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  1. @soos_mite_ah Damn, someone has been doing their research. Thank you for sharing and well done!
  2. @Nak Khid Can you imagine this twat as President? Jesus, and I thought Trump was bad! He somehow manages to make Trump look coherent and eligible by comparison, which is a pretty hard thing to do. It seems to be across the world the political candidates just seem to be getting worse and worse. I dread to think who we will have next here over in the UK, bad enough we already have clown 'con-servative' BJ.
  3. Also, this '2nd Amendment' is not an argument. If the Government wanted to wipe out the US populace, for example, with it's military force, it would be over a matter of weeks, owning a gun would make no difference if the government suddenly decided to attack it's own people...regardless of how much people like to delude themselves that having a poncy little gun could ward off an entire army.
  4. @Unwiring Thanks for bringing up this question. I live in the UK and I actually think the law here is correct, you can only own a gun for very specific hunting purposes or as a senior police member. I want everyone on here to just ask themselves the simple question, do you feel safer knowing that the average citizen, and how emotionally unstable people can be can just go and buy a gun at a local shop? Or do you feel safer knowing the only people who have them are highly trained members of the police who will only use them in extremely rare circumstances? The answer to me is obvious. Of course there will be issues with the black market and illegal imports, but the stats don't lie: you are 100x more likely to get shot in the US than in the UK, and that is including if they made the UK the size of the US for comparison. Over here in the UK we don't worry about being shot or anything of the sort unless it is a place like London, which is a completely different situation entirely. Countries with liberal gun laws (generally) as well have a HUGE problem with police brutality, as evident again of course in the US. I would rather everyone else not have guns, even if I know that if I had one I would be responsible with it and only ever use it in a life-death situation.
  5. @Husseinisdoingfine Excellent analysis! I agree wholeheartedly. Joe Biden sucks. You see what many do not. PragerU is a pretty good troll channel to be fair, always good for a laugh (to laugh at). What is even funnier is that people take the channel seriously!
  6. @Amit Hey I was gonna post this! Thief ! That's a great idea though, sort of like a A.O council? It would be great to be a part of something like that.
  7. @Freakyboo Probably not, but I have a dark sense of humor, unfortunately. Also, I didn't mean Trump's actions are funny, I mean I like to laugh at him as a person, being as weird as he is.
  8. I'll leave it at that for now, otherwise I could be posting another 10 or so songs lol!
  9. @ActualizedDavid
  10. @WonderSeeker I got a few to share, if that is OK with you! This is a great post, good on you for creating it. I will share them later on today...hopefully more people on here can get involved in this thread.
  11. @louhad Interesting question Master Roshi! I honestly think he is sold on them. He is craftier than he presents himself. All I know is that he is the funniest US President to date!
  12. @Vipassana Not a chance in hell! Good question though, it needed to be asked.