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  1. How to determine what SDi code am I
    How to determine what SDi code am I
    I'm sure you can be at a high stage even if you are young depending on your upbringing, surroundings, and the media/influences you consume. I'm on a similar boat at 21. What I saw with me is that in order to move up stages and really gain appreciation for them, integrating and exhausting stages is crucial. 
    When I first found spiral dynamics I saw myself mainly at green with a hint of yellow. In order to move into yellow more, I thought it was important to integrate orange better. For me personally that meant being good at presenting myself both on a fashion and a confidence level, figure out dating, setting boundaries with myself, building more discipline, fixing my health and socializing more. It also means not demonizing wall street types, not having a knee jerk reaction to moralize to racists, sexists, homophobes, not demonizing capitalism etc. I'm still working through that. In order to exhaust green for me personally that meant leaning into aspects of green that I didn't feel comfortable with including in order to explore them. Those topics include astrology, tarot, new agey things, intuition, being emotional, connecting to my femininity, and taking breaks in my life to slow down. 
    It's not so much about reaching a stage, it's more about really building a foundation for a stage so that you naturally get there. You can reach a high stage through indoctrination but that doesn't mean it's going to be really solid if that makes sense.
    Here is a dumb stick figure drawing I made in 2 minutes to articulate what I'm taking about better. These are both in the same height or same stage if you will but stick figure 1 doesn't have as much of a foundation as stick figure 2. Stick figure 1 is less balanced and has to be extra careful. It's situation is more unstable than compared to stick figure 2 who as more wiggle room because stick figure 2 took the time to horizontally go through stages to integrate them instead of taking the quickest road to the highest stage. 

  2. How to determine what SDi code am I
    How to determine what SDi code am I
    its very simple.
    look at the model.
    What are your top values as a person? 
    Where are you spending most of your time and energy? What are your highest goals you are working toward?
    The stage that aligns most with your top values is the stage your mostly at.
    orange: achievement, money, material success, showmanship, etc.
    green: relationship, harmony, connection, community, etc.
    yellow: self actualization, systems thinking, actualizing the self as an instrument to serve the whole, strategy, understanding is king.
    Turquoise: Consciousness, Truth, Love, pursuing higher and higher states of being as an individual participating in a conscious sentient spiritual whole that is also one's true Self on a higher plane.
    common goal examples:
    orange: getting rich , fame, becoming a celebrity, running a successful business, winning at something competitive, becoming the best at something.
    green: Building a powerful connection with a lifelong partner, building a strong supportive circle of friends, Bringing people together and helping them 
    through my work and purpose.
    Yellow: Pursuing the peak of human potential (maxing out your stats if life was an RPG game). Achieving the highest understanding of both my smaller
    human self and reality and then using it to help humanity through my work and purpose.
    Turquoise: Pursuing the highest possible stage of consciousness and love I can possibly reach and then radiate that love to all beings.
    Reality is perfect as it is.

  3. A Critical Perspective on the Spirituality Practiced Here
    A Critical Perspective on the Spirituality Practiced Here
    This post is critical of a lot of the content in this forum section.  That being said I have a deep respect for all of you that have done serious work in this most important realm of human development.  I also think that the fact that there is an open minded space to talk about this sort of stuff with no judgement is extremely important and I commend all of you that make this conversation even possible.  
    Here are a few very general critiques of the spirituality portrayed by this forum;
    i)  Use of convoluted language and the overindulgence in spiritual narrative and concepts
    What is spirituality ultimately?  A search for the end of suffering, for ultimate happiness, for truth?  Why obscure what is mostly something very simple in all sorts of esoteric idea's and concepts?  Aren't all or most of us just searching to quiet the ego-mind and find peace?  Why do we have to talk about enlightenment as if we're all playing some sort of spiritual Dragon Ball Z with endless levels of higher attainment?  All of that is a pointless obfuscation of the simplistic idea of quieting the ego-mind to live in peaceful presence.  The greatest irony of really getting trapped in this is that you can actually become more deluded than the average person not less.  Now don't get me wrong, it's a simple idea, but the journey to get there can be a long and arduous process.  I don't mean to diminish that reality at all.  I only mean to diminish the mental concept that conceives spirituality as some sort of game where we're all increasing our spiritual power level to get to the next awakening.  
    ii)  An overreliance of psychedelics and a lack of recognition of their ability to delude you into oblivion
    Use of psychedelics in certain contexts can result in the long run and added level of mental narrative and delusion.  If someone preaches Christianity to you while you're tripping you might very well become a Christian, this is a real example that I've seen happen.  In a similar vein you can go into a trip with all sorts of spiritual concepts and idea's you can color the narrative of your trip with those idea's, which then reinforces them as narrative and delusion in your sober life.  Whether that be masahmadhi, Jana states, telepathy, or any of the other countless spiritual narratives out there.  And let me tell you, it is very possible to have a completely convincing experience of telepathy, for example, but ultimately it just be a complete psychological illusion created in the experience.  The level to which you can create illusion and narrative while using psychedelics is extremely vast, far more than most people here recognize. 
    For example, if the narrative of self is an illusion, the narrative of a self that has lived countless past lives and has telepathy is an even greater illusion.  Is it not?  
    This being said, I believe that psychedelics do have their place in this work.  But they are absolutely not a replacement for structuring your existence so that you can live a life of presence.  Shouldn't you still practice as if psychedelics do not exist?  
    iii)  Lack of simplistic pragmatism, which would be the most effective, useful, and compatible form of spirituality for modern society
    What happened to the chop wood carry water approach?  Not that all of you don't have some of that in your approach, but I never see any posts where people talk about how they spent 6 months meditating and doing simple honest hard ass work.  Mostly I see people talking about sticking DMT up their anus and blasting off, which has its place I suppose.  I guess the day to day grind and discipline just isn't as exciting?  I think a lot of people would be amazed at the type of person they would become if they could leave their modern comfortable lives, meditate all day every day for part of a year and live in extreme discipline.  Or hell, if you don't want to go that far just live a minimalist life style, build relationships based on love, meditate 3 hours daily, and do ice baths for discipline as an example (maybe throw in a psychedelic a couple of times a year if that floats your boat).
    I guess you could say I'm a spiritual minimalist because I think that moving in the direction of simplicity is moving in the direction of presence and peace.  
    Ultimately this is just a singular perspective and I'm certainly not floating above everyone talking down to you from my perch lol.  I just thought it was worth sharing and perhaps some interesting conversation could come of it.  Feel free to show me where my perspective could be broadened.  I welcome counter-perspectives and I hope I get some good ones to contemplate.  

  4. A quote which opposes Actualized but has merit.
    A quote which opposes Actualized but has merit.
    The skill of high quality questioning is one of the single most powerful and life-transforming skills a human can develop.
    Do not underestimate the power of questioning.

  5. What is the ultimate way to beat laziness?
    What is the ultimate way to beat laziness?
    Followed by Just do it.

  6. How to get $180 000 for my Life Purpose Study
    How to get $180 000 for my Life Purpose Study
    I am 19 and want to do an extremely comprehensive and deep study on my life purpose (bring peace to the world: so I'd study (at home): peacebuilding, conflict management, politics, sociology, spiral dynamics application, non-profit organization management, public speaking,... ). I plan to do this for 10 to 15 years. after that time I might start to earn money. For those 15 years I need about $180 000. I am trying to find the quickest way to get it. I see two ways:
    A: work in a normal job. That makes 16000 hours wasted.
    B: start an online business. Ways I could see work out:
    -facebook ads 
    -learning funneling and consult and build campaigns for youtubers 
    (But I guess they are difficult to do in an ethical way...)
    I think an online business would demand way less time to get the $180 000. Probably 2000-6000 hours??? Therefore I am very inclined to do an online business.
    What do you recommend how I get the $180 000? online business? How many hours required for the $180 000? How reliable is it?
    (you probably suggest that I try to earn money with my life purpose earlier. But I don't want to do this because 1. I dont want to get active half-baked and 2. I will probably work in a or found my own organization. Such organizations rely on donations (and thus my work too) and I don't want to beg for extra donations for me. The best scenario would be that I get financially independent through my online business that I can then put all the donation money into the organization (or whatever my work will be))