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  1. I do that while falling asleep, flash or "pictures" come to my mind spontaneously. I've seen lately a flying woman in warrior suit (athena? valkyrie?) it immediatly awoken me and made me open my eyes, as it was vivid and unexpected. It's like in state of relaxation, the internal vision can extend and visit other places. A basic casio watch with hourly "one single beep" alarm helps with all-day-awareness/mindfulness, and to triggering lucidity while REM sleep : set an alarm on your phone with the same "beep" (slightly muted) like 5 hours after going to sleep, which ring every 30 minutes. It's not supposed to awoken you, but it may helps (any "magic pill" for lucid dreaming doesn't work alone, it's mostly about expectations and psychological skills). About pot, I think it reduce neurons abilities / neuro-plasticity. I don't smoke, but I've notticed from friends that their brains tends to turn in a "looping in a circle" mode over years, like when people get older. To avoid that, focusing on present moment and meditation are great.
  2. @Leo Gura Have you been using future reports ? What about those on ?
  3. @SuperLuigi you are a fictional character, don't you ?
  4. Dr Manhattan, cultural stereotype ?
  5. I've heard once natural fabrics like cotton (instead of polyester) allows the chakras energies and stuff to flow.
  6. the polarity game : when we don't love ourselves as we are right now, we create a "wish" to change so we create the problem on the same time. once we stop trying to change, real change happens. when we avoid an emotion, circumstances in life will creates situations in which we have the opportunity to live this emotion again and again.
  7. CintaNotes may be a simpler (less features) alternative to OneNote, for Windows. It have tabs, tags, internal & external linking, attaching files, password protection, automatic saves, portable (no install)... It doesn't have rich text format, floating or resizing blocs/elements, dynamic editing lists...
  8. I'll give it a try. Check this one : Source : Indigo Aura (Bandcamp) "This track was made using the "Factor 9" music scale, this scale is based on sacred geometry and the harmonic series. All of the frequencies in this music are perfect multiples of the bass drone, and so all the tones vibrate perfectly inside each other creating new harmonics and mystical ghost tunes that ring like bells and hint at "the music of the spheres". This geometric sound is very pleasing and has powerful balancing, relaxing and awakening effects on people, creating an overall feeling of calm, peace and personal empowerment. D = 288 Hz, F# = 360 Hz, A = 432 Hz and C# = 540 Hz"
  9. i was on phone with someone answering my questions before i ask them, using my own words and expressions. it seemed like he could see my past and future in details, including emotional aspects. i asked "is reality somehow like a dream or...? he described my environment and the way i was sitting on the floor and asked "how real is that?" (i known this person was living in another city). since that day i try to keep in mind that i know nothing even tho i'm tempted to say "channeling" or "remote viewing". he also advised me some crystals to work with.
  10. i had a major paradigm shift aka mind fuck two years ago, it sure teaches humility and our inability to grasp how ignorant we are.
  11. @Akshay I had to try it (spinaches instead of coriander)
  12. Some notes : Only "being" matter. Not the circumstances. Our responses to circonstances determine our "being". (circumstances = any given situation that pops'up in our lives). You already have just by the fact of your existence, all the impact you will ever have. Nothing you do in life, will ever create or generate more impact than you already have just by your presence".
  13. Someone on dreamviews once said : Awareness is connecting with your senses, emotions... Mindfulness is the "plot" of the scene : knowing your name, what time is it, what are you doing, where were you two hours from now, etc.