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  1. True but still I believe if parents are aware enough, they can prevent or even solve such traumas
  2. "... severely traumatized as children". I always think how nice it would be if having children were limited to a certain group of people who were well educated in 'how to raise a kid'. Not everybody deserve to be a parent.
  3. I usually drive for 1 or 2 hours. It's great
  4. U can try Alan Watts books.
  5. We really can't tell you what to choose. If you want to develop a skill, it should be what you have passion for. I think it would be nice if you spend some time thinking about what you really want to do. It shouldn't be all about money.
  6. I would learn more computer skills like programming, web design and analytical software
  7. Your answer is in your question. Why u seek happiness in achievement and success??
  8. It needs some time to dig inside and self inquiry. I strongly think passion is inside people somewhere and needs to be found.
  9. @m0hsen 😀 Well it's not a destination of course but maybe a temporary scape since it's close and easy to immigrate for while. Of course he can get his house and scape form tribal society he lives in. It's just a quick and temporary solution
  10. Why don't u come to Iran?! It's easy to travel, not much money is needed and it's so close. Although it's not easy to live here l due to sanctions, inflations and other stuff, there is no problem with getting a house and live alone. Nowdays many girls and boys live alone here and it not frowned upon anymore. I myself got a house and left my hometown recently and I am living a single life. Mashhad is a good city for you. There are lots of Iraqi here. It's touristy and u can work in a hotel, teach English or other stuff.
  11. I think being happy should not be the purpose. I believe doing what you love to do, being where you want to be, loving your job, knowing you are developing emotionally and physically, and being around people who are supportive and loving is the purpose. When you have all of these, even if bad things happen to you or you are sad for any reason, you would still be happy. That's my favorite paradox. I think maybe the true happiness, the one that never last, is to be in the path of life that you enjoy.
  12. So if u your mental patterns are unhealthy and it makes you choose a inappropriate partner, you would go for it because it's based on attraction! @Logan then u choose going with unhealthy patterns?
  13. My question is if a person has unhealthy patterns!