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  1. Okay, yeah, I think they’ll take all the help they can get. Good for you. All of the best. Good luck! 🙏
  2. If Ralph symbolises other human beings separate from you, then I, in this case, would be Ralph, to you. This would mean that the person behind these words and this account called “traveler,” is merely a concept in your mind, and when you stop focusing on me I cease to exist. Please do not stop focusing on me then! “I’m scared” says Traveler. You are making a dangerous assumption when you compare Ralph to human beings. Yes, Ralph is a concept. No, I am not a concept. I can assure you, I am very separate from you, and I have a whole life totally different from yours. I have a family, I have friends, I had a broken hand and got my cast off a week ago after having it on for 4 weeks. Terrible experience, but I learned a lot. I am going on vacation tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. I packed my bags today. I just gave my friend some of the food from my fridge, because it would go bad anyway when I’m away. I’m laying in my bed right now. Get out of your head. Touch grass. Get in touch with reality. What got me in touch with reality was Jesus Christ. I’d recommend listening to him.
  3. My last post before today was July 2023, before that was 2021. I visit here maybe once every 6 months. It is a valid point, but realise I’m not here to argue, I’m actually trying to help you.
  4. Thank you for your reply. Most of my comment wasn’t aimed directly at you, it was more so a comment on the dangers of the “I’m God” or “No Self” framework that exists on this forum. I had the impulse to go off when I read your topic so I did. I don’t know you personally, and I’m not trying to force you to humble yourself; I’m advising it, to everyone. It is impossible to humble yourself if you think you are the only conscious being alive and everyone else are figments of your imagination though. There has to be something above you, for you to be humble; in many cultures, that is God. Many people are humble enough to put God above themselves. In modern spirituality, inspired by Eastern teachings, we call ourselves God, or this happening - God. That is were the cognitive dissonance and mental illness starts; solipsism >>my experience is the only experience because I can’t proof other people have experiences, which means everyone else are NPC’s and I’m the main character <<, the most arrogant and immature conclusion. By believing that, you are basically saying you are the most important person alive. Even worse; the only one 🤣 Also, I’d just like to put this out there, because as I said; I had problems knowing what was mine and what was others’, and I could never know, because I lived under a paradigm that didn’t distinguish were I ended and other people began. Aaron Daughty’s framework technique won’t help as it attempts to heal the symptom, not the cause. I actually tried that technique; evidence that I suffered from the same thing as you. This is not a personal attack but I got to say; spend enough time on a forum like this and you’ll start making pure nonsense claims like:
  5. Also; I have a hard time believing the whole world is against you, so more accurately I should say: who cares about what you think other people think… Obviously you, now stop being at war with imaginary scenarios.
  6. If you wanna practice yoga, go practice yoga… who cares what other people think? Obviously you, now stop that. It is freeing to realise that people don’t care as much about you as you think they do.
  7. First step is to get off this forum. Spirituality is a dangerous thing. I’ve been far down the rabbit hole, and it never ends. I see people on here that I saw years ago when I was active, still discussing the same topics: “Am I real or not?” “Do others have experiences, or am I the only one?” “Are we all one, or are we not? How can I make this make sense?” It is endless, and it is a dark, dark place to be. You are not God. Yeah, God might appear to be hidden in these words, and this message might be interpreted by you to be written by God. I can assure you it is not written by God, but a 24 year old soon to be 25 year old white man from Denmark. But if you are deep down the rabbit hole enough, that assurance will just look like another trick of “the illusion,” a part of the deceiving nature of “the dream.” 💀 It doesn’t help that this place is ridden with other mentally and spiritually ill people who call themselves God and claim to “not be here” either. 😆 I read someone on here referring to people as lifeless bags. That is very concerning. I’ve had a similar problem with empathy as you. I also had a hard time understanding what were my feelings and what were others'. I also had a hard time making sense of the “we are all one, and we are all God.” I had big “awakening” experiences that somewhat proved this to be the case, so I was out and about, shouting the truth from the rooftops, proving people wrong with my bulletproof truth claims. After all; I’d seen the truth with my own eyes, or so I liked to believe, and make other people believe. The problem was that something felt wrong, off; I felt like something didn’t make sense, but my ego convinced me that I had the answer, I just had to realize it “more fully.” The first step to mental health, love, and happiness, is to realize that YOU are NOT God. God created you. This will humble you. Then, you realize, YOU are NOT all-knowing. This will humble you. Then you realize that you SIN; you’ve hurt others and yourself, but there is one who has never sinned, according to history. This will humble you. Then you stop listening to “spiritual teachers” and “gurus”; wolves in sheep’s clothing, and you start listening to him, and you go to him alone for answers. This will fill your heart with love. You are no longer alone in an unknown, uncaring universe; you live here with people that are just as valuable as yourself, with a steadfast knowledge of right and wrong, and that right is right and wrong is wrong. Slowly, the cognitive dissonance goes away as you wake up from “wake up culture.” You step out of the darkness and into life. You get hope back, real hope. The teachings of “no hope” were the blind leading the blind. Humble yourself before him, and he will save you from this hellhole. I didn’t grow up Christian, I just had the fortunate good sense not to let my spiritual ego and preconceived ideas of Christianity and Jesus hold me back from going to the source document to find out for myself what the man claimed and taught. I’m happy I did that. His teachings are miles ahead of every spiritual teacher or guru I’ve ever listened to, and that includes Adyashanti, Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Parsons, Leo Gura, Jim Newman, Andreas Müller, Rupert Spira, Gangaji, Papaji, and the list goes on.
  8. Look for yourself. There is nothing. Here are words appearing out of that. Here is a screen appearing out of that. Here is the mind trying to understand it. Here is the mind applying language in an attempt to communicate it. How can you communicate nothing, when language is invented to communicate something? It is a dead end. Every teaching you listen to, and every string of words you read, that tries to communicate nothing/everything, is what you are looking for, acting as if it is not. I haven't been on this forum for a couple of years, I just had an impulse to check out what is going on here. I see people from back then still spouting nonsense till this day. No one can really tell you what to do. I can't say that you should leave this forum and forget about all of this, because chances are you can't. I couldn't, until I did. But this is a dead end, and it will always be. Life doesn't come with a manual, you just have to live it. Every person on here is sitting behind a phone screen or computer screen typing in words, and some will think it means something. Some person could say "there is no one here, there is no one typing," alright, but if I tracked your IP address and flew to your house and shouted your name from outside your window. You would stop writing, get up out of your bed and look outside your window. I would then continue to provoke you to come outside, and we would have a street fight right then and there. Then, after I won, I would go inside your house, go to on your computer and send a GIF of a monkey dancing to Leo with a link to this song: Then he would reach full enlightenment and we would all be saved!
  9. It’s rational until you step outside of the cloudy haze called fear. With all the fear mongering news that people are bombarded with and freely consume on a daily basis, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that peoples perception of the threat level is totally skewed. Most don’t even do their own research, they just listen to the news and read click bait fear inducing articles without looking further into the matter.
  10. I can actually do almost all of those things without having the vaccine, minus going to clubs which I don't anyway. Luckily it's not as extreme in Denmark as it is in other countries. This does not really apply to anything I've said, so I can't comment on that. Don't really get where you stand.
  11. There has been an increase of young people getting heart related conditions (myocarditis and pericarditis) after getting the vaccine. Medical whistleblowers have claimed that the number of heart related cases are much higher than what is reported by health organizations. This is a risk not worth taking, imo.
  12. “Me” criticising a character called “Leo” is still supreme energy appearing in that form. You start of by stating there is a “fundamental problem here” and end with “There is no problem.” There is indeed no problem here, energy appearing as a critique of Leo is not fundamentally a problem. It arises freely and does not disturb anything.