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  1. @TheAlchemist Wow ,that conversation was soo great!
  2. Better install Dark Reader Chrome extension in your browser and you can not only get the forum in dark mode but also all other websites you surf
  3. @Preety_India I agree with her
  4. @HypnoticMagician I see.. first the basics then go to advamced. you mentioned brain training for efficiency right ,any resources for that?
  5. @Phil King great job ! Thanks a lot 😊
  6. @HypnoticMagicianProblem of spiritual enlighment ? i didn't get that .. what problem are you telling specifically?
  7. Few months ago i took HEXACO , same as Ocean with Humility/Honesty added:
  8. Hey bro , you are still in school , explore some stuff ,dabble around ,stick to them for atleast 6 months ,after that decide whether you had any connection ,or any strong interest has developed , if yes then stick to it ,if not then jump to another one ... Soon you will find it and also your your personality would be more shaped .. then get your hands dirty with LP stuff ,eventually you might develop some sort of vision
  9. Hey Actualizers ,I did some instrospection work where I realized that I repressed a lot of stage-blue values like Discipline ,Security ,Certainity , Maintainence ,responsibility, work-ethic ,conformity,Conventional thinking,traditions,Family values etc.. I hated those stuff which led me to project this on my parents they are kinda in Stage Blue ,whereas I'm in stage Orange/Green and sometimes Red(angry teenager) ) led to useless quarrels,demonizing stage Blue Thinking,values .. So how did you all dealt with this ?What strategies,action did you took to integrate Stage-blue ?
  10. Just act like you are drunk.
  11. @Vivaldo you can use voice to text feature 😛😁
  12. Check out the Stage-turquoise part too.. i liked that part in the end
  13. i would share to the person when he/she is ready to take or if they seem interested in those kind of topics .if they are in stage -blue most of them would ignore it , its better to introduce other self-help content which are typical stage orange than Leo's metaphysical stuff ,if they are in late stage-orange/green i would introduce to them
  14. Alan watts? Terence McKenna? Ken wilber Da Vinci I guess
  15. 1.Contemplation using a journal 2. How to discover what's true -deep inquiry 3. His meditation videos + shamanic breathing 4.what is love? 5.Life advice for young people part 1&2