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  1. "How to Win Friends & Influence People" by Dale Carnegie is what really helped me out. Some of the main teachings in the book are: 1. ALWAYS ask a LOT of questions and try to be genuinely interested in what the other person is saying. 2. Try to keep the topic of conversation focused on what the other person likes or is interested in. 3. Doing the above two will make the other person more interested in you. Avoid talking about yourself until the other person asks and attempt to keep the topic of conversation focused on the other person and not you. This stuff works like magic. Guaranteed or your money back.
  2. "Alien" is a duality. What you're looking at in that video is YOU!! Marvel at your own beauty!!! am I right, Leo?
  3. @AdamDiC Thank you so much for sharing. Your words really resonated with my heart and it was the exact message that I needed to hear today.
  4. @Anton_Pierre I am curious as to why there are a lot of people on this forum with such a negative view on cannabis. I thought it was common knowledge that cannabis has been consumed by many yogis and saddhus to assist with trance during meditation. Sadhguru once acknowledged that cannabis creates a layer of distance between the self and the body. I myself find it easier to not get lost in thought stories during Kriya if I vape right before the meditation session. @StarStruck ABV = Already Been Vaped. It's what's left of your bud after vaporizing it. Like WorkNMan said you can sprinkle this on your peanut butter.
  5. Thank you. I really needed to hear the message in these videos today. Never realized how bad my victim mindset was until I watched these videos.