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  1. I highly recommend 'the way of the superior man' for your case. I used to have similar mindset.
  2. @joeyi99 there is no difference. there are various types of meditation and concentrative meditation is one of them. the cool thing is that the concentration you develop by concentrative meditation can be extremely helpful to do other kinds of meditation effectively, like Leo says in his video. I personally use concentrative meditation as main practice. read https://www.amazon.com/Million-Thoughts-Meditation-Himalayan-Mystic/dp/8184959451 if you want to go more in depth in that.
  3. @MIA.RIVEL thanks coach
  4. @Krzysztof I couldn't be more grateful.. I was looking for something like this the whole week, thank god I made this post and you seen it. @Juan Cruz Giusto Yeah, this is the process of growing in general I think, thanks mate !
  5. Working my way to financial independence I made a strong commitment to get seriously into business, specifically internet marketing. I think the experience that you get from being an entrepreneur will help me after with my life purpose. not to mention the other freedoms you'll get for running a business. tell me if I'm wrong. noticed that many of you here are into business too, since I'm still in the dark about how all of these works I was wandering if you know any good resources out there. Any advice would be appreciated
  6. Check this channel. You will find anything you need to know.
  7. Hmm interesting.. Is just that Leo said that it is one of the most powerful techniques he has discovered, and I was wandering If he is referring to one particular technique or *journaling* in general
  8. What is the difference between journaling and contemplation ? What are some ways to make journaling effective ?
  9. source : http://omswami.com/2015/01/types-of-meditator.html you should read his book a million thoughts. my practice is going great after reading this book. he mentions a lot about types of meditation, posture, attention, do and dont's and how serious you should be about it. he is a master
  10. I made a similar post these days.. I'm currently doing meditation on formless which it seems to be the same as self inquiry. I just concentrate on void and I observe it. I cant tell the difference really.. what confuses me though is that Leo told that meditation isn't so trustable to awaken.
  11. thank ya all for your responses. Through self experimentation I think they are the same. But of course there is more to find.
  12. I used to have this struggle a lot. I came to the conclusion that whatever happens, find my life purpose or not, reach enlightenment or not even close, I know I give my best shot here. Since you are giving your best to make it happen whatever happens you didn't let your life slip through you fingers. For me a life wasted is not on your achievements, but on your approach. Die knowing I gave it all is my ultimate vision, not to achieve everything, even though this is what I'm striving for. And this gave me the patience and the faith to work