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  1. Honestly I wanna say you've probably just had a superbly 'bad string of luck with duds... that's the only thing that makes sense to me. Try again once or twice more maybe. You're not being a sissy, those are reasonable doses and it's best to air on the side of caution. I've never heard of anyone as impervious to entheogens! Maybe people like that are out there though and it's certainly possible you're one of them. I don't think it's a matter of ego/surrender is because even if your're really 'stuck in yourself' and resistant, it doesn't mean the effects of the drugs aren't going to be obvious and apparent - just that you may not have certain kinds of experiences eg. spiritual breakthroughs, insights, etc. 150ug of LSD is not a light dose and even someone with the 'strongest' ego is going to feel it! Haven't tried AL-LAD so I can't comment on whether that is the expected results for that dose. I'd say try mushrooms or lsd from a different source at normal doses once or twice more to see if it's been bad luck or if you're unique - ideally with something confirmed as legit, maybe a friend having tried it. Then slowly try higher doses if you still don't experience anything.
  2. you will ironically end up spending much more energy and focus on spending than the average person it's like getting someone to stop thinking about cigarettes by taking the cigarettes from them - you'll go from thinking about it sometimes to thinking about it much more often because you're coming from a place of resistance, which charges the subject
  3. Man I have been so excited for VR since day one but I just realized how insanely accelerated the dystopian aspects of humanity are going to become.
  4. Somewhat controversial figure Jordon B Peterson has recently crowdfunded a series of lectures on the psychological significance of the stories within the bible. The first lecture 'Introduction to the idea of God' has been released. I think they'll be released on a weekly basis, and if he reaches his next crowd-funding goal, which seems likely, then they'll be bi-weekly. I've been excited about this series for a while. If you haven't been exposed to Jordan's talks before then give him just 5 minutes listening and you may very well find yourself absorbed and captivated.
  5. A lot of people seem to think mushrooms enable some kind of telepathic experience. Particularly when taken with those we're close with. Talking with a friend while on psychedelics is fun, but language can feel inhibiting and I find we're usually just trying to express the inexpressible. Talking can also be clumsy when high. It feels to me like a waste of energy attempting to englishify your experiences on the fly instead of just moving through them silently. Though I guess it depends on your intentions. If you want fun and connection then talk, but also keep in mind you have unlimited time after the retreat to relate insights and experiences together.
  6. Very true in my experience. It can sometimes feel disempowering to affirm an undesired reality - but that is only if you assume it is the only view/reality. If you see it as one of many unlimited perspectives than it is no more true than any other, but also no less. Resisting it is counter-intuitive because it highlights it more. Pushing against it gives it more power. There is an exercise that I think I learned from a video from Bentinho Massaro that I do sometimes which is to completely agree with and affirm all the negative thoughts, which sounds strange but when I do it it is liberating. Like saying "Ok, it is true, it is all meaningless, useless, and the universe is a resentful and awful place. True, no, really." and then I can breathe a bit more and suddenly it loses its heaviness and I feel free to just choose another perspective. what good does denying anything do? no human perspective is less true than any else - maybe just more or less in alignment with what our hearts desire, but we can't choose as easily if we are judging and suppressing what we call darkness.
  7. Probably depends on how literally one takes the scriptures, no? mostly offtopic: Snick have you heard and do you like Dylans gospel albums? Saved is one of my favourite albums. It was his most put-down period in terms of critics, but to me it's some of his best work. It really encapsulates that 'born in sin' mentality in a cool way but is very heart oriented. The opening to the self titled track on Saved describes the old christian mentality best: "I was blinded by the devil, born already ruined, stone-cold dead as I stepped out of the womb' here's a live version of 'when you gonna wake up' from slow train coming that is probably in my top 3 favourite performances by him. The opening lines are awesome.
  8. No formal technique is necessary. Through intention alone you can cultivate all kinds of states - from the mundane to the exalted. Easier said than done though. Sometimes techniques and formal practices only work more easily because they bypass our held beliefs about what we can and can't do. We think we can't just simply relax and be happy for no reason other than because we want to, so we meditate because we believe that will do it for us, and then we reap some of the results. Bashar would call these 'permission slips'. It is possible to create a state inwardly and hold that identity or state firmly, and eventually that identity or reality will be reflected in your emotions, thoughts, physicality, and the rest of your experience allowing for a total transformation. One of the powers behind psychedelics is that they temporarily strip away lots of held limiting beliefs and so it's easier to access states of higher clarity, intuition or bliss - but this dynamic can reinforce the idea we need to do something (take something, do a certain kind of meditation, etc) to reach certain states of being. It is possible to, for example, work yourself into states of really high bliss comparable to MDMA, or to effortlessly receive answers to your questions. This can be done by consciously generating the reality of your desire inwardly. If you continue to look towards your external experience to determine how you aught to feel, think and behave, then you will continue to generate that same reality which is governed by unconscious patterns. If you can consciously hold your inward reality and choose to frame your entire experience as confirmation of the reality that you're now choosing to align with, then it's only a matter of time before it is reflected externally . The art comes in aligning in fulfillment of your chosen reality now. If you are expecting, waiting or hoping for a change in the external reality, then that change won't come because you're still associating with the old experience. If you know you can have anything you want right now by freely and consciously choosing to have it and so you rest in that fulfillment now, then reality will start to quickly align with that experience and generate it in your external experience, feeling, thoughts, synchronicities and whatever perceptions it takes to fulfill your desired state perfectly. It's a bit of an art and there are many different techniques, teachings and approaches on the subject. A lot of it is just removing the barriers and beliefs that say you can't generate your states from within - or that external reality governs in the internal. Experience says that the opposite is true - that the inward reality generates your entire experience. Discovery of this takes some dedication, openness, but most importantly the willingness to find out for yourself.
  9. Are you becoming mad because of your thoughts? Are you hoping or expecting to sit and have a clear and still mind? Anger is usually resistance to something so perhaps you are resisting the fact that you are having thoughts. Mindfulness is not about repressing thoughts or necessarily trying to make your body or mind still. It may be your goal to eventually live with still mind and clarity, but for now you can relax by accepting what your experience is like. Relaxation makes progression easier. Having thoughts, emotions and frustrations doesn't mean that you are not making progress. Even getting angry about the situation can be progress. If you find anger arising, just observe that anger and try to breathe through it and be with it without labeling your efforts as a failure. Instead label them as a success. If anger is arising, you are doing extra well. Keep practicing, keep observing and keep accepting, and your experience will transform over the days and weeks.
  10. My guess is that projection of ones own beliefs/identity/emotions onto an external landscape is gratifying to the ego... and helps pass time for the uninspired.
  11. Nice. Consider scaling back the intensity and/or length of your practices so you can progress in a smooth, grounded and enjoyable way. Remember to stay hydrated and eat healthy. If you are experiencing psychosis and mental disturbances then it may be time to be more gentle, as pushing ahead can compound on uncomfortable symptoms.
  12. And then ideally after we mate the top fraction, we find a way to stop the lower end of humanity from breeding as well. If we have lots of high consciousness individuals and remove the low consciousness ones, we will have a solution to a lot of the worlds problems. A final solution, if you will.
  13. my response was just to the video, missed your reply, but empty calories is a great way to put it
  14. Seems like a very limited view of intelligence. The implication seems to be that a higher level of intelligence = having less friends by choice but it actually seems to be more the case that people who think they are choosing to have less friends actually have an inability to bond, connect, or just be at ease with other humans. It's easier to just say that nobody gets you because you're too high a level. There's great joy in friendship and social interaction. Acute intelligence in just one area can distorts perception, especially if someone is identified with that intelligence. Like being mildly autistic or something. If someone had a great degree of social intelligence and could feel love and joy with practically everyone, but yet chooses not to have friends, then that would be interesting, but I don't see that being the case. Even the title of the thread says intelligence and loneliness - loneliness seems to imply lack, not inspired choice. It's like teenage kids claiming they don't get along with anyone because people "they're all sheep and don't understand the world like I do." Kind of laughable. If someone claims to be intelligent and doesn't have harmony in their family and world relationships, then I don't consider them particularly intelligent because they have ignored, neglected or just failed to understand how to move through life with basic happiness and ease. I believe basic happiness to be a sign of intelligence. Some actually claim that basic happiness is a sign of low intelligence. I think that's an unfortunate and bitter stance by those who feel stranded in life. If you don't have a base degree of social mastery then it will prove itself to be difficult to achieve large results in different areas of life, and even more difficult to move through life feeling loved, safe and happy.