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  1. Wasn't expecting it to be secure
  2. I get strong headaches from too much omega 3, but I can eat much more (but still not that much) omega 3 from fish like canned mackerel than fish oil supplements until I start to get headaches. I suspect that may have something to do with a form of fish oil I ingest Knowing that omega 3 has a lot of benefits, I would like to test all of these forms of fish oil to find the one I can eat the most of without getting headaches. Do you know which form of fish oil (from the video above) is in the canned mackerel and which one is most likely in the cheapest omega 3 supplements?
  3. The ego seeks immortality that I think is a pretty well-known phenomenon
  4. @blankisomeone I'm all for it. Especially until we discover a cure or at least some treatment that actually reduces chronic pain by like 80%+ We even euthanize animals out of empathy if they're suffering a lot. It's ridiculous that humans don't have the right to end it in a peaceful way
  5. Just train yourself to have deep-set eyes of a predator
  6. @Leo Gura Is it correct to say that other people are philosophical zombies? Since in a dream they appear to have a body like mine, behave similarly, etc. but don't experience colors and sensations like I do
  7. @Meliodas Whatever it takes method: 1) Never drink calorieless fluids. If you drink something, make sure it has a lot of calories in it (it will be almost all sugar) 2) Make sure to force some calories right after waking up so you ARE NOT doing any intermittent fasting 3) Abandon all low calorie-dense foods like boiled potatoes, vegetables, fruits 4) Don't eat too high protein diet. If you weigh 50kg, you only need about 80g of protein a day to grow muscle optimally. So eat a relatively low protein diet 5) If the above points fail - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megestrol_acetate The method I recommend: 1) Generally speaking, if your muscles will have a strong impulse to grow, your appetite will increase. Train hard at the gym eat a moderate amount of protein ~100g and always eat until you're full = you should very slowly but surely gain weight and stay low bf% as you are naturally lean 2) Base most of your calories on foods like pasta, white rice, peanut butter, eggs, whole milk, cheese...
  8. @Wijuu The only long-term way to keep eating super tasty food AND lose weight/maintain lower than your initial weight is either to cut your meals to only one or two meals a day, and/or some intermittent fasting variation where you only eat for 8 hours a day etc.
  9. I live in Europe and can easily buy pure DXM (pills) without paracetamol in my local pharmacy. Guys, of course you should not drink cough syrup with paracetamol
  10. I was lurking on the Bodybuilding.com forum MISC section where he was posting right before he did the mass shooting Old times
  11. https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/219413/magic-mushroom-compound-performs-well-antidepressant/ And the second one https://www.leafie.co.uk/news/positive-results-shown-largest-psilocybin-study-depression/ 25mg is about 4g - 4.5g of dried mushrooms I think
  12. The same day Kali Muscle had a heart attack Shown Rodhen (2018 Mr. Olympia) died at the age of 46 Growth hormone is not anabolic to the muscle. It is the most overrated drug in bodybuilding This week another bodybuilder Victor Richards died at the age of 56. So many bodybuilders died this year
  13. For those of you who have no access to ketamine - you can buy other legal drug dextromethorphan (DXM) in your local pharmacy, which also works by binding to and blocking the NMDA receptor
  14. Potatoes are one of (if not the) most filling food per calorie there is. Cutting out potatoes will likely not make one lose weight easier Heart disease is caused mostly by too many calories. It depends on a person but if calories equated high carb diet makes you eat more overall calories then for you high carb diet will be the cause of heart disease and vice versa