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  1. I don't know how much cost the book list, since I bough it long time ago and the price keep getting higher as new books are added. How much does it cost these days ? I would go for the life-purpose course first, since it include a a dozen of books already (which are in the book list too). When I mean "include" it's just titles of the books. Most of them are free on the internet, like @thehero said. I think the book list is way too much information, it's hundred of books and I don't know which one to choose, at least the life-purpose course gives some guidelines. It's maybe a bit early for you to go through the life-purpose course, you may not digest everything but one the other hand it could set the right foundation for you : so the sooner the better. I've done it 3 years ago, and I'd like to go through a second pass, when it will be time (this shit is evolving, it takes years). Keep in mind that most Leo's videos are free, and by watching his videos and taking action, you'll have massive growth anyway.
  2. each video is a new "bonus" as long as leo is alive, everything is alright
  3. Thank you for sharing.
  4. I wanna share this too : I have blind-test a yearly transits (6 months in) and I would say it's 90% accurate, and it helps making sense of troubles/situations in life. That's a good tool imo (I don't read further than 1 week in the future because I don't want to be spoiled, tho). Example with Trump :
  5. @Privet
  6. As someone interested in dreams too, I would guess that once someone is fully awoken, there is no interruption between waking and dream state (even deep sleep) and there is an overhaul consciousness about the dream nature (whether it's awake or REM). In a REM dream, I've noticed some things are very clear : everything is yours (there is no distinction between the dreamer, the set/scenery and the movie director). The goal in life is to realize that it's the case in waking-life too. I know it on paper, but it don't stick in my "being". Becoming lucid in a dream comes with a lot of different challenges, from distractions, to lack of awareness. Sometimes someone come to me and say "Hey, this is a dream" and I say "Yeah, right".
  7. From Leo's insights : I gave it a try. I don't have words to describe how it's like talking / having a review from a psychic. The first time it happened to me, I've lost my words for few minutes, I was in shock -how that was possible- Now I'm used to it, but still I'm very thankful and amazed by such individuals. Since his reading was a great help to me, I wanted to share thesearle's page on :
  8. He made mods for Oblivion too ^^ The hero's journey Alpha 0.1
  9. Maybe it was just a marketing trick for early era At that time the topics were much more "Orange" so it does probably help to have a background story like "How I gained some muscles"
  10. i knew it was a good idea to buy a hammock. i tend to forget that all of this exist (stars, galaxies...) good idea @cetus56
  11. it's 800+ pages, arial 6 Be cool with yourself, do some breaks.
  12. Hopefully you don't have "My Big Toe" on your list ^^ Speed Reading Test Online :
  13. This website shows list of foods with + or - carbs : (forget about meat, cheese, coffee, alcohol... I think it's just marketing)
  14. Article "What it’s like to run an ultra-marathon" :