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  1. What are the differences you found in the book and in the course? Are they pretty much same likeC.O.DE P.A.R.A?
  2. Remember Mark Manson was a student of Ken Wilber
  3. Wow that's a great tool ??
  4. Use this time and energy on creative pursuits .
  5. Notice and get rid of Youth Excuses
  6. Learning about Global Goals would be a handy guide to choose on which domain you want to make an impact significantly, with your unique personal interests, curiosities, and passion. There are a total of 17 SDGs and the deadline is 2030. which is almost 7 years left, so choosing your direction and how you are gonna contribute depends on you.
  7. Mind blown
  8. Lol ,no one read it
  9. I came across this article from a software development perspective but it holds true for other fields too. as I was reading this article it reminded me of this forum. Lots of Help vampires sucking from well-intentional people. I think this will add some value to this forum on identifying and dealing with Help Vampires , especially in these self-help spiritual spaces there would be lots of Help Vampires.
  10. I have lots of ideas in my head ,many resources of great ideas but my main problem is with execution phase , i seem to get distracted , overthink or jump onto other curious stuff,stuck in the absent minded thinking mode or consuming mode, in the end not able to execute properly and leave things half-assed /unfinished If anyone has dealt with this , how did you handle it ? I really want to break this loop ,it's not good in the long-term
  11. Lol ?thanks Now I know what "Hustler's University" actually mean. I've checked other definitions and woah now i realised Andrew is a genius in his craft. PhD professor of Hustle
  12. As he mentions online colleges, do you know any that are worth spending for?
  13. Have you checked thebioneer channel? His Ytchannel and work revolves around Programming , Health&fitness(includes Meditation ,Cognitive training) and writing . It's similar to yours I found his content to be unique ,took some inspiration , maybe you can take that in your journey too..
  14. JP is OG , Tate's mumble rapper