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  1. It isn't a matter of deciding what exists or doesn't exist, everything exists, that is God's Will, Unbiased Love. It is more what you channel yourself towards. The trying to escape, the trying to fix, are things that keep you away from the Infinite Potential that you are underneath all of the thoughts. Be what you are, let the thoughts pass away & what is really there? There is a beauty in trauma, it is hard to see, or to stomach, but it is there, and once it is seen one feels the deepest compassion. Trauma builds character when one finds their way threw it, some fall yes, but the ones who truely heal shake the world with their love. They let Unconditional Love into their heart, the most powerful thing to channel into. The light of healing through Love is within you always, most people are just too afraid to truely open themselves up to it. The task of bringing the deepest Love to the deepest pain is a great one, but one that is priceless once one fully feels the joy of Being.
  2. Yeah, too much of a focus on surrendering the mind and not enough focus on being with ones own curiosity. Must be a balence between the two. I feel to get the most out of a trip one must follow their curiosity, but curiosity must be grounded in actuality, direct expirence, otherwise people can get sucked into mental masterbation, & perpetuate nonsense. Thus why I feel meditation & other introspective foundational practices should be solidified before one does deep trips. So one understands how to channel towards presence, remain calm, relaxed.
  3. Didn't load at all for me for awhile today.
  4. @Leo Gura A lot of them probably didn't have as an integral of a world view as you do. I feel what happens a lot of the time is people get stuck with following one school of thought on spirtuality, end up getting traped in the dogmas of that way of thinking. They never got the correct map to lead them to the territory they were trying to get to. This is not necessarily the fault of the practice of meditation, but the way they are looking at the practice. You have integrated teachings from many different sources, thus it was easier for you to open yourself up to the many facets of God, & integrate them together. I'm sure a lot of these meditators have awakened to certain facets, but haven't integrated many facets together. Also I feel a lot of meditators are more trying to go with the flow of Nature, & don't care as much about understanding God on an intellectual level.
  5. @Consilience Good message for the community. I have always felt that psychedelics are ment to be like an amplifier for spirtual practice, & certainly not the whole practice. I really don't get the constant psychedelics vs meditation conversation. To me it doesn't make much sense to compare them against each other. Some people seem to get the impression they don't need to do any spirtual practice if they take psychedelics, but that is recipe for becoming very ungrounded. Especially if they don't have some understanding of the distinction between direct expirence & conceptual expirence. Tripping can become a circle jerk of perpetuating your favorite worldview. I feel it comes down to using psychedelics to reach deep when it is needed, but ultimately finding a practice to ground yourself in. Gain insight into how to deepen your practice, ground it more into Truth & Love. Thus deepening your ability to harness the power of psychedelics, which then deepening your practice again, creating a positive feedback loop. Psychedelics without meditation to me, is like trying to use rocket fuel without a spaceship.
  6. @Javfly33 Love is what you really are, at the deepest level. Love is imagining everything because it loves everything. It is the completely unbiased creative force that is the Universe, that is You. It is the reason, the meaning, the purpose of All.
  7. I love micheal, he is such a goofy dude, been watching him pretty much since his channel started. It has been interesting watching how he changed after taking psychedelics. This video really shows the change compared to his older videos It was cool hearing him go threw different paradoxes, he did a great job with this one. Made me laugh a bunch of times.
  8. You need to give yourself the validation & love you feel you need. That is really the only way out if the neediness for approval. Emotional numbness is usually something you have to sit with for a bit, looking deep into it until you feel what the dynamic is underneath of it, so you can let it go, or satisfy the need yourself in your own way.
  9. Vision. Have faith in the greatest vision you have for yourself, let it grow as you grow towards it. Keep your vision in your heart, so in those times where you notice yourself getting hooked by thought you remember where you are going, you remember the things that motivate you, the things you would give your life to. Have faith in the Infinite Potential that you are.
  10. @Leo Gura I was launging a bit when he was suggesting changing "Infinity" to "all encompassing" its infinity of course it's all encompassing! It was a great podcast, nice to see you talk with another human asking you questions. Curt is a good interviewer, he really seemed to want to get to the truth of the way you see things.
  11. @Vivaldo It is just Us as the Infinite Soul, all souls are like partitions in the Infinite Soul. Yet there is no separation, no place where one begins and another ends, just a seamless feild of Divine Consciousness. It is just You as Infinity, it is just You incarnated into every soul in the universe. You will be missed by those who love you, they are all You incarnated in different ways.
  12. Life isn't a problem that has to be solved. It is an ever transforming, never ending art piece that you as the Creator are designing every moment. Let go of thinking that life is a problem, that way of thinking will never serve you, and start creating. Move towards discovering who you really are and who you want to be.
  13. @PlayOnWords You'll be scrambling to find the words to describe it, and everytime you try to describe it, it will slip threw your fingers. An empty mind cleared of thoughts, and a heart wide open to what is so. So empty that there is not even a thing that is empty, so open that reality melts into your core.
  14. The way I look at it is that I am working out so that I have a decent body structure in order to allow me to relax deeper in my introspective activities. It is harder to relax if you got small muscles, they wont be able to keep the structure of your body aligned as well. But if you got too hard with it you end up building muscles that are chronically tight. So I mostly just do light weights from time to time. Light weights with lots of reps has been shown to be better for building structurally sound relaxed muscles.
  15. @Brandon Nankivell A lot of processing of trauma and realizations happens when you dream. You can really notice this if you do any body based types of therapy, when you have a release into more relaxation it is usually followed by some dream that was related to processing the trauma tension. I would start keeping a dream journal if you haven't. You will probably get a lot of interesting stuff out of it. It can be really interesting & illuminating to try and figure out what conciousness was doing when you were in the dream state.
  16. What were the things you enjoyed, and what caused you to start saying you don't enjoy them anymore? The mind can make up as many reasons it wants to justify things being some way, even if the way it actually is not anything like the reason. Especially when you get into spirituality it can bring those types of thoughts and feelings to the surface. Typically gets its worst right before you have some kind of break threw expirence.
  17. Focus on things that you enjoy, it can be really easy to get stuck in just focusing on "problems that I need to fix". Explore yourself, discover what you like to do in the world. Imagine what it would be like be be happy and healed, and move towards that feeling. It is your vision for who you want to be that pulls you out of the depressed times. Transform your self-image and the body will follow. What is it that you are passionate about? And if you don't know, have you really explored the vast amount of things you could be passionate about?
  18. @SQAAD Not a problem with constructing your own meaning, in fact that is what everyone is already doing. The thing is when you confuse meaning with the suchness of a thing. Then you get lost in your interpirations. A disharmony between what is so, and your worldview. There is no inherent meaning in a thing, a thing just is. Its thingness is so before labeling it as being a certain way. There is no need for meaning to be created in the first place. To be in harmony with the universe you want to deconstruct all meaning and just be in the suchness of reality, in the suchness of existences itself. Bask in the Truth, not adding any concepts/ meaning onto it, you move with the Truth as the Truth. Reality isn't meaningless or meaningful, it just is.
  19. @Holygrail It is best to not assume it is anything, but to know it is the Mystery of Life. As to hold any concept about what is underneath all the concepts is just more concepts that will keep you away from realize what is underneath all the concepts! It is the Truth, and it will speak for itself when it is realized. Get out there into life and discover what it is!
  20. No harm in doing a low does, if you didn't get wanted you wanted you can always come back another time. I have had amazing insights on 25ug just sitting around contemplating.
  21. @28 cm unbuffed Yeah exactly it is about being able to achieve your goals from a more expanded state. What I mean by you just feel like you had a good day, is that you were focused on your goals and you got things done, and then that makes you feel good. The thing is, you can't really do day to day life as easily if you are in more then just minimum threshold effects. As then you start going down some rabbit hole of insights, that you wont have the time to ground because you are trying to deal with day to day life. I know mushrooms can be tricky to dose because of how much the potency can vary from two different pieces that are the same weight. But the point isn't to trip and have crazy insights if you are micro-dosing. If you wanna do that, set a day where you have nothing to do but trip, heal, & integrate the insights. Lower doses will effect you, you just have to be more mindful of the subtle ways it effects conciousness if you want to notice it. To be honest with you, if you think you are ungrounded then I would stop taking them for awhile.
  22. If you wanna keep micro-dosing lower the dose, half a gram can still make you mildly trip. When I micro-dose mushrooms I usually only do 0.1 or 0.2, maybe even less depending on how sensitive you are to them, or how potent the strain you have is. The point to micro-dosing is to have it at a level where you don't even notice you took them. You wanna find that sweet spot where you just feel like you had a good day afterwards.
  23. @GrandeOrso That is not a problem, you have just connected to your Heart on a deeper level, and it wants to create, let it, see where it wants to go, and then build your career around that. How do you want to show the World your love for it? Uncover your deepest passions & let them flow.
  24. @Someone here So that existence can be. Would be nothing without limitation, in a sense everything is a limitation, besides who you really are as Unlimited Love. Why is limitation usually considered a bad thing? Egos always wanna have things their way rather then go with what has been gifted to you from God. Rather then flow with what is already so. You are not "stuck in this body", you have been given a canvas to create a dance with, a canvas we usually refer to as life. The best dancers are in synch with each other, you are in a dance with the universe, the Eternal Dance. Find your flow with it. Your body is limited if you believe your body is just the ape. Your Body is the Universe.
  25. @Giulio Bevilacqua There is a therapist who specializes in treating people dealing with Kundaini, Tara Springett, her books helped me a lot with dealing with negative side effects that can come from Kundalini. She also does online video session with people, although I haven't done one with her before. You might want to consider talking to her, or reading one of her books on dealing with Kundalini.