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  1. @Phil King The thing is that, if some stupid enough like me uses their real name as their account then your activity can be found via a simple google search and that is kinda scary.
  2. Forget about limiting daily posts. At least create a button to delete the forum account. @Leo Gura Delete my account please or at least create the freedom to delete their account whenever they want to everyone in this forum.
  3. The samurai was in the verge of life and death, which may have triggered his ego to face death and then he was nothing. A human without his ego which divide him from other humans were now gone. So he planted his flag knowing that he was about to die from him himself. Sorry for grammar errors!
  4. @Dodo Hey I guess you know about spiral dynamic well. Can you see that all spiral dynamics are one ?
  5. @Breakingthewall Some also say it is beyond psychedelic. Could it be what leo was taking about?
  6. I have access to some datura seeds but I have been scared of consuming it because of all the trip reports I read in the web. Does anyone have any experience with it? Please give me some suggestions. How many seeds should be taken at a time? Sorry for the grammer errors
  7. The Ten Ox-Herding Pictures - Zen's Stages Of Enlightenment Explained
  8. Which stage might Jiddu Krishnamurti be?
  9. @electroBeam @Lauritz Bewer @erik8lrl @Serotoninluv @Nahm @AwakenedSoul444 @Skanzi THANK YOU !!!
  10. I have been really busy preparing for my final exam but due to the lock down caused by the corona virus. The exam has been postponed. Since then I have started to meditate for 1 hour minimum. What about you guys here?
  11. When life begins we are tender and weak, when life ends we are stiff and rigid. All things, the grass, the trees, the animals, in life they are soft and pliant. In death they are dry and brittle; an army that cannot yield will suffer defeat and a tree that cannot bend will break. So the soft and supple are the companions of life and the stiff and unyeilding are the companions of death. Surrender brings perfection, embrace emptiness and the whole universe is yours. The sage becomes nothing and gains everything. Not displaying himself he shines forth, not promoting himself he is distinguished, not claiming reward he gains merit, not seeking glory his glory endures, he does not compete so no-one competes with him.Such a being rides upon the clouds and enters the sun, passing out of this world with ease and into the Eternal.Fear nothing, except the failure to experience your true nature.Speak nothing unless you have lived it first.The gate of heaven is wide open, without a single obstruction before it. I sometimes wonder when I will wake up? Wake up to see that there is truly nothing to fear. I sometimes wonder whether I am a man dreaming that I am a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming I am a man? What can I say that hasn’t already been said? What can I do that hasn’t already been done? The joy is simply in the Being. Not being this or that. I like watching the sun in the morning. And the moon watches over me at night.