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  1. Hey guys, Convince me with the idea that I am more than a body through quantum mechanics or any other science. I know, I know... Leo has a video on quantum mechanics debunks materialism, but I'm still not sure how I can explain to someone that we are more than a body through science.
  2. I wonder who would like to share their notes about this video?
  3. What are Natural Hierarchies?
  4. How does competition relates to holistic thinking?
  5. @Leo Gura When are you removing Tony Robins from Orange? He even took 5MEO
  6. I'm trying yo decostruct my competitive mindset. It seems, in this world, everyone is competing, with everyone else because of our social conditioning and all that. Do you think is ultimately useful? What are.the pros and of competition? Can you grow without competitors?
  7. Hello! I am a Holistic Fitness and Health coach. What books do you recommend me for creating a "tribe"? I have red Conversation with God book 4. It's inspiring, but I would like to get deeper into creating a community or conscious movement. I can see Leo's recommendation in his library: "Tribe" by Seth Godin ( I haven't red it yet) Could you share with me some ideas, examples, books, videos, content and so on? Thanks!
  8. It's just BS distinction, but helps. It's all about eating real food whole foods foods dense in prana, nutrient dense foods foods that comes from mother earth "gaia" fruits, vegetables, legumes, and all that. Animals are healthy if they had healthy diets and lifestyle. But whatever works to you to understand the concept of eating as "natural" "real" as possible.
  9. Thanks but... Why you did not recommend Conversations With God this time?
  10. @Leo Gura Come on Leo! What's the difference between using God Realization and Non Duality. Aren't they the same thing? Oneness, Nirvana and all that? Why do yo think is important to make the distinction? Why are you not clear about it?
  11. @Edvardas thanks I am looking more books like conversations with God. I've never resonated with ACIM. But maybe i'll change my mind. Thanks
  12. what book has gotten you closer to God/oneness?
  13. How abundance works? how to be financially free?