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  1. That's what I meant. Isn't it the sort of feminine feeling u look for?
  2. @Don Wei well it takes time to adapt to new situation and your new situation is so big. Perhaps it's the lack of social life as u mentioned. But it must be ok if u feel u did the right thing.
  3. @TripleFly perhaps it's the love u create for people around U! Plants are like babies to me. I enjoy feeding them and take care of them
  4. That's what I meant by enjoying your major. It feels so great when your education is along with your purpose
  5. I have found taking care of a plant to be feminine. Well it's personal experience. I haven't heard it anywhere!
  6. Living in a third world country is so hard that just leaving it for a better country seems like a dream! But it must not be a purpose. Leaving your country just for the sake of leaving seems a mistake to me. Because u must have a plan after that. I hope u like the major u study and u have a plan to do something with it because that's a purpose which can get u out of the depression and hollowness u described.
  7. What a nice experience... enjoyed reading it
  8. I heard it happens when you are in the right place in the right time. It's like destiny is giving u a sign: you are where u supposed to be
  9. @Carl-Richard ya it's true. It takes a lot of time though
  10. @Opo I meant knowing which can be useful and which not. Like using them as medicine
  11. choose wisely this time plzzzzzzz and remember your votes effects us also @Opo
  12. For me dizziness is often because of anemia. I take pills and it goes away usually. And my sleep problems went away also when I quit caffeine. So maybe you wanna try them.
  13. Your genius government made our life like hell here.
  14. It would be great if the money which goes to prohibition drugs, went to proper education of how not to use and not to use drugs!
  15. Oh ya exactly. Any change in my so called normal situation, panics me as well. I can't let go of myself and I ruin my lucid dreams, astral projections and meditation.