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  1. "this video has been removed by the user" nooooooooooooooooo
  2. Yes music can be an addiction. As a musician, and someone who spend a lot of time listenning to music (sometines 8 hours straight per day for weeks, if not months). I find dangerous being dependent on music to feel "highs" (dopamine). Sometimes you just have to calm down, even if it's relaxing/ambient music, just cut that out. Silence is important.
  3. @Superb what is your experience with kriya ?
  4. I went to a 2-days seminar with this guy. I want to share few insights : - Everything we perceive in others, is our. When we fight with ourselves in the mirror every morning, it creates wars in the world on a fractal level. - About “success” and polarity : Wanting to be “more” or “doing things the right way” is creating the possibility to “fail”. - We like to create drama, to justify our existence. We like to “seek out for proofs” in life, so we can justify our own characters. - Life is made-up for me, by me. The system is made so that we can’t see it’s “us”. If we were totally awake, we couldn’t have this experience. What we want is a real intensity. It’s like the difference between saying “I love you” and loving for real. Otherwise, it would be like playing chess with yourself. - We have created space (time) to isolate each experience. All experiences simultaneously = no experience. - Wanting to “change” or “evolve” is a lack of love. Wanting to “love ourselves more” is creating a lack of love. We are always “ourselves”. - We create our reality each instant. Co-creation is 100%-100% responsibility. - In western culture, we have to work on 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras. The next step for humanity is love. - Drink a lot of water (it contains information).
  5. I'm happy for reaching those vibes. This could be the last video on, I mean it's so perfect. What's left ?
  6. Agave nectar/syrup. Beside from fruits you can get used to no sugar (after 3 to 5 weeks) your concentration/focus will be boosted.
  7. Suggestion : Isla Mujeres or similar island.
  8. Same here, I'll be just watching Leo's videos and blog once a week.
  9. Dreams and their meanings is a deep topic. Mastering “lucidity” whether it’s in a dream or not is another niche. The forum is a great community to connect with, if you want to learn and discuss about these topics.
  10. The analogy between hyena and manta ray is beautiful. See ya bros