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  1. Combo fast + meditation retreat in nature, sounds good. My tips for a 5-7 days fast (water only) : From a vegan / no salt / no caffeine & chocolate / no alcohol / no processed food & sugar / no gluten diet. [Day -3] Non-solid food (soup) one meal a day, and a bit of rice. [Day -2] Same thing, but without rice. [Day -1] Only water. [Day 1] The first thing you drink in the morning is 30g (more of less, depending on your weight) of "sodium sulfate" (Glauber's salt) diluted in 500ml of warm water (be careful, the taste is awful). To drink that beverage, you can alternate and sip a glass of juice (fruits) over a period of 20 minutes. Be prepared to spend the day in the bathroom. [Day 2] Do a bit of physical activities, like walking in the nature... [Day 3] Do a bit of physical activities, like walking in the nature... You should expect here headaches, pasty mouthfeel, dizziness... this is normal. This only occur on Day 3, then you will feel better. Check "Ketogenesis" on Wikipedia. [Day 4] Do a bit of physical activities, like walking in the nature... Don't get-up too abruptly from the bed or the chair you were sitting on, or you will feel weird (white screen). [Days 5, 6, 7] Congratulations. [Day 8] You can break the fast with carrot juice, mixed up with a bit of fruit juice. Don't eat solid food for now ! You will feel immediately better, but the problem is that people tend to experience ego-backslash after doing a fast, so be aware of that. Actually this is where the real stuff begins, the first days after a fast are the most important. [Day 9] Same things, but you can add some vegetables like cucumber (chew it very well) and fruits. Avoid potatoes, tomatoes, salad, oils, nuts... [Day 10] Same things + a bit of rice. You will feel extremely hungry now, your body have been in depreciation for a few days, now it tries to fill the gap. Foods to re-create the intestinal flora : coconut milk kefir, fermented cabbage or "sauerkraut", lacto-fermented vegetable juice (carrots, cabbage...) & kombucha.
  2. thank you for sharing michael greger's video, i wasn't aware of this one. i was on the edge of vegan, after 10 years of octo-lacto-vegetarian (i came up to my generalist with a list of 15 stuff to check in my blood, everything was perfect) and it makes even more sense regarding greger's work. vegan isn't good enough, because it includes chips, coca-cola and oreos... @SoothedByRain
  3. I take this thread as a reminder to check Esther Hicks's work.
  4. I'm a big fan of music, but I've noticed that it doesn't help with awareness/meditation/consciousness all that kind of stuff. What you want is harsh true. Emotional resistance is a good sign. Edit: as a fan of music, I've noticed that what it does is fuel an inner demon, which is craving for that emotion, that you feel when listening to a song. It's living through you, and if you don't give it what it want, it will get you in trouble (it can predict your future for the next 2-3 days it know exactly how to manipulate you). I'm trying to fade in the shadows and dance with it, instead of fighting against it and therefor feeding this relationship with energy. I've seen it in dreams many times, it's frighting (always the same entity, not the same appearance but the same vibe). I can see it, at least it mean that I can solve this problem alone (we all have all sort of stuff inhabiting the different layers of our subtle bodies, that's normal). Sometimes it's even incarnated as part of yourself, along the high-self energy (it's a pact that have been made before incarnation, so it's rooted in the structure and you can't solve it). I've called my demon "RUSH" that's why I like Drum & Bass (fast tempo) and that I am multi-tasking all the time, not allowing myself for 1 second of resting, and this is why I've craving for foods (physical food as well as sexual & knowledge on general topics). I've seen in a dream once, why this demon exist, and how it's made : it's made of pure light, the most beautiful light I've ever seen with my dream eyes. Everything is made of light tho, but for something to exist it must have it's complementary opposite (light & shadow). Some people call it "inferior light" but that's ok. I've learned a prayer to protect myself during the night, before sleep (and asking for protection). It seems our bodies are vulnerable when we sleep. Edit 2: to get rid of these demons, what one have to do is embrace/fully experience emotions as they come-up, and then throw it away. What most people do in society is keeping stuff under the rug for 10-30 years (which means low entities can inhabit our subtle bodies because we are full of "food" for them. If we put our garbage away, entities can't stick to us, because it's more fluid). Visualization can be used to fluidify the energy of the body. But, that's a bit off-topic. I felt right writing it so^^ Side note on the dopamine in the brain (while listening to music) : those kind of music can makes me very connected (grounded) to reality, but energy is stuck at a mental level, which is not ideal. Entering the "now" with the heart feels much more rewarding, and your consciousness expands from your body (you feel happiness and much more empathy for people around you). It seems that music act like an anchor to reality, but it's stuck at the mind level ^^
  5. I've heard boiling spinach, is preventing from kidney stone (it destroy the thing that's causing it). Avoid walnut oil everyday, this can cause kidney stone too.
  6. @daniel695 in a similar genre of the one you posted :
  7. I think Joe Rogan is an open minded person, he won't bitch about Leo's work (if he even came across once). Dunno if Leo being invited to Joe's podcast would be a good idea, or it should be a 6 hours interview just for the foundation. It's totally different. Joe Rogan is the guy who ask questions. Leo don't answer question, but he would be probably more inclined to make a course with a) b) c) which is not how an organic conversation is happening. Joe Rogan is spontaneous, it's relaxed and fun. Leo is an hard worker, straight forward, not time to cool.
  8. I've been investigating my nostalgia, trying to find exactly what "click" this emotion. I've found that when we are kid, we don't have the mental constructs that most adults have. In that period of time, things were more simple and we go directly to the essential. What is this essential tho ? > Love. Yep, sound simple, but it's not "love" as evolved & complex minds conceive (like adults). It's more like direct experience of life (see Leo's video "10 Important Things You Don't Know You Want"). It's hard to describe with words, but I'm sure anyone with a bit of relaxation & "looking inward" can do the work. Then, I found drowning in nostalgia isn't a good thing, because you are not (consciously) present with the now (things are happening here). When you are in the now, your inner child is here, and it's not just memories in the cupboard. Then, what triggers that particular emotion is up to you (whatever situation we are in, when we are kid, is refering later as a "security state" even if you experience wars or something - this is why adults tries to replicate those traumas, but it's not necessary (most of the time unconsciously). Side note about traumas : it's impossible not to trauma your childs, even an absence of trauma is a trauma. It's an evolutionary & psychological function, to have a trauma and recover from it - whatever it is (this is a choice you did with your family, before incarnation - so you can work on particular "topics" in life). My 2 cents.
  9. Well, that's a good source bro.
  10. Just found this video, it's interesting to see/hear different opinions :
  11. @Arcangelo What are your Doshas ? (Ayurveda) Check this : Tamasic, Rajasic and Sattvic (Ayurveda / Yogic food) : What is your blood type ? Check this : You may want to reduce lectins : Leo's shopping list : Having combined all those aspects, here is a list of what I am "allowed" to eat, foods with a "1" is high priority, while "2" is for concession choices :
  12. I've heard of someone who's 80+ and stopped eating animal products in the 70's. He never took B12 supplements and he's totally fine (mind sharp, etc). He says it's marketing bullshit. Instead, he eats fermented cabbage (sauerkraut). So... who knows
  13. it's scripted but you are writing it in real time. past & future are destroyed & re-constructed, each instant. everything is potentiality, but once you make 1 step in reality, it was written that you made 1 step. it's useless trying to make sense of it, it's not rational from a human experience perspective