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  1. Collection of energetic patterns Psychedelics, meditation
  2. Sit in a straight posture, put your attention on the sensations of the breath at the nostrils, see how it goes for 45 minutes: Generally speaking You've been forgetting the breath and/or falling asleep - high ego You did not forget the breath even once, posture was slumping sometimes, more or less distractions/dullness but breath always somewhat in awareness - medium ego Effortlessly sustained laser-like attention on the breath and powerful awareness accompanied by joyful energy - low ego Same as before + strong equanimity, possibly with moments of perfect equanimity (Nibbana) - lowest ego, you're full of love at that point INB4 It doesn't have to do with ego, it's just concentration skills... COPE
  3. @Girzo Positive changes in your reactions to daily events Self-inquire on the location of your self. Most people, even if they never thought about it, feel like a self that is looking through the eyes on the external world that is separated from them. Even with very first stages of awakening this feeling changes, you may feel like your self have extended beyond your body or like it's one with all the sounds and visual field. Anyway, the most important indicator of the shift is whether or not it has changed. Amount of self-referential thoughts Task/life flow, living more in the present moment
  4. I've awakened through TM meditation. It's one of the most effective methods for enlightenment, however, it still only works for small % of the population. As a concentration/mindfulness, its not good because it promotes meditation in dullness. Give it a try for 7-10h total, and if it doesn't work do something else.
  5. Would it be so bad if deep down we're all doing this to feel better and that all it is? I don't think so
  6. This Masters of Oblivion - interesting podcast on the same/connected topics
  7. I don't agree with everything this guy says, but it's true that Leo is into solipsism and is not willing to admit this.
  8. @Leo Gura Are you open to change what you believe is the Truth in the future, presented with good evidence, or by having even more powerful awakening experience which will contradict the previous ones? Are you sometimes trying to find arguments against what you believe is the Truth? Don't you think there is a small possibility that this experience is showing you the truth about your own consciousness, your own model of the world that you live in but not about the universe?
  9. @Beeman because he took some god molecule
  10. Unfortunately, we can't function without ego-mind
  11. @Aakash How anxiety is non-physical? We know that if we stimulate the amygdala, it produces anxiety.
  12. I'm betting it's one of these: AS-19, 5-Carboxamidotryptamine, 5-methoxytryptamine, 8-OH-DPAT, E-55888, E-57431, LP-12, LP-44, LP-211, MSD-5a, Nω-Methylserotonin, RA-7, AGH-107, AH-494, AGH-192
  13. I don't think one 5-MeO trip will hypersensitize you to other psychedelics
  14. Never heard of anybody enjoying fear. There are awakened people out there who are taking psychiatric medications because of fear and its consequences on mood, sleep etc. I truly believe that we are shaped by our genetics to a very high degree
  15. From my own experience, in the finding and testing what works process, it's best to look for: the number of self-referential thoughts, feeling of being 'you' looking out the world behind eyes (if it has changed), reactivity/emotions, being in the moment (more flow)