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  1. Prolong as compared to what, an alternative reality where awakening is realized quicker? Apparently there is only one reality, and whatever happens, it's because it had to happen. Stories take as much as they do, and no less. A story here is this: starting off with a thinking-heavy existence (like most people), it is seen as needed to go through the intellectual understanding of non-duality (as impossible as it is), for the separate person to "buy into" it. Going straight for the story of "thoughts are empty, there's no doer etc" wouldn't have gained much traction. The whole existence works so well, like I have designed IT Myself with infinite intelligence
  2. Until the separate individual is realized as illusory, it needs stories, to make the conditioning more transparent and conscious. Which seems to happen there "it gives me a sense of mission that makes me feel as if there's so much to Do (must awaken!) ". Ask yourself, who must awaken? The person that thinks it must awaken, won't make it
  3. Of course it's a story, words cannot express Truth, only point to it. If 'no stories' is a condition for interaction, may as well close down this forum... if it's here, it's a story... 'Use a thorn to remove a thorn '
  4. Where do thoughts appear from? Relax and say "I wonder what my next thought is going to be". Then wait and see. The thought that appears, be it after 1 second, 1 minute, or 5 minutes (well done), is not controlled or generated by anyone. Where does it appear out of? Thoughts appear out of Emptiness. The person, the individual that claims ownership over the thoughts, doesn't exist. What is Emptiness? it is Everything/Reality/Source/God. The separate person thinks that to perform an action, a thought and/or an energy is needed. Since thoughts or energies are appearing out of Emptiness, actions are spontaneously happening, out of the same Emptiness. The person that likes to take credit for any perceived positive actions the body-mind is performing, and assign blame and guilt for any perceived negative actions that are happening, is illusory. There is no owner, no doer, in the sense of a separate individual. Life is just happening, and it is absolute freedom... You are not living life, Life is living you. And the kicker: all those thoughts that set you up for the evolution of Consciousness, are coming from Emptiness as well! that means that Consciousness is becoming conscious of itself, by itself, because of itself! Or another way of saying it: Life is waking Life up.
  5. Interesting how sure you are of your opinion... and how wrong, see above quotes... All I see is a bunch of egos expressing ignorance, and feeling justified in doing so Wake up!
  6. In that case, Jim Newman also ain't got shit...
  7. I see that Jim Newman is always 'on message' and does not go astray, but it can get annoying repeating "the individual cannot get this", "this message is death for the individual" etc... 'my' 'individual' gets this... or maybe it's becoming more and more transparent. When I first listened to the talk with Sam Harris, I was in a non-egoic state (12h after 5Meo), and they both made sense, especially Sam trying to find common ground, and Jim, while understandable what he was doing, trying to keep the message and not dilute it, I felt some people might not get it if it is that intransigent. Ultimately, a few people getting it do not matter, nothing matters, in the non-egoic state it seemed like Sam truly got it... and all I see here is a bunch of egos not getting that
  8. Since you have no direct experience of death, to be consistent with your epistemological position, you have to realize death does not exist... Any thoughts about the fear of death, like all thoughts, appear out of nothingness/emptiness, they are not yours, recognize them as such... and fear falls away having no substance.
  9. 5Meo removed the fear of death. I can't fully let go if this is not fully embodied before each trip: I am ready to die. I am dieing. I am dead.
  10. Oneness is 'much' more than this materialist 'we are all made of the same atoms' idea. Reality is Consciousness and not the material universe.
  11. Even the Negatively polarized beings talked about in the Law of One, cannot maintain the negative polarization past the last half of 6th density... so it is a 'passing' stage
  12. Hmm if even the ayahuasca didn't do much, I would wonder if you're on the spectrum @Gustav? I think they normally need bigger doses for same effects... there was a clip on youtube about a guy that was barely tripping on 6-700ug of LSD
  13. That's just more thinking your mind does to avoid realizing there's nothing to it. Realizing that all experience is "made up" of Knowing, that there's no other substance in all experience but Knowing, means experience happens, things get done, without the need for the mind to delve deep into the imaginary layers it builds up Also, this Knowing is not the Knowing of... something (which would still imply duality, between the experience, and the knowing of it), it's Pure Knowing, the same substance that perceptions, thinking, sensations, feelings are made of... not-two, and That is what You are.