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  1. Change the 'your' to 'my' and it'll be great
  2. Check out this dudes trip report He reached master yogi levels of enlightenment, as is evident by the fact that for a few moments his body was totally suspended in mid air.
  3. The phrase 'I didn't did my regularly at a row for 1 week' doesn't make any sense in english, friend. You may need to rephrase it. Do you mean that you went a week without doing your regular practices? PS. Writing the entire post in bold italics really strains the eyes to read (at least for me.)
  4. Asking if something is real is opening up a can of worms on this forum lol. A better question is: is it a useful model for growth; and I would say the answer to that is a very definite maybe.
  5. I've heard the tape you're referring too. He does indeed say that From memory, he doesn't mean it as if to say that that God is regretful or that humanity was a mistake. It is not a 'sorryness' in that sense More a sympathy, a yearning, an excitement for our seperation and returning to union. He is sorry that we have become seamingly seperate from him, but there is no error, and no blame. It is the same way that you are very, very sorry to see your child start his first day of school. He is crying, you are crying, but it's all perfect, all is well. You are sorry to see him go, but he will be home soon, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
  6. so is fire: but it's probably best not to walk right into it
  7. Hmm.. weird. Might be a regional thing~
  8. This is a good post. I was using the Windows 10 version of Onenote (OneNote version 17) which is designed for touch interfaced, but OneNote 2016 is definitely superior in layout, options and ability to save on cloud and local. Only thing is I'm pretty sure OneNote 2016 is free. It's a part of the Office suite but you don't need to buy it. I just downloaded it and installed it from the site.
  9. No, you don't have to. You have the freedom to make your own decisions. Just be aware that these decisions will impact you and likely your relationship with your mother. Sometimes in life we have to disappoint others in order to meet our own needs. In any case, try being more honest and open with her about how you feel.
  10. Depression is unlikely to be released with sporadic work over 2 months. Likely changes are occuring, they are just being filtered out or rejected through negative emotions. Next time you're in a good mood, then look at your current and past experiences and see if there has been changes. Do not be discouraged. I suggest you continue the work. I have been doing emotional release work for a few years. I have found the most progress through David Hawkins' presentation of releasing, as well as Sedona Method. I have found that they have a synergistic effect. David Hawkins work provides a good foundation for greater understanding of what's occurring which helps to stick to it. It seems that the general context under which 'shadow work' is presented usually allows for brief excitement about the process and some releases and healing... however, challenges occur and the practitioner is confused, feels defeated, and drops the practice. Integrating a practice in a way that allows for instinctual, constant and effortlessly release, at any time, is the real jewel that will allow for swift and powerful transformation. That means that you would do best from releasing as often as you can. I will share my personal experience and results from this kind of work. It always starts out the slowest because that's when you have the most baggage. Releasing gets more powerful the more you do it, and the gains increase the more you do it - and it never stops - my experience confirms this. It also gets easier, and easier, and easier. These are the gains I have received almost entirely from 'letting go/release' - and very little meditation. Substantially less fear and anxiety in life (I would say I experience 1/10th of the anxiety I did just a few years ago) Substantially increased self esteem and confidence Socializing has become fun and effortless Healed relationship with my father (hadn't spoken in 2 years - now we are better than we've ever been) Improved general health, relieved of allergies and reactions I would have Ability to problem solve and overcome blocks or challenges has become automatic and effortless through releasing Subjects and issues that have been "longstanding, stuck, haunting" are opening up and I can feel optimistic and excited about them, where I would have previously felt grief and longing Life purpose feels natural and moving towards it feels like an automatic gravitational pull Creative ability and skills have expanded dramatically I don't get angry or upset with my family anymore Can easily access a space of joy, bliss, and connection to inner radiance through simple intention Literally every single blockage or problem in life feels like an opportunity to grow (at least when I'm in a good mood, which is often) Spouts of sadness and depression are much shorter and transformed more readily Increased financial abundance These are just some of the gains I have gotten over the last few months alone - this is from constant releasing day to day on negative emotions, as well as occasional dedicated sessions to specific subjects EG. relationships, fears, abudance, specific subjects, etc. Gains seem to be occurring faster and faster, and goals are being achieved more readily and joyfully. This is all entirely through releasing/letting go alone. (And of course Grace) Releasing does not require you to sit down or do anything formally, it can be instant and effortless. Keep this in mind as you practice. You can do it eyes open in the middle of a conversation. Although breath and visualization can facilitate release, neither are required. I feel that I am growing more than I ever have in my life and it has been the result of very little action taking, and lots of releasing. I don't discourage action taking, but this is just my experience. The initial phases of releasing we are often dealing with dense baggage and it takes time. Stick to it. Gains seem slow at first but accelerate. Be open to miracles, increase the amount of releasing you do and keep returning to COURAGE to stick to the practice. The mind will constantly give you reasons as to why it's not working and why you are better off reliving and rehashing your grief, guilt, anger and feeling sorry for yourself. The goal is worth it: liberation and total joy, and the gains are so much more radical than you can ever imagine.
  11. probably looking for an escape from suffering more than for enlightenment itself when depression has been overcome and well-being is stabilized I think a more authentic search begins