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  1. @RMQualtrough It's one of those things that as I said is technically illegal, so you wouldn't do it out in public, but the police genuinely do not care about that sort of stuff these days, as far as I can see anyways, the UK police have far more pressing things to worry about.
  2. An extremely interesting post that speaks for itself, many of you will find this very insightful. Psychedelics currently in the UK are lumped in with the 'drug' category and are still illegal, it has been that way for some time now, although a huge amount of people use it and the police don't enforce it as it is of course a victimless crime, same with weed. It's one of those grey areas that while it is technically 'illegal' people just don't really care about it being used, you overhear it in conversations and don't really care.
  3. A few of you may have been wondering that I have been off the grid for a while (probably not as I am not a massively active member of this forum). I am going through a process of extreme change and it is one of the biggest challenges I have ever gone through, I just wanted to send my best wishes off to all of you on this forum, I hope that when I return I am stronger and able to contribute to it more, I hope all of you keep well.
  4. @Phyllis Wagner Stocks can be good to look at in moderation. Clean energy is a good bet at the moment in time, seeing as companies are finally pulling their head out of their ass and starting to make products environmentally viable. Investing in environmentally friendly energy might be a good idea. Just a thought.
  5. Joe Biden Predictable behavior as usual. I doubt he is even calling the shots though, I imagine VP Harris and the rest of his cabinet are doing the thinking for him.
  6. @Preety_India Short answer, no, it's inappropriate in my opinion.
  7. You fools! You have awakened the No-Fap brigade!
  8. @Extreme Z7 Thank you for sharing this. The guy is actually very likable and seems deeply sincere, it's good to here another perspective at least. Although I wish he went into more detail about Trumpo.
  9. @John Mitchell I would like to copy your question. 'Does everyone in the public recognize you and how do these interactions go for those who do?'
  10. The thought of either Sharpiro or Carlson as President of anything should be enough to scare the living hell out of anyone LOL.
  11. @Leo Gura I agree wholeheartedly with this decision, it's been a long time coming. I am normally against more restrictions and control but in this particular case I think this is what the forum needs. It's time to troll-cull !
  12. @eluumyratin76 This is an extremely interesting question and one I have spent hours contemplating. It's good of you to have brought it to light. I can't really speak as I have never been addicted or any conventional drug, illegal or legal. But the key here is trust. Food for thought: if heroin became legal, would you feel safer because it would be in a way that is legal and prevents black market dealings/the quality would be safer? Or would you, like me, feel very uncomfortable because you don't trust most of the people around you and know that a lot of them would start becoming junkies, and this time, their heroin induced antics would be seen as normal and legal?
  13. Does anyone have anything else to contribute to this, I'm sure people must have?
  14. @Sleyker Thankyou for sharing, that is a touching story!
  15. Banning Abortion does not reduce the number of Abortions, don't know how many times I have heard this! Women will do it ANYWAY, illegal or legal. Illegal just leads to dangerous back-street abortions which put the mother and fetus at major risk, if they want to do it then they will do it, it's really as simple as that. Abortion needs to be safe and legal for society to function properly, as long as it is not encouraged and women understand what they are doing when doing it. Most up to date countries have learnt this and that suffering on a whole is reducing massively in society when it is kept legal (again, not encouraged and with restrictions of course, no late third trimester abortions for no good reason for example).