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  1. Joe also did 5-meo 3 times so I think he would be open-minded enough for a good conversation about reality with Leo
  2. Read "The Mind Illuminated", meditate at least 1h in the morning and 1h in the evening. You should be able to reach stage 10 in 8-10 months.
  3. Receptor wise, 5-MeO-MIPT is probably the closest to 5-MeO-DMT. I wonder if there is a correlation between more "body load" = more potential for ego death. DPT is also a very strong tryptamine, I had brokenthrough to non-dual state once on it.
  4. My life is pretty much like this to the point that I have to set alarms as a reminder of many things I will have to do, because my episodic memory is weak. Often times when I would just chill, listen to music, watch videos there are periods of like few hours where I don't have any verbalized thoughts.
  5. Try meditating on a chair or sofa, just find whatever position is comfortable for you, and it doesn't really matter as long as you're not falling asleep
  6. Within your model of the world, you are GOD but are you GOD in the "outside" first order reality, and does it even matter?
  7. Enlightenment is ultimately the most hedonistic path you can take
  8. 5-MeO-DMT from melatonin? Would it be possible to make it at home?
  9. Without the ego this vehicle (body) can't even feed itself, so of course enlightened people have egos. Good measurement of how big your ego is IMO: — how much love you feel moment by moment — when you take mind-opening psychedelic, let's say sub breakthrough dose of 5-meo, and have a conversation with someone, how much authenticity, self editing, feeling like you're acting you have — how flexible are the character that you are playing (rigid rules of behaving certain way etc.)
  10. It does depend on whether an enlightened person is still meditating on a daily basis and maintain Śamatha, a state of equanimity, joy, love, bliss which is associated with more gamma brain waves, otherwise they have no self, non-dual perspective but still quite dull mind, and because of it no constant love/bliss feeling.
  11. -My behavior has changed a little but it took time after an initial experience -In my daily tasks I have infinite flow, and 0 thoughts about planning for a future or regretting the past, everything just happens -My personality quirks are still there -Complete disidentification with a doer/thinker -When I'm interacting with other people it's much more spontaneous than before when I was thinking a lot while having a conversation -Almost all of my triggers disappeared
  12. What about deep anesthesia when even very experienced and conscious meditators who are normally witnessing deep sleep, but report no awareness/consciousness during anesthesia?
  13. @White What do you mean by absolute state? Something like 5-MeO-DMT breakthrough/Nirodha Samapatti, or a state where you are still functioning normally, but lost identification with thoughts/ego?
  14. @Saumaya Are you less interested in stories now? I pretty much stopped watching movies. Do you meditate? How good are your concentration skills?