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  1. I would say go for having more sex with other girls and she doesn't need to know about that. If that's really your problem (needing different and new experiences) then it will be solved after a while. And if it isn't, you would know it and maybe get back to her more stable and assured. But if you don't try it and the thought never stops coming up again and again, how you gonna find out what's really the problem? and how you gonna live with it?
  2. @OctagonOctopus Beautifully described
  3. I think sometimes it would be better to let go of the need of being with someone or being in a relationship and focus on yourself instead. Because if you're constantly filtering and looking for someone nice, you become impatient and needy about it and you might eventually lower your expectations and find a guy who is actually not your type and it might take you time to find that out and that would make you feel bad about it. So instead, I'm suggesting that you focus on improving yourself and that improvement would eventually work out and send "signs" to guys who care about this stuff and like to be with this type of person ?