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  1. My motivation for a "spiritual practice" right now, is personal gain / power. It seems I can't find a sustainable "anchor" for love / light, if that makes sense. Should I embody this (lower) aspect of my psychology ? I know that there is no one to be in competition with, because I am 1 (internal & external are the same). But, I'm afraid to loose myself into the dance, and surrender to love / light / being / presence. I can't w8 for the shadow work episode.
  2. few days ago i was shopping for the week at the grocery store, being in "full awareness mode" (doing a little experience). when i had to go to checkout, i realized that i had forgotten my bank card code. it's something we do blindly, without thinking about it. being in full awareness mode made me forget about that code. everything which was not "actual" disappeared. it's been on week, and still i can't remember it (my card got locked because i failed at doing the correct code). it's like neurons have higher plasticity when awareness is sharper, and it seems to reset habits / automatic behaviors. sorry if this is off-topic, i didn't know where to share this story.
  3. i have a samsung b2710, the battery last for 2 weeks and it's indestructible. i take notes on paper (+take photos from books) and report on computer (laptop) relevant information only, at the end of the week. for simple notes taking i use notepad.txt, and for more complex projects : "cintanotes" (which is still kinda minimalistic compared to "onenote"). i haven't noted my dreams for i while, but i prefer writing them on a physical notebook, it's more organic. just my 2c.
  4. 5 Types Of Brain Waves Frequencies : Dreamcatcher - Memory Warehouse :
  5. @Wolfram Volpi The video you posted was insightful. Peter Menzel's website :
  6. no that's cool, we can see how much bullshit someone has written on the forum unlikely reputation points, it's not something that i look for, when trying to find valuable information. some people have just created an account and share killer wisdom, that's life.
  7. The supervillain in "Unbreakable" is quite Yellow imo (the man with glass bones).
  8. People, please make a distinction between "How bad is alcohol for health" and addiction problems. This is "Health, Fitness, Nutrition" forum. For addiction issues see "Serious Emotional Problems".
  9. The F* yesterday I went to the bar with a friend, asking for a beer to see how it taste. I haven't drinked alcohol since I've created this thread (6 weeks). It felt like drinking detergent, horrible. I took 2 sips and ordered a fizzy water. 6 weeks is enough to change your diet and how your body response to the food (I mean your tastes). I've done the same thing with cheese & salt.
  10. @pluto How ? Does a belief shapes the world, in a metaphysical manner? How does these people are so different ?