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  1. Well ya, but in Islam the differences are enormous!
  2. Regarding Islam, the interesting thing is that it appears differently in different places. It is one thing in Iran, another thing is Afghanistan and Pakistan and totally different in the West. I am thinking of developing the theory of "geographical Islam"
  3. Maybe a Persian poem from Rumi. Persian written words looks great for tattoos. Looks kindda mysterious
  4. I got the habit to talk and touch the trees alot more after one of his videos
  5. Maybe, but they have twisted it so much. I mean for example they have made concepts of heaven and hell with so much detail !
  6. As I see it, the eastern talk about spirituality and enlightenment more directly. Islam and Christianity and Judaism have many valuable lessons but I don't know why they kindda hide enlightenment in the technicalities!
  7. I think u need to breakup not merely because of long distance relationship. But because people change! Even if u r together in a same city, in 6 years u two can greatly grow apart let alone in two different countries specially in young ages. Some people are not meant to stay in your life forever. U can love them and let them go at the same time. I think if u continue this relationship, u will gradually take apart!
  8. I say "I do. But not in the way that u define God". And the follow up question always is "how do u define God?" And my answer always is " I don't share it my thoughts and beliefs. I will not start a philosophical discussion with u"
  9. Slow down I meant some small behavioural features like jealousy or being judgmental
  10. @BenG that I need to be more realistic and do not waste my time on this woo woo concepts. That I will be a drug addict and schizophrenic person in this path . And the funny part for people is that I study science @Vivaldo well I learned my lesson and I would never talk about this stuff with anyone anymore. Do the same
  11. Of course I hesitate. Anytime I have done that, it ended up in me being the stupid one and I had to hear a looooooooong speech about how I am loosing my senses and how logic Is the only way in life. I never do that anymore
  12. "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself" As long as you are conscious about it, what's wrong with having preferences????
  13. I read something somewhere like this: "when some particular trait in others bothers you, it's because u yourself have that particular train in you".
  14. I love the limitations that I have as a human
  15. I haven't seen any frustration in this way. Everything I have gained was extremely satisfying and eye opening that I am grateful for all. I don't mean it was easy and lovely and I was happy the whole time. I meant even the hardest moment that I was dying out of emotional pain, it was satisfying!