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  1. do yourself a favor and read "six pillars of self-esteem" by Nathaniel Branden and re-read it every year. problem solved
  2. @Leo Gura you said alot that once you were a life coach. I want to choose it as my career. What was the pros and cons for you? Can I make a living fromt it?
  3. I finished it in 2 days in that 48 hours I slept less than 10 hours. I couldn't take a break from that bloody storyline. The amount of fight-and-flight hormones in my body was crazy. I remember when the rat king chased me in those dark dungeons and how my heart was ripping off my chest.
  4. The Last of Us part 2 was the most profound art I ever experienced better than all the movies, tv series and music I ever encounter The last part of the game was unforgivably mesmerizing that it could dissolve your ego and give you an awakening experience;)
  5. Drop all the suggestions to trash Your problem is not physiological its neurological Search for "pied" (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) and you will find the answer I had this problem years ago and I recover from it
  6. Power is Control Desire to change or maintain a situation Forming a healthy relationship with power means he has accepted and taken responsibility over domains that he has control over and those which he doesn't have control over, in both personal and interpersonal level As a man in a relationship with you, he knows his boundaries, his limits to enforce his will upon you, he knows when to stop and he knows when to give the power to you and submit without feeling less of a man and insecure If he has checked this checkpoint He knows when to protect you, when to manipulate you, when to let you go and when to let himself be protected by you If he hasn't he would be either a dictator who always wants to control or a soft man without any sense of protection for you and your future children or Not at all But it requires a hell amount of inner and outer work to develop yourself in all of these areas which most people don't willing to do that But by knowing yourself and your priorities you don't need to find a perfect man Choose your top 3 and stick to them For example, if you are a goal-oriented high achiever woman who is always on her head and rationalizes and strategizes her way in the world aim for 2,3,6 a man who brings color and joy to your life Or if you are a relationship-oriented woman who values family and raising children the most aim for 1,4,5 a man who brings structure and safety to your life and other possibilities and combinations of traits... But Another point is its sustainability of it. the formula for a healthy and long-term relationship is the growth of both parts. if you find a 236 man you should assess his openness toward growing himself to being more 145. Being undeveloped in a field is one thing but having shadows, and demonizing that field is another thing. For example, if he is not a social person but accepts it as a defect in himself it's something normal but if he considers social people as fools and judges them it's a bad thing. Look for any closeness and judgment it's an obvious red flag.
  7. 1. Has found his inner meaning for his life 2. Has found the inner joy of his life 3. Has established his outer strategy of socializing 4. Has established his outer strategy for surviving in life 5. Has formed a healthy relationship with power and domination 6. Has formed a healthy relationship with emotion and his body You would never find a man that has conquered all these But by knowing yourself you can prioritize this list and find the best fit for yourself
  8. It is an obvious red flag but his honesty is the pivotal point of the story If he didnt mention it himself and you found out by yourself then you must break up he needs lots of inner work Talk to him Communication is the key
  9. In recent presidential election which was 2 years ago only 49% of adult people participate and most of them were government employees and participate for its obligation(becuase if you dont participate you may loose your job) and they are adults New generations are completely against regime So 70% is accurate but 30% compliants are alot for changing these stupid rulers and most of these 70% are not willing to get out and risk their lives So your estimations is correct we shouldnt expect any change in a century
  10. Most of those pictures and scenes are fake and are for years ago 70-80% of iranian are not like that. They are against current regime But you are right we cant reach an appropriate result until we are one solid voice This country is doomed by blue ideologies and corruption
  11. Thank you for your wisdom I feel your empathy through your text
  12. I agree But its hard to watch these and not taking action 4_5872950710185758352.mp4