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  1. @Leo Gura to be a "healer", is to create diseases. each individual is living in it's own world/bubble, and we only perceive what we want to see from the world/people (reflection of the psyche, on a fractal level). the world of another individual is totally unknown to us, and we can't do anything about it (that's why we can't help others. but, you can help yourself thought others & the world, because you're talking to yourself). if we are in this "world" it's because we are more or less at the same frequency, otherwise it would be invisible (some variations of the earth are very advanced, while some others have negative futures. each thought impact the world you're living in, like the butterfly effect. past & future are destroyed & re-created each instant. i hope that's help! at least it helps me
  2. @Matt8800 I'm not interested in learning "skills". tho, could you tell me why i have a demon in my dreams? past lives? my allergy to some fruits like peach? (carnal) and my mother? as well as my grand-mother, always in the rush. ty very much! i don't know if you can decode this, but i wanted to ask still...
  3. hopefully, this is for real! @Neo what do you think?
  4. instead of "trying not to think about what people think", instead do : "being self-less" (you can train this when falling asleep and when your consciousness is drifting, it will make your next day even better).
  5. @Vagos yep, my mistake "SD" I've edited my message.
  6. @ActualizedDavid it took me years to fix my "average" diet (pizza, coca cola, mc-donald, eggs, meat, dairy, salt...) i don't know if i should keep beers or not, i do have 1 once a month... 1. smoothie : rice milk banana blue berries dried dates (soaked during the night) raw cacao powder spirulina fresh spinaches curcuma / turmeric flax seeds, for omega-3 (golden or brown, have same nutritional values). sunflower seeds matcha powder (don't overdose!) 2. in a rice cooker : 1/4 cup red lentils + 1/2 cup water 1/4 cup white jasmin rice + 1,5 cup water some chopped cherry tomatoes curcuma / turmeric black pepper (help with the assimilation of curcuma). cumin seeds canola oil in the rice cooker (basket) : half a can of red beans tofu (cut in dices) 1 carrot (dices) broccoli then, once the cooking is over, add a topping of mustard seeds (to enable sulforaphane to be assimilated, mustard seeds contains the same enzyme as broccoli, which is destroyed by heat). 3. during the day (ideally before meals) : avocado, fruits with high water content (kiwis, watermelon...), almonds & walnuts... oatmeal is high in fiber, most people have deficiency for this. 4. drink : hibiscus cold brew, just infuse during the night, 2L bottle with 1 or 2 tea bags (it's not tea). 5. in the soups, you can add brewer's yeast. pro tips for soups : always add a zucchini (no potatoes). 6. sweet potato is also really good! goes well with green lentils + leek & carots. you can add a bit of quinoa with that. 7. no gluten/wheat. 8. do sports! (helps with healthy life-style) : running, calisthenics... i do calisthenics 1 hour a day, at work, on lunch time because i'm not hungry. quality food means that you need to eat less quantity & less often. 9. grapes, or dried raisins, for resveratrol (found in blue berries as well). -------------------------- organic food as much as possible, or grow your own. sprouted broccoli seeds, see rhonda patrick for this. the taste is awful but i think it goes well with raw coliflower & tapenade. intermittent fasting is also very good! water fasting (several days) is a different thing, i can expand on this if you want. for any topic, see michael greger. here is a cool rice cooker : -------------------------- most importantly, heal yourself with consciousness. tom campbell have an interesting view on "entropy" and uncertainty in health (& beliefs). see ayurveda as well (no canned & frozen foods, no mushrooms... that's interesting). water plays an important role here. oh, and i do have a "flower life" which i put under a water bottle (works with the david star as well). i'm experimenting with this, it's hard to tell if it makes a difference. everything is your creation anyway! pranism is possible, but i'm not really into that thing. sorry for the poor english, it's late and i'm lazy
  7. SD authors claimed copyright, video was taken down. But, Mp3 is still available, downloads are available when you login, not on the forum but the main page.
  8. why do some enlightened people tells us not to "seek" and that you're already enlightened? and why not just "live your life" : the more you're aware of spirituality, the more "escaping your life" you are (being cartesian = spiritually attuned). it's a question i had for 2+ years, still unsolved (why, because i follow a guy who's 30+ years into the business of teaching, natural born psychic, totally cool human-being and what he says is total opposite to what most spiritual-guys says. that's a good source imo, but sill, even tho he helps a lot on many topics, i'm still missing a point. dunno if that's related : i've heard of "advaita trap" but i don't understand what it is). to me it seems the difference between solipsism & awakening is love (seeing others as mirrors/yourself, oneness). we're in the same boat. everything we can do to help is : nothing. any "try" to do so, is taking power. also the fact that we're alone AND not alone, the experience of duality is very important, it's honoring god's wish to kill and love, otherwise we're just escaping the game. tho, another folk i follow says we're in a blood bath right now, because all of the technology & modern world is made of suffering (people in china working in mines to build smartphones, basic stuff as well, just to tell 1 example). my sources aren't english, unfortunately. sorry if that's not just 1 question, and still over-load of words & letters, i hope it helps, or not!
  9. @possibilities if you need theory, search for daniel love's book "are you dreaming?" it's the best i've ever read on this topic. i do paper journal, then comp the notes (+tags) at the end of the week, in a software called "cintanotes".
  10. when i was 5 or so, i was aware of the yarn strings, i was worrying about having to "sorting the strings out" later, since each action created new knots in the whole thing. so i though that my goal in life was to start sorting the strings asap and don't create knots (i was 5) but then i realized how complex it was, and i've lost the fight and decided to live my every-day life like most adults (ignoring the yarn strings). during this period, i had strange dizziness/vertigo sensations because of infinite scale (small & big) especially while falling asleep. it was frighting, i could hear a sound too, like a white noise (& weird colored distorted visuals). like a soup. now that i see my parents getting old, i think that it's the only goal in life : getting old and dying. everyone is going to the same place, and god doesn't make the same experience twice.
  11. @Basegodmike are they any similarities between a state of awakening in a dream (lucid) and samadhi in real-life? i remember a super-vivid FA, after one week of SSILD/ADA (all day awareness) and WILD, it was a profound experience. the kind of state leo describe "looking at your hand for several minutes, being amazed by this mind-reality" how much energy (%) do you put into practicing lucidity, in your 24/7 life? do you do extra-stuff aside? day work, sports, social activities... or do you combine all together?
  12. I have complete disinterest in politics. So yes, do it.