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  1. Don't forget that it's all pointing to the same "thing", more like no-thing. Let's not get lost in knowing. There is no one here, no one is reading this. ITS THIS. Thiiiiiis, this ... this... this.... also this... this too.. this?... no this.. might be this.. this maybe?... surely it's this right? This this this this this this this. Has the meaning disappeared from this yet? This.
  2. There's is no right or wrong. If it feels right then continue, if not then take a break. There are lots of traps you can fall into, and you will probably fall into a bunch of them, that's what happened here at least. One thing I would recommend to my younger self is to take it easy, don't be so obsessed with the search for enlightenment that it consumes every experience you have. When I was first getting seriously into this stuff I was constantly questioning what was happening, and if "I" was in the "right" consciousness or awareness, sort of arguing with reality. This was a deep trap for me. I could never just let things be as they were. The search enhanced my conflicting ego to a point were I was ungrounded and disconnected from my surroundings. Also take it easy with the psychedelics imo. They can be life changing, but that's because they can be life destroying. Trips and mystical experiences can be mind-blowing and blissful, but they can leave you searching endlessly for that same experience, which is a trap. The ego can create a story about the mystical "state" and that will make anything that is not that "state" feel even more unfulfilling. Story: I had an awakening once where it was very clear that this was it and has always been it, there is nothing wrong because there is no one here for anything to be wrong. One of the main insights was; even if my ego returned it wouldn't matter, because I am whole already, there is nothing that can makes this be other than it is, it can only appear as such. I was certain that this insight wouldn't be forgotten, it was crystal clear. Then 30 minutes later the ego "came back" and said I don't want this, I want whatever that other state was, the THIS this. The thoughts were believed and then I took the train back to egoland, where the insights "this is it" "there is no one and no problem" means nada.
  3. Uuuuuuh. That is very accurate. Thank you. Btw the 2 pictures to the right seem quite negative, is there more messages in there you can scoop out for me ?
  4. This is right on. 100% agree/resonate with this. The thing you said with dimensions upon dimension and stuff in your post seems more to be possibilities inside of this, experiences one can have, or the natural progression of light. (I might have to read it over again). Awakening as I understand it doesn't have anything to do with the contents, it is waking up to the untouched nothingness in which the "contents" arises. Thoughts on this? There is a freshness to your insights that I really resonate with, keep them coming.
  5. Fear of discomfort is on point. Fear of losing money isn't. I have no relationship with money, I throw them away at stupid stuff, I have no job, I live in my parents basement eating hot cheetos whilst playing minecraft, every day. I might go up there one day, they seem like nice people. Thank you for the recommendations, it definitely rings true. My biggest fear is to surrender fully to what is, it is the death of me. The gateless gate shows itself occasionally and I have to leave my ego at the doorstep to enter. Sort of giving up your security blanket to the bodyguard before entering.
  6. What are some steps I can take to improve my life?
  7. This could might aswell have been my words, I have went through the exact same.
  8. Seems like the desire is for this to be known, the desire for the knowing that YOU have reached the end goal of your own disappearance. That YOU have opened yourself up to peace, happiness and unconditional love... Let go of that and there's just what is, whole already. "Problem" is there is no free will, no one to let go, which seems to be the trap for the individual.
  9. Seems like you really resist this message. If you dont judge the message from a standpoint in separation, is the message then really coming from a "guy" who doesn't have an idea what he is talking about? When we find ourselves judging others we can seemingly always find the things we judge others for in ourselves. Try doing thework by Byron Katie on Vegan, I promise you an awakening to more love and openness 😄 only a suggestion. Let me know how it goes. Go to - then download the worksheet.
  10. I'm curious what Tony said about this phenomenon of apparently going in and out of self and nothing. The individual is apparently a loop of seeking energy that traps itself within itself. Every move to get out of the loop is fuelling the loop. The falling away of the individual has nothing to do with the individual itself, as it is the falling away of it DUH lol. Because of that it seems as if the experience of that energy never happened. The individual then apparently pops up again/nothing attaches itself to a position and tries to understand what just happened, and round and round we go again. This is what is happening here. There's an intense amount of egoic energy seemingly attacking itself, then a release of it into unknowing, then the return of the egoic energy, and this just goes on. There is no real problem, obviously, this just seems to be a pattern.
  11. Can't imagine Tony phrasing it like this. I do like this guys videos though.