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  1. @Nivsch I can do that. But I wanna change it. I don't want that fantacy.
  2. @DrewNows It was a nice order to explain food history.
  3. @Nickyy I checked the website. It seems great. I will start to learn from it. Thank you
  4. @Nickyy as you said I need some basic knowledge about food. I am reading some books. But at the mean time I also like to cook some healthy food. Can you introduce me a book or YouTube channel that is for staters?
  5. @Nickyy niceee... I would like to hear your experiences on this.
  6. Yaaaaa. Chamomile is also for sleeping
  7. I am really into herbal tea and borage flower tea works like sleeping pill for me. It's purple but when you pure some lemon in it, it turns pink I love it
  8. Yes of course.
  9. You need to eat the dinner soon. There was not even once I could sleep well when I had dinner just before bed. Recently I drink borage flower tea before sleep. It is really great for insomnia.
  10. @Anna1 You are a good girl in sex
  11. @Austin Actualizing I will check it out. Thank you