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  1. Unnecessary no "I" philosophies which are almost useless if we are talking about actually getting results - increasing our own well being @Jack River From the practical point of view there are no living people on this planet with no desire, except on a life support in a hospital or currently sitting in Nirvana
  2. Cessation of all suffering/Infinite bliss for eternity
  3. It does depend even more so on your concentration skills than enlightenment. Enlightenment ≠ concentration skills. Once you are able to put your attention on any object and it just stays there effortlessly without dullness for 2h+, then your perception becomes very vivid, mind powerful and even beyond that there is even more powerful equanimity and that point it's possible to have some awareness left in dreamless sleep.
  4. Cut off your amygdala
  5. @fabriciom There are positive benefits of 5-MeO even if you don't agree that it shows you the truth. All psychedelics are like an amplifier of how it is to be you, and what you're currently doing conscious or unconscious. If somebody is freaking out on 1 tab of acid, then IMO he has a lot of work to do, and he will benefit from it. Psychedelics are also non-addictive and not neurotoxic.
  6. @Girzo Martin Ball says that 5-MeO-DMT doesn't build a tolerance at all
  7. @Serotoninluv Don't you think that the fact of you blacking out (if by that you mean non-consciousness) on supposedly so consciousness increasing substance, says something? I'm trying to compare this null void with my DPT breakthrough. In this null void, the castle analogy from Leo's video made a lot of sense to you? In my experience, it felt like if somebody would come up at that moment and smash my head with a hammer, this null void would still persist but the shape of the head would change. That analogy made sense to me after I emerged. Would there be any suffering if your whole body would be burning at that moment? Was the transition to null void gradual or rather like tripping very hard..... and poof - void?
  8. If 34mg wasn't enough for you, maybe try to smoke freebase
  9. @MM1988 Not anymore, I wouldn't trade places with them. Satisfaction from having a family, experience with girls, sex, doing drugs etc. Those are all concepts and behind them, as a fundamental thing that you want is bliss, well being, positive state of the mind if you would now get infinite bliss - none of those concepts would bother you. You know what I mean If you're truly a nihilist. From the net hedonism perspective, spirituality wins. EDIT btw. why heroin? If you want to enter a low inhibition god mode do meth + benzos
  10. Exactly If you take those experienced meditators in the lab and measure their fear/startle reaction to unexpected loud sounds, they come out as most fearless in the population
  11. @MM1988 @Mikael89 I can relate a lot to you, I was unsuccessful with girls, neurotic as fuck, depressed, nihilistic. Now after almost 2 years of my obsession with this topic (a big part of that was a hope to solve those problems) I am: - not depressed at all - still nihilistic but I guess that is just part of the deepest structure of my personality, no need to change that - my neuroticism went from very high to very low, probably something like bottom 5% of the normal distribution, much lower automatic fear/startle response from the central nervous system - still unsuccessful with girls but I couldn't care less at this point Enlightenment will not cure all your neurosis (you will be dead without any neurosis) but enlightenment + Samahta which is a concentration practice that eventually makes you perfectly concentrated like a laser effortlessly, will reduce it greatly. Read The Mind Illuminated, start practicing it 1,5h or more every day and in addition to that try insight practices in sequence like I wrote there: As for heroin - yea you will always have that option so why not try to destroy neuroticism first and then decide?
  12. @Leo Gura I haven't tried 5-MeO yet, but I had an experience on DPT of what I would call complete ego death, beyond senses, time and space, the most humbling experience I've ever had. The moment after I came back it felt extremely true. Until I will try 5-MeO, I can't claim it was the same. Reaching absolute infinity through meditation and confirming or denying whether it's the same or different from 5-MeO, this curiosity is something that has motivated me for the last year to do very heavy Samatha practice and I'm not that far away from equanimity stage where I will be able to access it, I think 3 months left max. When I will finally get my hands on some 5-MeO and compare it - I will write a report. Wish me luck
  13. I don't know. Yes, however, I don't think that realization or enlightenment can, for example, cure antisocial personality disorder or any personality disorder for that matter. Maybe at that point, these people have such a strong equanimity from decades of concentration practices, that they are able to see a feeling of certainty as an empty mental construct Question is, can a dream character truly be certain that he woke up, seen through objective lens if even for a moment or wasn't it just another mental construct?
  14. @SgtPepper Kenneth 4 tab LSD experience of universal consciousness actually was an event that started his meditation practice and also cured his cocaine addiction. I just find it interesting that his certainty of this truth has faded over the decades of practice and experiencing it over and over again. I get what you're saying, there are insight, concentration and morality practices which are all interconnected but not the same
  15. There are very experienced meditators and teachers with decades of practice like Kenneth Folk, Shinzen Young, Culadasa, Michael Taft that are not 100% convinced about the ultimate truth I recommend watching the entire interview with him on Buddha at the Gas Pump https://deconstructingyourself.com/podcast/dy-004-feather-light-paper-thin-guest-shinzen-young Shinzen Young says that this is not something he can say with great confidence LSD study shows decreases in alpha, beta, theta and delta brain waves but what about gamma? A neuroscientist in a video where Martin Ball smokes 5-MeO-DMT said "consistent with a lot of the other research that's been done, gamma tends to increase" so if the fastest brainwave increases, isn't that in line with what materialist paradigm would suggest? General anesthesia There is an argument that if you become sufficiently conscious (master Samatha meditation), you can have some consciousness even in deep dreamless sleep. This is true, however, general anesthesia seems to knock out even those people completely to non-consciousness https://youtu.be/AyFdmhwCpOM?t=23m49s Nirodha samapatti AKA anupādisesa nibbāna. There is some controversy on whether or not the version of nibbāna where there is an experience can be called nibbāna, but what about this sort of classic version of nibbāna where there is no experience at all, no consciousness, no non-dual/being infinite? I mean exactly like a materialist would imagine a death to be like. It requires very good meditation skills, furthermore, it's traditionally said to be only possible for non-returners (anāgāmi) and Buddhas (arahants) so only highly awakened with great meditation skills, we may say very conscious people. All this training to discover a materialist paradigm fitting extinction of all mental activity. Many believe that this is precisely what Buddha meant by Nirvana.