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  1. But still why not allow YT algorithms do its thing to also benefit you too? If it wasn't YT recommendations I wouldn't have found leo's channel and so other channels. Completely disabling it would not let me discover many channels
  2. Not able to distinguish harry potter magic with hard core spirituality Reading too much fluff in self help books i.e reading every word by heart , whereas you can just stick to what's needed and read those parts then execute. Being isolated like a hermit Not exploring various kinds of self-help (believing self help= stuff you find inamazon / bookstore self-help section,that's it )
  3. Digital well-being , go to your phone settings and enable it ,set your preferred timings , if any important video to watch in between your timings you can watch it on your mobile browser this will add some resistance element on going on the scroll loop as for an app it's too easy to scroll
  4. @Bird Larry in short the leader who serves ,empowers his/her employees/juniors/followers/lower rank than using them for your own self-interests
  5. Too much obsessed with self help , spirituality ,ignoring normie life, Looking at your friends as lower than you spiritual narcissism Lack of mainstream science understanding, installing magical beliefs ,no rationality Spreading self-help, spiritual info with no embodiment and reflection Doing it Half-ass ,no discipline
  6. @Realms of Wonder congrats mate ! I like that video too
  7. @Leo Gura hey leo , does concious leadership ,servant leadership, holistic thinking go hand in hand ?
  8. @cjoseph90 This one Why valuable things require development overtime
  9. @Leo Gura *sigh* I was worried what happened to the forum , blog , booklist ,messages,discussions suddenly vanished out to nowhereland
  10. @Danioover9000 Too lenghty to watch ,the topic itself is a complex one . might be able to complete it when my brain battery is fully charged with few distractions. I think just watching it once is not sufficient to comprehend what Dan schmach10 says in any of his videos
  11. By the way if anyone is interested , do checkout 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah harari , He discusses the implications of these technologies like Ai, Biotech ,infotech etc..and how it could lead to a Wonderful Future as well as rise of authoritarian digital dictatorships( as these tech rely on vast amount of data for better decisions and authoritarian dictators could force everyone to submit data without their concern of privacy,hence better decision making , outcompeting democracies) ,end of liberalism (as a shift of authority from Church (religious ) moral codes ,rules ,to "Human Free will" to again Code in form of Big Data algorithms,Advanced ML), how research and development in conciousness, advancing human conciousness ,long-term human abilities ,human development would be much more important than development of AI ,internet connections& for short term economic & political system gains . Do have a read ,I am on the half way of it currently,enjoying the read
  12. Leo is obssessed with Trump ,He is Leo's true inspiration .In Leo's mind he has deconstructed the coffee table's image into trump like a True sculptur who carved out a rock to his inspirational art connected with his deep heart . That's why he is obssessed with coffee tables
  13. Coffee table is God , Coffee table is Love ,Coffee table is Infinity , Coffee table is Leo.