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  1. "What's your purpose in life?"
  2. To improve your speaking u need to increase the amount of your language input (reading and listening). As you increase it and then trying to use them in your speaking, you can improve your speaking. That's what worked for me well.
  3. I could never watch her videos to the end... there is something about her that is so repellent to me and I still don't know what!!!!
  4. Many countries build their educational system individualistic. If you want to see the best collaborative educational system check Japan's.
  5. @outlandish you are right. I have no aim to give up. Just right now I think there is nothing to do. People are bipolar here. It's nothing I can do for them that won't end up to getting myself killed.
  6. @Nabd it's not about US or Isreal as long as we have our dear governments to ruin the country.
  7. I don't think it's the beliefs that are stubborn. It's the ego. The ego usually resist change. If you want to be a person who is easy-going to change his beliefs or a person who consider all beliefs as true as his, you need to know your ego.
  8. That's exactly their logic. There is actually a funny example they always use. They say women are chocolate and if you have no cover to protect yourself you attract insects
  9. @Derek White @sultan_zayed Thank you for the support guys
  10. @Jonac well Iran is a mess because they have mixed religion with every aspect of everything such as politic, private lives, media, education and etc. When I say politic you should know all laws and government in Iran is followed by the law of Islam. We are forced to cover our hair and wear long dresses against our will. If sb do a mistake he should be punished how Islam says. Imagine every aspects of law such as marriage, inheritance, woman's rights and so on is decided by the law which have been written 1000 years ago. Then of course it is our private lives. We should not be seen with a strange man in public by police. Because then they ask how u two are related to each other and why a man and a woman who are not related (such as brother and sister or husbands and wife) should go out!? They are controlling ever aspect of our lives. They fire people, imprison them, lash them because of their personal relationship, drinking alcohol and their personal beliefs. In school we are taught about Islam, Quran, Arabic language. Other books such as literature and history is again about Islam and Iran only. Of course people here drink alcohol, have sex, go out with strange men and women and all sort of things they consider taboo, but we are breaking the law ALL THE TIME. If they caught us they punish us. This paradox that exist in law and people's everyday lives is creating pressure on people. Because we are hiding everything and we are not free. And of course add the pressure of fucked Iranian economics and unemployment rates and corruption in politicians and government. This is what have happened up to few years ago. Now, plus all I said, things such as murdering people in street, firing rocket to passenger airplane, blocking internet access all over tge country and imprisoning people are happening almost every week. And this my friend, is why Iran is such a mess these days This was the most complete, up to the point and the most comprehensive answer I have given in my life
  11. @Jonac I am in the heart of the mess I will explain it for you if you want!