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  1. @Tyler Durden is there anything else but 'whats happening inside your awareness'?
  2. @Tyler Durden not just your visual field tho.. if you hear a car outside, or feel a breeze.. do you consider yourself those things?
  3. @Tyler Durden is there an 'end' to what you feel you are?? If 'you' are 'all around you', what is 'outside of' that?
  4. do you consider 'you' to be separate from 'your body'?
  5. @Tyler Durden all there is, is the entirety of experience. You are questioning if there's stuff that 'exists' independent of 'you', and to this, the answer is no. (it's like asking, If I were dead, what would exist for me?) A things 'existence' and 'your experience of that thing' are the same thing... no separation. There is no 'you' and 'that which is not you'.. it's all you.
  6. 'when you are putting in effort' (or when you are not) IS the path.. and it's effortless. There is one path, and you're on already on it, and any move you make to stay on the path, or stray from it, is just more 'the path'.
  7. If a bird is singing a song, and you are very attached to the idea that the bird should not be singing, it's singing will cause you to suffer. Suffering is what 'thinking things should be other than how they are' feels like. If you think you should not be in pain, pain will cause you to suffer.. but if you have just completed a grueling workout, and think there should be pain, perhaps to confirm that you got a good workout, you will experience pleasure from the pain. The same pain that can cause suffering, can cause pleasure, if thought about differently...
  8. @iboughtleosbooklist You are doing the best you can (an infinitely good job) to maintain the illusion of not being God.
  9. @Tyler Durden it's all very convincing.. it seems real. Perhaps consider the absurdity of it all.. that there should even be humans, and brains, and memories.. why not other things? Our lives 'seem normal' because we're used to it, but if you had no human experience to compare your life with, all of this would seem completely absurd.. like you looking at some alien species with two heads that vomit on each other to communicate and reproduce by pulling it's own teeth out and planting them in Jello.. if that was your 'normal'.. it wouldn't seem absurd at all.
  10. @Tyler Durden perhaps not devastating, but it would be inconsistent with your current paradigm, which is that generally people don't have memories of very early childhood because their brains aren't fully formed or some other story. This inconsistency would press up against your current paradigm, threatening it...
  11. @Someone here I'm not sure how I can say it any other way.. I'm absolutely sure something seems to be happening right now.. I may be totally confused about what exactly that something is.
  12. just recognize that all the 'behind the scenes stuff' exists as more appearances.. there really 'seems' to be that stuff, rather than 'there really IS that stuff'. The dreams we dream at night are a useful analogy, but the map is not the territory. Reality isn't 'exactly like a dream', with some sleeping dreamer who is dreaming, dreaming all of this. The dream analogy is used to demonstrate how real imagination can seem, and yet, we can still be confused about it's 'realness'. It's a guide to show you that the SEEMING is what's important... SEEMING is happening, and we can't be confused about that, but we can't know if 'how things seem, is how things are'.
  13. @Tyler Durden because this would be an internally inconsistent dream, and it would shock you so much, it would wake you up, and end the dream. It's a survival strategy the ego employs to keep itself alive. Your question is like asking, "If this is just imaginary, why does a table appear as a table, and it doesn't just randomly look like a chair? Why don't I imagine that scenario?" If that happened to you, it would destroy your current paradigm... a.k.a.. you would helplessly wake up to some new paradigm, where it makes sense that tables can sometimes look like chairs.
  14. I don't know the character of the contents of experience. When I see a duck, maybe it's just a really good animatronic model of a duck, maybe I'm hallucinating the duck... I can't be sure.. but the 'appearance of a duck' I'm sure of.. when a duck appears.
  15. I wonder if there are 'really' illusions, or if illusions are also illusory. What does 'real' mean?