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  1. @Leo Gura But the ego is building on top of genetic base. Child with large and overactive amygdala (which he got in a genetic lottery) will build an identity of a fearful person, cause his amygdala fires in social "events". As opposed to a child with small and underactive amygdala who may even have some sociopathic tendencies cause no inhibitions.
  2. @Peo From my experience 1) 5-MeO-DMT, LSD, DPT 3) 2-CB 4) MDMA (it's much more empathy than love for me) 5) Amphetamine (can sometimes give me slightly more love feeling than sober)
  3. Building stable attention and powerfull awareness is meditation
  4. @EternalForest You're probably meditating in a deeper state of sustained subtle dullness How straight is your posture while you meditate? To counteract subtle dullness you have to increase the power of the mind by using intention to perceive details of the breath less conceptually (more as a raw sensation) and more vividly. You most likely using subtle concepts like "exhale" and "inhale" to follow the breath right? Focus more of the raw sensation rather than concepts. Maintain a straight posture without back support.
  5. Yes Initially, something probably has to trigger anxiety disorder but once it's there, anxiety, fast heart rate can occur without any thought related to it. Even some period of higher stress can trigger it and then, once triggered, it may take even a few years to extinguish. One's vulnerability to anxiety disorders will depend on genetic factors mostly. My father committed suicide so there may be something to it. Fortunately, my anxiety has gotten much better over the past few months and I'm only taking a minimal dose of an SNRI. Hopefully, I'll be drug-free in the next 3 months.
  6. Overactive amygdala I guess. If I don't take SSRI's, I can't sleep because my body is too aroused from anxiety.
  7. @Jed Vassallo 5-MeO/DPT hasn't cured my anxiety so I would guess it's not going to do much for your friend with bipolar.
  8. @Joker As a <1 year old, probably
  9. Yes, it's either deep anesthesia or cessation/Nibbana/fruition/Nirodha Samapatti
  10. @Fuku This is a great exercise against bias. I use it pretty much all the time, it almost became like OCD for me lol. Ok so let's try Life is hard, there is more suffering in life than pleasure and it's probably better never to have been. Arguments against: The ratio of suffering to pleasure may change for the better in the future Suicide is almost always possible for anyone all the time if suffering becomes unbearable so one may as well be born and keep on deciding whether or not he wants to live.
  11. Martin Ball has gotten some persistent change through the use of 5-MeO. Other than that probably no one.
  12. Lol Whatever he is thinking now, time will reveal that he (and anybody) is not immune to suffering, fear, anxiety. Spiritual techniques like mindfulness can give you great coping skills so you suffer less, but that doesn't mean you'll become some superhuman.
  13. If God is all-powerful and everything is created to maximize love and goodness, then every creature should be experiencing infinite bliss for eternity.
  14. I know, solipsism is unfalsifiable I'm not claiming correlations is direct access to some ultimate truth but they increase the possibility of x being true. We may never discover ultimate truth but through correlations and science, we are slowly moving towards let's say 99.99% truth.