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  1. i haven't dreamed of leo yet, but i dreamed once about writing on this forum...
  2. cool. thanks for the update
  3. it's when people ignore me, that i get offended or take things personally. a recently came across this theory : "i grew up as a kid, feeling like if i was an accessory to my parents" everything you can say is fine, as long as i exist for you
  4. @Rasheed find a brand which looks like what your grandma could do.
  5. no, on a mechanical level imagine how long it takes for your stomach to process this cement/petroleum. i went running after banana peanuts butter, i had stomach cramps and it was difficult to follow-up. since that day, i thought never ever. just 3-4 nuts a day is enough for me, of various kinds (it's high in carbs).
  6. it puts me in the now
  7. How to integrate ignorance? How not to judge ignorance?
  8. i wanted to give you guys @kieranperez @Nahm @Serotoninluv @Michael569 an update, since my state (knee injury) improved a lot, over the past 2 months period. i took / did this, daily : - Collagen (Isura). - MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin (Natural Factors "Joint Formula"). - AOE "Bone Basics". - Natural C vitamin, Acerola. - Smoothie with flax seeds (omega-3). - Anti inflammatory, essential oil "lemon eucalyptus" + blend oil, local application. - Running 7-8k, once a week no more, with HOKA shoes. i don't know which one of these points helped the most, i did all together hopping for the best. i did my first official race lately, so i guess i'm back.
  9. a college did low-carb for 1 month, which changed his metabolism for the next 10 years (he wasn't able to gain weight after that, even if food intake was the same as before). he says : 1 month no-carbs, then gradually ramp-up for carbs on the 2nd month. (i think "keto" is low-carbs marketing).
  10. to be "one" in a group (to survive, animal instincts). it's also related to mid-life crisis (i'm turning 30 in 2 years) running marathons & being more resistant.
  11. i would buy a "tiny" pc with a retina display (300 or more pixels per inch). low spec hardware = good old games ( ) & indies. i do watch some gameplay videos on youtube (4k / 60fps) of the latest games, that's enough for me.
  12. @Fishy it's a sentence i've read and i thought was worth investigating.
  13. i'm living a similar situation with my mother. she was strong enough to pick this "character" before incarnation (it's very courageous, and show how important her love is - to live in hell) so she can teach me something, i need to know in this life. clash, drama = the energy is flowing. it hurts, but it's perfect. actually the problem comes from the one parent who is silent, and with who you think you are ok. btw, you're relationship to the father, is the same as your relationship to god.