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  1. @anaj , does love figure anywhere in your experience?
  2. With no ego identification, suffering will not happen (by definition). The body will feel the pain of torture, the body will cry, it will react... For an enlightened being, the suffering won't be there though. You're skeptical about people not identifying with a body? alright then... I guess you don't see enlightenment as a valid thing then? I would cry, yes, and all/most bodies would cry The "I" here is the ego, and yes, "you" would suffer No, they would feel the physical pain, but realizing their (and your ) true nature, suffering is not present, since what you really are cannot be harmed, it's eternal, pure awareness. God is not creating suffering (btw, apparently you're God, so...) , you / ego are creating it. Take me and you for example, 2 unenlightened (I assume) ego/body-minds. Looking at the description of shitty situations some people may go through you posted, you create/imagine the suffering that would entail, I don't. So suffering is not this real entity that 'God created'. It's all you. How to stay asleep, No.11, get mad at God
  3. Physical pain only becomes psychological suffering when the ego constructs a story around it. And you know the ego is just a bunch of thoughts, right? What you truly are, is Consciousness. There will be suffering for as long as you (mis-)identify with the ego/body. So going from "your own" suffering, you construct a story about the most horrible 'suffering' imaginable... guess who constructs this story? Your ego. Rather than trying to understand this whole thing from the perspective of the ego (as you can see, it doesn't work, ego will create the suffering, then it will create the story around how this 'self'-created suffering is 'bad', and then it will create stories about 'all the suffering in the world', and how that's bad... stories upon stories upon self-referencing stories... ... it would be more productive looking for ways of realizing the truth... That is, that ego is an illusion. Once you see that, all suffering dissipates as if it never existed.
  4. 3 scoops, 27mg? sounds like a lot, but I think I need that much as well... Is there no tolerance build up if you do it that soon after? Psychonautwiki says 1 hour to get half sensitivity, 2 hours for back to baseline. Do you need more for 2nd hit?
  5. @Leo Nordinit's not your true self that has a problem with suffering, that's still your ego. Maybe focus on realizing this suffering you're feeling is a creation, a story of your ego that wants to continue and deepen the feeling of beeing separate Edit: by all means follow your intuition, just don't make up yet more false stories about ego and true self
  6. You might think it's not your problem, but until you transcend/integrate the ego fully, these sort of thoughts will keep appearing, along with suffering. Hmm... normally with each betrayal, the person/ego only adds to itself, not diminishes. You know this, but 'understanding' (at the level of mind/ego) and 'experiencing' (awareness) are slightly different... try working on experiencing. If you're right and you're empty, that's good news, more space for God to enter...
  7. The love you're talking about is egoic love, that expects something in return (even if not explicitly stated). You're waiting for the world to 'get in shape' to be worthy of your love. Who is feeling betrayed? It's just a case of mistaken identity, who you really are, your true nature, cannot be hurt or betrayed. Work on discovering this true nature, then you'll see everyone's actions are not 'evil', only 'insane', coming from the same case of identifying with their ego, and from ignorance of the Truth... You then won't need anything from anyone, and will be free to give your Love, with no attachment, no expectation...
  8. The 'you' who wants to enter god mode will never be able to enter god mode. Because it's an illusion, an identity created in the process of human evolution, the sense of separation.
  9. Don't remember seeing any recommendations for supplements that would be useful before/after 5Meo. In my case, about 6 hours after the experience, I feel an increase in ruminating thoughts, lasting 2-3hours, which I interpret as 'ego backlash'. Wondering if this can be explained by swings in serotonin etc and if there's supplements that may help?
  10. Do you create thought? Think "I wonder what my next thought is going to be", then wait, expecting, see what comes up. Whatever thought comes up, how are 'you' creating it?
  11. @Harmony342see how Jesus reacted, or not reacted