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  1. I imagine your friend watched it many many times over sustained period of time. Making a decision to quit smoking after watching 10 minute clip with Sadhguru is just as easy as making a decision for going to the shop for next package. It's a great clip though! Here is summary of Allen Carr method (spoiler alert):
  2. “The easy way to stop smoking” by Allen Carr is by far the best resource I’ve found. I tried a lot of methods and none of them worked. After reading this I stopped instantly. Moreover I gave it to my brother who gave it to 2 of his coworkers - all of them quit. There is only one caveat - if you want to quit you need to read the book from start to finish without skipping chapters I actually listened to the audiobook in my native language - it is translated I think to like 30 languages already. Allen Carr has books on other addictions as well - he essentially presents the same method for different addictions. Good luck
  3. Great report demonstrating how public education system is thriving in Finland - it is ranked the highest in the world. It's eye opening and clearly shows that reforms proposed by presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders already exist and are possible. Also here is nice summary of how system is working by American teacher Thoughts welcomed
  4. Recently I've discovered Alan Kay - great computer scientist who coined the term "object oriented programming", which in his view was abused by newer languages like C++, founder of SmallTalk language and more. I highly recommend his talks and walking trail of references like Joe Armstrong (founder of Erlang), Ted Nelson (primary precursor of the Internet, who coined the term hypertext, labeled insane by pursuing his idea of the web for more than 50 years!). In this talk Alan gives great overview of what we should consider when educating our children, gives just an amazing way of explaining environmental problems and other things with which our children will have to deal with. It's friendly to non-techies. Here is Ted Nelson pitching his long lived idea to Google employees - if you are not interested in the idea you still can check out the ending for question and answer segment with snappy answers by Ted.
  5. Highly recommending latest Kurzgesagt video related with the topic of infinite intelligence personified! This time story was created by a guy named Andy Weir instead of Kurzgesagt team. Enjoy ?
  6. Episode where Mike Tyson and Tony Robbins share their 5meo experience. Tyson's trip report starts around 30min mark, Tony's 34min. Quite interesting to see high profile people sharing their ultimate drug experience.
  7. I would add Richard Rose to the list! @Leo Gura thank you for the notes from your retreat insights! Regarding Peter Ralston it seems to me in his videos he is communicating kundalini by gestures. Example here (20 seconds in):
  8. About 3 weeks ago I had breakthrough experience on 7mg, vapourgene, 2 thin screens and one thick screen + mullein leaf on top. Now I think more proper way would be to put mullein leaf between thin screens and thick screen, thick screen on top with 5meo on very top, to ensure mullein not burning substance. Mullein just to ensure vaped 5meo, which liquidify, wont escape this small chamber. Not sure about this though. First lighted for 2 seconds directly on ceramic screen with arc torch lighter - recomended method is to keep torch away from screen to not clog it but vape temperature for 5meo must be high Ive read, thats why torch not normal lighter - and then slowly inhaling (slow is making temperature higher), torch flame keeps going. While inhaling I got doubts because I saw mullein leaf getting burned, plus 5meo changed color a little bit from the time I first received the substance. Then looked at the friend with expression close to „shit, I probably burned the substance”. So I started to speak but then realized that smoke needed to escape lunges first. Right after I saw smoke the trip started. For description part, its impossible to describe, after having experience all genuine experiences described by fellow psyhounats/realized people will make sense - not to ridicule any descriptions of course and that experience itself brings lasting comprehension, no no no, it does contribute greatly of course. I really just wanted to share this video, it reminded me about what this experience might have looked like from other persons eyes and its just amazing, I recommend watching it. For me it was more intense/energetic I would say, but essence is I believe the same. And also big thanks to Leo for first video about pua ”scam” and then first absolute infinity video and all other content, including this forum. Definitelly it has very positive impact on me
  9. Hi Viking, maybe grab a sleeping bag and sleep in a park somewhere if circumstances allow. I’ve done it recently and it was refreshing.
  10. Very interesting example of yellow. I've studied and followed him for quite a while, interacted with him personally while having dinner together. I'm quite convinced he integrates stages blue and orange very well, but severly lacking a bone of green. I think it's easy to dismiss him as orange/red. Few interesting facts: core of his approach is cybernetics, he calls himself cybernetic/systems thinker read over 10,000 books his shocking approach is a political game to keep appearing in the media (his words), which is main clash between him and his followers/political counterparts, mainly involves throwing and defending his implications which I didn't like, but was sucked into trying to understand and it's quite deep IQ 168, very in games like bridge (polish country champion), poker, chess, etc., knows maths and physics exceptional memory, quote recolection is like I've never seen in anyone, he is questioned about historical questions all the time and I'm yet to find he didn't answer with some unique insights studied psychology, philosophy, law, sociology and mathematics speaks 9 languages, recently he learnt basics of Chinese, best he knows english although his utterance is not the best very rich life, at 73 he has 29 year old wife and a child with her frequently he mentions Darvin theory and big influence is Adam Smith, Alexis de Tocqueville, Aldux Huxley, 1984 by George Orwell I don't think he delved into spirituality experiencially which is what blocks him to move further. For example I think he doesn't realize that after legalizing drugs like LSD (which I don't think he took), people will turn green.
  11. Yesterday I tried 5meo analy following process described in the post above. Around 9pm I administered 20mg with mild effects. I thought that might be sabotage and will need to give it another try rather then dismissing it this day. I went early to sleep and woke up at 3am. Went to the park very nearby and tried again with 30mg up the butthole. Effects started kicking in in 10 min mark with peak around 40 min in. Hard to describe, there was body load mixed with relaxed/extatic/unpleasant feeling and a lot of monkey mind. Normal heart bit. There was fear of death because body feeling was getting intense. When I though it's over (30/40 min mark) I stood up and started walking I got on my knees and gasped, this lasted around 5min. Also from the beginning chin was pulled upwards, mouth opened while the upper back curved. No clarity though. If I would take away one thing from this trip is this - attachments to the thoghts/ideas/believes/memories/survival which were coming up were making experience unpleasant and this is happening pretty much whole day. Update: day after that I tried smoking 5mg of freebase. It had completely different effect than plugging hcl and it wasn't even 5mg assuming my vaporising method wasn't ideal. Experience was completely different than from other psychedelics I had deep trips. Experience lasted 8 minutes (I had trip sitter who smoked after me), come up was gentle. Throughout the experience I had gentle awarenes of surroundings, although it didn't matter - I lied down on the floor with eyes closed. There was some intention to fight to surrender, but that was surrendered which is different than what I usually did. There was changing breathing patterns (amazing to see how body can breathe), some body movements, shaking and all of that was experienced as something naturaly occuring as if body was healing through being. Upon comedown patterns started reappear and I was back. Deepest and gentlest trip I've had so far. Thanks
  12. 5-meo-dmt experience description attemp by Aubrey Marcus:
  13. Basicaly you need to realize that your mind and ego are dumb from as many angles as possible asap. It takes time and that's why lifestyle changes are needed. Ballz in your court. Hope you will move on and start your journeys. Peace
  14. @jip @Leo Gura @Pinocchio @Emerald Wilkins @jjer94 and all of you guys. I think I should save you from this bs gratitude stuff but I just seem to be doing it so why not. I need to thank you for giving the opportunity to discuss and motivation to dive in deeper. Participation in these discussions helped me a lot to understand what the hell is going on with all this stuff. I can be on my own now I think so I will just try it out. @jip I will treat your response as invitation so bear with me here I think, just from reading your posts, that you don't get this. JM is not advising you anywhere in his books, I will repeate, anywhere to stay in duality. Anything he writes in those books are just baits for you to fight of those hands of ego which are the closest to you. Those hands are keeping you from thinking for yourself. And thinking for yourself will always lead to human adulthood. Only from human adulthood you can seek truth realization. Those 2 stages can happen at the same time or, probably in everyones case here, one after another. Human adulthood is nothing else then facing facts and not being afraid to dive deeper. It's not to realize the truth of no self or have anything to do with it. It is just plain simple thinking. But becoming human adult is not achieved from desire anyway. Those terms are only created for you to look for the next question and live as an activity rather than actor. Nothing else matters. Human adults and realized beings are working very similary and actions you need to take to get to one or another are the same. How to get to human adulthood? 1. Kill all Buddhas. That's it. Realize that any teacher, any guru, any enlightened master are just characters in your dream, nothing else. And any word or pointer or technique or exercise they might tell you to do are just that, dream state BS. So once you get this you can move past them - think for yourself. Any "happy" and with any "purpose" rich dude (Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Buffet etc.), actor (Pitt, Cloney, Jolie etc.), succesfull athlete (Stephen Curry, Jordan, Messi etc.), self-development guru (like Tony Robbins, Leo, etc.). normal "chill" people (rural families, LA new age families, hindu religious families, european families etc.), hot and intelligent girls (instagram hotties, victoria secret models etc.), lifestyle gurus, people with a lot of sex and "great" relationships and lifestyle and everyone you ever looked up to are not really happy. They just lie to themselves that they are and I don't want to waste my and your time to destroy them, because you need to see it for yourself. The reason why it's possible is because they see superficial change in other people but change is based on their own experience (unhappy). Once you know you will also know that any purpose in your head how your life should look like or any activity you are doing during the day is because you took it one way or another from those people. And you will see for yourself that it is BS because of basic facts (see the second point). And then discontent will start to sink in. You will see that you have no way to grab onto other peoples meanings or to pile them up in any way to have a meaning to you. Life has no meaning (or any other basic fact) is profound and only honest people, those who are willing to transition to Human Adulthood, will get this. Anyone who will see will have no other choice and to do this you need to discover it for yourself. That's why it's a lonely game, not because you need to drop friendships, but you cannot rely on anybody elses thinking. All self development is about doing things, not trying to convince yourself to do them. Trying things out. That's it and you don't need anyone to tell you where you should start. Bigger problem is with spiritual gurus. The problem is because they are human adults - they simply looked at the facts from the second point, nothing else. They had those insights in their lifes and that's great. They feel certain way (bliss, unity, compassion etc.). Ok. But it won't help you. This will distract you just like every other endevour/meaning of "succesfull" people. They got there not because they focused on bliss but because they had some insight, probably very pathetic life leading up to this point. And what are they doing is just sharing their experience (pointing at the moon, not the rocket which will take you there). So they have this weird ego which tells them to share their experience and deludes them at the same time that it will get you to the same place. They are not serious people. They don't give a fuck. And if they are "there" it also doesn't matter because they are run by marketing teams, spend like 4 hours a week what is available to public and the rest is personal or they might just wander in forests lol you cannot know and it doesn't matter. The faster you will get here the better. And I said they are human adults, not truth realized on purpose. It doesn't matter who they are. I can be a 4 year old kid and give you better advice how to get there where they are than they can. You can stub your toe and get better insights than they can provide. You basically don't have any idea what the chances might be. They only way is for you to get personal insight. And any insight might only happen from your own understanding. And this can happen only through thinking for youself. Thinking through lense of basic facts, not basic facts presented by other people. 2. Realize basic facts (those are just pointers their purpose is to kill all Buddhas or more succintly your attachments to them). life has no meaning nothing else exists but here and now - consciousness IS and nothing else it’s always here, it’s always everywhere and anytime, it’s all everything has a purpose, even if the purpose is to be "big and playful puppy" but you have no control over it because there is no "you" to control and all of this is bs anyway because the question is still here - it needs to be an insight so don't conceptualize, just check for yourself if that is true thinking for youself is the only way to go because yourself needs to be sorted you can die any moment (like being hit by a bus, car crash, nuclear war, armagedon, virus, cancer, whatever) 3. Change your lifestyle. This is just my example. Your will be totally different depending where you are stuck. Dos: release the tiller above everything else (become observer/activity) and breatheeeee remove all notes/calendars/trackers, you don't need them, this is just poop your mind created and it will just obstruct your life where it should go - you have no control work 4 hours a day (minimize to minimum or work more but only if indicated) rest, walk, drink water, eat healthy do SA/contemplation anytime I feel like (without internet) and sent via emails to anyone who will be willing to read (it doesn't matter if he/she will) when reading books quickly asses first if the writer get basic facts, hone your BS detector to laser like precision, don't waste any time experiment, do things differently, mindfuck yourself and see that your mind is dumb, just a robotic reaction and is nothing in comparison to the real life Don'ts: don't use internet apart from work (limit to minimum anyway) don't reread notes Reminders: trust that when genuine moment of longing for truth will come I will know what to do - go for the whale remind basic facts from different perspective again, don't think about other people, I can remove you from this earth and nothing will happen. Just think for yourself. This is what it takes. Ballz in your court.
  15. It's crazy and I think everyone should learn from that - not that I'm too naive to believe than anybody will. I considered "myself" to be much more intelligent than most of the society (based on school, job, biz ideas and conversations) with people. I also considered "myself" possessing ability to put myself into other people's shoes. And I need to admit that I missed that one too. I actually read through it (didn't skim) but my mind didn't understood that I had it all laid out in-front of me. This simple insight from today morning should happen yesterday ahhh haha this is crazy shit!