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  1. @Aeris ^^ you're probably right my life never felt so full since i stopped trying to be who i wasn't
  2. @Aeris I understand, thank you for reply. I used to like power too, how about surrender?
  3. @Aeris I mean, let's say for some reason you're in an empty desert and can't access those pills/mushroom. Does not taking them makes you feel like shit?
  4. @Aeris Have you tried to stop taking it, for 2 weeks let's say?
  5. @Karla 4 days, i was too hungry. takeaways : it's a bit extreme, and i was wondering "why don't i eat like normal people ?!?!" i'll be sure to be in a period where i'm not stressed, next time i'll do it. i would do it with someone else, like for sports, willpower is better. ego backslash was eating stuff like chocolate... that's why i think it's a bit extreme : the ego backslash after a fast is such that, it contrast a lot with a regular diet, or a diet that you would keep 365/year. emotional problems comes first, i'm exploring that aspect of my psyche. i guess experimenting with fasting, helps with understanding emotions & eating disorder. a video i liked : @Gabriel Antonio a water fast include as much water as you want, otherwise it's a "dry" fast.
  6. I ended the fast. I was hungry and ego-backslash kicked in. It was a good experience tho. If you have any question, please ask. This is the end of this journal.
  7. I don't want to set a countdown for days. I'll dig into it, and see how it goes. Today was day 1. Next week my parents will come to my place, so I will certainly not do 7 days. I'll have to recalibrate before eating outside.
  8. sarah simblet
  9. I did an audio for 1 hour session meditation. Stream & download : mirror :
  10. @Karla magic number ^^ no, seriously i did 5 days in the past (x2) and i wanted to do more. it's psychological, even tho i know the limit for hurting myself is 20 days (just with water).
  11. i'll start by posting the procedure : from a whole food plant based diet (no salt, no sugar, no alcohol, no caffeine). once the shelf is empty, i'll start the fast (i have a backup in case, with juices & carrot juices). the last 2 days will be only soup, and then 30g of glauber's salt (on the 3rd day). glauber's salt is diluted in 0,5L of warm water, and drink alternatively with fruit juice (because the taste is awful). ---> trip to the bathroom. after that, i'll have coconut water + water for 2 days, to avoid negative effects when entering ketosis. +5 days of water only, or more. last time i've stopped on day 5 because i was hungry, but i was feeling great. i expect ego backslash, this is where real work happen.