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  1. @ajai my take on cards reading and things like that (seeing the future in tea leaves...) is a way to communicate with your subconscious, which knows everything about the universe, because it's you. it's too frightening to face this directly, so people use "tools" and put authority on the cards... "We are all made of stars" -Moby
  2. i once did a regression hypnosis on youtube, the steps goes as follow: make the listener relaxed, using an "anchor" like a sound, a sensation or a smell... "think about something that makes you comfortable" kinda you have to feel at home, in a secure environment. i picked lavender, cuz it's abundant where i come from. then the host ask you to visualize you're in a "secret" place like a garden or a chapel. here, you have to use a "symbol" to unlock your mind and explore a bit... pick the one you prefer: opening a door, tunnel, going up spiral staircase, going down spiral staircase, going underwater... going down spiral staircase: 1 floor = 1 year (if you go past your birth, you can see your past lives). just let your mind decide and "pick" something interesting to show you. the higher-self, and external forces knows exactly what you need to see. after you open the door (or whatever...) you will see random pictures in your head, for me it was like slide-projector. i decided to pick one of the pictures and pay more attention to it. at this point, it was like i was here - most senses were engaged, with realism and details, not just physical senses but how i felt in this life. it was eyes opening to realize that we all can do things like "visit" other places.
  3. Frank Medrano (no equipment)
  4. @flowboy i have two options in life: - do my best! (and die) - don't give a f* (and die) so far the journey have been oscillating between the two. i should work with rose quartz...
  5. english isn't my native language, i did my best to find a translation - in french it's "castratrice". like the mom character in "Coraline" (2009). thanks all for replies. Karpman drama triangle : i have a natural tendency to fall for persons with self-destruction behaviors (funny, because i'm myself super controlled and healthy). all is within me i guess, no drama and no attachment/suffering is required with others, i guess.
  6. My mother is emasculative. I'm super critical about myself. What kind of woman should I look for?
  7. marketing is about ideas, people love ideas and spread them... it's not about a new logo, website design or sells strategies. read/watch all seth godin content you find.
  8. Culadasa (John Yates) - A Meditator’s Practice Guide to The Mind Illuminated
  9. @Leo Gura is your brother working in the industry?