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  1. @Preety_India Congratulation. your vulnerability and honesty are remarkable. What were your resources for this journey? Any specific book in this field of sexual healing?
  2. I can accept my parent but I can't love them. They want more communication and quality time from me but I dont enjoy their companionship and while talking to them feel contempt toward them I want to change it Any suggestions?
  3. As a guy I mostly struggle with approach anxiety, not being too needy , sex performance and trying to be more protective. What are the most things that you women are struggling with in the field of dating and relationships? What are your challenges?
  4. Is there any high quality source for women in terms of attracting a guy and navigating him in the road of commitment Books or any courses?
  5. what do you do when your best friend grow in different direction and you have less in common. do you reduce the interaction and make it less intimate or you still stay close together?
  6. you are in good place buddy. you realize the game. it is all ego game . survival is completely pointless when you see the Truth. but instead of asking yourself if its a game what is the point of playing it? ask yourself if its a game what is the point of not playing it?
  7. like it. it requires deep work to transcend all the languages and see the unity through each one of them and of course when you become that enlightened you could happily live forever with anyone even Adolf Hitler himself but I prefer a partner to relate to her in both surface and depth we are the same
  8. in my mind act of services and buying gifts are more pragmatic and YANG since it shows protectiveness to the other partner. word of affirmation and quality time are more emotional oriented and intimate type of languages which are more YIN.
  9. good perspective to gain but while choosing a roommate for a lifetime its not reasonable to see through this paradigm. it is not working in the long run my ex`s love language was buying gift it was fun at first to get a gift every date but it meant nothing to me but whenever she said I love u she made my day which was unpleasant for her to say since it was not her language. this was a big lack of compatibility
  10. our gender must determine our love languages or it is irrelevant? as a man in a relationship to a woman if your love languages would be word of affirmation and quality time instead of act of services , does it make you more femenine in relationship and kill the attraction in the long run? whats your opinion about this?
  11. @zazen good points... it was mostly about hookup culture but some of the points was about the sex. being a monk and avoid it for a lifetime is not a reasonable option in my mind. it is another form of toxic relationship with sex ( it should not be repressed it should be transcended and when it is transcended the moderation will come naturally. but it is good to know the downsides in order to not being anxious about it.
  12. it is good to have it but do not afraid of not having it.
  13. do not afraid of not getting sex. be aware that If you get sex with this mentality you wont burn your Karma but crave for more. If your body want sex go pursue it physically but detach from it psychologically. I know how it feels when you crave for something and not get it. it sucks. BUT this quote from ramana maharshi calm me every time: "WHATEVER IS DESTINED TO HAPPEN WILL HAPPEN DO WHAT YOU MAY TO PREVENT IT. THIS IS CERTAIN. THE BEST COURSE, THEREFORE IS TO REMAIN SILENT."
  14. it is sad to hear this story :(. whatever happens within you at the moment is not wrong nor right, it is just your condition at the moment. do not feel guilty about it. we are not responsible for our thoughts and emotions, it came out of nowhere and will go out of nowhere, what we are responsible is how we deal with them and our action that arises from those thoughts and emotions. and do not TRY to change your hate towards your ex. sit with it and SURRENDER to it. it will leave your body when you stop resisting it.