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  1. Delete it right now or something something
  2. It was nothing new, he said all that stuff in the past, in the God realization + What is Love + a few others. Only concentrated in 1 video.
  3. Yes, but if the person is deconstructed enough, seen that it's an illusion, then it's not such a big jump (none at all actually) to the realization that 'people' are same as 'you', unreal. On the other hand, if you're seeing yourself as real (like 99.9999% of humans), it's a big deal to hear that people are not real. Suggestion here is to start inspecting your beliefs about who you are, basically self inquiry. @Nahm had a great post on it a few days ago
  4. Yes to this, but the other part, about 'people' being NPCs/zombies, is not true. People, NPCs, zombies are just thoughts, expressing concepts 'you' made up.
  5. You still think you're a person, and as such, see 'people'. This is why certain concepts are misinterpreted by the 'person' and would not help.
  6. You missed the best part, where Leo wished this type of video would have been available at the beginning of his journey, to save himself some time and confusion... Maybe he'll read this comment and reconsider making it available again. Edit: and just before that, he says his teachings will become more radical and less compromising... And if we don't keep up he's going to 'leave us in the dust'...
  7. Banned! Banned again! this is serious work, don't make a mockery of it!
  8. Not ready for solipsism video - confirmed Guess you didn't get the memo - or didn't perform sufficient deconstruction - yes, on some level (materialistic) brain, memory, ego, drugs etc are connected. On another level, all of the above are simply consciousness interacting with consciousness and the materialistic explanation is not satisfactory. Maybe it'll help there to contemplate the nature of consciousness, the 5 senses (+ thought) and how consciousness is Nothing -> and make it your direct moment to moment experience. It would be easier then to not fall back into thought stories about materialistic explanations.
  9. You seem to give special importance to "your ego and memory bank"... this is all part of materialism, what happens when your ego and memory bank disappear? That's when solipsism and oneness is realized... by no one.
  10. If you're not being ironic, this is exactly why these type of videos can do more harm than good to a certain audience, not sufficiently evolved past the "I want to be smarter/better than the rest" Same with Bentinho Massaro's teachings, for a not sufficiently developed (or dissolved) ego, they are like a selfishness boost on steroids. Sure, he has his disclaimers as well (that you have to be past a stage of development in order to no misapply the teachings), but egos will be egos...
  11. Yes, do not refresh the page... or you'll lose it
  12. Sure, but how useful is it to contemplate any of the infinity of "what about if..." questions, What if I was a space unicorn then re-incarnated as the current experience of typing on a screen... Sounds like mental masturbation but hey... you do you I mean... I'm doing you mental masturbating... No wait that sounds wrong... Well if that's wrong, I don't want to be right...