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  1. Don't you see? He was really inside of us, all along.
  2. How are things now, @Parki ? Can you share your retrospective thoughts on the ibogaine and your experiences afterwards?
  3. Keep in mind: everyone feels this way. There are teachers that you think are legitimate, yet others will tell you that their intuition says the teacher is full of shit. And the teachers you personally think are dishonest, well, others will claim they are of high integrity and quality. How often is intuition really just judgement, and how can we accurately and reliably discern between the two?
  4. transcending duality by flipping from one side of the binary to the other hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. @Jedd Sounds like you're doing good. It'll take some time before you identify that purpose and excitement. At least our Tafe & Uni fee's aren't too bad compared to the US. Half your bank account now vs half a lifetime of debt
  6. Ok Awesome. Because you're not too sure if what you want to do yet, I'd like to expose you to some ideas and models, and some things to start researching and exploring. First of all - the health and fitness industry is absolutely massive, and it's over-saturated - it would be very difficult to find success if you go that broad. It is much more effective to target a specific niche within an industry. The more specific - the better. Going too wide on an industry in an attempt to make it a viable business one reason many people fail. An example of a specific niche would be the ketogenic diet, or 'exericses for those with diabetes' or 'increasing energy for men aged 60+' That means that it is critical for you to to identify something that you're very excited and passionate about within this industry. It has to be a niche in which you can deliver genuine value that is going to solve peoples problems. One of the most important keys to success in your business is to deliver massive amounts of value, solve a problem they have (for free) and then naturally people want to take the next step with you - which may be to buy your product, sign up for a membership, take your coaching, etc. This sounds simple, but it is an idea that you're going to be exposed to over and over again until its depth is revealed. So identify your niche, identify how you can help people (which will lead you to identifying what your products or services will be) and then find the means to delivery that value. If you're not dedicated to providing real value and changing lives, the odds of you making money are slim to none, and even if you beat those odds you'll just be wasting peoples time and money. If you just want to make money, stop. ---- Here's some starting points for research: So you'll need to study how to build traffic. For that, check out Content Marketing. You'll need to learn how you can convert that traffic to be able to deliver more valuable content to them and then offer them products or services. I suggest studying what Marketing Funnels are. Here's a really good question for you to find the answer to: "Why is building an e-mail list one of the most important and valuable assets I could focus on?" Understanding Direct Response Marketing will help tie a lot of these ideas together. A good first step it to just create a website and start creating as much high value content as you can and see if you can get some traffic and have people sign up to your list. It's important to start simple and take action because you can get overwhelmed by information and learning and just never start. Then you can start to look at how to make money. As for the website: Can be very cheap, even as low as like 10 bucks a month for wordpress and a domain name. There are wordpress 'themes' that do all the work for you and you can just start creating content as blog posts, videos or whatever very easily. Depending on what services or products you want to start working with, you can get away with paying a few hundred dollars a year to pay for the plugins and software to deal with things like payment, membership areas, support, etc. Start with this playlist: What Type Of Business Is Best For You? This one's good too: Online Business Research
  7. Do you know what you want to do with the business/website more specifically? and a way to turn that into income?
  8. Partial context for readers: you played with fire, you got burnt
  9. What's kind of business?
  10. The odds of reaching enlightenment by literally shoving something into your ass has never been higher what a time to be alive
  11. In regards to the trope of 'going to live in a cave' and disappearing from your family: My guess is that historically, unlike the west, eastern societal structures are formed so that familes support one another in an extended and interconnected way, so if one person disappears then he is not necessarily leaving a gap at a great cost to the well-being of those around him because there are other members to fulfill the role. Therefore perhaps the moral aspect of it was more about dropping societal roles rather than of dropping the responsibility of sustaining critical wellbeing of the family & community.
  12. valuable and informative share. thank you
  13. I find this type of backlash is created when a lifestyle has been imposed to actually avoid something within yourself. Basing self-esteem, well-being and self worth on activities and how things look externally is bound to fail eventually if there isn't true inner self-love and self-acceptance. If you are using discipline and willpower to escape something, you will avoid the growth, and a 'good looking' lifestyle won't be a natural reflection of a quality Beingness, but as a compensation for feelings of lack. Loving yourself when you're behaving the way you're supposed to behave is one thing, but can you love yourself even though you are failing to meet these imposed expectations? If not, is that really love at all? What are you feeling right now, and why? What do these feelings mean about who you are and what you think you're supposed to be? A good question for this area is "What would it mean if I stayed the way I am now?" - you will uncover a statement, and dig even deeper into that statement, what does that mean, what are the implications? It's possible that at it's root there is a suppressed emotional core that is pulling you back into resonance with it.