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  1. No one has directly proven to another they are god realized. Further, since it is a subjective state that only a niche of humanity has access to, on top of being a state that has no consistent steps that everyone can follow to access, on top of people having different interpretations of the state that is accessed --- any knowledge is hearsay, direct experience or, if we are being generous, corroborated experience (aka UFO sightings) at best. So people can claim their awakening is god realization through their own speculation and conjecture, and there won't be a lick of evidence, or collectively suggestible information, to support it. But hey, maybe that's part of solving the mystery
  2. @Leo Gura I'm looking forward to this alien consciousness video. I have a few questions: 1. Will you become a physical empirical sensory alien (in the traditional sense, such that even skeptics like Lawrence Krauss will be able to see it) or will this be a perceptual or interpretational shift? 2. Is there some sort of prerequisite to being able to see you as an Alien?
  3. @SS10 Anything more practical?
  4. For example, Enlightenment-focused; Spiritual Developped; Stage Yellow, Stage Turquoise & Above Self-Improvement oriented
  5. @JoeVolcano How does it work
  6. @Max8 Why don't you do an experiment and find out for yourself
  7. So your problems are mainly disillusionment and separately a youtube addiction. On the disillusionment problem, you feel disillusioned with life, thinking about how every time you succeed at something, you don't achieve the happiness you want but instead feel empty. Never lose your strength of willpower and "getting shit done", it is the only way you are going to get anything done. You can have willpower, but you have to direct it toward the right action. Just like how you can be strong but if you beat up the wrong person, it does no good. You may be working hard on the wrong goals. Expanding your values to include contribution, consciousness, and craft, as well as passion could be part of the solution. On the youtube addition problem, you watch youtube videos when you don't want to, and know the same bullshit regurgitated ass content won't benefit you. Building your agenda and overall vision for your life aswell as focusing on overall optimization could benefit you. Once you build clarity on your overall life breakdown (including goals, dimensions, values, needs, etc.) it will be clear that mindlessly watching videos has no place in getting you where you want to go, and compel you to avoid it. Replace the activity, with productive focused action toward your long-term goals. When looking at the optimization angle, you can ask yourself "Is watching YouTube the best possible act I could be partaking in right now?". And once you get the answer, you can act accordingly.
  8. One way to synthesize the two outlooks of stay discontent (or improvement) and be content (or acceptance) is to acknowledge and improve imperfection while letting go of suffering and appreciating enjoyment, basically to practice both To embody the improvement aspect, you acknowledge the discontent in your experience not because you force yourself to be discontent, but because there always exists imperfection. Whether its imperfection in the level of your state of consciousness (which can go infinitely high), an imperfection in the level of your fulfillment (which can go infinitely high) or imperfection in the level of your pleasure (which can go infinitely high). Unless you have absolutely everything you want, meaning you're, at minimum, living in beyond infinite perfect bliss, then you aren't even at level 0 in the infinite race, and there exists imperfection for you. Even if you reach relative, total, complete perfection, you aren't at absolutely infinite perfection. That would be like getting a 100% on an exam, while you still have infinite more exams, courses, and degrees to go. The grade is always incomplete in this university of perfection. So continuously advance in your never-ending journey toward perfection. To embody the acceptance aspect, you let go of suffering in your experience, and appreciate enjoyment in your experience. You don't force yourself to be unhappy due to the present suffering existing and absent enjoyment, but you make best with what you got, the value already in your experience. Without letting go of suffering, you are needlessly perpetuating your own pain. Without appreciating enjoyment, you are needlessly letting your pleasure go to waste. You let go and appreciate, suffering and enjoyment, respectively.
  9. As of now, I want no comments/replies
  10. I WILL acquire real power and mystical abilities, become a god and beyond, infinitely expanding, infinitely abundant, infinitely beautiful, infinitely romantic, infinitely best
  11. I WILL acquire real power and mystical abilities, become a god and beyond, infinitely expanding, infinitely abundant, infinitely beautiful, infinitely romantic, infinitely best
  12. Cool Haha what is your plan to avoid above minimal suffering
  13. @RoerAmit I see some potential insights about of acceptance / letting go but not about improvement / change. Use the suffering to motivate and fuel you to NEVER experience that again and to eliminate that experience from your bubble of consciousness FOREVER as soon as possible
  14. @NightHawkBuzz Visualize and imagine the deep pain, suffering and regret you will feel for making that choice. Determine with clarity which choice is overall superior than the other, even though one might be better for the short-term, the long-term suffering it goes might be 10x worse.
  15. @GroovyGuru How can you be confident in a domain you have no experience in? That's like asking you to be confident in archery or gardening or some shit I'd imagine you have never done. There is still general confidence in your ability to accomplish (self-efficacy) that bleeds into different fields but when it comes to a field you have no idea about, you could say the confidence isn't really there, its mainly courage. So having the courage to take action and explore this domain of life might be the next step for you. The psychology and confidence will come later.