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  1. Please post the link here, when you put it on an other platform! I'd love to read more about what you have to say Thank you
  2. That's a good ambition, radical honesty is really a step towards liberation, but... I don't know why you are in a mental hospital but depending on why you are there, mentioning se of psychedelics may worsen your situation. Doctors there usually have a very biased position on psychedelics. Telling the truth is a wonderful thing, but there are exceptions: Telling the german soldier that you hide jews in your house during WW2 is not a good idea. The same goes for different things, exspecially if your opposite is wrapped up in an ego story about which pupblic organ they represent. If your doctor is lost in his business, you may have bad cards schowing yourself naked. Maybe he/she reacts coldhearted and locks you up even longer, giving you more medication and so on. It really depends on whether you think the information is necessary for your cure. Outside of the hospital you can practice radical honesty as much as you want, but I wouldn't recommend doing so inside. Realize your not only speaking to a human, but maybe much more to a set of laws and instructions.
  3. Yeah, something like "Consciousnessfield" is the perfect name for it. @YulduzIf you want a conceptual, "scientific" understanding of how everything is possible to happen simultaniously I really recommend you checking out some physics about fields and replace the formulas by ("colours and tones" from the spectrum of) consciousness. Imagine it like this: Our 3 spacial dimensions and the amount+configuration of energy within can be coded on a 3 dimensional diagram with real axes (R3) in the form of smallest energy packets, one qualled "quantum". They are like points in a coordinate system, But a quantum actually is a vibrating point, or much better described by a probablitywave that can collapse to a "particleappearence" when observation (by consciousness) happens. The vibration or wavelike nature of the probabilitydistribution of a particle, stretched throughout the whole universe, derives from its nature, which is an underlying, field, changing over time like the surface of an ocean. This change-/timedimension is like a 4th dimension (represented by imaginary (!) numbers). Within these 4 dimensions, every potential arrangement of energy/quantum within spacetime can be mapped (3d-points on a timeline) The superposition (means possibility for something to exist in all different states "at once" before observation is happening) of all these potential arrangements/forms(!) is a 4 dimensional probability field (quantum field), (It's the same as the sum of all possible waves) There are fields emerging from the most underlying field like overtones emerge from tones, which are called electromagnetic field or gravitational field in physics for example or could be called colours and attraction, if twistedly transferred to human experience. The point is now, that "physical reality" behaves like a field, but consciousness does even prior to this, from which every single observation of a particular appearence (collapse of any probability wavefunction) happens, which creates this physical reality. This consciousness is actually the whole 4-dimensional (actually a multi-dimensional) infinite probability or potenital field, the omniscience, god, the absolute, eternal. It's like an infinite fabric, its textile is experience/truth/love. If you quantify it (means creating solid points/numbers/distinictions to represent one observed state of the field), the whole wave collapses into exactly one unique experience. Superposition gives the foundation for all states existing simultaniously until observed (science: delayed choice quantum ereaser), which is answering the "How is everything happening simultaniously"-part of your question, while the implicit part "although I experince myself within time right now" can be answered through the fact that an observation(perspective,self,you) of the field collapses the wavefunktion/field to a specific state, a configuration of energy within space and so on. Everything appears solid, as particles become manifested from only one point of view and only-this and nothing-else. So you are like the timedimension itself, only possible to experience yourself as one specific 3dimensional particlearrangement/form at the same time, but experiencing them all in the "now". No causality is needed, since the is no motion on the time-axes. Every point on the timeline represents one 3dimensional reality, experienced from within in the "now"(the whole spacetime field itself). The "I", the ego is nothing but an experience of the principle of conservation, it sticks to a particular form/set of waves/particlearrangement (it's body), and plays the survivalgame just to raise its impact (appearence frequency of reflections of itself within the consciousnessfield). Of course this happens on more than just physical dimensions, but psychological ones such as emotional, rational, intentional or whatever. The eternal now (god) is the consciousnesspotentialfield itself, simultaniously every specific quantumstate (quantified wavepattern) itself can appear as an ego, which has no independent existence at all, and is completely meaningless compared to god, beeing born and damned to die "the very next moment" (moment = point on the surface of the ocean). Every causality we define is just one single line between two of these points, although there are potentially infinite lines, since everything is interconnected. So enlightenment just means that you realize yourself completely as the eternal consciousnessfield, though you then may simultaniously experience yourself as an overtone to your fundamental vibration, which is the particular manifested form called "ego", experiencing something like duration within time.
  4. 3: philosophy(e.g. Arstitotle, soul): vegetative-sensitive-rational (body-soul-mind) psychology: emotional-intentional-rational physics: space-time-energy time: past-present-future space: down/up-left/right-back/front energy: kinetic-gradient-potential mathematics: negative-zero-positive religion: creator-creation-creature metaphysics: subject-process-object (nothing-something-everything) life: birth-life-death There are much more of these trinities. I guess what the 3 is representing is the transcended duality. There are two complement opposite which represent both a part of the "background structure"/"superordinate metalevel", which is kind of like "in the middle" (past-NOW-future; down-HERE-up; good-NEUTRAL-bad). Good example is christian faith: jesus(earth)-GOD-holy spirit(heaven).
  5. I just stumbled over this video in my youtube-newsfeed. I'm not the biggest fan of sadhguru but he has some intelligent things to say sometimes. Maybe it helps you I wish you success!
  6. It goes further than that. It takes practically a whole class to explain. I would really like to hear what you have to say about this but I guess it's beyond the scope. So does everything cancel/neutral out in the end? The quote below seems to leave space for a meaningful world which is worth the highs and lows... Beautiful words! That's something which may help me during difficult times. Thank you very much for your time! I'll contemplate about that. Maybe I stumble over some more sophisticated questions then.
  7. Nice one! I enjoyed your poem, too. Especially the quoted part I like, it sums up quite well some of gods "traits". Thanks for posting! Here's another shorter one from me: When time stops splitting me apart the present moment comes at heart but time itself will never end as long as I myself depend on any notion to defend. So I forget all terms and names my body eaten up by flames all earthly roots eradicated my deepest longings liquidated as meaning has evaporated. The elements within the aether allow the phoenix's rebreather.
  8. Thoughts are the substance of a "self". They are the ultimate narrative of god to trick itself into this illusion. They are like a magicians finger pointing to something obvious in order to catch your awareness so you don't realize what's actually going on. The more destructive/negative the thoughts, the more your awareness gets caught, since they are like an extremely loud alarm bell which lets you ignore the ever-penetrating silence in the background. If you have good thoughts, you can more easily let them go than negative ones, since losing something good seems less bad (because everything may stay good if you have a good basic level) than if you beliefe something is getting much worse if you ignore it. So bad thoughts are perfectly designed to keep you back from letting go, from seeing through the game. That's how this reality of me here and you there can sustain. That's how god can forget about itself. Of course you as a self don't like them since they are seperating you from god/love/bliss/freedom. But it's the only way for god to trick itself into the illusion, and it probably wanted to do so, otherwise it didn't create it. But maybe it was just a "mistake", who knows, so then everything would be just a waste-product of gods loneliness or whatever. Try to find out whether you wanted this diversity of existence or not! The only way to do so is to become more conscious.
  9. Survival is not about the physiological body, but the "self"/illusion you are clinging to. If you identify with an entity which desperately tries not to suffer, that's when you consider suicide at some level of suffering. You can either kill yourself physically or desidentify "YourSelf" from "your self", it may be the same in the end. As Leo says: "Suffering is survival" (or survival is suffering), the moment we identify with something relative, finite, the dissolution is pre-programmed. The moment we construct meaning into "something"/our self, its dissolution feels like the basis of reality falls apart. "Not existing" is the ultimate fear (of the unknown), since even god never experienced it and doesn't know completely how it actually feels like. So if the basis of reality seems to fall apart, you dissolve and every meaning evaporates, that's the moment when fear has its peak, which is the most suffering. I guess a person commiting suicide is already in a state of such a suffering that the fear of ongoing suffering trumps the suffering of facing the dissolving of ones own body. There is probably an intuition that it's not completely over, since it is impossible to imagine not existing/non-existence. The belief in the (remaining) awareness which ends the suffering through suicide is bigger than the belief in a meaningfull existence within a body that suffers that much. That's my guess.
  10. What else has god to do? The moment it realizes itself (if there even was "a moment"), it's all known and stays the same forever. The only "change" would be an "other experience" than experiencing beeing omniscient forever. Imagine god knowing everything, except not knowing everything. So to truly know everything, god must know what it is like to know nothing. Another way to think about it: What if god actually is infinitely lonely? Knowing that the only beeing ever existent is always itself. Tricking itself into the illusion of other makes it forget its loneliness at least for some "time"/in a part of reality. Maybe god wants to share its infinite love and creativity with something that has the feeling it gets it all free, beeing filled with bliss and gratitude. I personally see it kind of that way: Not just we, but god also can "think" about/"imagine" whether there is something "else" than it, or "outside of/beyond" it, or what it would be like to be nothing at all, or if it could end its own existence, or how it would be to not know itself or whatever kind of unanswerable (paradoxical) question. So every creature it created is its newest try to not know itself, creating a reality even more sophisticated than the last one, so "real" and "inevitable" that it needs "time" (=the ultimate illusion) to unravel itself. It's like god's tripping on its own created drugs, believing to be all sorts of crazy shit. Of course, no real time is passing in gods eyes, it's all the present moment and you're always conscious, but it (you) believe time to be a real tangible thing. Gods infinite intelligence is used to "seperate" itself and create and maintain this illusion (which must be finite, as it is not the absolute, just a creation). There never was a seperation, never time passing, no individual "self", but only gods infinite intelligence trying to do everything to be as dumb as it could ever be. The ultimate question/knowledge for god is to know what it's like to know nothing. It's impossible, since you always know that you exist. But you can come fucking close to knowing nothing, as you probably experience, since everything can be doubted/denied. Matter may be closer to this knowledge of not knowing, but we as humans do a pretty good job, too. There's much more to say but as you can see it's just speculation. I had some personal experience of infinite solitude etc. but it's just one dimension within infinite ones probably. Just realize this: If god wanted it simple and easy, it would have created reality that way. God loves brainfucking. The moment you fully awake, you will realize that everything is and was perfect. The more you lose yourself, the more you can find in the end.
  11. God is experiencing all suffering it created himself. Maybe out of complete loneliness and boredom, or out of love and creativity, or maybe both at once or none. Who knows? Everyone with a memory only experiences a slice of it, a tiny part of the spectrum so maybe he/she completely misses a facet of the totality of existence. Instead of accusing some outside entity which may not even eist from your point of view, rather ask yourself why you can't find peace with reality-as-it-is. If it was unbearable, how could it exist? Maybe a metaphora helps you. Imagine you are sacrificing your health in order to achieve enlightenment. You almost starve to death, nonstop meditating without eating. Your lungs may be ok, but your stomach suffers a lot. So your liver asks itself how could god justify all of this?
  12. 1. Wherever you go, you won't escape dogma externally. Either you believe others, or you don't. Even if you go into a cave and meditate, your experiences and interpretations of them will be shaped by the dogmas you were indoctrinated by since childhood. Leaving dogma behind doesn't happen by leaving a forum, or trying to experience reality in solitude. These are external approaches, you are filled with dogma anyway. The only way is deeply coming the conclusion "I know that I don't now", which can happen in solitude or within a forum, doesn't matter. If you think by running away from temptating beliefs you will escape dogma, some childhood dogma has already caught you even deeper. Rather experience how and why you are tempted to believe the dogma in this forum, this could reveal you the process that makes you weak to belive something you don't know yourself. 2. Possible. But see how you feel constrained by "external forces", believing they hold you back from realising truth. It's a dogma to believe external information is responsible for your blockades, it's YOU believing them! Find out why you are susceptible to believe it in the first place. Just by closing your eyes to see no dogma doesn't destroy the root of it, it's the process of believing, not the beliefs themselves that block your way! But in a way I can support you to leave the forum, reading and writing probably doesn't help you as much as internal contemplation. Just don't believe the dogma that you could safe yourself from it. If you can, you will KNOW it, otherwise there's always something left to doubt. Become a real sceptic, a phyrronist (?), doubting even scepticism itself. Leo made a video about it. For me, contemplating about socrates "I know that I don't know" helped a lot!
  13. First of all, thanks a lot for sharing your experience and taking time to answer all these questions! <3 I guess I can answer some questions already for myself (), saving your time. But maybe you have something interesting to say or you disagree at some point. 1. Is/may Jesus be such an "impossible beeing", pulling you out of hell? (-> yes, may be) 2. (If so,) could this universe actually be based on christian worldview or whatever religion then? (-> yes, could be) 3. If you can lose your infinite experience and a certain religion (in this universe) is true, could an infinitude of future Ethans from this world/moment on experience eternal hell then? (-> yes, they could) 4. If everything (imaginable) is happening without any limit, free will must be an illusion, since there's an infinitude of selves at the same moment doing the exact opposite. So what's the point of pursuing enlightenment or whatsoever since there must be infinitely many copies of myself going to hell at the same time? Doesn't all of it happen anyway? Why making any effort then? (-> It really makes no difference, since there's also infinitely ones that do the exact opposite of making no special effort, means actively pursuing enlightenment. Everything goes every way.) If your statements are true, this has many radical implications. There are so many questions, but it seems as if I could answer them for myself, since literally everything is possible, even "unlogical" or paradoxical things like a set/beeing that includes all subsets/subbeeings and itself, because there are "universes" without logical rules whatsoever. From my point of view it seems impossible for you to prove anything like this, even if I suddenly had a million dollars on my bank-account or whatever, there's actually (!) an infinitude of explanations for this, but my limited self can only experience one at a time. So there may be an infinitude of selves believing you then, as there is an infinitude disbelieving. This must still be the case, even if you don't manifest a million dollars on my bank-account. So here's my final question I can't really answer for myself: Is there kind of a mathematical/logical structure behind all of this, since there are probably less universes manifesting a pink unicorn or whatever in front of my eyes (because I never experienced it) than there are universes running a coherent logical story about everything, or am I just completely randomly experiencing exactly this consistent one, out of infinitely small chance, next to infinitly more inconsistent ones? Like pascal's triangle, the probability to be at the edge is 1/∞, but in the middle there are the most cases. Does the same logic/structure apply to the "multiverse" you are talking about? Because there should be a fucking high probability for me to experience something completely outlandish the next very moment (since there are more possibilities for something inconsistent than something consistent happening, there could manifest infinitely many objects right now here (∞ possibilities), or nothing special manifests (less possibilities)). Or is it much more probable to live in this consistent world due to pascal's triangle, since in most cases "physical reality" doesn't manifest anything, and I just live one of the most probable lives that could be lived by "me" (consistent reality)? Or is my mind the algorithm putting every magical manifestation into a coherent story so it just appears to me to be consistent (which I guess is a view that fits nondualism)?
  14. Hey guys, I love reading and writing poetry about deep philosophical stuff. My english is not the best but I gave it a try. If you have any questions regarding content or language (maybe something doesn't fit the way I thought it would), feel free to ask I would like to read some of your poems, getting some inspiration! Lost in concepts, lost in words, contemplating till it hurts. Oh my god how can I see, what is true reality? Lost my faith and all beliefs, like a tree will lose its leafs. A denial of the truth or a step towards the sooth? No foundation nor a shelter, can’t deny the helter-skelter. I got lost inside my mind, didn‘t see when I went blind. Searching for the right direction, but I live inside a bubble. Every pointer a reflection of my endless inner struggle. Try to keep my inner balance, I keep failing as i try. Life is mocking all divalence, every center is a lie. So I’m falling into nothing, nothing ever to hold on. Didn’t know the void was bluffing, there’s no end, it has foregone. Finally I‘m realizing, I am part of weightlessness. Just a perfect compromising between all the aimlessness. Nothing left to compensate, only love to radiate. Where I go my steps will follow, life gets full if seen as hollow. Let‘s embrace our solitude, notwithstanding magnitude, traveling alone as one, after devilry has gone.