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  1. I've been doing it for a looooong time and it's one of my best habits. It helped me to overcame many of my bad behaviours by making me conscious of my exact feelings. It will help you alot.
  2. Maybe it's about you! Maybe it's not about them! Maybe your attitude impulse such feeling on others! Maybe I used the word "maybe" alot Seriously, I think your behaviour should be in a way to attract people toward self actualization! And if people still resist and hate you, well, its not your fault. For me it's black and white! People either hate me or love me!! No middle feeling
  3. I have the same question as well. I meditate lying down and I always thought maybe its not the correct way to do so!
  4. Not all people prefer a simpler life!
  5. It's not the marriage that makes any difference, it's your understanding of marriage. I think people who dont want to marry are actually afraid of commitment! They afraid to get stuck with one person forever because of a commitment they have made on a paper. They don't want to be forced to stay with someone. Although brrakup and divorce are one thing, people want to leave whenever they want without breaking any oath!!! However all these concepts seem to be the same, people draw a huge and dramatic line between them!
  6. Maybe it's because your feelings are mingled with the feelings of lost! You know the thing that you have experienced and was extremely good is not going to be repeat again and it makes you sad.
  7. I don't think having sex causally can possibly satisfy a person mentally. It's even more true for girls. A big part of sex for me is about that intimacy and the feeling of belonging to one.
  8. @seeking_brilliance I will search them all Thank you
  9. I meant it was more like I was trying to create a dream more by thinking rather seeing! Too many technical words u used I don't understand
  10. @seeking_brilliance I can't send the money!
  11. @Serotoninluv I do it when I am awake to make a habit for when I am dreaming! I just consciously check around to see if everything is normal!
  12. @Serotoninluv I actually wanted to talk about it! My reality check is to look around carefully for something odd, Look out the window, listening to the sounds, remembering where did I get where I am, looking at my hand... the last time I entered lucid dreaming was like this: I was looking for almonds under a table and I did reality check that how I get here? Why am I looking for almonds? then it was ONNNN