vibe let them know that they have a sexual being in front of them. Move on if you feel they aren't fun to be with anymore. You are chill.
    Counterintuitively, you are soft and you let go of any character you think you should play. You let go of any judgements of them or you. You just flow.

  10. house party check list
    Any advice on house parties?
    -- Good lighting. Color lights, lighting strips and salt lamps are good. But no flickering or strobe lights. That is distracting and would make people nauseous. Bright white light is harsh.
    -- If you have different rooms and different types of lighting, it will give the impression of different environments with different moods. Generally, the kitchen is the brightest. If you have an outdoor space (patio, deck or porch) - torch lighting is great. And fire pits are awesome. In dimmer areas, blacklights can be cool. 
    -- I would notify the neighbors that you will be having a party with music (and perhaps invite them to stop by). This courtesy will increase their tolerance for noise and they will be much less likely to get irritated and call public safety to quiet you down. 
    --  I would have some games out so people can spontaneously play if they want. Something like Cards Against Humanity
    -- Position things like vases and table lamps away from the action so half-drunk partiers don't knock it over and break it. 
    -- Unique forms of alcohol. Punch with fruit, jello shots etc. 
    -- Cannabis. With 30 people, a handful will like to smoke. 
    -- And of course, good food and music. 
    -- Shut the doors to any upstairs rooms you don't want people entering

  11. limiting beliefs
    I need some advice, guidance...
    @Pendulum  Advice & guidance hmm....
    What I discovered just today is that there's the belief that I am not worthy. That doesn't feel good of course. So I made an affirmation containing "I am loved & I am worthy" and speaking happened on its own without control: the character spoke what he always knew as he spoke the prayer, his truth. I literally cried my soul out. So much anger at keeping myself small. So much drive to get what is mine. Feeling strong to steamroll to the life that I want to live. Feeling good now.
    In reality you want to be great and shine your true self and show yourself to the world unabashedly. You want to rip your heart open and share your gift with the world.
    Any area in life with continued & reoccuring bad results is an area where limiting beliefs are working. Limiting believes are tricky. There can be meta-limiting beliefs that affect many areas of your life at the same time. Uncover what you believe about yourself that doesn't feel good and keeps you small. Peel back the layers. Drop the masks of what you think to be.
    When you recognized your limiting beliefs you can turn them around and make an affirmation. Perhaps visualization works for you too: visualize how you feel when you are [worthy & loved] because you are already it right now. Everything gets dropped that arises and doubts or contradicts the affirmation & visualization because you recognize that they aren't true, they don't ring true or resonate in you. You are already that what you want. You know yourself better than any limiting belief could ever convince you of.

  12. Being a vehicle for intuition, living as higher self
    How to connect with higher self? (Proven methods only)
    For me:
    Daily meditation Feeling into myself Becoming sensitive to my inner workings Sensing intuition aka higher self Feeling into intuition Having the ability to "connect" to intuition at will Making a dreamboard and writing all things on it that I feel and that intuition points to Letting go of myself in actualizing what I want and what intuition points to Being the higher self

  13. Societal change
    CNBC Article on Degrowth Economics
    @aurum How would you market this when there is resistance?

  14. Consciousness =/= self-awareness
    Rupert Spira on Sam Harris Podcast
    Sam seems to be conflating Self-Awareness with Consciousness. Consciousness exists in different states of awareness. For our planet, it is only recently that lifeforms have evolved the capacity for Consciousness to become Self-Aware. Being under anesthesia doesn't mean Consciousness disappears, any more than being a rock or a tree makes Consciousness disappear. It is imbued in every being, whether that being is Self-Aware or not.

  15. Analogy: being/goodness/consciousness/intelligence isn't coming from me
    Fear of death and the unknown
    Now I can understand how intelligence, being, goodness and God knows what else is not coming from me. Thanks for clearing that up.

  16. Enlightenment (recognition fluidity) & paranormal phenomena
    Like 'past lifes' and 'telepathy'?

  17. What trust in the ego does
    What was that insight that changed it all?

  18. Awakening (quote)
    I’m 100% ready for death. Anyone else feel this way?

  19. For anyone still claiming election fraud in us election 2020
    Rand Paul's Masterclass In Gaslighting
    Conspiracy theories always have nuggets of truth as a hook. They are manipulative stories as they twist words and context. And they use emotions. Whether it's BS theories of 9-11, JFK, election fraud or you being a pedo. Watch how it works. . . 
    There is evidence of you being a pedo. There was an administrator and moderator on a reputable forum that said so. And you yourself suggested that there should be an investigation into whether you are a pedo. . . Notice how this "evidence" is manipulated. Now imagine we can use this "evidence" on social media to convince millions of people that you are a pedo. All sorts of people come out of the woodwork adding allegations and "evidence". Of course it is all BS and would never stand up in a court of law because it is all heresay. Yet this will not count as "proof" for those "open-minded" to the theory that you are a pedo. There will be no convincing them. They will say the judges were corrupt and it wasn't a fair trial against you. They may say that you paid off the prosecuting attorneys. That is how conspiracy theories become more intricate.
    Notice the assumption here. There is an assumption there are "many people that know a lot about elections". Who are these people? Sidney "The Kraken" Powell? The woman who believes the ghost of Hugo Chavez and Venezuelan communists stole the election? How about Trump's "lawyers" that didn't even know "MI" stands for Michigan (Not Minnesota). They actually filed a case claiming of election fraud in Michigan by using "evidence" from Minnesota, because they thought "MI" stood for Minnesota. Or how about senile Rudy Giuliani? The man who wanted to hold a press conference at the ritzy Four Seasons Hotel, yet due to incompetence ended up in a gravel parking lot of Four Seasons Landscaping next to a porn shop in a run-down part of town. And his star witness was a convicted sex predator and a woman under a restraining order that showed up drunk. These are the people that "know a lot more"?
    Let's consider people that actually know a lot more elections.
    Trump's cyber-security team. This was run by a Trump appointee that is a republican. Trump's own republican election security team concluded there was no widespread fraud.
    The law firms representing Trump. Trump's own law firms decided that these were frivolous cases and abandoned Trump. Trump's own lawyers wouldn't even defend him! That is why he ended up with half-baked "lawyers" like Sydney Powell. 
    Trump's justice department concluded there is no credible evidence of widespread fraud.
    Trump appointed judges and conservative judges concluded there was no evidence of widespread fraud. They warned Trump's lawyers that if they continue to bring frivolous lawsuits they would be held in contempt of court. This is why legitimate law firms abandoned Trump and why Trump had to hire half-baked lawyers. And it is why Trump's team started making their accusations on social media and press conferences. They knew the allegations were not credible and they didn't want to be held in contempt of court. There are no legal consequences for spreading conspiracy theories through social media, yet there are legal consequences to repeatedly bring frivolous lawsuits to court. 
    Republican election officials. All state election officials concluded that there was not widespread fraud, including Republican officials that voted for Trump. 
    Multiple Recounts verified original counts.
    Investigations into previous elections have determined that voting fraud is rare in the U.S. and nowhere near enough to overturn an election. 
    Taken collectively, one now needs to enter into conspiracy theory territory to maintain "open-mindedness" that there was widespread fraud. One needs to create a story that there is a massive conspiracy, including Trump's own officials and republicans, that they are hiding widespread fraud. Why would Trump's own appointees and republican officials / judges hide election fraud against Trump from public view? One needs to create a conspiracy story. . . 
    Being "open-minded" does not mean the object is binary. There are probabilities. There is a much greater probability that I drank coffee this morning than the chance that: the moon landing was fake, 9-11 was an inside job, the coronavirus is a hoax, there was widespread election fraud or that you are a pedophile. 
    And the bar to clear is not fraud. There is a low level of fraud in every election. The bar to clear is that there was widespread fraud.
    Should I be open-minded that the coronavirus is a hoax by the government? I'm open-minded that there is an extremely small chance of that being true. Perhaps one in a trillion chance. Yet I'm not going to entertain every theory that has an infinitesimal chance of being true. That would consume one's entire life and it's a waste of time. 

  20. Yellow & Green difference (traveler & Forestluv)
    Rand Paul's Masterclass In Gaslighting

  21. inspiring bs-cutting pointer to recognize thought story (for victim role)
    Anyone here a Late Bloomer when it comes to getting your shit together?
    Not looking for a reply per se, but thought the probing nature of these questions might be helpful. Godspeed. (Aka very, very, very slow)
    On an inspirational scale of 0-10, how would you rate the story you tell about yourself?
    On a transparency scale of 0-10, how true is it? 
    In terms of a percentage, how much of the story of “you” is actually a present interpreting of a past, future and or other people, which is used to create undesirable emotions in your experience now?
    On a willingness to genuinely express scale of 0-10, how overwhelming and frustrating is this, in terms of having created enough suffering? 
    On a momentum scale of 0-10, how related is the story you tell about yourself to the present experience of low energy, emotional pain, pessimistic future outlook? 
    In terms of: ‘no’, ‘yes’, ‘I don’t know’, and ‘I really couldn’t careless about it’ - do you have an inner being?
    On a resonance scale of 0-10, how much does your story about yourself resonate with truth?
    On an actuality-check scale from ‘none’ to ‘too many to count’’...how many ‘material things, situations, pasts, identities, circumstances, and people’ need to change before you can feel some contentment with right now, as it is? 
    On a momentum scale from 0-10, how related is letting thoughts about yourself which don’t resonate go (aka presence), with an optimistic future outlook?
    On a ‘purification is understood’ scale of ‘still oblivious to it’ to ‘totally recognizing right now I bamboozled myself today’, how much lovingkindness, lightheartedness and joy is in your soul slowly but surely becoming real in your life? 
    On a scale from ‘like to throw something at you’ to ‘this is making more sense by the day & it takes patience & self love’, how would you rate this line of questions? 

  22. How we are here. How to enlighten.
    5g Magic Mushroom Trip Report with Lemon Tek - (I am an Imagination of Nothing)
    That is the 4th Psychedelic Trip of my life.
    1st Trip - 1g Shrooms
    2nd Trip - 2g Shrooms
    3rd trip - 3g Shrooms
    4th Trip - 5g Shrooms 
    I took 5-gram Magic Mushrooms with Lemon Tek with Ginger Tea & Dark Chocolate at 11:30 pm by 09/01/2021 Saturday Alone in Silent Darkness.
    And started Meditation. I was confident. There was No Fear. Fully conscious and aware and ready to confront my ego’s death.
    I settled my intention to know my Ultimate Self Deeply & Completely. I was trying to be. I was declining all those things which were not me. Like sensations, sounds, breath, thoughts, etc.
    My consciousness started to expand in 15 to 20 minutes. And as soon as shrooms hit me (According to me my wife, Electricity in my whole country went off at 11:50 pm.)
     I think visuals and entities started to manifest but I do not remember those because my main intention was not visuals but to know my real self.
    During the Trip, I was offered 2 options and I had to choose 1 of them:
    Infinite Visuals, Worlds, Universes, Colors, Entertainment, Fares, Entities, Tunnels, Infinite Possibilities. Infinite Joy.
    Go Deeper to know my real self.
    I chose the 2nd option Because I knew that I have my whole life to enjoy infinite possibilities.
    But to do the ultimate thing in this life to know yourself which will lead me to Know God And Understanding God Will answer my all existential questions.
    Now I was diving into the tunnel of my real self deeply like a rocket into the dark space and my ego was throwing a different kind of distractions toward me so I can not reach the source because ego knew that it will lead to Ego Death.
    Ego was trying to give me wrong answers like You are these sensations, you are that, you are that and I was breaking all asteroids, distractions by denying and saying that I am not that, I am not that, I am the one who is trying to find myself.
    Then I realized that seeking is the problem. I can not find myself till I am seeking. Who am I seeking? I am already as it is.
    Then I became Nothingness, I became what I am, I became Love, I became creator, I became Expression of love. Then I started getting answers to all of my existential questions.
    The answer to each existential question was leading to Pure Bliss and happiness and laughter.
    I was in an un-describe-able blissful state getting answers to all of my questions. I know that I experienced many many other positive things as well but I do not remember them now clearly and completely.
    I wanted to express my feelings, I wanted to write a lot of things I wanted to share my every insight.
    I wanted to talk to someone. Everything was going amazingly.
    I understood a lot of things and got answers to a lot of questions.
    I understood that I just am, I am Transparent Love, I am Peace, everything else like (thoughts, sensations, Existence, etc is just expressions of my infinity, Love, Creativity).
    There is transparent Nothingness which have not any properties than the 1st thing that nothingness becomes conscious of itself and recognize itself as pure bliss, peace, infinity, and love and then enjoy itself through the expression of its infinite creative love.
    Jawad and its world is just 1 possibility from his infinite possibilities.
    Nothingness became Consciousness and in that consciousness, nothingness expresses its infinite love which results in infinite creations, and then nothingness becomes a person like me so It can praise that infinite love, talk about it, enjoy it and spread love among others, help others, make others life easy, to listen to others, I am here to love. I am acceptance of someone’s Pray. This is how God Fulfill your prayers & wishes.
    God made Everything around you to make your life better. Because he loves you. Everything is perfect.
    Consciousness is evolving all the time. There is no Joy in selfishness, Joy is hidden in living for others.
    Selfishness leads toward selfish desires which are the cause of all kinds of suffering.
    Then I don’t know when my consciousness expanded at the level where I was able to manifest any version of my life at will. It was like I was writing my own destiny. It was like I am not just writing my infinite destinies but I was living those lives as well.
    There were infinite versions of my life. And at that stage, I was living infinite versions of my life at the same time.
    I experienced centuries, I experienced that I am Hearing prayers of everyone.
    Then I was at a level where I knew that I have infinite power and I can create or manifest anything. In fact, At that stage, my thoughts were not just thoughts. My every thought was manifesting into reality. Whatever I was thinking was becoming a physical reality.
    So When I realized that I have infinite Power and I was going through experiencing infinite possibilities at light speed. So I thought Let’s manifest a life where I have the best version of my life, so I stopped into nothingness and manifested the best life of my choice. There was not a process of manifestation. I just decided and there I was in that life. And in that life, Jawad had infinite powers of God and could see with the eyes or perspective of God.
    And in that life that God’s Infinite power became a problem. The worst problem. I was totally awake to that truth that I am still alone, Nothingness and I am just Imagining everything.
    I got a bit panicked said no no no I don’t want to be alone I want to be with others like I was before. I tried many times and I was able to manifest any kind of life but I was not forgetting the fact that I am God and everything else is just my Imagination. And that Infinite superpower became my curse and I went into Panic, Shock, I wanted to forget that I am God and wanted to live a human life but that became impossible for me.
    Let me give you an example of how it felt like with the following example:
    Right now where ever you are and whatever you are experiencing right now is seems totally vivid and real, physical to you and everything else like nothingness, God, Infinity, etc.. is just your thought, imagination, and concept. Now think about how it would feel like if it’s the opposite of that?
    At that stage, my Infinity was the most vivid and physical thing and everything else was like my imagination. And I wanted the opposite of that, I wanted to get rid of my infinite powers but that was not possible because, in Reality, It is me and my real self. I can not get rid of my real self.     
    My Thoughts were becoming reality. My (Ego’s) Fears, Insecurities, desires, craving, and aversion started to come to the surface. Negative thoughts started to appear.
    That was not the right time for negative thoughts because it was the time when each thought was manifesting into reality. I started to suffer due to my own desires.
    At that stage I got the answer to the following question:
    Q: Why God would like to forget himself while living this life?
    A: If you are a Jawad slave of your own, fears, desires, attachments, and insecurities then you can not Handel the fact that you are alone, you are the only one there is nothing else, there is nowhere to go.
    You are nothing and everything else is just your thought. If you are a pour Ego who is attached to the world then you can not handle that fact and you can become mad.
    So when we come to this world we need to free ourselves from our own attachments, fears, and desires and adopt the power of acceptance, gratitude, detachment then we can handle our own true Power of infinite Love.
    Due to my own Fears, Attachments, Desires, I couldn’t handle my own true infinite Power and started to get panic.
    So my every thought was manifesting into reality and I started to think negatively in a panic my negative thoughts started to manifest into reality which again pushing me into more panic.
    Suddenly I started to live the life of a blind man. I saw that due to any side effect of shrooms I have lost my sight now I can not see anymore. My trip is finished, every member of my family is around me, I am crying, sad, Facing a lot of regrets that why I took this substance now I am blind. I experienced the pain of blind people. Then I lived that whole life without vision and with regret and pain. It triggered again a big attack of panic and that whole life again dissolved and I was back into infinity felt like I am trapped in an infinite void. 
    Then Suddenly I started to live the life of a mad man. I saw that I am gone mad due to psychedelics, Now I am mad + Blind. I don’t know any language, I am in Panic, Crying, regretting, Then My whole family is around me, talking about me, They called the doctor and declared me psychologically ill and took me to Hospital of mad People and gave me electric shocks. Then I spent my whole life like this. Unconsciously I was saying no no no no What I have done. Shit Shit. I was saying I want my normal life back please God Please help me. And It triggered again a big attack of panic and that whole life again dissolved and I was back into infinity felt like I am trapped in an infinite void.
    Then Suddenly I saw that I am physically dead, my whole family is around me, they are crying, sad, talking about me that Jawad was in these things all the time, We always told him not to get into these things but He never heard us. They arranged my funeral, they dropped me into the grave, etc 
    Then again I was back in consciousness, It was dark, I was alone, I had nothing, not even my body I was really sad, I was crying, I was saying I should have not done this. What I have done, No, No No, Please Please Please. I wanted to come back to reality.
    After a lot of struggle to go back to normal life, after a lot of psychological suffering, I tired and with ultimate sadness, I decided to surrender and accept the reality that I am dead.
    And thought lets, go back to the death, to nothingness, to forgetfulness, to deep sleep.
    And then I got dead, I went into a deep sleep and there was one more thing that was scarier than all above things there I realized that I can not sleep, I can not die, I can not lose my awareness, my consciousness because I am God. And God can not die, He never sleeps.
    I realized that I have to accept the fact that now I have to remain alone as transparent consciousness forever.
    That thought made me mad again and I started to live Madly again in Darkness. And I had the power to manifest the normal life again and I did it many times but even after getting the normal life back I was not losing the vision or perspective of God in which I was able to live the normal life but with my Infinite vision, I was able to see that I am still alone and I am just imagining all of this. And that was not making me calm and happy.
    In the end, after trying for many centuries I thought let’s Imagine the normal same life again and start to live that imagination and just keep trying to forget and fade out your Infinite Vision and try to make your imagination as vivid as possible.
    So 1st of all I manifested rays of light, then I manifested a few objects illumined with that light, then I manifested the feeling of changing my direction, my location, then I manifested the face of my wife appeared from that Light like God have come to me help me in face of my wife.
    She smiled and said are you Ok? Are you fine? Do you want to come outside of the room? I said Yes, I am fine and would like to come outside.
    I was trying to act normal and at that time My infinite nothingness vision was more vivid than this imaginative world. There I started to find a way to get out of nothingness to the world of imagination. The more I was focusing on the objects of the Imagination world the more the imagination world was coming into life and vivid.
    I came out of the room there was nothing other than my wife so through my imagination I manifested outside of my room. She brought me into the Lounge and gave me a chair to sit.
    Now my world of imagination was coming and going and I was really afraid of losing that imagination world again. So I was trying to focus as much as possible on my imagination of this physical world to keep it more vivid and real.
    I asked my wife to keep talking to me so I can stay here. Then I realized that I have forgotten to manifest my Body so through the power of Imagination I manifested my Body and I was looking at my Body and other things like I have come back here after centuries.
    Now with the passing of time, I started to feel that now this Imagination world getting more vivid and my real self which is infinite is fading out. My infinite powers started to fade out with time.
    And then in the last phase of this trip, I was overwhelmed with Love. The answer to Each of the questions of my wife was “Love”.
    I learned that Infinite Love is so powerful and deep that you can not handle it if you have fears, attachments, desires, insecurities, Negativities in your Ego’s Subcoonciousn mind.
    That is why we 1st need to purify ourselves before the actual physical death.
    If you have purified yourself from all kinds of impurities before the physical death then that infinite love will become your infinite heaven forever or if you don’t purify yourself from your deepest impurities before physical death then you will not be able to handle your own infinite power of love and your own impurities will become your forever torment.   
    Now I am Sober but I know I am sure that I am alone and I can never die and right now I am living an imagination.
    And now my goal is to work on my impurities, get rid of them and bring gratitude, acceptance, detachment in my life so my Ego Or I can accept my death peacefully and live in the ocean of love eternally.
    When I totally came back from my trip, the Electricity in my country also came back. The public, Media & Government of my country is still wondering why Electricity was gone.

  23. On being inflexible & maintaining identity
    Level of consciousness of Antifa and BLM?
    The groups of a political party heavily influence the party. The way they've both been going about their cause has been very questionable in 2020. All lives matter gets condemned for shielding racism and BLM gets condemned for racism towards whites. Thoughts?

  24. Making capitalism non-toxic
    Capitalism is getting obsolete
    Many problems with capitalism could simply be fixed by passing a few rock solid laws.
    No ownership of stock without being employed by the company No corporate lobbying No corporate political contributions No buying of other big corporations by big corporations Salary caps for executives and management No arbitration clauses in contracts No criminal liability protections for executives No off-shore tax havens and corp tax loopholes All employees get representation on corporate board All employees get profit sharing Higher taxes on successful wealthy corporations Strict environmental regulations Severe fines for corporate fraud or mismanagement Simple laws like that, when rigorously enforced, would fix many problems.
    These laws are not that difficult to make work. It's just almost impossible to pass them in Congress.

  25. I want that.
    What's your focus for 2021?
    Loving myself to love you.
    Free flowing in any area of life.
    Embodying intuition, cutting through lies and focus on what I what without any bs.
    Embodying sexuality, being free sharing. Shame free. Radiant. Irresistibly polarizing.
    Flowing into friendships & relationships no matter the "ships" to sail. Tapping into the connection and being flowing.
    "Full" understanding of this child's soul: what do I want; what do I desire? That is most precious. So innocent, so strong.
    Being connected to you, seeing your being and being razor-sharp attentive in tapping into that state of being. Flowing.
    Want to work in a mindblowingly competent neuroscience team and being challenged to the bones. Set me on fire to reveal the bedrock underneath. Slap me real hard for a wakeup call.
    Thinking real good with journaling and what not.
    Knowing real good that thinking is here to enable & not to limit. To build the best sandcastle possible.