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  1. Maybe cause it's fun, a nice feeling of esteem/identity/ego through the perception, assertion and evaluation of superiority, and appreciation of believed worth What's so bad or wrong about that?
  2. Do both of them. You probably waste hours a day with inefficiency. If your competent or efficient enough then you can do both. List your priorities, so you can weight activities, endeavors and goals based on that. Reach set goals in each endeavor, so that you can move onto the next one (which may eventually lead to "self-actualization"), as a primary focus. Make a list of everything you want to do (like perhaps some rather crude PUA-esque goals I won't list here), and reach there ASAP, while appreciating the journey ofcourse. Lets just say you have your entire life to self-actualize, and you have your youth to fuck and party. Make sure you maximize the later, while it is most viable, suitable and reasonable to do so. Be aware, and more so careful, that along the self-actualization and enlightenment path, your motivation and desires (for certain things atleast) may weary and drop, at least temporarily. And also, notice that this may be a false dichotomy. Completely maximizing your youth, fun, sex, partying while your young, may actually even help you in your journey to self-actualize, perhaps through the process of elimination or whatever. So in summary Do both (Or if you can't than ---> Maximize your youth, fucking, partying (with self-actualization in the backdrop) ------> Move into more focus on self-actualization after Based on the limit of what you have given here, and have said you want, I think this is may one of the better set of pathways for you but then again I dont know blah blah, it depends blah blah blah
  3. @Leo Gura Welcome back Had lots of notes/insights from this video alone What is the note software that you use now? Please remember to have several back-ups, across various systems, hard drives, flash drives, etc. For both the old software, OneNote, and the new software, even if it is on the cloud.
  4. Were you physically and sexually attracted to her? To what degree? How did it feel? Did it feel physically pleasant? Why do you think it was difficult to have an erection (in the moment)? Were there similar occurrences in your past (in casual relationships as well as serious ones)? How certain are you that it would be different in a serious relationship? What level of sexual interest / libido do you usually have? (Basically how horny are you?) Do you want to be able to enjoy casual sex? I'll offer an opposing perspective here. Be open-minded to, or consider, possible ED, sexual dysfunction, low libido, or this being a "bad" thing, to different degrees depending on the answers to the questions above
  5. @Michael569 Lmao @Michal__ Your not slick @Michael569
  6. What's wrong with playing video games all day?
  7. It seems currently impossible to do them all at once. There are two keys to help you pick Prediction Experimentation Try to predict which activities are best, both considering what is optimal "objectively" / in general and "subjectively" / personally. All you can do before experiencing the activities is predict which ones you think would provide the most benefit. Also aim to experiment with all these different activities to discover which ones are best. For example, Have 2-3 x 30 Min Daily Slots for experimentation, and 2-3 x 30 Min Daily Slots for established activities You can have the experiment activities in those slots for as long as needed to sufficiently experiment their benefit/validity Have 5-6 x 30 Min Daily Slots for experimentation, go through all the top activities you predicted over the next weeks to months, then pick the best ones to start as established activities Or you can even continue to have a few slots for experimentation to reconsider certain activities or for new ones
  8. Cause you're a little bitch if you don't... Haha Just kidding ...? Experiment if waking up early provides you any tangible value You can even do one day wake up early, one day do not wake up early multiple times, and directly split-test any difference If there is no difference then there is ZERO point in waking up early, if you do feel a benefit then there you go. Intrinsic motivation, no need to motivate or psych yourself or do any gimmicks ?
  9. @kag101 I thought that was basically the point
  10. @Flowerfaeiry I'm not sure that's how it works
  11. I would disagree with making the game into a couple of stages, or just one stage as that would basically take away the whole point. Having a game that includes all stages, or the development through all stages seems to be the core of this idea. While I do agree that the game shouldn't be too focused on Spiral Dynamics™, having it as a significant or major element of the game is compelling. It can just be alluded to What are some other components, themes other than spiral dynamics that you could include? What would be the primary overarching objective, idea, or theme of the game? What are some name ideas? (Or some sort of synopsis that informs the main vision of the game) Vision (2022) Systems (2022)
  12. @How to be wise If you mean, talented as in complete mastery, than of course However, if you mean talented as in talent then Being naturally conventionally smart ----> Talent at mathematics, logic, reasoning Being naturally confident ----> Talent at socializing Being tall -----> Talent at basketball Being shy ---> Talent at getting no bitches I could go on all-day Just concede
  13. @How to be wise Wrong People have natural inclinations toward certain skills, abilities, personalities, and even ideas @Value
  14. Hmmm I have a feeling the main takeaway may just be everyone's favorite Nike slogan... And if it isn't, then I would think twice before buying this...
  15. That's fair, however, it appears that significant asexuality (and for the longterm) is statistically unlikely so to rule out situations such as giving up and rationalizing I would still recommend exploration/experimentation. (On top of the fact, that @Yoshy seems to have noted attraction to females. If he wasn't attracted to females, he likely wouldn't have been on Tinder in the first place) Most of the time, people are coping (I.E lying to themselves and bullshitting). Unless they have been (completely) rejected 100+ times, the answer consists of continuing on, investigating negative/limiting thoughts and beliefs, analyzing where you can improve, etc.
  16. @No Self My guy said he likes females You're projecting hard my g Unless someone is 90-100% certain (without coping) that they never want to have sexual/dating/relationships, they should explore/experiment Huh? Someone has found success/abundance meeting, attracting, and dating the people they are attracted to and still doesn't find it valuable? That's possible but there's little value in exploring that here lol
  17. Without actually fucking/dating at least 10 women, this is COPE. You don't qualify for this belief system, go out there and experiment with dating/sex/romance before you dismiss it otherwise in the future remember what I told you here 10 years earlier, when you start to deeply regret this shit. This is as if someone dismissed socializing or finances or health or spirituality without even doing any exploration into the domain. You want to explore/experiment with sex and dating (casual relationships as well as, perhaps, at least one serious type of relationship) otherwise you're going to be missing out on an entire domain of life that could have enriched your life and brought you value.
  18. @JosephKnecht Here you dropped this ?
  19. @Viking Developing hobbies won't (or isn't an efficient path) to developing financial freedom, enlightenment/awakening, romantic/sexual abundance, or really most of the different happiness items in the tiers above. The only real thing it will help you do is inefficiently find your life purpose. And are you telling me you have absorbed and read everything of value from all of YouTube and of what can be read? ? You can split the motivation for those activities into two main goals Productive / Educational Playing / Entertainment I highly doubt you have absorbed everything of play/entertainment value and productive/educational value on YouTube and from reading. In terms of productive/educational value, it's better to learn with a purpose/goal that you are trying to achieve such as reading Ekhart Tolle in pursuit of enlightenment or watching investment guides in pursuit of financial freedom. What you can do is find a problem you can fix. The mindset of solving problems is a good place to start. Unless your life is perfect, you have a problem you can work on (and no I don't mean the problem of feeling bored but something else, that will likely be solved indirectly) To start: How are you supporting yourself? Do you enjoy, or mind how you are supporting yourself? Or are you financially free? Are you satisfied with your romantic/sexual life? Are there any endeavors, goals or exploration in this domain, that you would be interested in? Or better yet, What do you desire? What do you want?
  20. The fuck does that have to do with hobbies? Are hobbies everything in life? Hobbies are optional. Look into a full revamp, re-understanding of your life. There are many other forms of happiness. Take a look at this model based on one of Leo's earlier videos: Lowest Tier Drugs Food Partying Drinking Beauty Money Shopping, Materials Media, Entertainment Gossip, Idle Socialization, Shallow relationships Fame, Sucess, Status Validation, Approval Porn, Sex Romantic Infatuation Mid Tier Hobbies Exercise, Health Habits Strong friendships and relationships Family Deep Loving Companion Highest Tier Learning, Education Excellent work and flow states Inner development Therapy Coaching Exercises Journaling Meditation Seminars Workshops Self-Acceptance, Self-Esteem, Confidence Gratitude Integrity Living up to values, doing meaningful activities in your life, honoring commitments, not stealing, not cheating, not harming others, keeping commitments to yourself Kindness, Contribution, Altruism Being, Existing, Enlightenment, Awakening Practice through meditation I doubt your problem is simply feeling bored with hobbies or life as unless you have zero problems, then there is an issue you can fix (or some suffering you can eliminate). Also, there are other higher goals/endeavors (or some enjoyment you can create) than pursuing "hobbies" (although you can do whatever you want if you want to pursue "hobbies" you can do that as well). I find the notion of "hobbies" kinda stupid, restricting, and limited. Ideally, everything should be a "hobby". It's not like you want to have set aside time for all things hobbies/fun, that should be all day. Unless you are already rich / financially free or in some sort of dream job/profession/career (which doesn't make sense because you are having trouble with hobbies), you already have a major problem (I. E wage slavery) to overcome. You should focus on solving problems (eliminating suffering) and maximizing value (creating enjoyment) in your life, not fucking around with "hobbies". Take a look at Some major endeavors/areas to look into are Purpose/Passion Financial Freedom Enlightenment/Awakening Sexual/Romantic Abundance Unless your life is perfect (and it will never be), there is really no "reason" to feel bored, life has infinite possibilities. Do you really think you have fully explored life, and all the value, enjoyment, enrichment, and interests it has to offer? Then your choosing to feel bored. And even if you have explored significantly, there is always something beyond. Trust me Go out there and create an amazing life, not only with "hobbies" but with all areas and valuable endeavors
  21. @Conscious life Interesting, I see
  22. @Conscious life Woah that's a lot to consider. It's already tricky conceptualizing truth however when we're dealing with unclear definitions on top of that we're both gonna drown in the chaos. I change my statement, I don't necessarily think you were wrong. I just felt like saying it cause it sounded cool Yes, there may be no such thing as Non-Truth... because Non-Truth = Nothing, what's beyond truth is nothing itself, there is nothing beyond truth. Check this out "Truth" Truth True (It is true that whatever is true) False (It is true that whatever is false) The whole truth vs. false dichotomy Non-Truth, Nothing Beyond Truth Why do you want to know what's beyond truth? Perhaps yes, cause otherwise it wouldn't be God Perhaps, because it is its nature Perhaps, falsehood is truth, like is it true that it is falsehood Can falsehood be falsehood? Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha