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  1. @AlwaysBeNice the first point is semantics, I could as well say it causes physical damage. The other stuff is demonstrably false, though I hope you won't have to find out via personal experience. I get why you'd not believe it since these things are quite rare.
  2. I have a theory about that, based on the experience of two acquaintances as well as energy readings of them + Martin Ball. One is a case of obvious abuse where 5meo was mixed with another psychedelic, the other one just did it a dozen times in about a year (if I remember correctly + don't know dosages). Both had a kundalini activation, the former went through months of a horrible dark night and the latter had an insane amount of kriyas (energy movements) pretty much constantly. What I think is going on is the substances (most likely in excess) releasing a lot of energy in the system, more than the body can deal with, and that damaging the subtle body and leaving it vulnerable to energetic influences, which then allows astral energies, that literally feel foreign and out of one's control, influence the body and mind. And I'm quite sure that's where the idea of negative energies, entities or demons "possessing" a person comes from - it's a projection onto how it feels like. Martin Ball mentioning doing weird things like the God voice and barking like a dog sounds exactly like that. And the two people I know struggled with experiences of possession and even attacks at various points. I know people who can sense people's energies and have noticed a similar presence of foreign "entities" in Martin, the people I mentioned, and a few teachers. In most cases it seems simply weird rather than flat-out bad for the person afflicted but in worse cases it's quite hellish.
  3. Pretty sure he's not. Not in the way we use the term anyhow.
  4. @The White Belt What's the result of all this though? You feel better when you're high, you feel fascinating things - duh! But are you actually growing? And is there actual chance of this leading to abiding non-dual awareness?
  5. It's true that next to nobody is fully realized, obviously not David Deida or even Ralston. I don't deny psychedelics can produce becoming conscious of stuff, however, I know of nobody who has achieved a high level of abiding non-dual awareness with them. And if it's not abiding I don't see why they'd be an effective tool for enlightenment. With a cautious approach it is an array of amazing experiences and glimpses, of which hardly anything sticks. With a hardcore approach one messes up their subtle body and chakras and ends up in a weird state with weird energy like Martin Ball. I think psychedelics have certain dangers that don't become apparent until people develop a subtle enough sensitivity to energy. Until then it seems all good.
  6. @Malelekakis Who says all of that will be destroyed? After enlightenment you can do anything you could do before, the question is just whether you want to. You don't have to renounce life, leave your girlfriend or your family, if you don't want to. And if you did want to, it wouldn't be a problem, would it?
  7. @Jed Vassallo You misunderstand what it's like. Enlightenment is the end of suffering, and abiding states of non-dual awareness are pleasant as well. The world, you, and others will continue to exist, it's just that the way you see all of that will be radically different.
  8. @Stenne I've done it with LSD and shrooms. Other psychedelics such as DMTs are high-risk for such occasion. And in any case I don't encourage psychedelic use any more, but you'll probably be fine, though do your research and be careful.
  9. @Matt8800 I know plenty of people, myself included, that have used psychedelics in the past and don't hold them as a valid tool to reach states of abiding non-dual awareness, let alone true nirvana. I don't deny that people can "grow" spiritually and release traumas with these tools, but they don't get enlightened from them.
  10. I doubt teachers are opposed to it because of "earning" consciousness. More likely they're opposed to it because it doesn't produce enlightenment.
  11. Non-duality is quite a spectrum with people being in states with deepening clarity, and either a flavor more towards emptiness or God. Not saying he is heartless, just nihilistic. And nihilism is still a perversion of Truth caused by vasanas. The character clearly does have vasanas.
  12. @littleBIG The type of conflict you described seems very pointless and wasteful. If people don't respect you, don't deal with them. Leave the chatroom. Some conflicts in life may be unavoidable or necessary but this one sounds far from it. It's your responsibility to do what you can do - you can think of ways of action that could have avoided this. As to why you got upset, it's because of your ego structure. You can try to vividly recall the situation, see what thoughts & emotions come up, and contemplate this until you get some clarity. And by contemplating I mean feeling into it, and seeing what's behind this reaction of yours, rather than thinking about it. Hope this helps.
  13. @Malelekakis First of all, he doesn't describe it as miserable, just meaningless. He's also being very dramatic, and misleading, I'd say. And he's also not fully enlightened - he's in a state predominated by emptiness, so it's bound to make him give a nihilistic perspective. I've been in a state akin to Jed's descriptions, it's nice but detached and lacking heart, you could say.