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  1. And then ideally after we mate the top fraction, we find a way to stop the lower end of humanity from breeding as well. If we have lots of high consciousness individuals and remove the low consciousness ones, we will have a solution to a lot of the worlds problems. A final solution, if you will.
  2. my response was just to the video, missed your reply, but empty calories is a great way to put it
  3. Seems like a very limited view of intelligence. The implication seems to be that a higher level of intelligence = having less friends by choice but it actually seems to be more the case that people who think they are choosing to have less friends actually have an inability to bond, connect, or just be at ease with other humans. It's easier to just say that nobody gets you because you're too high a level. There's great joy in friendship and social interaction. Acute intelligence in just one area can distorts perception, especially if someone is identified with that intelligence. Like being mildly autistic or something. If someone had a great degree of social intelligence and could feel love and joy with practically everyone, but yet chooses not to have friends, then that would be interesting, but I don't see that being the case. Even the title of the thread says intelligence and loneliness - loneliness seems to imply lack, not inspired choice. It's like teenage kids claiming they don't get along with anyone because people "they're all sheep and don't understand the world like I do." Kind of laughable. If someone claims to be intelligent and doesn't have harmony in their family and world relationships, then I don't consider them particularly intelligent because they have ignored, neglected or just failed to understand how to move through life with basic happiness and ease. I believe basic happiness to be a sign of intelligence. Some actually claim that basic happiness is a sign of low intelligence. I think that's an unfortunate and bitter stance by those who feel stranded in life. If you don't have a base degree of social mastery then it will prove itself to be difficult to achieve large results in different areas of life, and even more difficult to move through life feeling loved, safe and happy.
  4. At least 1000 reps and if doesn't hurt if you know how to do a few sweet skateboard tricks
  5. I can't remember where I heard it, but supposedly flow states occur when the situation requires a certain degree of challenge or possibility to move beyond - like a baseline of challenge that pushes you. If there's too little 'challenge', then the flow state doesn't occur, but if the challenge, circumstance or stimuli is too far beyond your abilities, then you're overwhelmed and also can't enter the flow state. So if you are a chess player, you're best bet at entering the flow is playing someone who is slightly above your skill level. If you are a writer, you are more likely to enter a flow state writing something that excites and pushes you, rather than the same kind of content that is already second nature to you.
  6. Tense all the bodies of your muscle of the body (face too) as much as you can, relax muscles and exhale - repeat 10x Pranic breathing rhythm - Inhale for 6 - hold for 3 - exhale for 6 - hold for 3 - on the inhale feel tensions, on the exhale visualize their release with your breath Give your inner self permission to release all worries and unconscious obligations, then you can either relax your focus, or apply concentration on an object/experience of your choice relaxation takes conscious practice
  7. You are a good actor? Nice, me too. Acting is choosing and becoming - if you are a good actor you are highly blessed because it is easier to embody that which you want to become. It's as simple as that and fun. Identify who and how you want to be - recognize how that person would feel and act, and then rest in that new identity. I think deep growth in this field can be handled in a lot of ways and my suggestion doesn't necessarily deal with the root of the matter (and that's why it's good to take multiple perspectives), but it is still highly effective. It is only surface level change if you think of it as faking or as inauthentic - instead think of it as choosing and becoming. It is very effective short term and long term. This stuff is based on reality creation principals. If you feel something deeply and simply accept as something that you already have and ARE as opposed to something you're trying to become, then you will align with it. Your body will even start producing chemicals and hormones to reflect it. Bring your passion of acting into every day living~!
  8. Minimize harm to earth, animals, and fellow man. Serve the general well-being of your environment, serve the world by finding your path and following it, live and die with gratitude. Everything else is just gravy.
  9. if that's your mustache in your avatar, then yes.
  10. i've got a feelin'
  11. Try making less of a distinction between masks you wear in social occasions and more subtle masks that are worn when you are alone. The programming/conditioning is always there - it is just heightened or triggered when you are around people - so if you are struggling to create mindfulness and act from a more grounded space when you are around people, then remind yourself that gains can be made at all times. Any time you meditation or return to your body, you are improving. Particularly it may be useful to process the emotions of the social experiences afterwards when you're by yourself. You will be able to tap back into the tightness/discomfort that you felt and use it as an opportunity to work with it. The softer you feel on the subject and the less 'strained' your focus on it is, then the more steadily and comfortably will you start to shift. Soften your attention on the subject by being more gentle on yourself, being more compassionate and by recognizing that everyone around you feels the same way, they struggle with these issues and are wearing masks of their own. If you meditate on the idea that everyone has these layers of conditioning, you'll start to see it as less of a burden or malady, and more as a natural part of being human and part of the process of growing up. Primarily remind yourself that you don't need to actually rid any of the conditioning before you start to feel better. Before releasing the conditioning, focus on releasing your resistance to the conditioning/masks themselves in a gentle, easy and light way. It is what we humans do. The masks were here to help you as a way for you to move through the world and deal with unsure energies as you grew up. It's good to recognize this because then you can move consciously in the direction of your choice through natural attraction to well-being as opposed to the path of aversion.
  12. I don't have the answer for you either but for what it is worth, there are many going through the same experience and you are not alone. Wishing you solace.
  13. There's irony in my previous post that hasn't been completely lost on me. It seems the rigidity/rudeness in my own post has been reflected with a deserved hostility, so I'm not the best example of my own advice. My only suggestion is that there are more effective ways of reaching people than by beginning and ending with insults.
  14. aggressiveness and rigidity invites defensiveness I don't necessarily disagree with your points, but it's tempting to disagree with you purely because doing so would apparently make me an awful person . It is not surprising to find that people aren't receptive when you open a discussion with "There is no counter-argument to my position." If you push against an animal they instinctively resist, you know? If you want to help people you have to relax your energy so you can work through our monkey minds.
  15. Yeah as pluto said, infrequent use can be useful. I have found that using cannabis with little to no tolerance or after a long break can be super effective for healing experiences - particularly purging physiological stuff/traumas, but more frequent use seems to completely reduce the power of that healing property, at least for me. I think continuous use probably has detrimental effects to brain chemistry and the subtle energetic system. I find the day after smoking I tend to feel a little cerebrally exhausted. The properties and how its gonna effect you are gonna depend a lot on the strain too. Cannabis, particularly sativas, I think, also have a tendency to suddenly up-heave suppressed energies of the mind and body, so a lot of repressed anxiety and life pressures can arise and it feels intense and kind of panicky - but that can be a positive experience if you're willing to be there and release it.