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  1. @DJ Comaschi

    2 hours ago, DJ Comaschi said:

    @SQAAD why shouldn’t God create “suffering” or “senseless stuff”?

    Because God is essentially a Mind. A Mind has Intention and a Purpose.

    Dumb physical objects do not have intention or Purpose.

    Suffering is okay but it just becomes too much for my liking. If i was God i wouldn't allow for torture, beheadings and etc.

  2. @jimwell

    22 hours ago, jimwell said:

    Say that to the hundreds of thousands (or even 1 million) of humans who self-murdered last year.

    What about the millions of human beings who have lived a decent life full of Amazing Experiences for decades? 

    Even if life is so sh*tty that many people end it, it's still not the majority of people who kill themselves. What about your heart, your kidneys, your eyes and everything that works so well? 

    Isn't that evidence for a God who actually cares?

    Also why God wouldn't give a fk about his Creation? This doesn't make any sense whatsoever. If God didn't care, we wouldn't even have this conversation right now.


  3. @Ishanga

    20 hours ago, Ishanga said:

    This idea that there is a "Caring" God up there somewhere, that You can have a Personal Relationship, is a solace for ppl, its make ppl feel wanted and protected but its not a solution! It boggles my mind how so many millions of ppl believe in this crap, just goes to show the general consciousness level of the planet, very low..

    Using the word God is the wrong word to be using, its got too many insinuations, and beliefs attached to it, better to use word like Intelligence or Brahman, or Shiva (which means "That which is Not") and that we are basically this, in human form, spiritual beings having a Human Experience per say, and we can be intouch with this (if You are Your In Bliss, which looks like Love to everyone else) if we strive for it, some have to strive harder than others, depends on their Karmic makeup! 

    When people create stuff, they care about their creations to a certain extent. Why an Infinite Intelligence who has created Everything with Incredible Detail just not give a fk about It's Creation?? 

    What does it actually mean to say that God doesn't care? Also you haven't explained why God wouldn't care.

    Even if people kill themselves, they still may go live in another plane and ultimately all pain and suffering doesn't last forever. Life has its ups and downs. A God who cares doesn't mean that everything will go our way. But it means that in the Big Picture there is always hope and beauty to be found.

    A Random Universe would be totally indifferent. But God would not be totally indifferent.

  4. @Leo Gura

    On 25/3/2024 at 6:27 AM, Leo Gura said:

    That's typical. If you re-trip too soon they tend to go bad.

    LSD trips require at least a week break in between.

    I didn't realise that LSD was such a powerful stimulant.

    I won't trip more than once in a single day, otherwise the overall stress just becomes too much. Evening should be for your body to rest and come down of a drug, especially when dealing with stimulants.

    What's funny is that i have taken 2 tabs of acid once in the morning. And i didn't have any negative physical issues whatsoever besides becoming mildly psychotic.

    And when i took 2 tabs of acid, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, it was just too much. So it's not only the dosage that matters but also how you space it throughout in the day. 

    Have you had any bad experiences when re-tripping (IF you have re-tripped) with LSD in the same day?

  5. @Grateful Dead

    On 24/3/2024 at 6:42 PM, Grateful Dead said:

    This is quite normal with LSD. Let go of the toxic energy and try to relax your body and mind as much as possible. Don't worry too much about the body sensations, it's not biologically dangerous. It's a process and if you continue to do this work you will feel much better overall.

    Thank you for the positivity.  I needed to read this.

    Sometimes Reality gets very very dark.. 


  6. @Staples

    On 24/3/2024 at 4:53 AM, Staples said:

    @SQAAD You need to test your substances before you consume them. Use an Ehrlich reagent.

    Have you watched Leo's or any other videos on how to use psychedelics properly? It should be obvious double dosing on the same day or while sleep deprived is not going to produce the best results.

    Come on mate, do your research. Treat this stuff with the respect it deserves.

    You can seriously traumatize yourself for life with reckless ill-prepared trips.
    Or you can seriously enhance your life with well-prepared trips.

    Your choice...

    Nothing is really obvious.

    I have drank coffee multiples times a day and even sleep deprived with 0 issues. Same with magic mushrooms and many many other substances.


  7. @Unlimited

    On 24/3/2024 at 0:44 AM, Unlimited said:

    Did you take the same dose or more the second time you took it?

    If it was the same dose you wouldn't really feel a lot since LSD builds a tolerance after you take it.

    I took the same dose. I did feel some mild effects. But i was definetely not near as high as the 1st time.

    What i felt mostly was my body being over stressed. I should not trip in the afternoon but rest instead.

    LSD is a very strong stimulant and i think shouldn't be taken multiple times a day.

  8. @Razard86

    2 hours ago, Razard86 said:

    So God serves all of its creation, because God cares ABSOLUTELY. God knows what you can handle and what you cannot handle. God knows exactly what you need. Life is about MATURITY. God is not here to baby you, but to grow you and yes part of Growth is pain. God makes you selfish, and then grows you toward Selflessness and that is all that is going on here.

    I also believe that God cares. It doesn't make sense to be Infinitely Intelligent & create all this stuff without giving a damn about what happens to your creation. 



  9. @Breakingthewall

    17 hours ago, Breakingthewall said:

    You call reality god, the intelligence that flows, but I don't see it as totally accurate, maybe I'm missing something. The intelligence that flows seems to be limited by itself, since it must be synchronic with other infinite bubbles of reality. It is not omnipotent, since it cannot not be or not manifest or not be perfect, it is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the absence of limits and that self-organizes as total perfection. It cannot not be perfect, everything that exists is because ultimately it is infinite, and infinity must be perfect, since it is synchronized infinitely. God is an infinite fractal of infinite perfectly synchronized bubbles, a kaleidoscope that fluctuates in endless cycles. It can't choose, it just is. so it doesn't look like a god


    So you mean that God has no Will ultimately?

  10. @Razard86

    32 minutes ago, Razard86 said:

    In one sense God doesn't exist, because God is nothing. God has not qualia, so God can't be identified as Something in particular. From that viewpoint God doesn't exist. But because God is nothing, it is simultaneously everything because Something has borders, size, scale, etc, so it exists within nothing. So this is why God is so hard to discover in your baseline. You need to focus on the subtle. One of the best ways is when you wake up, stop and meditate immediately. You are your most subtle as soon as you wake up from sleep. Also God is love, you are trying to turn God into a something which is what the ego mind does.

    Everything experiences God because everything IS GOD. Your goal in the work is to realize the mundane is the divine. Stop looking for peak experiences all the time and raise your baseline to the peak. Whenever you trip, aim to raise your baseline to that experience. Whenever I trip I don't come down dramatically unless I will myself to come down. I'm able to keep majority of that peak for as long as I want. You need to raise your alertness to what is happening within peak experiences, pay attention to what differentiates it from your normal baseline and you will be able to normalize it.

    The first step is to stop identifying it as a peak experience and consider that experience normal. But beware, you might not be able to live an ordinary life from that state.

    What do you mean God is Love? Do you mean that God accepts whatever arises within it?

  11. @Leo Gura

    On 24/3/2024 at 4:57 PM, Leo Gura said:

    It's common for religious fundamentalists to lose faith in God when they experience deep suffering or loss. That's because they misunderstand what God is. God is not a personal force who cares about you like mother. God is the fabric of reality itself. God isn't a human, with human needs and concerns.

    When a lion tears apart a baby gazelle, that's God. Humans do not appreciate this. It doesn't serve human needs. What ever human wants is God to serve them, to make things soft, easy, and pleasant.

    You can't beat the game of life by getting everything you want. In the end you will have to surrender to God's Will. That's what spirituality is really about. Not obtaining superpowers.

    You've said in other videos that the Universe/God can have feelings & etc. Doesn't that make it personal?

    You don't explain why God has to be that way. Why God has to construct such an animalistic and vicious Universe where ''he'' doesn't give a fk what happens to you?

    If God can do whatever, he could create a world where he can incarnate and not need to kill other beings to survive.

    Also How would you feel living through the lives of the terrorists below?  Talk about Living Hell ...


  12. @Thought Art

    4 hours ago, Thought Art said:

    As you awaken you may be able to extend your idea of self and expand your understanding of love, beauty, and variety of experience to embrace suffering. By embracing suffering you open the possibility for the deepest forms of love. 

    Suffering has been instrumental in my life to become who I am now and who I may be. 

    You exist unconditionally. You’ll have ups and downs. You’ll live and die. You’ve been doing this for eternity. But, you don’t remember. 

    Relax, enjoy and forget the suffering. 

    The deepest forms of love for a human is to love the suffering to death.

    Thank you for the solid advice. It rings true when i read it. I find it very hard & torturous to love sh*tty things...that as humans we don't like.

  13. @Princess Arabia

    8 hours ago, Princess Arabia said:

    I want to cry reading this post. Hang in there. You will come out of this okay. You will. Strip yourself of all your beliefs now and just know you will be ok no matter what. Put your hand on your heart. Feel it beating. Know there's a life force powering through you. It is always with you no matter what. Forget about all teachings now. Move to that which is. The presence within you that never changes. Move to it. Acknowledge it with all your heart and it will acknowledge you back. Don't beg, don't plea, don't ask, just acknowledge it's presence. Surrender to it and know that you are ok no matter the outer circumstances.

    You will see a shift. You will know eventually what I'm saying if you keep it there. No doubts from you because the mind will go there. If you find the mind doubting, let it be and don't acknowledge it. Go back to the heart, that's truth, the mind is all fabrications. Allow yourself the space between where you are now and where you will be. You are already there but you have to not acknowledge the fears and doubts and all the negative emotions that are arising. See them for what they are but don't identify with them. Don't try to push them away either. See them as a person at the door that you know is there but you refuse to open the door. They'll eventually go away to allow for presence to shine through. 

    We all love you here and reach out to anyone if you feel the need to as how you made this post. This is the start. This post is the beginning of the shift and you will see and feel this shift soon. Just don't let the mind get a whole of you during this time. Allow it to rant and rave but don't energize it just let it be. 


    Thank you for your loving and supporting post. It made me feel better and i really appreciate your gesture :)

  14. @Davino

    11 hours ago, Davino said:

    God is existence itself. God is this moment, this experience and everything that is going on.

    But this isn't about God.

    You are suffering and that changes your state. You have discovered God in a particular state and in a particular way. I don't know what you are going through but I'm sure it's no easy. Hopefully you can handle that and get back on track with your Awakenings and God Realizations. Take care, if you need help you can find advice and support in the forum as well as with your family and friends.

    Thank you. I appreciate your post.

  15. @UnbornTao

    11 hours ago, UnbornTao said:

    Good. Set those beliefs aside, they're ultimately hearsay, pointers at best.

    You seem to be pointing out a common dynamic with students – getting disappointed with the teachings after some time, based on the sense that it might all be "bullshit", that it might not be true. This sense is based on the recognition that what you had about the work was essentially conceptual and believed, therefore their reality hasn't been yet directly experienced and verified.

    Now the real work of going after what's true can begin. Question, wonder, contemplate.

    I've had Enlightmnent experiences and at least a couple of God-realisatons. But these experiences don't stick with me . I believe in their value but sometimes they seem pointless because you always return to your usual, low, stup*d state.

  16. @Ishanga

    12 hours ago, Ishanga said:

    When One has a basic level of Consciousness, they have natural Peace, and see how they are connected to most everything else, especially other Humans, there are no "Others" in a sense, other bodies and minds yes, but not Life itself! 

    If it was basic level of Consciousness then most people would have it but they clearly don't. And noone is free to choose his level of Consciousness. Life traps you in a sense.

  17. @Vladimir

    12 hours ago, Vladimir said:

    @SQAAD There is a purpose in absolutely everything, including all suffering. All suffering is for the sake of Love. There are no mistakes in the Universe, the Universe is absolute flawless perfection. 

    There are times of my life where that was my direct experience & everything made sense. But always some sh*t would happen that would turn my life upside down and leave me totally confused and directionless.

  18. @Breakingthewall

    12 hours ago, Breakingthewall said:


    Would you agree that reality exists, right? Well, this is what it is, forget about God and why things are the way they are, just delve into what exists. empty your mind completely and merge with reality, be one with it. open yourself to what is and see as deep as you can, there is not another possibility. 

    That's good advice. Thank you.