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  1. Well, blackout is Nibbana. I guess it's the same as in meditation, some people have a tendency towards Pure consciousness experience and some towards unconsciousness.
  2. @Preetom Because it's not that good? Even Martin Ball said that it's not something he would do for fun like MDMA for example.
  3. It depends on a person. For me plugging barely works (I've tried a few times), but snorting is very effective.
  4. @Tony 845 Just choose some Hindu word like hirim, shirim etc. with no meaning. There is no magic in the exact mantra you're using, rather it's the repeating prosses itself that become automatic and can reveal no thinker, no self
  5. @Tistepiste Yes but he already mentioned mantra and self-inquiry
  6. Noting, actualism, vipassana, aware of awareness, headless way
  7. For me plugging 5-MeO barely work at all, but snorting works very well. To avoid a throat drip you can put your head facing nose down for about 15 minutes after snorting it. You may not be able to avoid all nausea but empty stomach will definitely help. For me 15mg snorting is a baby dose, 20 - something interesting starts to happen, 25+ very strong, much stronger than 20. If you have an accurate scale I would recommend trying something like 22, 25, 28....
  8. Ok, then what about the experience of losing consciousness? Doesn't it prove experientially that you can be dead from the materialistic point of view?
  9. I live in non-dual/no agency for 2 years and still had to occasionally take benzos for anxiety because I couldn't sleep, just overactive amygdala I guess. In my experience anxiety is much harder to crack than depression and enlightenment doesn't really affect objective physiological measures of your anxiety. Enlightenment will most likely cure depression unless it's purely caused by noradrenaline/serotonin deficiency. For anxiety, I would recommend trying psychedelics, those can lower amygdala activity long-term.
  10. @Mikael89 Tbh nobody can be 100% sure what exactly historical Buddha meant by Nirvana, Parinirvana. Get good at meditation and see for yourself what happens as you rise through 8 Jhanas and then go beyond.
  11. @Mikael89 Nirvana is not the same as living as an Arahat. Nirvana is translated as "blowing out" and it's a state of unconsciousness, perfect equanimity which means there is literally 0 possibility for you to suffer in that state. Nirvana is only a temporary attainment, however, Parinirvana is a state of permanent Nirvana that Arhat goes to after death - and he's never going to be reborn again.
  12. I have the same 10mg micro scoop as Leo. One scoop supposedly equates to 7mg of 5-MeO HCL, does anybody know if oxalate is the same?
  13. If permanently you mean without any maintenance daily meditation, then no-self, no doer is possible but for more, meditation is required for the rest of one's life. It's most likely impossible to get to 5-MeO peak sober if even 40000h meditators who have tried 5-MeO are saying that they have never experienced something like that.