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  1. I watched a friend incur serious brain damage from MDMA abuse. He used it a lot, several times a week for an extended period of time. (months?) Hard to tell for how long and how much he used, but his entire demeanor changed, he became twitchy, foggy, had really poor memory, and just always seemed like he was slightly out of sync with social dynamics. In medical terms: he had seriously fucked up his brain. Honestly really depressing. I have little doubt he had serious brain damage. Now that's a severe case, but I think even light misuse is going to come with its relative penalties.
  2. Hmm I'm going to say that divination can be a useful tool to accessing and looking at your own subconscious in different ways. Ajasatya is right in saying that it will often be heavily coloured by our own expectations and conditioning though. There is nothing that is accessed through iching, tarot or otherwise, that can't be accessed within. Still, it is my current belief that if the tools are there... why not use them? I don't think that the future can be predicted though, at least this is what they say. The future is uncertain, at best we can be pointed to probable outcomes based on who we are. If you change, the future changes. Perhaps nothing is set in stone. I used to think Astrology was bunk before I read autobiography of a yogi. I think that pretty much all the material online on it is really low quality though. I'd never really listen to any readings, and I don't think they're particularly helpful... I think the reality of astrology is deeply complex, subtle and a mostly lost art. For this reason I don't bother with it for any reason other than fun. Divination isn't a magic tool and what you get out is directly related to how much you put in.
  3. Can be really useful for emotional work. Working with traumas, also relationship work.
  4. bruh there's other kinds of laughter beyond laughing at others and self deprecation I think you're right, laughter based in unwholesome thoughts or negativity tends to create seeds that sprout more unwholesome thoughts, but there's other kinds of laughter, for example look at this dog
  5. This is part of the heroes journey. Family, friends and external forces are reflections of the inner realms. Mythologically speaking the hero is called to journey into the darkness of the forest (the unknown) through dreams. The tribe warns the hero that if he or she journeys away into the forest and away from the prescribed duties, that death surely awaits. Going against the tribe is a potentially life-threatening action in and of itself, because being exiled or excommunicated is one of the most primal fears and threats. Historically it meant certain death. Their intentions are innocent. They are playing the collective role of the ego (as a reflection of part of your own psyche) which serves to sustain what is. If your intention is to journey into a new level of experience, a new plane of energy, then how could they possibly understand or recognize that? It is fundamentally beyond their experience. The ego never intends to grow, because that is not its role. Any time there is real potential for genuine growth, this dynamic of being called and being pulled back is occurring. The resistance will come through various aspects of your own psyche - as doubts, fear, psychological backlash, etc. It will also be reflected as your friends, family and others. They are only representations of what is inside you. Don't let these voices dictate your future as it is fundamentally only an echo of the past. When the hero overcomes the first real challenge of pursuing the call regardless of the potential threats, then s/he journeys into the forest and slays the dragon/demon. Then the transformation occurs, and the hero returns to strengthen the tribe. This means that it is necessary to recognize that what is occurring in your life now is the most appropriate representation of archetypal forces that arise when a real challenge is approaching. This is worthy of congratulations. Strengthening the tribe means having integrated discordant forces within your own psyche, thereby becoming more whole and integrated. That is real spiritual growth. Of course what is internal is reflected external, and you will serve as a shining light for other people. You'll embody your dreams and they won't be able to deny you. In this way you will serve them. Use this as an opportunity to strengthen your resolve. Your mother said the words "Stop Dreaming", but this would not have effected you at all if this wasn't a voice that is inside you. Now you have an opportunity to see it for what it is: a force that requires integration. Choose courage for all of us pls
  6. Someone told me he still takes shits too. I'm not sure if I believe it but it's good to keep an open mind.
  7. that's a little worrying.. you haven't gotten a prognosis or anything have ya?
  8. No evidence by modern scientific consensus, this is true.
  9. Robert Monroe of the Monroe institute did studies on 'out of body' and developed Hemisync (brainwave entrainment/binaural beats) as a way to meet the challenge of consistently inducing the experience. If I remember correctly there is a bit more about this in the book Journeys Out of the Body. I think he may have been the first person to study the phenomena by scientific means.
  10. It's possible to play games while sustaining a meditative state but is it likely? no, at least not unless you are already a seasoned practitioner the mind has a tendency to get absorbed I am doubtful that video games really create much long term relaxation. I feel that it is a short term relief by shifting focus and becoming absorbed in something else. I don't consider that true relaxation. True relaxation let's the body heal. Distraction can be mistaken for relaxation because it feels good only relative to lifes strains. I am not saying there is not value in this, but if ones intention is to make serious gains then it may require reflection. If you want to play video games then play them. If you want to add mindfulness to it then you have nothing to lose. However in practice you may find that it is mostly wishful thinking to make video games into a high quality spiritual medium. Maybe just more thoughts to distract one from actually practicing. Though I suppose anything is possible if you are determined enough.
  11. I humbly bow at your lotus feet oh soft taco shelled one
  12. Neem Karoli Baba aka Maharaji was no ordinary yogi. In fact he may very well have been Hanuman Himself. No, really. If anyone is interested in tasting pure bhakti I suggest the books Miracle of Love by Ram Dass or By His Grace by Dada Mukerjee - the first is a collection of stories about Maharaji, the second is the recount of his closest devotee's time with him.
  13. First time taking any psychedelic. A few grams of a particularly potent Australasian strain of psilocybin. It was all very beautiful at first, lots of fun, joy, light. Then I watched a video... this video by the Madman himself.. Can't remember how I stumbled upon it. God, in retrospect I think this video is actually meant to have been watched under the influence of psychedelics for the very purpose that it lived out that humble evening. Something, at some point, split open in me. I felt a series on unstoppable emotions emerging and expressing themselves. Happiness, fear, anger, confusion, surprise, exhaustion, hilarity, in an endless cycle flashes and expressed themselves in my face many times a second in their exaggerated form. This went on for a minute or two, it was extremely bizarre. After this show all this energy had somehow exhausted itself and suddenly there was some kind of realization. The realization that just like certain beliefs or ideas are adopted, so too was even my most basic assumptions about reality. My interpretation, my experience and complete sense of self were seen as "programs" and as this realization was had, they dissolved. It was like the operating system of my mind had been reformatted. The OS was wiped clean. What happened after that is less englishable. A bit like a new-born baby without the trauma of birth, there were no conceptions. No thoughts, memories, or anything else. I shlepped down off my chair onto the floor and unless memory fails me, I think I may have gently assumed the fetal position. Soon after some level of meta awareness returned. I remember standing and reaching my hand for the lightbulb, I suppose it was symbolic to me, and witnessing my outstretched arm I was saying "I've got it! I've got it!" and some kind of realization was had. I had it. I'd figured it out... whatever it was. Maybe an hour later I remember sitting on my bed and suddenly having the remarkable breakthrough that I was human. It was a comforting rememberance that made sense of the rest of my experience. The seeing, the feeling, the doing, it made sense. That's what humans do. One more mystery solved. I'm on a roll. Still I felt that I had wiped clean so much of the programming. I felt liberated, and in control. I felt that I would never again be a victim, a slave to the programming. I had figured it out. I had got it. Then a little bit later, what it was that I figured out was less tangible. "What was it again? I have to remember it. Oh well. At least I'm a free agent now..." Then disappointingly I had to bare witness to all of that yet again returning. The programming that I was liberated from forever came rushing back to shore. Something in me had changed forever and I'd never be the same, but it solved none of my problems. The programming was still there. Life was no easier. Now... what was the answer? Something about... nowness? hmmm...
  14. ISAYGOODDAYTOYOUTHISDAYOFYOURTIME hooooow-are-you? Gotta love Bashar... thanks for sharing, haven't listened to him in forever.