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  1. @Tyler Robinson I wanted to show you that there is more to this than thinking about dumping or saving your bf. But I notice now that it may be not the right place and time for this digression into communication. I'm sorry. I hope the best for you, whatever outcome it might be. 🙏 @thepixelmonk I'm not here to make it personal or to start drama & fights. The only thing I say about what you wrote is that I don't make it a one-dimensional cause, that of simply being a communication fault and searching for ways to put blame & responsibility on Tyler.
  2. @Tyler Robinson Do you understand or can you imagine the psychological dynamics of chill volcano types? Why they are wired like this?
  3. @Tyler Robinson Something to think about: Do you want to be with chill people who explode from time to time? How can you proactively adjust your communication to clear the space with those people (not only your bf)?
  4. It starts with small things. I imagine there were already signs of his insecurity before this, but not so much noticeable. If he is not conscious and aware of the insecurity (highly likely), then he won't do personal development and investigate and work on it. So, it will only continue, see the quote of "integral" down here. I'm very skeptical of this action having satisfied his insecurity. Insecurity needs a lot of proactive work. I sincerely hope that it is a one-time occurrence because a "friend" of him suggested it and he was persuaded to try. Thank you 🙏
  5. @LSD-Rumi Good suggestion No, I rather thought of criminalizing drugs.
  6. @Alexop To avoid this I block the recommendation feed with the extension DF YouTube. Also easy to disable it when I want to look for similar videos.
  7. This is a warning sign for how he will be later on in the relationship. You two can work on this, and his motivated participation is all it needs. If he doesn't see this, then you can move on from him. You can't change him alone, he has to want it too.
  8. @Vladimir Thank you so much! Love your response. Consider that (gradual) falling away of the individual identification can be said to be death. This de-identification can be lived, watched, allowed. Question: How has your perception of "I" changed (before and after the 18 months)?
  9. Hello there! I'm curious, what comes up in you when you read these words?
  10. @Tahuti I'm sorry, did you want to quote someone else?
  11. This makes me think about what other sensible things we criminalize which are in reality just no big deal.
  12. @UpperMaster In the past I used to block all sites whose URLs contained porn keywords (even "xx"). But I don't do that anymore because the blocker software doesn't solve the underlying root cause. Yes, it's fast-acting and direct, but it's not doing the hard rewiring that is needed - you have to do it yourself and work on that daily. My suggestion is to use blocker software like "cold turkey blocker" for times when your focus is needed elsewhere. When you are relatively free, go disable it and let go of your craving only once per day (see power of letting go) and increase it incrementally over time. Or replace the routine for that cue (e.g. the cue can be the impulse to let go of or avoid feeling the sexual energy) with something healthy, like making a short work out or doing Pranayama. In my experience, cultivating that sexual energy through semen retention is bound to fail when I don't circulate that energy. Doing Pranayama breathing for sexual energy is great. When the energy remains stagnant and isn't moved around and channeled in physical activities, it then triggers old impulses... there's another option, which is to remain still and unmoved by that impulsive energy. Also notice how your mind is geared towards imagination whenever you engage with sexual energy. For me, I notice how I feed a part in me that lives on imagination & being a watcher of sexual activity. I don't have guidance for you on this, I just simply made it a meditation to focus on and do something else whenever the urge came up to go into my imagination.
  13. @Topspin715 I use http://youtubetranscript.com/ It's also good to watch the videos along with this tool because it lets you track easily the exact sections where Leo said something just by clicking on the lines. There are also the transcripts of the first 100 or so videos on his website: actualized.org/articles Just choose a category and go to the older videos. They have transcripts.
  14. @Illusory Self Even when you feel liberated and the depression curtain is lifted during the trip, the question remains how you integrate all of it. Tripping is the easy part in regards to getting to elevaded clear perception because your consciousness is expanded. The hard part is integrating/flowing into that perception in normal consciousness. If you trip, plan/contemplate during the high what core foundations are needed in regular life. Perhaps this or something else entirely is revealing itself to you and you don't have to do anything. But nonetheless make this intention and let go of it when the trip starts. It's a good experiment to try out this process during shamanic breathing (focussing in the core fundamentals). In my experience the depression veil lifts on the high and I can see clearly. Be sure to write the core things down. It's easy to forget in the depressive fog.
  15. @Tyler Robinson It's literally called "poetic description of god-consciousness". The story is the poem.
  16. @Tyler Robinson his newest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8AXWd6DFzU
  17. Subbed to him for long time before watching any video of him. Perhaps I was subbed because I was interested in the topics of the videos but never came around to watching because of the video length. So, when the Spiral Dynamics Stage Blue video came out I watched it out of curiosity. Before that I knew that there was something going on behind the scenes, but I couldn't really put my finger on it. Spiral Dynamics opened my eyes. And I kept watching even the irrational bonkers content like Radical Implications Of Oneness because I trusted that it would lead somewhere.
  18. Every thing is everything.
  19. "Your body doesn't exist" is a pointer to the illusion of interpretation. The body exists, the world exists, yes. Recognize that a chair is not the word, and that your body is not what you understand your body to be. Fundamentally, it's pointing to the quality of not-knowing of everything in existence. To know nothing is to know everything because one is conscious in every moment of the inherent unknown mystery of everything in existence.
  20. @talktomeaboutprog Welcome to the forum After adding shrooms to my menu I opened up to the inherent universal energies. These mystical experiences showed me exactly where to look in my usual spiritual practice which made it more powerful. Psychedelics really teach you what surrendering and spirituality means. I highly recommend contemplation via journaling about these trip insights. Be very careful with them. They can make you too open and break your sense of reality too harshly. So, always stay grounded in 3D reality. Whenever you feel unstable in daily life, drop them till you are connected to the physical and relish in the mundane reality which is already Beauty and Love. Doing 1-2g is a good region for this work, and you are already set on a good path by having this long-term outlook.
  21. @playdoh Thank you for sharing your situation!