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  1. Yes, you should listen to your inner wisdom. Your passion comes first, contribution follows from that. This is crucial. You may love something seemingly silly like building lego sculptures. If that's the case, make that work for you. Thinking "but my passion doesn't help the world, I should do something more meaningful" is moralistic and counterproductive. Contribution is a big aspect of life purpose but your life purpose is for YOU, not for others. Love ya, Markus
  2. Such experiences happen, for various reasons. It's not enlightenment, it's just a nice experience. And there's nothing wrong with that. Music can be relaxing and if you listen to it with concentration, it can be quite incredible. Concentration calms down your mind so you may notice things you haven't noticed before. However, if you can reach a similar state without needing any external stimulation (music or whatever else), that's even more incredible. So if you listen to music, or do anything else, by all means do it in a meditative fashion, but do also keep a meditation habit where you sit without distractions, because that is more potent.
  3. Are you people on here fucking serious? Some of these responses honestly make me sick. A person gets physically abused and you respond with intellectual theorizing about what she should do differently to not bring it upon herself again. You're asking her to take responsibility for another person's problems. And she already is blaming herself. So many people make a mockery of teaching love and acceptance by losing any sense of pragmatism and responsibility and in that way enabling abuse. Disgusting. The way your brother is behaving is completely unacceptable. And it's not your fault. Him having psychological problems doesn't make enabling him any more right. Actions must have consequences, fault is irrelevant. Your brother must be held accountable for his actions. If he's attacked you once he can damn well do it again. @AilinKyung If he ever physically assaults you again, you call the police. Period. I understand that your family may want to protect your brother but that's still horrible. You have a right not to be beaten on. Also, if there's some way for you to move elsewhere, do so.
  4. The issue is not all the things that are "wrong" with you. You have a self-antagonistic attitude. Change that instead. And you don't do that by trying to change yourself, but by loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are, unconditionally, with all your perceived flaws and imperfections. Leo has a video on self-acceptance. Also watch Matt Kahn, that might help. And it might be useful to ask yourself the question you're asking us: Why do you not love yourself? You can first start on the rational level until you realize at least intellectually that how you are is not your fault, and being unloving is always stupid. Then you can bring awareness to your self-antagonistic thoughts, emotions, beliefs, stories etc. Also, simply loving yourself helps, which is easier done than said. Love ya, Markus
  5. What you're talking about is a concept of the present moment, as it exists in time. Time itself is a concept. You can never be anywhere else but in the present. Your thoughts of past and future happen in the present just as much as your sensory perceptions.
  6. @Seed Don't expect enlightenment to change anything about your personality, your traumas, etc. Change is relative. Enlightenment is the realization of the Absolute. With it your body, mind, personality, traumas, memories will no longer be YOU. So you won't care, because there's nobody there. There's nobody inside your skull, or anywhere. There may be a full range of thoughts and emotions but they'll be just that - thoughts and emotions.
  7. You will experience all emotions just like you do now. Difference is you're completely fine with them. You're fine with being sad, angry, in pain etc. There's no more contraction or resistance to experience.
  8. Yeah, it's fine to consider it nerve activity. Labels don't really matter.
  9. They describe legitimate energetic nexuses or whatever you want to call them. Know plenty of people who've had chakra activity with Kundalini. For example I felt pressure in the location that correlates to the 3rd eye chakra after receiving shaktipat. Didn't even care for chakras or believe in them before that. Now I think they're real, whether you call them chakras or something else.
  10. Everything is in Consciousness. Anything you might consider to be outside of consciousness is just a belief, an idea - that may very well be useful, but it is still just an idea. Just like the idea of the "I" that's going to die. Where is that I in your consciousness?
  11. I don't think it'll make you trip more effectively. It's just that the combined energy from nofap plus a strong psychedelic might be enough to awaken your kundalini. Basically, it takes a certain amount of energy for that to happen. One can try to do it via practicing kundalini yoga or whatnot, but the shaktipat master I've worked with says that's pretty much futile. One can do it via shaktipat where the guru transfers some of his energy to you, to cross the treshold. Even with shaktipat though certain practices are necessary. The psychedelics + nofap is just another combo that I know to have worked for a friend of mine. He did Ayahuasca and had been on nofap for a couple months. Two other friends/aquaintances, one of them did 5-MeO on top of Ayahuasca, which is dangerously stupid and damaged his heart, but his Kundalini awakened. He didn't really know anything about Kundalini until after that event when he started searching what's going on with him. The other did 5-MeO multiple times (was a follower of Martin Ball), don't know if he was on nofap or not. He also had a pretty rough ride but he's doing better now. I would caution though that doing too many psychedelics might be damaging - the friend who did 5meO has problems with excess salivation. He went on to learn how to assess people's energy and said Martin Ball's upper chakras were damaged, which would explain why his state doesn't correspond to any of the states of enlightenment people go through according to several maps. So psychedelics can be hazardous to the energetic system it seems.
  12. A shaktipat initiation. And while someone here has mentioned it only works for a small number of people, from what I've observed that is not true. I only have experience with Jan Esmann's initiation but it seems to have worked for a vast majority who got it. He also says trying to awaken kundalini through yoga practice alone is next to impossible. Secondly, I know some people whose kundalini awakened from 5-MeO DMT, regular DMT or Ayahuasca, more reliable when combined with abstaining from ejaculation for a couple months. Compared to shaktipat their kundalini process started off with much greater speed and unpleasantness.
  13. How's that worked for you? Curious.
  14. You know that you have to move on. So do so. Might be an emotionally difficult decision for you but you'll feel a lot better after a while. You're working against yourself in trying to get her back - doesn't do any good to you or her.
  15. The world doesn't owe you anything. And nobody's words here can help you if you're not willing to take criticism. You want to TAKE something, GET something. But what are you providing? Why exactly do you deserve a girlfriend? Your despair and neediness is worse than zero value to her, it's negative value. It's like you think you deserve a 50,000$ car without paying for it, because you want it so badly, and you also expect the person who gives it to you for free to pay for gas and maintenance.