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  1. Warning against turning non-duality into a philosophy/taking pointers literally/rationalizing away your humanity.
  2. Doesn't sound coherent enough to be useful. Do you think this will work like a Zen koan or something, by confusing or shocking people awake? In my opinion, it is Just being "deep" and confusing people with dramatic poetry.
  3. Acceptance is the absence of resistance. Hence it's not really a process or thing. It's the absence of a contrary one, if that makes sense. Not sure what you mean by inner silence, but whether your mind is silent doesn't actually play a role.
  4. Purging definitely can happen in dreams. Somewhere it is said if you had to purge all your karma in your waking life it'd be hell. Also, dreams can be a good indicator of how many blockages or karma you have left to burn. It seems that as blockages get removed, dream topics get fewer and fewer until after complete liberation you stop dreaming completely.
  5. @Fountainbleu My heart goes out to you, this seems terrible. And I honestly have no idea. On one hand I'd like to say if suffering is already enormous there isn't much to lose in trying to learn to cope better, on the other hand there can be some tough times on the enlightenment path depending on how you guy about it and how deep you go. I kinda wanna say go for it, because if you do make it it is absolutely worth it. Please message me if you want to talk about it, maybe I can help. I hope I can.
  6. Don't think so, no. I used to follow Jan for a while. The kundalini path is a valid one to an extent I guess but Jan's perspective is limited. All the pearl stuff etc is a distraction from my point of view, chasing of experiences. Very profound ones I'm sure but still.
  7. You talk about throwing aside all beliefs and then you talk about having a metaphysical position. These do not go together.
  8. Let's see if you maintain that position while in deep suffering yourself.
  9. Please get outta there fast. Like Leo said, don't wait for courage or an opportunity, just make this the only option in your mind and do it.
  10. I am open to being wrong. I have more reasons than Sadhguru's word or anything related to assume there may be truth to what I said though.
  11. He was originally planning to leave after concencrating the Dhyanalinga. Which is why he put so much of his energy into it it damaged him physically. But for unknown reasons he decided to stay, and it's been nearly two decades since.
  12. @BeyondForm Mahasamadhi is a real thing but it is so advanced and rare I doubt you'll ever have to worry about it. It can happen when all the blockages in the person's system (not counting purely physical things) have been dissolved and their energy reaches an immense stillness, which is paradoxically too overwhelming for the body to maintain, so it can leave the body. There are people who've meditated for decades (known examples Adyashanti, Mooji, Rupert Spira, Peter Ralston, Shinzen Young, etc) and had all kinds of enlightements, insights, and experiences, yet they are nowhere near that advanced. It'll take incredible luck, grace, or multiple lifetimes of work to embark upon a state where you're close to mahasamadhi. If you're wondering how this could possibly be assumed, there are energetically sensitive people who can feel into someone's state and tell quite a lot of detail about it in some cases. Sadhguru is there (self-proclaimedly he's had multiple enlightened lifetimes) and his wife actually left the body. And these are the only known examples, out of countless yogis and gurus. So really, don't worry about it.
  13. Yep @NoSelfSelf there isn't much a point after enlightenment as far as I can tell. Maybe if you wanna open the other chakras besides your crown, in the case you used a different method for enlightenment, kundalini is one viable option. But if you've cleared/opened all the other chakras with kundalini your crown is probably open and you're enlightened.
  14. It does sound like you're escaping/suppressing. Mindfulness and equanimity by themselves aren't an escape, if they're applied to what would naturally come up for you, which is sadness, as you say. An escape isn't fundamentally bad of course. You do it because it makes it easier to cope and, I would assume, function in your life. @Ape