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  1. @Gabith You can check out this guy https://www.youtube.com/c/MichaelTaft108/search?query=metta I personally do something similar you can find in Loving-kindness meditation instruction in The Mind Illuminated book
  2. I would say if you're extreme introverted and enlightened - almost certainly it's possible for you to be happy without any human interaction for years, potentially even decades But there seems to me that interacting with other humans may have a unique effect on our brain/mind even independent from technically being happy. Without interacting with anyone for decades you may get dementia faster for example I don't think there's ever been any extreme extrovert who intentionally has gone to live completely alone, no matter how enlightened, and neither there is any reason extroverts should do this even if his/her goal is achieving highest states because if you're truly an extrovert, social interactions don't drain you and shouldn't negatively affect practice at all.
  3. Microdosing Getting good at Samatha/vipassana meditation and then switching to mostly Metta meditation or just start with Metta but I find the first option more effective As you mentioned - a new relationship
  4. But sensations, sounds, vision.. doesn't melt away in a non-dual state and those are also imaginary content within the dream
  5. But when you have a cessation during meditation it's not just some idea. You are alert as fuck and then completely 100% turn the off switch, there's no holding idea or thinking about it right before cessation occurs Do you think cessation is not true?
  6. Infinitely conscious but not conscious enough to know the next lottery numbers or where to invest
  7. Any love. Yes, while not being on psychedelics it will be mostly like human emotion of love Metta meditation is a good example of the feeling of love I meant What I'm not talking about is empty words like "I love playing tennis" but you don't actually experience any love playing tennis, you just like playing it
  8. Please answer about your actual experience of love, you know like you can feel it in your chest or elsewhere in your direct experience. I know some here will be tempted to philosophize about how love is always there, it's never absent even when feeling pain and despair etc. but I'm asking about your direct experience (with psychedelics or sober, doesn't matter), not your belief or philosophy
  9. @Topann I was extremely depressed when I was 23/24 yo. If you don't commit suicide, it will improve with time. You can dull yourself with antidepressants to at least suffer a bit less as you are waiting. Mental illness is like a lens, you have an anhedonic lens right now and every information and stimulus is seen through that lens so I know you can't help it but this lens is temporary. It may be hard for you to get that drug but here is one that works in a completely new way for anhedonic based depression https://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/lz95yo/researchers_have_identified_a_drug_that_works/
  10. @Growly PSL, ascending, rope... too much lookism.net and looksmax.me Stop spending too much time on these forums and start getting good at meditation. You can find free pdf of the book The Mind Illuminated on google. Read it and start meditating. You don't have to start with 2h a day, just do like 15 minutes or whatever you feel comfortable in the beginning. Even if it takes you years to get to later stages but it will be worth it, believe me, you will be surprised at how much confidence advanced meditation practice can add. If you're very seriously depressed, you will have to wait it out but it will pass. With psychedelics, start low and slowly ramp up your doses. Don't make the mistake of taking a large dose out of a emotional decision
  11. We are waiting
  12. Hope you get well Jeff Respect for telling how he truly feels about it despite it not being in line with people's non-dual fantasies