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  1. It is, it just is, just is. Nothing prior to, or after it, it is. God is. Love the video
  2. Disciplin is your creative process, the infinite artist can do whatever they like with this life. You create the flow threw disiplin, it is concious creation, concious action. What would a day/ week/ month look like if you were to flow seemlessly, having all areas of living life in tune, in harmony? Disiplin isn't something you have to do, it is building the life you actually want.
  3. @Endangered-EGO Let go of anticipations, trust the flow of things.
  4. Yep, you cannot actually understand anything on the deepest levels using mind. What is is what is, not a thought about it, not an interpritation. Everything is infinitely intangled, you only think something is a seperate thing because you have an intention to understand something that you think is going on. This intention is based off what value you think the thing has to you, It will determin in what way you are looking at the thing. Keep going you are doing some good contemplation, put the pieces of the Mystery together, every layer, every angle, be it all Now as One.
  5. Love all the emotions until you can see how they were all love. You are in a perspective that emotions are something that you have to cope with. This has an emotional charge to it, a meta-emotion about emotions. Fear of facing and expressing the emotions. Feel deeper, get more specific. What changes are you trying to make and why? The vaugness will just make everything seem overwhelming as you don't have a clear vision for how to flow into whatever it is you are trying to do. Resistance will feel very strong without a clear, constantly evolving vision.
  6. @tatsumaru The way of the least resistance & the way of dancing with the resistance are one. You might discover threw facing the resistance how to surf it. The best way to find the path of least resistance, is to learn how to dance with it. But why did you even want to do the thing being resisted in the first place? A desire to be in line with Love, the truth. Perhaps a wall had to be ran into first before you relize where it is and then go around it. Then you flow into the river again. Nudge yourself back into the stream of your passion. Why is there even resistance? You are already effortlessly doing you, but a desire to be something other is there, a desire to be seperate from You. This is where resistace comes from. There is no greater joy then to morph yourself according to what is true. Everyone has a fire in their heart, Love expressing itself threw that being. To allow that love to manifest threw removing any bloackages, any falsehood. No-Self IS Authentic-Self Is there really no-self? Only way is to go and see, for, yourself Everything is but a pointer to atempt to point to the unpointable, the Truth, You.
  7. There was never a seperation, that is the illusion. There would be no returning to that which you were never seperate from. Why does there need to be an identifying with anything at all?
  8. What is really important for me when it comes to comprehension is that whenever I read/ hear about something new, a new concept, a new connection, anything, that I stop to contemplate about it for a bit. This really helps with actually integrating it into your understanding. You can really observe "Am I getting what is being pointed to?", & eventually get an intuative sense of if you are getting it, & what you aren't well you are enjoying the material.
  9. Value ain't an objective thing, value comes from someone finding value in something. There are a lot of people who value sports, and for many different reasons.
  10. Why don't you go find out for yourself?
  11. All desires come from the ego-self, nothing wrong with that, it is just doing its thing. Trying to surive the things that are identified with. Your real Self is happy regardless of circumstance, real desirelessness is pure bliss. Here is the thing about those options, one could be see as trying to push something away & the other could be seen as trying to pull something towards you. I would actually do both at the same time, even though it might seem contradictory, it actaully isn't. By doing this you will begin to see the pushing & pulling you are constantly doing, the whole dynamic, & start to understand it for what it is. You can get the ego-self to desire to be in alinement with Being. It is a lot easier to do this when you see the whole dynamic of what the ego-self is doing.
  12. @Someone here You could speculate for enternity about what Death is, but you won't get it until you are willing to die for it. Let go of this I that thinks they are awake, such silliness, there is no I. Come back home to the Love that You are, it is here, it is right underneath this story of "I", & thoughts about how things are a certain way.
  13. @AtheisticNonduality Hahaha, it is more about the music for me. I actually haven't watched the video very much. Sometimes you know the devil gets to decapitate someone, thats life
  14. I agree with @Space 5-meo is a very clear psych, there isn't much content change. Well, you aren't 100% godhead, You are. Psychedllics make it easier to see you, self, for what it is, thus making it easier to let go of that and be the real You, Self, Being. The context is the content, Truth is no-context. Any context you think it is, it isn't. Changing context gets you more angles to see things from, more perspective, but it is just more perspective, not the Absolute.
  15. @Rilles You know Magic Window is the best song on the album I have listen to A Beautfiul Place Out In The Country many times, some of their best synth design. One time I listened to Trans Canada Highway, while driving along the Trans-Canada Highway. Tycho has a much brighter atmosphere, he really mixes guitars and synths together well, to the point where you sometimes can't tell what is what. I would listen to his album Dive first.