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  1. i just want to make sure that you guys create your own visions im not here to critisize anyone. the world can be improved in many different ways btw.
  2. damn.. this course has made too many gurus
  3. @nethernalbeing In the mindfulness technique which I've been using I couldn't keep the cycle. there would be always a step that I wouldn't do mindfully (notice, label, savor) some periods I give my best to do mindfully cycles and I'm getting some results but then I'm losing it again and it is really hard to get it right again, lot of emotional labor, time, its like I'm fighting to get it right, after a year I've seen few results but not that much, I don't think its worth to keep up with this technique, sometimes I think that I wasted the whole year basically and now I'm looking for something new to try
  4. can you tell me which technique are you using? which one has had the most powerful effects on you ? I've been meditating for a year now with the mindfulness technique of Leo but it seems like its not for me, so I'm exploring a little bit.. do you have any suggestions ?
  5. Felt little creative after a course exercise
  6. wow, thats more than enough thanks a lot guys. you surely gave me an aha moment
  7. Okey.. lets start with the fact that i am commited to this path, i found it interested form the beggining. im still in a very low point of course, but, sure my life has changed a lot since i embarked on board. But a question that i still have difficulty to answer is how to deal with people, close to you (or not), which can't open their minds to such possilities. At first i was getting mad, but soon i realized that if i get mad i haven't any difference from them except the beliefs, nowadays as i try to raise my consciousness i start to feel compassion for their suffering. But even if you dont get mad, even i you are compassionate. how do you deal with people which you have repeatedly told them about the possiblity of self actualization, they look at you like an alien, and they tell you about their "problems" again and again. should i tell him/her how he/she could approach this problem better? but get mad about me bacause i cant understant? or should i just agree with them and give them a shitty surface solution or not give any suggestions at all (oh yea i undesrtand, thats sucks). im sure all of us who have taken this path and have a glimpse of the possibilities of it, have faced this kind of issues. im just asking opinions of what is a helpfull approach that is best both for you and them. sorry for my english