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  1. What about deep anesthesia when even very experienced and conscious meditators who are normally witnessing deep sleep, but report no awareness/consciousness during anesthesia?
  2. @White What do you mean by absolute state? Something like 5-MeO-DMT breakthrough/Nirodha Samapatti, or a state where you are still functioning normally, but lost identification with thoughts/ego?
  3. @Saumaya Are you less interested in stories now? I pretty much stopped watching movies. Do you meditate? How good are your concentration skills?
  4. Subject object duality changes and it doesn't feel like here I am looking out this room, but rather it's all just showing up without any centrum to the experience. Huge drop in self referential thoughts, and in general thinking becomes quieter, less verbalised, and much smaller part of an overall experience.
  5. What decision you are going to make can be predicted up to 10 seconds by looking at current state of your brain.
  6. - I do believe in evolution - We are infinitly interconnected but matter do exist, and consciousness is simply the fact of information exchange. Consciousness and matter are fundamental. - Sam Harris is more open minded than Leo perceives him
  7. Well, non dual state is created by lowering activity of some brain regions, super AI could by precise mechanical surgery make anyone do, say or feel absolutely anything. Ultimately enlightenment should primarily be seen as a way to lessen our suffering, and live a better life because it's all that matters anyway.
  8. It was by far the most dramatic shift in my life. I will soon write a guide based on my experience with mantra meditation, and how to do it.
  9. @egoless Thing is I don't have subjective experience of a free will anymore so how can I believe it?
  10. Free will is illusory feeling created by individuated sense of self
  11. Genetics, luck and finding your meditation fit is so much more important than people think. It doesn't require entire life dedicated to practise, just good combination of this three things. I would consider myself highly enlightened and it definetly took an effect on my functionality. Wanting to go to the furthest reaches of this and shouting down DMN complitly while still haveing a job/family is unrealistic goal imo.
  12. -Lack of any internal conflict -Being completely in the present moment -Living in joy and equanimity due to unification of the mind -Lack of stress
  13. One of the primarily job of the ego is to choose suffering, and convince itself using stories that it's necessary. It has been estimated that potential for suffering in negative experience is about 4x stronger than potential for bliss in positive ones, from hedonistic point of view it doesn't make sense to work in a hard stressful job to get some material things as a reward, but paradoxically for a lot of people giving up would lead to potentially even more suffering because they would be tortured be ego stories about underachievement, boredom, wasting time, and how they supposed to achieve "great things", not just relax. In my expierience a big part of motivation for being social comes from feeling lonely.
  14. No, just randomly browsing Youtube Yes, I know it may sound absurd given the amount of time it usually takes but I was very lucky.
  15. If you don't know who Jeffery Martin and PNSE is: study - http://nonsymbolic.org/PNSE-Article.pdf I've never been a spiritual person but about 1,5 years ago I was watching Sam Harris on Youtube, and in one video he said that he does not expierience a free will and had spent 2 years on silent retreats, I've gotten curious about it. Shortly after I did some self inquiry in a form of asking with my eyes closed 'where am I?', at the time it felt kind of like I'm somwhere in my skull but nothing has happened, then after watching lecture about TM I tried meditating by repeating a mantra, just non stop thinking up meainingless word, and that suprisingly was perfect method for my brain to move me on PNSE continuum. In a matter of 10 days of 2h daily meditation I was in 'Location 4', lost all sense of agency, almost all self-referential thoughts and this feeling of being a self located somewhere in my head - this feeling appears distinctly diffrent in each one of the first 3 1 is dual and your sense of self feels expanded beyond your body. 2 is non dual but it feels like you are what you see and hear there is no distance between you and expierience. 3 feels slightly dual again and it feels like your sense of self is as big as space you're currently in 4+ is non dual again but it's impossible to find any self anywhere at that point We know for sure that reality outside is different from what we perceive it, even if it's a small difference. Those expieriences are possible because we are not humans living in the world directly, but self-models living in our model of the world, good explanatory video: The closest to explaining how it is to be me now I would put this way - have you ever had a deep "flow" experience when You do something challenging but interesting and get so immerse in the moment that it feels effortless, almost as if the distance between you and experience collapses, no longeer feels like you are experiencer in addition to experience? Recollect your deepest flow multiply it characteristics by 100 and imagine that you have it literally all the time. In this state depression, attachment, rumination is impossible and everything is seen as an unfolding prosses. I do have significantly weakend episodic memory it's a "problem" paradoxically because being in the moment is great and exacly what I wanted but too much of it and eventually you start trading functionality for happiness, and that is the reason why I don't just went all in to go as far as I possibly can with PNSE. Enlightenment is definitely a continuum, not 0-1 switch like a lot of people still believe, actually a very long continuum, and given my experience I doubt someone on a very far end of it would be able to function normally in society, with damaged episodic memory for instance. Also it's not literally permanent because you can go back by using strong intention, or perhaps extreme stress, but even then once you know what to do, it would come back very fast. This seem to decrease posterior cingurate cortex activity at rest same as psylocibin The most effective way for getting there, is not philosophizing about non-duality nor taking psychedelics but FINDING YOUR METHOD/MEDITATION FIT that works for you, there seems to be huge variance in terms of how responsive people are to certain awakening methods, ex. put 15 people on a 20 min daily self inquiry program - for 13 nothing would ever happen, 1 would awaken after 10 years, 1 would after first 20 min. What I mean is if something really works for you it should produce significant change in how it is to be you quite fast so don't waste too much time doing the same awakening practise, don't do them all at once either because once something will produce results you want to know exactly which one it was. Some methods are generally better that other, a few good ones that I heard of: vipassana, actualism, TM mantra style meditation, self inquiry, buddhist noting, headless way, aware of awareness You may even need to mix them up to find your fit. They currently work on finding correlates of EEG/brain measuring devices to be able to tell fast which one will work. Imo we are never going to see highly enlightened society because the very traits that humanity need to survive, replicate and move fovard this process are diminishing I mean what if people would be incapable of feeling attached, lonely? So much of our motivations/goal setting in life are caused by this subtle anxiety and incoherence within us. There for sure has been carefree, satisfied, fine with what is, not worring about the future people but guess what - their genes weren't good to replicate themselves. It took me much longer to develop no dull, effortless, laser like concentration and for what I can recommend you a book "The Mind Illuminated' - it also have very reasonable model for the nature of mind and consciousness.