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  1. Why being malicious? Nothing to be upset about. Many members here imitate Leo, in words and actions. But it never seriously crossed their minds they are just digging a deeper hole for themselves. The differences between Leo and his followers are that Leo already has millions or hundreds of thousands in his bank account and has never experienced any form of mental illness or any serious form of trauma, while his followers are being inflicted with various forms of mental illnesses, trauma, and are having financial problems. Many also lack social skills or have never had a girlfriend their entire lives. It's ok for Leo to shoot for the stars. It's foolish for his followers to try to do the same thing because for them, it's just spiritual bypassing. Leo's work is NOT for the majority of the population. That's the truth, whether acknowledged or not.
  2. We agree on things except what you said above. But in the end, we both need to honor what is true for us based on our experience. But I wonder why your spiritual insights are different from Leo's when you both use psychedelics. I generated my spiritual insights without using psychedelics and even without my intention. My spiritual path is very different.
  3. Everything in existence, no matter how beautiful, fades. I'll share an experience which happened a few years ago. I was sitting in a Japanese park, marveling at the beauty of the wide-open space, grasses, trees, and skylarks. I felt deep joy and I said to myself "I've been looking for this beautiful place my entire life without even knowing it. Now I'm finally here. I will come to this place every few days to watch these beautiful things and feel this joy.". So, that was what I did. And for the first month, I was one of the happiest few humans in the world. But I was surprised that the park lost its beauty in the second month. I was very disappointed. I contemplated why that was the situation. Then I realized, the park actually did not lose its beauty. It was my senses and perception which lost their appreciation capability, hence the joy also faded. I also realized this is not avoidable. God designed it that way to motivate me to enjoy as many parks as I can. God wants me to enjoy variety of beauty. This is also true to all other things in existence. God wants you to enjoy as many works of art, foods, parks, women, etc., as you can. If you ate only sushi your entire life, you would be sick of it and become unhealthy. It's good to enjoy other foods. If you stayed at the same hotel every vacation time, you would also be sick of it. It's good to enjoy other hotels. Of course, if you flirted and fucked only one woman your entire life, you would also be sick of her and that would be a big tragedy. It's surely good to enjoy other beautiful women. Monogamy is dumb. I think polyamory is better. I haven't done much research on polyamory so I don't understand it that much. But I want to say you can have a deep, genuine relationship with more than one woman simultaneously. It functions similar to synergy. When you start to feel sick of flirting and fucking Kimberly, you take a break and you spend more time flirting and fucking Park Min-ji. When you get sick of flirting and fucking Park Min-ji, you take a break again and spend more time with Ishii Yuki or Kimberly again. That's how you generate and sustain love and excitement. And paradoxically, it nourishes romantic relationships. If monogamy is the best, why do you think cheating, domestic abuse and divorce are prevalent? It is natural for a sexual human to be simultaneously sexually attracted to more than one sexual partner. Monogamy forces naturally polygamous humans to enjoy only one partner, hence the marital tragedy. Even married couples who are not legally divorced are essentially divorced. Many of such couples are sexless or the romantic spark is long gone. They are essentially friends who chose to stay together for the kids or other reasons. But I need to clarify that this is not true for everybody. Some humans are naturally ok being monogamous (especially humans with low libido). So they should honor their monogamy. I just want to demonstrate why polygamy is superior to monogamy.
  4. A good post. The best way is to embody all 4.
  5. I was similar to you a decade ago. I was very sensitive and compassionate towards other humans and animals because all the love I already had and could generate was directed only to other living things and with little or nothing towards myself. I was self-hateful. In other words, I was very loving towards others but not towards myself. And this is a big mistake. This mechanism is also probably true to you. Jesus's way was morally good and respectable but not the best. If you really want to be more loving and more effective in embodying love, and create a bigger impact on others; you need to be much more self-loving. It's paradoxical as fuck. Remember; before mastering selflessness, master self-love first.
  6. The music video above is Leo's best song of all time. I also love that song; the lyrics are good and the melody is fun. But I think there are songs out there which are superior. I think Leo is just biased because the vocalist of New Radicals looks similar to him. 😄 The 2 music videos below are superior to Leo's song. But everything in existence is relative especially music. So there's no clear winner. You are also free to disagree. I just want to honor these songs.
  7. I stumbled across a tribe in the Philippines just a few weeks ago. The tribe allows or even encourages their 12-year-old girls to marry and give birth. I saw many girls around that age raising kids. Another interesting thing is the tribe allows a man of any age to marry 2 or more 12-year-old girls. I was immediately reminded of Islam's Muhammad. Of course, the tribe was demonized and gaslighted by Roman Catholic Filipinos who go to church every Sunday to receive sermon from their priests who many are homosexual pedophiles. It was blatant hypocrisy. Cultures and traditions around the world, no matter what they are or how "weird" they are, are all made up by society.
  8. Sexual attraction is love, just a narrower or shallower form compared to what you described. Sexual attraction towards children is "normal" and valid despite being demonized by society. I'm not endorsing pedophilia, especially not criminal pedophilia. I want to say pedophilia needs to be looked at with an open mind.
  9. Yes, I also intuit that this is the case. Leo even made a video about this which is titled "Infinity of Gods". Every God has its own solipsistic dream. It's very interesting. But in this dream of yours, you are the solitary dreamer. Because I am honoring the purpose of my life. Helping others is a form of beauty, and I honor all forms of beauty. No, it's not a twisted interpretation. I realized that it is actually good that your level of consciousness goes back to your default state after awakening. During a very elevated state of consciousness, your experience of existence significantly changes. It is very obvious that your parents and everybody else are illusions. There are no other minds. There's nothing there. It becomes absurd to interact with them knowing and experiencing them as illusions. And it becomes very difficult to honor the purpose of your life. Now that my level of consciousness is more human again, existence becomes real. Everybody and everything are real and physical again. Intellectually, I knew that the female intern doctor is an illusion which sprouted from my mind. But experientially, she is real. So, when we flirted with each other, I felt love and enjoyment. If I had the opportunity to hold her face and admire her beauty, it would have been one of the greatest joys in my life, knowing that this beauty sprouted from my mind. Without the schizophrenic experience or awakening, things would just be normal and lack intensity.
  10. Ok lang po. But just because I spoke Tagalog and recommended the Philippines, it doesn't mean the Philippines is my country of origin. Where I'm from and where I'm now are still unknown. I also wonder about that. But I noticed that homosexuals, especially transgenders, are popular in the country because they are humorous. Filipinos love to laugh. That's dumb as fuck. It's time to get out of there and move to a better country.
  11. No. Your mind imagines others' minds. I need to say it for what it is. It is surely horrifying at first. But as you bear with it and continue your spiritual journey, you will arrive at a point when it becomes beautiful and magical. "I am all which exists. The entire universe is made of the exact same substance as my body. How beautiful!" The thought above fills my heart with much love. You need to experience the solipsistic dream for yourself to remove any doubt. But even if you do, you might doubt it first because it is very different from your usual consciousness. It feels similar to insanity. But as you contemplate it more and listen to your intuition, you become surer that the "schizophrenic" experience is the truth. I just described what happened to me and why I created this thread. This dream of yours is grand in its beauty and deception. And I'm a part of this dream, an illusion pretending to be real.
  12. This is quickly changing, especially in the past few years because of the emergence of LGBTQ. Traditional male and female roles are changing and becoming more intertwined. Transgenders can now marry in a Catholic country which was completely unimaginable 2 decades ago. It shows how the LGBTQ community has gained much acceptance. For example, the video below features 2 transgenders (M to F, and F to M) who fell in love with each other. They eventually married and are now raising a baby girl. This is from a Philippine tv show and has no English subtitles. But the scenes and atmosphere of the video are probably enough for English-speaking people to understand what it's about. I recommend the Philippines to any member of the LGBTQ community who is persecuted or unhappy in their country. The Philippines is very friendly to LGBTQ. Though it's a 3rd world country, you can have a 1st world experience in the country because it is heavily influenced by the US and has the biggest malls and buildings in Asia. Yes, Philippine malls are bigger and more "advanced" than Japanese malls. I have lived in both countries. And if you are an English speaker, you will have an easy time. Government agencies, hotels, apartments, restaurants, and other businesses use English as the official medium of communication (heavily influenced by the US). And Filipinos love speaking English to foreigners. Their grammar is broken and the accent is quite thick, but they are good enough to understand. The country is easy to enter or migrate to. A resident or work visa is not needed for many countries, especially English-speaking countries. The payment systems include Visa, MC and other credit cards, bank transfer, e-wallets such as PayPal and Gcash. There are online groceries and food delivery similar to Uber. And similar to any 3rd world country, the Philippines is very cheap. It has, of course, a few bad things. But I don't feel like talking about them because I believe for most people, they are not bad enough.
  13. Also true. And this is good news. It makes accomplishing the purpose of your life more sensible and satisfying. What are you waiting for? It's time to go outside your comfort zone and experience many things. Be brave and detemined, and create and admire as much beauty as you can. Don't waste the gift of life.
  14. Life is a dream. It's not real or physical, and you are not inside it. Instead, life is not physical. Life or existence sprouts from your mind, exactly similar to your dreams at night.