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  1. Hahaha, so good! I've noticed this hypocrisy a fair bit.
  2. Hello @Daniel007, how did you get on with your thesis?
  3. Hi Snader, are you able to elaborate more on what you went on to do? I am pretty much in the same position now I feel. Any more insight would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I find this one interesting. There are loads of similar posts from people in the forums in regards to wage slavery etc etc. This one has seemed to generate quite a bit of interest. Is it the mere passion the OP wrote with? I noted Leo's reply being a lot more constructive than I've seen from him in the past, in my opinion. Something I've noticed more and more over the last 2-3 of months. Then again I do recall you saying something about you were "working on" this part of yourself? Cheers, Ben.
  5. You should try out a new system of learning languages (stage yellow thinking) which seems to be gaining a lot of momentum. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY3M77wNeopjQbL9mpSVvLg https://www.languagetransfer.org/ Its totally free and the guys is just an awesome human.
  6. Will the course supersede the Life Purpose Course? As in if contemplating purchasing the LP course then may as well hold off for this course? What is the time frame on the course being available?
  7. That cigar puts me off. I know it's his 'thing', but really?!
  8. Out of curiosity, which mind mapping software are you using?
  9. Is it outside the realm of thinking that this may be staged?
  10. Hey @MsNobody, Leo may of bailed out but ill throw my second cheapest glass of champagne on the menu please glass up! More info can be supplied upon request!
  11. I note Leo didn't list any of his 'stats'. Age, weight, height etc. Maybe the ladies have criteria of their own? Common @Leo Gura! Fairs fair! Also, whats considered overweight? Maybe you need to be more specific?
  12. Holy crap! I love reading your posts. They are well thought out, logical and detailed. Am i right in thinking this post here manages to pull in all your other posts about OBEs and lucid dreaming? I have been meaning to piece together all your info you have posted into one big mega file. Or have you already done this and would be willing to share it? Cheers, Ben.