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  1. At 9:00 of the video he talks about psychedelics. Then he says:


    This 5-meo that people like to do. I am not a proponent of that. That jars the nervous system so strong..It should happen more organic, this transendance. I talk to these people in consults. They're all messed up because it was too fast, it was too much of a shock. And it can take months to integrate back into yourself. You don't need such a strong blast.

    Is this true?? Because i have zero understanding of the nervous system. And i really wanna try 5-meo in the near future. 


  2. Leo says:



    Infinite Love is so epic in its Goodness that if you were to see its full Goodness you would cease to exist and nobody would even know that you existed.

    If you want to exist you have to actively deny Infinite Love. That's literally what you have been doing your whole life otherwise you wouldn't be here. You'd already be gone, merged into Infinite Love.

    So the only ones of us that are here talking about life, are the ones who are terrified of Infinite Love. Because those of us who weren't , we are already dead, we're gone, we're out of here.. You can't talk to those people.

    Only from self-deception can survival happen and life can happen. If this core self-deception isn't in place there can't be life as we know it. There can't be humanity


    What does this mean? I don't get it at all...O.o

    What about super enlightened sages like Ramana Maharshi who lived to old age?


  3. @Yimpa

    8 minutes ago, Yimpa said:

    Of course it’s self-bias. Bias towards self. 

    But the body is a figment of SELF.

    You can directly realize yourself as not merely the body. That’s what death is, directly; not as a theory!



    It might be a self-bias but everywhere i go, 'my' body follows. Is that a coincidence? I know that essentialy i am beyond the body but i need to take care of it as long as i want to maintain this dream. Otherwise i would be constantly jumping from one dream to the next. What would be the point of that??

    What would be the alternative of not having a bias towards towards our bodies? Even very enlightened beings such as Ramana Maharshi survived for a long time.

    God has designed it so that we have a bias towards our bodies. That is the reason we experience this strong drive/urge to survive. It is not by accident. Problems begin if we are too attached though.


  4. I'm currently watching this video. Leo talks about how God is Death, and that basically we are already Dead.. Ok i have some experience with that.

    Then he goes on to say how identification with our physical body is selfishness delusion and fantasy.  

    What is wrong with survival? I may not essentially be the body but i need to keep this body alive if i want to maintain this current particular dream. 

    It may be a delusion to believe that i am a body but still i need to keep taking care of it.

    What is wrong with this selfishness (at moderate levels)? What is the alternative? I don't get it.. The most reasonable thing is to take care of the body so you don't have to constantly change dreams. I know Leo agrees with this also. But then again i don't understand why he criticizes survival .

    Also i believe God constructed survival .  If i could maintain the dream without taking care of the body then ok. But God forces us with needs/urges/cravings to take care of the body.

    I don't really understand what is Leo's deepest point here. If survival is such a falsehood then why God designed this Earth and its creatures so that they have self-preservations instincts and a need to keep the body alive?

    Leo calls this attachment to survival self-bias but what is the alternative? The alternative seems like pure torture, pure misery to me & doesn't seem to make any sense...

    Also i disagree with him on some parts of the video. For example the thing i fear the most is excuciating pain and not death.

    Lastly Leo said:


    Only from self-deception can survival happen and life can happen. If this core self-deception isn't in place there can't be life as we know it. There can't be humanity

    What does this meam? I don't get it. What about Ramana Maharshi and other super enlightened beings who survived for a long time? Were they self-deceived?


  5. @Kingston

    On 1/5/2023 at 8:15 PM, Kingston said:

    @SQAAD You need to tough it up and bite the bullet. Ultimately what you wish is you want to find some easy solution for your current situation. However, you know that there isn't this the case. 

    Doomed if you do, doomed if you don't. If staying in your country or moving to another country are both challenging, you still need to pick one nonetheless. So tough it up. By being victim only makes thing worse.

    Yes i agree. I think unconsciously i am seeking some easy solution when there is none... Accepting the challenge is the hardest thing.

  6. @Noahsteelers34

    11 hours ago, Noahsteelers34 said:

    Even though you don't want to do manual labor forever, can't you just use it as an intermediate step? Sure the living situation might not be ideal, and it may not be the job you want, but I feel sometimes you have to go through a period of doing things that aren't 100% optimal to get what you want. Do you think moving to Holland would be moving you more towards where you want to take your life?

    Yeah i think living abroads would be moving me towards a better position in life.. The reason is that Greece is a very underdeveloped country with tons of unconsciousness.

    Living abroad is also hard but at least you can survive a lot better than here. Many people have left Greece because they could not make ends meet without parental support. Unless you own your own house, living here is a real struggle.

    Maybe i should just experiment with the living situation abroad. I watch other people from Greece who live in Norway and Holland for example, and they have enough money where they can travel and do other hobbies.

    What keeps me from trying to live abroads, is fear of misery. I'm afraid i wil be miserable if i live with 3 other people in the same house. I know that after a while i could eventually rent my own house there. But that is also a challenge. Rent is very expensive and its really hard to find accomadation in Holland.

    Because things are so difficult and i have not found anything 'good enough'' this has kept me stuck in this situation.

  7. @integral

    11 hours ago, integral said:

    Is getting a fulltime job as a Front-end Developer an option?

    Here in Greece it is extremely difficult because 99.9% of employers want you to have all sorts of degrees and stuff. Moreover they tend to choose younger people.

    It's very very difficult that someone will give you a chance. Most business are ruthless and they only care about maximum efficiency and profit. 

    In other countries it might be different. I know that in America people in similar situation who have found work as a developer. Like this guy who began coding at 32 and found a job:


  8. Presently, I am facing difficult circumstances and require assistance, though it is tough for me to ask for help as it may reflect poorly on me.

    As a 30-year-old man living with my mother and sisters in Athens, Greece, my family has been supporting me financially for the past few years. Unfortunately, Greece's economy is not as developed as other countries like the United States, and high rent costs can take up to 50% of one's income, making it very difficult for most individuals to make ends meet without parental support.

    Both of my parents were uneducated and dysfunctional, and their behavior negatively impacted my life. Additionally, my father's alcoholism, poor mental health (OCD), and absence during my childhood left a lasting negative impact on my life.

    I have always yearned for self-reliance and autonomy. Nevertheless, the job market in Greece is very limited, and finding a position that pays enough to cover basic expenses is challenging. Therefore, I have been considering the possibility of moving to countries such as Norway or Holland, where better opportunities might exist. Despite identifying some job openings in Holland, I am hesitant to accept them because they require sharing accommodation with three other people, which does not align with my preferred living arrangements. Furthermore, most of these jobs involve manual labor, which does not align with my career goals.

    I am proficient in the basics of HTML/CSS & Javascript and desire to work as a web developer or in a position where I can learn valuable skills. Unfortunately, my past addiction issues and mental health concerns have affected my productivity and hindered my progress. Nevertheless, I have successfully overcome my addiction to marijuana and am now in a much better mental state.

    I have been facing several challenges lately. Despite my efforts, I have been unsuccessful in securing a decent job in Greece, and my limited qualifications have made it challenging for me to work as a web developer. To make matters worse, the environment at home is not supportive, and I have not been receiving the love and understanding that I need. The frequent arguments at home have made the situation even more difficult for me, and it is taking a toll on my mental well-being. I feel trapped and uncertain about my future, which has led to some thoughts of suicide.

    It's hard to know what to do when it seems like my only options are to settle for a dead-end job & continue struggling to make ends meetUltimately, my desire is to live independently on a livable wage while working in a fulfilling job where I can learn valuable skills.

  9. '' The world doesn't care whether you survive or not. The world runs on its own accord. '' 

    This is a quote by Leo from one of his old videos. Is this statement true? And what does it really mean?  

    If it is really true that God is totally indifferent then what is that different from materialism and nihilism? Why do we even talk about God then? Also this makes you feel terrible about existence and everything. It's not motivating or inspiring at all... It makes you wanna become someone like Bukowski for example.. 

    God is supposedly infinitely intelligent and all loving. This is quite different from a neutral Universe..  Leo has said that the Universe/God has feelings and it is not cold and neutral.. Also he has stated that God wants us to awaken. 

    It seems paradoxical that God would use his infinite intelligence to create a perfect universe and yet at the same time be totally indifferent about it.. I don't understand this. 

    My intuition and previous experiences with psychedelics tell me that God cares about its Creation. 

    It's counter-intuitive that God cares to create a perfect ant, yet at the same time doesn't care if it gets stomped by humans and other animals. I don't get this at all.... 



  10. @Michael569

    On 10/4/2023 at 7:35 PM, Michael569 said:

    The deeper you go down this rabbit hole, the more miserable you become. Seen it on myself, seen it in others, seen it around here. 

    Just a word of advice from someone who's nearly gone mad with all the toxin avoidance, I tried to do couple years back...it was also the most unhappy I've ever been.

    Just accept that some exposure is inevitable and from that place take a rational standpoints and adopt few practices that help you find a healthy balance without becoming mad each time you have to come in contact with a synthetic product 

    Example: buy a dish soap from a relatively conscious company then move along

    Example 2: if you washing machine is making you anxious, don't use it and wash dishes with hands using just a bamboo scrape and some essential oil soap - then move along.

    Example 3: get an eco egg for your washing machine, mix it with something that seems natural enough and then move along.

    Ignore if the advice doesn't resonate, maybe you need to experience the misery this stuff causes first hand 

    No criticism there, just a friendly advice 


    I appreciate your advice and i am kinda happy that you understand my misery..

    My mind is very focused on the details and focuses on things that most other people ignore. When you are like that other people think you are kinda crazy but are you really?

    I used to suffer a lot from this kind of stuff because i was doing all sorts of compulsions to check and be 100% certain.. This only made things worse.

    This stuff is hard and you gotta learn to live with uncertainty. There is no other way.


  11. Lately i have developed this concern about being careful enough to not ingest dish soap.. It has stemmed from some observations.

    I've observed how easily you can accidentaly leave extra soap on a dish... I've also observed the water bouncing back when it hits the surface of the sink.. and this water if mixed with soap could probably touch the dish..

    I've watched two videos on YouTube just to observe how other people handle this.. but both videos were kinda dissapointing..

    The old man in the 1st video especially seems to not care at all about the soap because he barely rinses out the dishes.. I believe this will probably leave some traces of soap on the dishes.. 

    I don't know if this is significant or not though.. Maybe the soap just evaporates and it does not even matter. But again i am not sure.

    Probably a dish washing machine is the best solution.. I would like some insight on the points i made because i am very confused..


  12. @Girzo

    4 minutes ago, Girzo said:

    @SQAAD Maan, it has this classification because it's 1. first a drug you don't want to get into your system accidentally, 2. a little bit irritating.

    The danger listed here is that you will have a little bit irritated nostrils if you snort it. 

    That's all. All routes of administrations are good, it's like a normal drug. Every drug can have those safety hazards ascribed to them. I am not talking about psychedelic drugs, I am talking about every drug you can buy at a pharmacy. There's nothing unique about 5-MeO-MALT.

    Very Interesting.

  13. @Leo Gura

    27 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    You can run a drug test kit on it to check that it's a 5-MeO class indole.

    And the rest comes down to trusting your supplier. Use a reputable supplier.

    If in doubt, test a tiny dose.

    Ok. Thank you.

  14. @Leo Gura

    10 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    I have done enough 5-MeO-MALT to kill a horse. As long as it's pure you can snort it just like any drug.

    Snorting is foolish when you can plug it. Snorting will sting like a bitch and harm your nose.

    Don't be timid. Snorting it once will not kill you.

    But this assumes you got actual 5-MeO-MALT and not some fake. I cannot speak for the safety of anything fake.

    I definitely respect your experience but i am also concerned about snorting this substance when in the picture it states that H332 is harmful if inhaled... (I am no chemist and i have no understanding of these things).. But my brain is OCD-like & wants 100% certainty even though that is impossible... lol

    How can you tell if it is fake or not? How do you judge it? You said in a video that you judge it by the color..

    Should i even try it if it is not a clear color? I really don't know what to do sometimes lol.

  15. @Leo Gura 

    4 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    Of course it's safe. If you have the pure thing. You can stick it anywhere. Although I would avoid eating it.

    I am not sure about that. Check the picture i posted on this post..

    Have you tried snorting it?

    If you are afraid of not having the pure thing then what should you do besides trying a small dose?

  16. @OBEler

    On 29/3/2023 at 6:50 PM, OBEler said:

    @SQAAD inhaling is not Smoking. if you open it and just Inhale the powder without Smoking it then it is harmful. 

    Hmm.. Kinda weird.. Because everytime you smoke something you probably breathe in some of the substance through the nose too because of the smoke..

    Ok so i guess 5meo malt is not recommended to be snorted..

    What about 5meo dmt? 

    And can you recommend me a good roa besides plugging?

  17. @OBEler

    35 minutes ago, OBEler said:

    @SQAAD chemical Route is total scam. I checked them out. Faked trustpilot reviews and so on.

    Ok thank you. This is good to know. 

    36 minutes ago, OBEler said:

    What dont you understand. It is explained. H302 means it is unsave to swallow 5 meo malt. So this roa is not recommend 


    Yes..but it also says H332 is harmful if inhaled... I believe that inhaling 5-meo-malt is a common roa..

  18. Is 5-meo-malt safe? I really wanna try it.

    I checked a site which sells 5-meo-malt and right below the description it has this picture..where it lists some chemicals like h302 and others that are harmful.. I don't understand what this all means. Can someone check the picture and give me an explanation please?



  19. @Kingston

    8 hours ago, Kingston said:

    The true love results in having the courage to embrace all the "bad things" in this life you avoid. True Love is the most radical things and it's what we fear the most.

    We can't love all of them because we have form to survive. If you genuinely love to be tortured, then your body won't live long. Well, believe or not, there are people in this world that actually desired to be tortured to death. So who should we say if that is a bad thing?

     So realistically you can't really LOVE unless you're in the state of God consciousness. And you can't really understand true love if you are in human state of consciousness. So embrace your limit and if you really want to understand love, try some 5-meo.

    Talking of torture.. that is actually my worst fear .. getting tortured by some Mexican Drug Cartel Animals.. lol.

    So from what i understand.. God has no fear because 'he' is formless and we have fear because we have a form.

    Also, i recently got a taste of Love while on shrooms.. But i definitely go all the way and try something stronger like 5meo..


  20. Leo says at some point of the video something like (i am paraphrasing)


    ''Why do i love money and not the lack of money? Why do i love comfort and not discomfort? Why do i love a big house and not a small house?''

    Now.. this all seems very negative to me and i don't understand it...

    God has put in us those desires to chase pleasure, be secure, comfortable, have money, avoid pain,illness & etc..

    But then i feel like there is something wrong to having these desires.. Does not God want us to do good , be happy and thrive??If not then why did he instill those desires within us?

    From what Leo said in this video i get the feeling like there is something wrong to want to be happy and feel good in your body just because God accepts everything or something like that...

    Maybe God is fine living a torturous life but certainly my experience is the exact opposite and everything inside me screams to improve things for the better... How do you reconcile that?

    I don't understand this. And it seems negative, perverse and twisted to me.


  21. @Breakingthewall

    4 minutes ago, Breakingthewall said:

    In my opinion, bullshit. the world is a perfect machine where each gear is in the exact place. intelligence in action

    Yes i agree.


    1 hour ago, Breakingthewall said:

    We live in the relative. You are a relative entity. 

    No. I am Pure Consciousness. I was never even born. ;)

    (I would like a definition of the absolute vs a definition of the relative btw, i am curious because maybe i don't understand these defintions correctly).

  22. @Breakingthewall

    1 hour ago, Breakingthewall said:

    We live in the relative. You are a relative entity. You exist in relation with others. 

    I don't know about that. 

    1 hour ago, Breakingthewall said:

    If anyone hits you in the face with a bat, you'll see if it's a construct of the ego mind or what. but the relative is a dream of the absolute. ultimately you are the absolute imagining the relative, but the relative is real, you can't scape of it 

    Yes , i don't deny the appearances inside the Absolute.

    So what do you think when Michael Singer says that the world has nothing to do with us? I don't understand. This only makes sense if the world is random without a God behind it.