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  1. Been asking around and curious at the responses; Is it better to use psychedelics when things aren't amazing in your life (depression and such like) and you want help finding a solution (of sorts) or is it better to wait till your life is sorted and you're in a good place to use them?
  2. Using symbols to construct reality. Words and language are symbols. The map is not the territory.
  3. So I been looking around for an "opposite" to solipsism just to see other viewpoints and I found something called "Externism" I don't know if anyone has heard of it before, it's described as: "This epistemological theory contradicts the traditional theory of solipsism. While solipsists believe that only their individual self exists and the external world does not, Jára Cimrman confronted them with the idea that it is the external world which exists and the philosopher's individual self does not." Has only got any thoughts on this? Could you entertain the idea and see how it could be true? Or is it a no-go? Just an open question for conversation, not looking for the army of people saying "once you realise god/solipsism you will the know the real truth" Just a thought experiment, if you like. Could even ask, has anyone had an experience like that on psychedelics? What would it even mean for there to be no self but an external world? Is it a mixture of materialism and traditional spirituality in the context of "no self"?
  4. Yeah I understand what's available to be done. Was just curious at what people on here and Leo thinks is the future for him in terms of exploration. Just more infinite love, more infinite truth and more infinite understanding, although I expect not to be able to be communicated. It's made me just think; so if everything is imaginary, is there anything that isn't? Is it just awareness as the formless and the all form is imaginary? And if so then would that mean the next step of exploration would be exploring moreso the formless? What about feelings as well? Is the "feeling" of love imaginary? Even if love is what we are, to "feel" surely would be a form of imagination? Where are the boundaries? What makes understanding and love not imaginary?
  5. Yeah I know what you mean, as I said before I don't think Alan Watts meant it as a finality, especially the extended quote where he's referencing the microscope, he was too well educated to make a statement like that from a point of view of a singular use.
  6. Using yourself as an example, this is a good reason why to hang up the phone for another day. Does that not make sense? Is that arrogant? What's the eagerness to hang up, why not just continue going and going? I'm sure at that point you had "got the message". Rather shocking the simplicity of which you understood your quote, you sound like beneath-you audience you seem to address - simplistic, lacking depth and understanding. It's an interesting manner that you responded in as well, you seemed to have a marginal difference from your moderators, but I guess not so much.
  7. Yeah I hear what you saying, I was more referencing yourself saying that you already get it, in one of your recent videos, and that there's nothing else to learn, so in that context I was curious about what your approach next would be - if you have learned all this is to, then looking again would be just for entertainment surely? Or just to just investigate to see if you really did learn all there is. No one claimed you're looking in the microscope all day. Obviously I don't think he meant literally use a microscope once and then never again, probably meaning to not get lost in the experience, as in don't be soo stuck looking in the microscope. So for the western audience he was addressing, he was probably telling them not to just keep taking psychedelics and take some time to process - akin to newbies in spirituality thinking that they just have to get rid of their ego. He also references people that take psychedelics alot and get the "holy man syndrome" where their ego inflates and they "think they are god in the Jehovah sense" - so again to the audience he was talking to, in the middle of the previous century, as well as the experiences of some people, the quote is relevant and far from arrogance in the context, you needn't get so defensive, you can do your psychedelics as frequently as you so choose, it was an open question asking you basically - where do you go from here? Are your intentions to continue with psychedelics to look for further deeper insights or truth considering you've claimed to have got the message and that there's nothing else for you to learn. If you really want I'll find the video and time stamp if you need reference for yourself. By your response I take it as a yes you will continue. Will be interesting to see where it leads to.
  8. Lool it does seem likely, but what can beyond Infinity, God Consciousness and solipsism? I guess the only thing beyond there being just one being that exist, there can be no being that exist. Or as Leo said in an old video referencing the ego - "it's like a magician tricking himself into thinking he exists" So maybe it'll be the God version of that.
  9. Was a bit of random thing to share. Pedantic. This post really ain't about Alan Watts, but I've learned the comprehension levels of the admins after many years now. Do you have anything relevant to my post to add?
  10. As Alan Watts says "when you get the message, hang up the phone". Leo himself has referenced this and stated that no you don't hang up the phone, although he was earlier in his journey and meant don't just do psychedelics and have singular God experience. In recent times Leo has claimed that there's nothing else for him to learn and he gets it now, so in that context, Leo if you're reading this, is it time to hang up the phone? Or do you feel that there's still more to explore or just use psychedelics for recreational use. Basically I'm asking, what's the future for Leo now that's he's got the ultimate insight (apparently). Genuine question, no funny business.
  11. @SamC @Kksd74628 even if we accepted that we are all alone though and solipsism was accepted, it doesn't change the first person experience within the dream, the experience is no different from being in a virtual reality with super advanced Artificial Intelligence trying to convince you that the reality is real, except you'd be aware (somewhat) that's what happening, but using that analogy again, the A.I in this world does a really good job convincing this world is real and there isn't just a single entity. My point being, if the experience doesn't change then what would cause the negative feelings? We're literally on the cusp on this happening in the "real world" - people are going to be soo sucked into the metaverse and suchlike and I guarantee for the most part people won't be depressed because the reality isn't real, they'll probs just be depressed to leave that world because of the relative nature.
  12. On a "personal" level, if accepting the idea of solipsism being true would make you feel negative feelings and such like, why is this the case? I'm just curious as to why that's the general consensus around it. Whether it is true or not, mostly I see people saying that just don't want it to be true because of how depressing it is, which to me shows the final barrier between truth (potentially) and how you feel about it. It's revealed to me moreso,with exclamation marks, that most people don't truly care about truth, especially if what's true would make them feel unhappy or suchlike. People care about truth, but if it was solipsism they wouldn't, then they go back in to philosophying about "I would just prefer to believe that it's this thing because it's more practical and healthier" For those that feel like that, genuinely, what's stopping you from seeing that if solipsism is true, that you could be happy and still have meaning in your life. From what I can gather, it seems like that the people that could still be happy are those that didn't really care about truth and want to use solipsism for egoic justifications (as Leo said) or people that really care about truth and feel that have finally found it. Just to clarify I haven't stated my position in this, it's a general inquiry.
  13. This forum is so dead, you lot can't have an open discussion without coming with your presuppositions and telling me what you think I should do, straight forward question and you lot give me your silly answers. I care not why you think I'm asking and what you think I should do. If you dont have the answer then don't respond. @Vynce @Vincent S
  14. So rainbow body enlightenment is supposedly the highest level of enlightenment achieve in dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism. I asked on here a couple years ago whether psychedelics could make you achieve it, the conclusion was no it can't. I'm now asking whether Psychedelics can take you to an experience beyond it (even if it's temporarily) - I ask this mainly because of Leo claiming that he has had experiences that he knows is beyond all others, so genuinely I'm just curious at the stance now. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_body https://www.motmag.com/awakeandaware/2017/8/5/rainbow-body-phenomenon-the-greatest-level-of-attainable-consciousness https://www.gaia.com/article/rainbow-body-101-everything-you-didnt-know