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  1. the ultimate irony would be if you got arrested and lost everything
  2. Is this one of those strange loops that Leo talks about?
  3. You can learn and practice Isha Kriya from home right now. This video is all you need to start a powerful practice.
  4. I don't think there's any step by step yoga in the book - I believe that's what his courses and initiations are for.
  5. I have noticed myself that a lot of his followers are young and disillusioned people who have a lot of anger and frustration without a way to deal with it. He is someone who appears strong and seems to be able to counter the forces that a lot of people project as the reason for their discontent in life. If you notice a lot of content involving him that becomes popular on youtube is grounded in energies of retribution, anger and righteousness. It's content like 'Jordon peterson absolutely DESTROYS journalist' or 'dismantles feminists on their own show'. I think it gives them a clearer enemy that they can channel meaning and energy into, and they bang the drum of self-justified vitriol through 'justice' and 'truth' because it is a much more comfortable direction than the apathy that defined them before. I don't think this is true for all of his followers, and I don't really have much of an opinion on him personally but that's been my observation of one aspect of his online following presence.
  6. Reminds me of this great chapelle bit (starts at 1:00)
  7. Having some dude you're not interested in hire an orchestra band would be humiliating
  8. I think SSRI's or anything with maoi's can have potentially undesirable effects when combined with certain psychedelics - it's going to be a case by case thing. It is always wise to start at low doses and work your way up over weeks or months to see if there are any negative interactions. Some people report that the effect of the psychedelic is just weakened so that's not too bad. Anecdotally from internet research it's not an 'absolute no-no' but you should do your own studying in regards to the specific medication you're taking. Answering your main question isn't really easy. For some people it is going to be OK to take high doses alone and some find it preferable that way, but it comes with its risks and I don't think it's a wise idea unless you have a decent amount of previous experience with the substance. A lot if it comes down to what kind of person you are and if you're relatively stable. There are some people that shouldn't do psychedelics at all, let alone in high doses alone. Also, define high dose? Do you need to a high dose anyway? There's a whole lot to be experienced between just 2 to 3.5g
  9. fun fact: Some lyrics from the final track of The Beatles record 'Revolver' are taken and quoted directly from the popular commentary/translation of this book by Tim Leary, Ralph Metzner and with help from Richard Alpert (later to become Ram Dass). Their book took the text and converted it into a framework for using psychedelics for spiritual growth.
  10. trumps just a puppet the puppet-master has been hiding in plain view all along
  11. ehhh life will humble you soon enough
  12. pretty important, as it's difficult to become self-actualized as a human without being born first
  13. Very cool, thanks for satiating my curiosity.