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  1. Gluten: Public Enemy Number One a 1h-ish documentary produced by the franco-german media Arte
  2. Here is my first 100 hours in DayZ:
  3. Nevermind folks, I'm giving up: "5 Unexpected Side Effects Of Decaf Coffee" water is the shit..
  4. Has anyone read it? I just bought it, I'll start reading it soon... I've heard about it because Jeremy Couillard:
  5. I started drinking caffeine-free coffee I felt I was missing part on the most important ritual of humans, which I wanted to experience. I've been a fan of alcohol-free beers before, so caffeine-free coffee doesn't seems unfamiliar Being an outsider was fun, I'm 32 old now and I'm lookin for something a bit more casual... I ALWAYS been fascinated by people doing "x" because it's the normal thing to do... Doing these "normal" things are fun, I'm dissimulating Important: I'm doing caffeine-free coffee, I'm not a crazy at all and I know what I'm doing (don't try these stunts at home). As of nootropic @flowboy, I feel it's a bit too much, and impracticable because: - You can't rely of these chemicals, if the company/supply/FDA regulation is interrupted for some reason. - Running 20 km, cold showers and meditation always helped with mind clarity, I see nootropic as a "helper" when you have tried everything else before. Thanks all for replies.
  6. Alright guys, thanks for saving me
  7. I work in front of computers 50 hours a week, and looking for a way to improve my productivity. I have 8 hours of sleep, so no improvements can be done here (+I've read Matthew Walker's book: Why We Sleep...) I want to try having a drinking caffeine habit, I've heard people can't work without it and I want to try out to see if I'm indeed missing on something (looking for focus/productivity improvements, coffee as a nootropic if you will). I've tried Matcha in the past, but stopped quite quickly because of heavy metal contaminants. I've tried Yerba Mate as well, which I like and works, but it's said it's somehow toxic for the body (source: Michael Greger). If anyone have advice for coffee/caffeine, I would like to hear your voice and experiences. If you're coffee addict, I guess you're biased and can't really give good advice. My motivation for this is that I've seen interviews of my favorites artists working in the video games field, and everybody seems to be drinking coffee. I don't buy into the cultural aspect, I've always poo-pooed coffee since I was a kid, saying it was for normies. Am I missing on something, or what?
  8. Hi, on April 7, 2021 a sudden pain appeared in the left side of my head, I freaked out, I did MRI scan of the brain but everything looked normal, after 1 year of looking for info and asking doctors, i made my own diagnosis: occipital neuralgia. It's been 2 years now. I did MRI scan and X-Ray for the neck, everything looks normal (which is normal for occipital neuralgia). Is there anyone here who knows how to reduce pain, for things related to nerves? I tried almost everything, except the heavy medical procedures, and i haven't tried pills neurologists can prescribe (antidepressant, opioids...) which i might do soon... Pain is between 3-4 and on a scale of 10, this week i have a flu so it's 7-8 (i just lie in bed). Any suggestions or experience with nerves pain is welcome (also related to trigeminal neuralgia, since it's very similar). I did chiropractors, without improvements.
  9. Is raw cacao powder concerned as well? (I use some on my smoothies)
  10. Röyksopp did a comeback 3 weeks ago... amazing tunes, and music videos
  11. Thanks for replies
  12. What do you think of the carnivore diet? @integral I didn't watched Leo's content for over a year, I'm left behind i don't know what happened, I just saw that he went for a carnivore diet following a 15 days water fast.