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  1. Have you tried Transcendental Meditation (I'm well aware of TM cult and shady things going on there) technique? Some instructions for a different type of mantra meditation; TM is that ripples in a lake thing ~38:40 Shinzen Young about mantra practise vs mindfulness https://www.shinzen.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/art_mantra.pdf
  2. @The Don How does it feel like? Joyful, open, alert awareness with effortless stability of attention. Sudden unexpected sounds don't startle you as much or at all, high equanimity
  3. @Farnaby Temporary? Yes For all the time everyday functioning? No
  4. @Michael569 @neutralempty I stumbled upon this today https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S002239561100032X?via%3Dihub
  5. @BlackMaze Losing seeming center in the head (self) from which all experience seems to be observed. No longer feeling like you are looking out the world out there and there is a separation between you and the world. Drastic reduction in self-referential thoughts.
  6. @mmKay lol The Chad Sam Harris have a Stacy wife Unlike Virgin Jordan's wife
  7. If you don't have problems with dullness, you can even meditate laying down A middle ground is just sitting in a chair
  8. I don't, and experience fatigue is the main reason When you talk to old people, it’s not uncommon for them to say something like, “I’m tired of this life. I hope I die. I just don’t like it anymore.” Now, as a young person, when you hear that, it sounds horrible. You’re thinking, “No, please don’t talk like that, Grandpa. You have so much to live for,” and so on. But from Grandma’s point of view, they have experience fatigue. They have already eaten all the great meals. They’ve already had all the great sex. There’s very little novelty in your life as you get older. And it turns out the novelty is one of the things that makes life enjoyable. So when Grandma and Grandpa say, “I’m ready to go, and really the only reason I don’t jump off a bridge right now is for you guys,” for the family and the loved ones, and maybe even for society if they’re thinking of themselves that way, Grandma and Grandpa are not necessarily depressed, even. They’re just reflecting their experience of their life as an old person. So even though it’s hard as a young person to take that in, it’s worth considering that you’ll be there someday as well.
  9. Like not affect you at all? No Reduce your reaction - Yes
  10. At one point, that was my plan (maybe not 20 but a few) but then I got severely Ill and sex was not in my mind for a long time. I probably will try hookers at one point. There's no way to know if a hooker is 'clean'
  11. Throughout history men always had a tougher time in terms of getting laid. Today it's actually easier for an average male to get some pussy but the minority that don't get any will create toxic red/black pill ideology because at least it's something they can blame it on. *or is too inhibited to escalate Storytime A few years ago I was in a club with friends. We had very pure MDMA crystals which we eyeballed (I know it was incredibly stupid), it was for sure the highest dose I ever took, just unimaginable euphoria, might even be on the edge of serotonin syndrome. So we took it + a few shots of vodka before entering the club and in the club as well. So here I was dancing on the most disinhibiting drug combo imaginable MDMA and drunk. A girl started to grind on my dick, I backed up in crippling fear, she looked back at me and smiled, she was very persistent trying to do that a few more times yet my fear managed to cripple me completely. Essentially my inhibitions were too high even on super drug combo, what chances do I have sober? After that night I let go of even trying at all to get girls because I thought that unless I will get some amygdala removal surgery, there's no way for me to ever get pussy. Brutal
  12. I'm still getting off slowly. Emotional blunting goes away as my dose decreases There is no cure for major depression yet. SSRIs, therapy, tricyclics, or other drugs are all ways to decrease suffering and cope with a major depressive episode until it runes its course and goes away. Major depression is an episodic illness, about 95% of episodes last 2 months to 5 years, once triggered there's not much we can do to stop it. Blunting of emotions is good in MD cause it may be a difference between committing suicide and not committing suicide during a peak.
  13. Losing the self in the head, the perceiver, the centrum of experience is of supreme importance for him - more important than temporary states of God
  14. Venlafaxine blunted my emotions when I was on it but it was why I took it in the first place. Have you tried any psychedelics after being off of SSRI's?