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  1. Shifting belief systems starts at 31:21.
  2. Kinda. Even though you can't any more read the thread, you can still see the content of the bookmarked comments.
  3. The episode "On Trauma and vegetation gods" was awesome!
  4. @MarkKol If you haven't watched Leo's "how to get laid" series, then go do it now over the coming days. It will clear that up and give you an idea of why it works.
  5. @Intraplanetary What makes this turquoise instead of blue?
  6. Less human face-to-face interaction & trying to fulfill needs with technology.
  7. @Emerald I really appreciate your work and I feel that your content is currently more important for me (shadow work & Anima integration) in this stage of life than Leo's ^^ On a side note, it may be a mistake that a politics video is in your shadow playlist? Edit: This may also be not right
  8. @Michael569 Will do, thanks
  9. You write about responsibility. Does the position you are promoted to give you a broader field of responsibility? It could teach you about managing other areas, like the marketing. Is there some field which you would be responsible for that could provide you with experience about the trouble areas of your LP? This could change how you approach the trouble areas. If you take the promotion, would you have to take responsibility for & guiding/managing people? That could teach you about having the small business LP and possibly employing somebody who takes care of the trouble areas… I see a lot of workshop facilitators in Berlin hiring “digital marketing managers”, which in turn frees up time for them to focus on the activities they actually care about: creating workshops and facilitating them. Also consider that if the current lifestyle (9-5 & LP) is already a challenge for you, that the increased workload and intensity of, let's say, 9-6 may be too much for you.
  10. @Michael569 Awesome to read about your LP process, and also great to hear about the mental health event in Austria and how you deal with the stories your subconscious comes up with to keep you safe from that life-threatening event! Thank you for sharing, I learn so much about the challenges of LP from you… Makes me think if I should start a journal for that purpose too, even though I am still in the limbo phase of orienting myself in that regard. Edit: About the styles, marketing, branding etc… I feel that “The Holistic Psychologist” has a sound presence on YouTube and Facebook.
  11. When I tripped in the past, I used to have thousands of insights but didn't write them down. Then, when I read my trip questions immediately afterward, it became evident that it all comes from the same place. Find that place, and notice how you can create any insight & answer for life when being centered in and meditating on that place.
  12. 10/40 The individual values: https://openpsychometrics.org/tests/NPI/NPIfi.php?F1=2&F2=3&F3=2&F4=1&F5=0&F6=1&F7=1
  13. Primary 1.9 Secondary 1.9 Exactly my thinking when I took it.