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  1. @Giulio Bevilacqua shoot your sources, and yes i freaked out for sure hence the terror was long
  2. @OldManCorcoran the ocd is so annoying, it won't shut up, for me it's calmed down more after 2 years, but it's less now but it's still there, my brain pattern thinking is just not the same, it's weird it feels like i have another mind but memories of the past me if i were to describe it it's more like a dumb new me.. i threw mine away so didnt have that thought, however i would worry and think about the uneasiness all day and like somethings wrong all the time, it was and is still living hell, now it's abit better since less symptoms but i still feel mega uneasy ALWAYS
  3. @OldManCorcoran what about other symptoms besides the broc? i remember being scared by just playing my playstation or watching series where nothing to be afraid of, it would rise my anxiety @inFlow besides meditation, not much yoga practise that was longterm something like a 2 week thing at random intervals and id stop, no results from it
  4. @Tech36363 a good con artist, fell for his bullshit right after abraham's con artist scheme just use logic to achieve your goals, it won't fail you, general positive guidelines from self help is plenty to get real results
  5. i wonder how all these psychs affect offsprings in the future, i'm going to guess plenty of mental illnesses @Breakingthewall @Theplay @AerisVahnEphelia
  6. @OBEler already booked a session with him, he told me to do another session with a sitter that knows what he's doing so i can have a full release, and he told me to let go and not struggle like last time while laying down on the ground star like pose *since i've tripped on my stomach, he mentioned unideal poses can cause bloackages like it did with my case* i don't think 5meo can cure chronic anxiety/GAD, if it can that would be weird honestly since it's given me the PTSD/GAD and now i russian roulette role it again to try and get rid of it or maybe even it might gets worse, which is why i've been avoiding it @Breakingthewall my goal was obviously to experience the hype of 5meo? which it's just another drug that gave me some unwanted mental handicaps, and physical damage, my kidneys have been horrible i've been peeing foamy pee after some months, till today for years, it's alarming that i have foamy pee and the lab doesn't seem to pick anything up, and it's been hurting lately too
  7. ok so what could you do after doing those psychedelics that you couldn't do before doing them? so far it sounds like there's nothing you couldn't do so they were just pointless recreational drugs just like drinking alcohol but with more mental masturbation of cult philosophy parrot larps
  8. @Breakingthewall congratulations to you for playing russian roulette with your brain and winning the lottery of not being a prisoner in your brain, so how was your quality life improved? what can you do now that you couldn't do before 5meo? or do you just cope that your doing better mentally because a drug cult psychonat told you so and you just went with the narrative flow larping and parroting that it's great when it's nothing special but just another delusional philosophy perspective can you guys stop parroting that bullshit of open up yourself to chronic anxiety, i've been doing that for years now since it started and guess what you can't open up to chronic anxiety because the body's chem balance is just unstable it has nothing to do with opening up, everybodys body/dna is different and it doesn't work the same way with psychs, hence the different random results
  9. @Yimpa leo's old videos back in the day claimed awakening/enlightenment is the end goal for humans, i bought on the hype train went emotional over logic, ofcourse his views changes from time to time he doesn't hold his old beliefs i've been self actualizing since 2014 watching his channel weekly/religiously, did various self help books 25+ wasn't satisfied, so i thought 5meo would help but boy was i wrong, that was not what i needed, pretty much been living a detrimental life just wishing for an average healthy human days of my 20s, my mind and body legit feels like crappy 24/7, feels like an ongoing hell every moment and nothings really improving either for the past 4 years i just hope i get to atleast get to average health someday in the future, if not it's going to be a pretty much crappy unideal life for me
  10. @Yimpa to me it's more about being realistic than cynical, 5meo advertised as a cure for human suffering was pretty much a scam after i experienced, since now i am left with longterm phyiscal and mental health issues, i've just invited more suffering in my experience sadly wish i didn't get on the hype train for it, would've dodged a good bullet
  11. @strangelooper more like a consequence of playing russian roulette with my brain with a random hyped drug that i thought could solve all my suffering, all it's one is give me more issues to worry about all day not the most ideal situation to be in, i'd be better off clean without it but i wouldn't know that back then that's the irony of buying into the hype @Keryo Koffa rubbish doing that for years now, used the mantra of this too shall pass plenty, it's just an unstable mind no thought can fix a panic attack in a moment but just watching it through, at least in my experience @Yimpa acceptance of cult sheep thinking of this so called *awakening* mind land delusion? i still have bills to pay at the end of the day and take care of this body's wants and needs, it wasn't even worth pursuing seeing infinity at this point the irony is i wouldn't have known it wasn't worth it since i've witnessed it and get it now, but the detrimental factors have more cons than pros at this point
  12. when does this shit stop? it's getting annoying i mean sure i'm used to it but it's like a roller coaster, just when i think it's never coming again, nope just another day of a random night of hello, here's a weak baby dose of 5meo this crap seriously has given me some serious PTSD/GAD chronic anxiety, never felt the same since 2019 the current symptoms i'm facing is 24/7 uneasyness anxiety, vibrations on my body, overwhelmed throat and tightness in chest. my memory has taken a big hit too, sometimes i can't even tell if i've showered for the day or not, i used to have amazing memory before it, it has made me less assertive since i don't like to wrong anyone by being arrogant, and i start doubting my memory, my confidence has taken a big blow, i feel weaker than what i used to be mentally, noticed weak impulse control too, i feel like i'm a different nerfed like person that's unstable with his mind, i no longer feel stable with my well being and thoughts, it feels like i have some sort of ocd at times
  13. dude's just wants to live off passive income and chill low stress means he'll live longer what else is there to do here? it's pretty much the big brain thing to do while he has his other side stuff, if he wants to pursue them
  14. went vegan for 2 years+ at first i felt great later on i kept telling myself that i'm *detoxing* and i kept feeling like crap for a long ass time, till i ate some eggs and overnight all my health issue symptoms went away, i like a lot of dairy and have lots of eggs through the month i feel the best on that over meats i've noticed, i do eat some nuts/fruits/vegies on the side, i guess i'm accidentally vegetarian surprisingly i did try carnivore that just makes me constipated, keto isn't sustainable for me either
  15. @Motar i'll believe you once you hit UHNWI while not getting divorced with her, plus a few healthy happy kids with you until then it's pretty much all coincidence luck streak that will not last long