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  1. since I see Attraction as a survival game Im afraid to lose my attraction in the long run
  2. dating a girl for months and we have a lot fun and so many things in common and we are in same stage in spiral BUT she is twice richer than me and has a luxurious life. although my income and status in society is quite good and a bit above average but the difference is considerable . we have good chemistry and damn good compatibility beside our monetary status. recently she asks me for more serious and committed relationship ( I was so hesitant to initiate the talk ) and I see this relationship is driving the path of marriage. we have not talk about this issue with each other because I thought I would seem insecure in her eyes but she seems fine with that. I`m not sure if this become a problem in the long run or not. do you have the same experience in the past or what? say your opinion to help this poor guy
  3. leo`s self-deception video means alot to me as it leads to a big AHA moment. in Islam there is a phrase in Qoran that said:"والله خیر الماکرین" it means"and Allah is the Best Deceiver " and there is an adjective for Allah which is "خلاق" which means " a constant Creator". it was amazing to me how all these points connected to each other with leo`s teaching. as he said " God using Self-deception in order to create and he does it constantly " this video also solves ego`s backlash for me. whenever you find the Truth, God will be there for you to deceive You and Create you again. so it is not a bad thing. it is not scary. it is only a gift from You to yourself in order to exist a you. it is your next homework:)
  4. beautiful loving song about a blue person missing out Imam Hussien(some kind of religious guru who was killed in the way of serving Allah) and his Haram(the place where he was buried) in Iraq. in Arbaeen day(40th day after the day of his murdering) millions of his followers gathering in his Haram.
  5. I guess most of you have read human magnet syndrome by Ross Rosenberg or you know about narcissistic/codependent relationships. as a male I always want to be supportive and provider in my romantic and long term relationship. But I feel as I concentrate more on my partner`s emotions and needs and try to be the pillar of the relationship I end up in a narcissistic/codependent relationship where the relationship is all about her and her needs. and as I become more neutral about her needs and concentrate more on my needs I feel the spark of the relationship goes away. am I wrong in my understanding of masculinity in relationship or is there something else? any advice would be appreciated
  6. of course I didnt do it intentionally. in those scenarios she seemed alone and her partner was not near her. he went for shopping from near grocery store or she was waiting for his arrival and he arrived during the approach.
  7. how much does it take between choosing the person and initiating the conversation? I followed 3 second rule but I faced challenges . there were situations that the girl was with her bf/husband and I approached and the boy became aggressive and some conflict happened. now a day I take 5 minutes to watching her and make sure she has no partner with her which is so time consuming.
  8. self limiting beliefs(SLB) usually come up when you stretch your comfort zone in each area of your life. try to come out of comfort zone and watch out the voice and the feeling it generates in your body. you can then contemplate on the root of those voice and feeling and when you find them just accept them and give them all of your love. SLB happens for lack of love and acceptance in some aspect of your life, so in my opinion writing them and burning them is an aggressive and self-attacking way to handle it. at the end of the day you dont change your SLB, you embrace it and let it go...
  9. you have no idea what you should looking for and what you find attractive in your partners when you are new to serious relationships. its a road of mastery . you need experience of being in serious relationships for at least 5 years to be able to determine if someone is proper for you or not. enjoy the journey
  10. @KennedyCarterI had been vegan for 5 months I did it with massive research, tracking calories , eating different fruits vegetables nuts and legumes. but it completely ruin my energy level and functionality. we all have different bodies and genetics, you cant come up and give solution to all. if it suits you and make you happy continue it but do not mix it up with spirituality.