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  1. All mature developed people have these values +more
  2. She the ESTP personality type like trump, has potential to climb the ladder.
  3. Learn to skateboard.
  4. Curt: "i don't deserve gods love", a lot to unpack there. Leo then gave a exact explanation, but i felt as if he wasn't listening or it wasn't understood. Curts "facing god" scenario would of been completely recontextualized.
  5. Wondering what you guys think of this? Is it a good idea or not? I’m a bit undecided on it.
  6. Wondering if any women here have found any good remedies to reduce the pain? Also what is the route cause? Is it entirely unavoidable?
  7. Ginger or GTFO
  8. Polygamy or the dissolving of these contracts can naturally happen as your relationship development levels up. It happens when the thought of giving all your love to one person seems ridiculous, everyone needs love (actual altruism and not a self deception to get more sex for yourself) This does a good job explaining the natural shift.
  9. Blissfull Creations
  10. Relationships are transactions, a exchange of goods. Its temporary not to be used as a integral part of ones foundation. No one can give me anything I don’t already have, I am everyone’s friend, father and lover. It’s not mutual lmao
  11. No one will fulfill your needs. All your needs should already be met with or with out a relationship.
  12. Any one try Fenugreek to increase Libido or Semen Volume? Looking for experiences.
  13. Have a friend 13, developing with -7 eyes prescription, progressively getting worst with age each year. Googling brings up mostly standard western misconceptions about it (in my opinion). Are there any insights into this that can help? Thanks!
  14. If we follow bitcoins logarithmic growth since its birth to now it follow a pattern. Do you guys think it will continue to follow this pattern? If so it will reach 100k some time next year. This one shows us how undervalued it thinks bitcoin is right now, the current price being 15k is super cheap. Make your predictions
  15. Its clear most seafood is toxic and should be avoided, is there any chance the Eggs are safe to eat? Salmon Roe?
  16. Increase volume to maximum, thanks.
  17. @Vzdoh What is your MBTI type?
  18. Your not going to marry him. Find someone you like and marry that guy.
  19. LMFAO i offered to Drink it straight from the tap, She declined sadly. HEY maybe it has health benefits? Got to keep an open mind. She declined. .
  20. Trying to help a 13 year old navigate her living situation with her rapist, who has now been revealed to be a full narcissist. The situation is he comes home from work tired/stressed and takes it out on the family. She is the center of his focus, yelling/screaming in her face with insane demands and expectations (call me master and thank me when ever I speak, your coming to work with me 8 hours everyday and your going to do my job for me). She is emotionally destroyed by this in every way. I am working to get her father involved to save her, but its going to take sometime. So I've been teacher her how to communicate with the narcissist in the best way possible to minimize conflict and emotional pain as well as to help her communicate with her father about all this, that she is refusing to do. These are a few things she is slowly learning how to do, please give advice if you guys have any thanks! To re-contextualize him as a child having a temper tantrum and to not take it personally. If a 4 year old is screaming, its not personal, but when a adult does it, it hurts, just a game of context! Hes a child in a adults body, don't be fooled. To be aware of and avoid adding fuel to the fire while communicating with him. Always address everything calmly no matter how you feel. Focus on thinking about what to say instead of reacting to what was said. Stoicism. He feeds off of any little change in her tone of voice and takes it personally. To take a bigger picture of the situation while the situation is happening in real time. Make him know that you understand how he feels, said calmly. Its not about winning or being right, its about defusing the situation and waiting for the fire to burn out, its a temporarily outburst.