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  1. Questioner: "Is a Master necessary for realisation?”

    Ramana Maharshi: "The realisation is the result of the Master’s grace more than teachings, lectures, meditation, etc. They are only secondary aids, whereas the former is the primary and the essential cause." 

    Questioner: “Can anyone get any benefit by repeating sacred syllables (mantras) picked up casually?"

    Ramana: “No. He must be competent and initiated in such mantras.”

    I enjoy listening to mantras on YouTube and sometimes I see comments with people scolding the video poster for sharing the "secret mantas" without proper initiation.

    If you read the reviews on books about Kriya Yoga on Amazon you'll notice people posting hate comments towards the authors for sharing the secrets of Kriya and warnings of the dangers of practicing Kriya without a guru's guidance.  Ennio Nimis, author of "Kriya Yoga-Synthesis of a Personal Experience", released his book and received a lot of negative feedback.

    Sadhguru also stresses the need for a guru and initiation into the meditative practices but in Jiddu Krishnamurti's opinion this is all nonsense.  

    What do you guys think about this? 

  2. 2 hours ago, Pookie said:

    Lol maybe. But it also looks like the turtle made the conscious decision to go back. I mean it does look like he let his "chi" get taken so easily like @traveler mentioned. It takes two to tango :P 

    @Leo Gura You better believe I'm coming after you in the spirit realm if you perform mahasamadhi.  You're not getting away that easily!!  I want my promised lifetime updates on my LP course and booklist or my money back!! >:(

  3. On 4/5/2020 at 5:58 AM, Joel3102 said:

    He seems to have really gone down the manosphere/red pill rabbit hole

    this video title made me realise how bad it has gotten lol 


    The above video is the first I've seen from this man so I don't know anything about him.  A lot of what he talks about in the video made sense to me.  Can you guys explain why his views are frowned upon in this thread?  Is it considered "stage blue" to prefer a woman who does not act/dress in a promiscuous manner?  Should we encourage our wives/daughters to act in this way?  Are we going to tell our daughters to go out there and gain as much sexual experience as possible before settling down with a partner?  

     @StarStruck what fake accent are you speaking about?  Is he faking an American accent?

  4. I just watched Aaron Abke's episode "NonDoership - The Wisdom Of Zen"  I struggle with laziness and porn addiction. I like the idea of surrendering to the flow of life. But I'm also afraid that if I surrender too much then my laziness and addiction will get out of control and and halt my progress. I know what needs to be done but sometimes my will power is so weak. Anyone have any suggestions?


  5. Someone once posted a list of 10 life transforming themes from Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching and #5 is "Desire Non-Desire: Remove all expectations and stop seeking to realize the mystery of life and be at peace in the present."

    Leo responded with: 

    This is bad advice.

    Do the opposite.

    The rest is pretty good.

    Further down the thread Leo goes on to say:

    There are substantive questions to ask and understand of reality/Tao.

    You can play cute Zen games, but in practice this confuses people and discourages contemplation.

    Contemplation is crucial. Just sitting around is not good enough.

    The nature of Tao requires contemplation and profound questioning.

    After 10,000 hours of contemplation, yes, then you can just sit.


    Now I know I may be misunderstanding the wisdom you guys are sharing with me but if we should no longer "seek" then what is the purpose of going away on a 30 day retreat?  Is it not to "further" our awakening which is what these yogis are doing?  


  6. Thanks, guys.  

    @Serotoninluv I love it.  As usual you explains things so clearly and beautifully. 

    @dvdas I wonder about the "blissful states" yogis experience when they do extreme stuff like meditate buried in the snow for months without food and water.  Or the ones who keep one arm raised for years until their fingernails grow into their skin.  I've had several mind blowing mystical experiences while doing kriya and taking mushrooms but when I watch or read about these advanced yogis it makes me feel like I'm missing out on something.

    @Natasha I don't know about that.  I could be wrong but I really believe that if you are capable of doing the things that these yogis can do then you would have had to undergo some serious purification and minimization of the ego.  Conscious suffering is just another method of raising consciousness.  I doubt that the Tibetan monks who meditate in the snow with wet sheets wrapped around them are doing it to seek attention or prove something to themselves.  All these different techniques must serve some sort of purpose and I kind of wish I had the courage to explore them.  


  7. I just watched the documentary "Kings with Straw Mats" and it showed yogis and saddhus doing some of the most disturbing things I've ever seen.  My question to you guys is when does the seeking end?  It seems that for the advanced yogis/saddhus, non-stop meditation and fasting are not enough.  They do extreme things like bury themselves for a week with no food/water, walk on sandals that have nails pointed upwards piercing the soles of their feet, do all kinds of crazy stuff to their penis, etc.  Leo and other psychonauts talk about doing 100 psychedelic trips before being able to integrate the insights accurately/fully.  How come these yogis don't go the 5-meo DMT route instead of mutilating themselves?  I remember Leo mentioning on one of his videos that awakening requires extreme measures but when is enough enough?  I know that Leo is not a proponent of the "Everybody is already enlightened / Stop seeking" attitude.  If there is no limit to how much we can raise our consciousness dial then aren't we just chasing our tails?  If Love/Compassion is the highest teaching then what is the purpose of continuing to raise our consciousness after we attain that realization?  I really would like to hear everyone's opinion on this.


  8. @Preety_India While I'm high on weed it makes all experiences feel fresh and more vibrant.  Even the most mundane stuff feels like a new experience again.  Movies and music seem more interesting.  It makes me feel more loving and compassionate.  After a while it became increasingly more difficult to function without it.  If I went a day or two without consuming weed I became super irritable and prone to rage.  Thank God I found meditation.  The "high" that I got from daily/consistent meditation feels similar to a mild weed buzz and it lasts throughout the day and without the withdrawal symptoms.  After years of weed addiction I was finally able to quit thanks to meditation, actualized.org, and this forum. :)