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  1. Ginger or GTFO
  2. Polygamy or the dissolving of these contracts can naturally happen as your relationship development levels up. It happens when the thought of giving all your love to one person seems ridiculous, everyone needs love (actual altruism and not a self deception to get more sex for yourself) This does a good job explaining the natural shift.
  3. Blissfull Creations
  4. Wondering what you guys think of this? Is it a good idea or not? I’m a bit undecided on it.
  5. Relationships are transactions, a exchange of goods. Its temporary not to be used as a integral part of ones foundation. No one can give me anything I don’t already have, I am everyone’s friend, father and lover. It’s not mutual lmao
  6. No one will fulfill your needs. All your needs should already be met with or with out a relationship.
  7. Any one try Fenugreek to increase Libido or Semen Volume? Looking for experiences.
  8. Increase volume to maximum, thanks.
  9. @Vzdoh What is your MBTI type?
  10. Your not going to marry him. Find someone you like and marry that guy.