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  1. @JonasVE12 hi , thanks for the reply. so I'm noticing patterns that last a week or two and right now at this very state I'm in I can do that more easily, most of the time . This Is a more neutral state for me. The other state I find myself in about once a month is a more negative, depressed, worried, angry state where I find that very hard to do. The emotions are so strong I will just start crying at random at any moment and I would just lash out after I made myself aware. I'm afraid in a week or two I will be back in that negative state and I won't be able to do this.
  2. @Thought Art Thanks for the reply. Definitely wanted to read some books on the topic so I will check those out. I aimlessly stumbled upon self development a few months ago and I'm so happy that I did.
  3. @OctagonOctopus I haven't really thought of using that energy for something constructive. Thanks for the advice. Going to think of ways I can do that. Also going to purchase the life purpose course when I can. Maybe that'll help
  4. @Thought Art @Logan thanks for the reply . I am definitely going to purchase when I can. I am so glad I stumbled upon all of this.
  5. @OctagonOctopus you mean "responding" instead of "reacting"?
  6. Thank you for the reply. @Nahm I'm going to read that over and over after work.
  7. Does anyone feel like they cannot stop the urges of "reacting" or "saying something " even after you've told yourself "hey your getting angry" or "hey your about to start some shit" IF SO Let's discuss! I often feel mad at myself when this happens and I'm actually afraid of it.
  8. I have been thinking about purchasing the life purpose course and I wanted any feedback from anyone that has taken the course. I also wanted to know if it focuses just on life purpose or does it also go into other topics on self development.