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  1. Because previously I tried to plug with a syringe and water and it didn't work, but suppository with paracetamol works great for me so I suspect that either I did something wrong while plugging 5-MeO or cocoa butter (or whatever else they add to paracetamol suppository) somehow enhances absorption. It just overall seems like a less messy method if I can plug a solid substance deep and not care about any leakage BTW my oxalate doesn't dissolve in water, is it ok to plug it undissolved?
  2. Cocoa butter is ideal because it easily melts at human body temperature but is solid at room temperature I wanna give plugging one more try. What do you think about making a suppository with either cocoa butter or some chocolate that easily melts in hands? Heat it, mix with a desired dosage of 5-MeO-DMT, cool in the refrigerator, plug. Have any of you tried that?
  3. There is a 31 page thread about it on a polish drug forum. Seems like it's very strong for many and very weak for some. Visuals seem to be weaker than DMT but stronger than 5-MeO-DMT. People are using it so unresponsible . One guy had an epilepsy attack after 40mg snorted. One guy did 60mg and it wasn't much stronger for him than 30mg which was very strong already.
  4. hehe I wonder how much people's immortality project is in the true reason people are interested in Actualized.org philosophy rather than searching for the truth 1/10? But I fear suffering/prolonged discomfort a lot, like 9/10
  5. I don't think agreeing with Leo is a matter of enough trips. Michael Taft who calls Leo a charlatan, supposedly have done ~700 LSD trips
  6. Bare fist fight
  7. If 16:8 intermittent fasting helps you to eat fewer calories - it will be healthy for you and decrease the risk of cancer etc. but it doesn't do that independent of calorie restriction As for building/maintaining muscle - science says 3 protein feedings a day is a minimum to optimize muscle protein synthesis You can get three protein feedings during an 8-hour window
  8. Questionable. Studies on low alcohol consumption are conflicting. @Seed You may not have hangovers but you are slightly more anxious and irritable the next day, even if that effect is so small you don't notice it
  9. I don't think a newbie would watch 6h interview anyway, such interview is pretty much exclusively for non-newbies
  10. No way to know other than scanning their brain
  11. Was there some major update to Random Deepak Chopra Quote Generator?
  12. I agree with everything @The0Self said in this thread about meditation/Jhanas @Someone here If you want something else to make you high naturally, other than meditation, go all out doing some cardio activity for 30 minutes or almost all out for an hour
  13. Yea I completely agree, it just depends on which perspective we want to look at obesity, and here it gets into philosophy. Its kind of like a physicalist say human is just a bunch of atoms - well, from one perspective it's true however we all know humans can be understood at many different levels and there is much more to them than just atoms Holistic vs reductionistic understanding. "If you would have the right genes, you would be completely immune to obesity, so it's genes that cause obesity" This statement is true in a reductionistic sense. But of course, it's a very limited understanding of obesity. My subjective take on obesity: For the majority of people in the middle of the normal distribution, obesity is caused by: dietary protein deficiency (often severe); an environment in which very tasty food is easily available; not enough physical activity during a day; alcohol which adds a lot of aditional empty calories For the people at the far end of the normal distribution (people from "My 600-lb life"): It's mostly due to their very bad genetics and bad prenatal envirement. "everybody can be lean, but not everybody can be lean and not be miserable" applies to them and I think some small percentage of people should accept being just overweight, not morbidly obese category but overweight.
  14. Yes, but it's hard to adhere to a calorie deficit, because of appetite which if you don't satisfy - you suffer. Ultimately that's why we have an obesity epidemic. All it takes to get to 4% body fat as a male and 12% as a female is a calorie deficit, it's just that simple! Yet of course we all know appetite is our enemy. That's why people need to take steps to make calorie deficit easier to adhere to, like low calorie-dense foods, intermittent fasting, perhaps keto for some