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  1. What is happening is not real, it has no reality outside of it, no solidity. What is happening is Love, there is no separation, there is no "where" where Love is, there is no "where" where this is really happening. This is love in free fall.
  2. There is apparently something happening but it is empty, it has no reality, and that is nothing happening. Real and unreal. Empty fullness.
  3. There is not appearance now, only apparently. No need to merge with anything, you're already dead.
  4. The one who suffers is illusory, it has no consequence other than for the illusory one who suffers. All there is is unconditional love, there is no other. There is no end, no escape, nowhere to go. You can't escape all there is (because you are not separate from it). The suffering is unconditional love appearing as an experience of a separate "me" in a real world looking for unconditional love/wholeness, it is just a temporary passing of appearance that never happened. Nothing ever happened; real and unreal; unknowable; this.
  5. What is pointed to is not a path, it is the end of any need for a path to get somewhere. It is really close to the least resistance bit, but I wouldn't call it a path. It is the end of heaven pretending like it is hell. 👻
  6. It is letting go of trying to change what is. To make what is fit your idea of perfection. Perfection is already all there is, nothing needs to be done for perfection to be. What is pointed to is simple beyond conception, it is the death of the need to know. Nothing needs to be gotten rid of, every problem that apparently is a barrier between you and wholeness is illusory. It is an energy in the body creating an experience of a personal lack, it is an apparent separation from everything, but that too is wholeness. Duality=me and the world. You can't do it, freedom is already, life is just happening you don't have to realise that life is happening, it is just happening. There is a lot of storytelling and dreaming apparently going on on this forum, the answer is not on this forum, this forum is everything appararing as a forum. "The end of the seeking is the end of the seeker, is the end of the experience, that 'this' is real."- Jim Newman.
  7. Not trying to search is not a path. Not trying to search = Not on a path. Trying not to search is different, here there is someone searching to stop searching, and that is right, all seeking is equally pointless.
  8. Why not? Who is making the rules? Who is afraid of getting this wrong? Who is fooling itself? Authority gets destroyed when the person falls away, it is the end of the games. No one has the truth, that is the last thing you want to hear, but it is also the freedom and unconditional love that is longed for, but you can't have it. Giving others the authority of supreme knowing is a security blanket for 'me', at least I know that there is a truth that will some day make me whole: There isn't, there is only wholeness, which can appear as anything including an experience of lacking wholeness.
  9. When you visualise enlightenment you probably visualise some kind of state that is superior to your current state and other people's state. A peaceful, calm, open, happy, more aligned than everyone else kind of state. That is all enlightenment is, a dream of better. A dream for me to cover up the fact that I'm hopelessly shooting in the dark for something to fill the hole that can not be filled. Reason it can't be filled is because it is fullness appearing as unfullfilment looking for fullness.
  10. Yea, there are probably a couple of sociopaths claiming to be enlightened. People are attracted to them because they play the role so well. Every person claiming to be enlightened are frauds, apparently. This is just play, bearded people sitting on thrones acting like they have something that you need to become like them, subtlety implying that you're not whole already. The search for enlightenment is an illusory reality, everything dreaming.
  11. Now stay there. You don't even have to stay there, you're already there, and there is no there. Shallow tips and tricks to get out of "your" situation will do nothing, they come from a place of ignorance in terms of understanding existential meaninglessness/hopelessness. There is no prescription here, being fucked is happening, now stay fucked, the loop is constantly denying what is and looking for a better "what is" to come.
  12. What you are longing for is the death of being aware of existence. Being aware of existence is a dream in an utter silent void. This is just a picture to you though, you have no idea what that means.