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  1. Well, it will invalidate the whole notion of the Ultimate Reality, if you can get higher and higher and it doesn't seem to end
  2. Precisely that But it does invalidate the whole idea of enlightenment as the end of suffering. I've experienced a horrible, stress-induced major depressive episode with anxiety, which lasted ~14 months while being in a non-dual, no sense of self and agency state. It was easier to bear but it was still tremendous suffering. During that time I've tried so many things and almost nothing worked, the only things that gave me some relief were antidepressants and anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen. Xanax worked great but it builds tolerance very quickly and you can actually die from the withdrawals, so I was fucked. BTW I've also tried 5-MeO and it did nothing to my depression/anxiety long-term (I mean like 1 day+). Kenneth Folk said that during his episode he was able to temporarily end suffering by going into a Jhana, I was not able to reliably enter Jhanas unfortunately. Now I have a whole new perspective on why people call cessation of consciousness Nirvana. Even at the peak of my depression, if I only could fall asleep, I would go completely unconscious and it felt amazing.
  3. It's been completely lost I still distinguish effort from effortless. It's just that regardless of whether or not I have to use effort it doesn't have a 'self' component to it. It kind of feels like a metta conscious perspective all the time. Before, I was much more self-conscious and had much much more and louder voice in the head. The effort is still tiring to the body and mind but it doesn't corrupt that metta conscious perspective.
  4. It's not insight deconstruction. It's a method/technique fit. If you would use precisely the right technique for your type of mind, you would awaken within hours/days. IDK why Eckhart Tolle is known as such high authority here. Sure he is pretty deep in nondual awareness in daily life but lacks experience with high dose psychedelics and concentration. He just milks the same topic all the time be in the now yada yada yada. My intuition tells me a good dose of 5-MeO would totally mind blown him
  5. @Leo Gura Have you tried TM style mantra meditation (not concentration)? You've had 2 awakening experiences sober if I remember correctly, what technique produced them? If you do the same techniques right now, nothing happens? @ardacigin A few things I disagree with you about I honestly don't know for sure if Martin if in a persistent no-self, non-dual experience but I think you overestimate how immune to suffering one becomes after a permanent shift (even very deep). People are still humans and will suffer in physical pains or extreme waves of insomnia like in Martin's case, no permanent shift exist that can make you immune to it (parinibbana maybe). If we take extreme physical pain, it actually would be easier to endure for extremely advanced, non-awakend Samatha practitioner on a retreat, than to someone with a permanent shift but no concentration skills. I myself still have problems with anxiety even tho I'm deep into no-self experience for over 2,5 years at this point. Again I don't know how realized Martin is but he is right about the ego, you have to have an ego to function, understand the symbolic meaning, I wouldn't be able to write this without ego. Awakening is not ego loss, it's a disidentification from it. The ego can only be truly lost in temporary states. I'm a rare case of someone who: 1) Had a breakthrough on psychedelics 2) Have permanent non-dual awareness in daily life which I don't have to do anything to maintain 3) Have been in a highly concentrated state of effortless attention and awareness and also in Jhana, however, this is my weakest point and you are surely more experienced than me in this regard I guess you @ardacigin haven't had a breakthrough on psychedelics yet. Even tho I have an extremely logical/skeptical mind, I have to give credit to Leo for how radical a breakthrough is. It's still the most insane, radical, powerful, crazy experience I've ever had. I don't rule out the possibility of the same state sober in extreme concentration. Leo is on the other hand very experienced with psychedelics but lacks experience with persistent versions of awakening and concentration.
  6. 1) Consciousness affects matter (I'm curious what someone like Sean Carrol would say about these studies) 2) LSD and Magic mushrooms have been shown to reduce brain activity (contrary to what materialism would assume) https://www.bernardokastrup.com/2016/04/the-lsd-study-youre-being-subtly.html https://www.bernardokastrup.com/2014/08/magic-mushrooms-and-brain-activity.html 3) Instead of weakening, the brain is more active than ever during anesthesia (again contrary to what materialism would assume) https://www.cheatsheet.com/health-fitness/what-really-happens-brain-during-anesthesia-truly-terrifying.html/ 4) A new paper argues the condition now known as “dissociative identity disorder” might help us understand the fundamental nature of reality https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/could-multiple-personality-disorder-explain-life-the-universe-and-everything/
  7. Ehh... so then how is nonduality you teach, different from solipsism? I don't get it, you are basically saying it's not solipsism yet only my mind exists?? Sure it does feel like solipsism. Like nothing exist, neither ever was existing outside of my mind I remember in one of my trips right before I entered total unity, I was thinking about Martin Ball and his advice for symmetrical body posture etc. and suddenly in one moment all distinction between me and Martin collapsed, and it literally felt like I was Martin Ball and I've been talking to myself all this time. It just so happens that I was thinking about him at the time so he was present in my consciousness when it all melted into one. But for example, Leo Gura for some reason was completely absent from my conscious experience at the time. Does it mean there literally was no experience of being Leo Gura at the time because he was absent from MY mind? I don't assume that
  8. Try to let go of wanting to not be depressed. Everybody experience mood fluctuations Well, either you're not mindful enough to notice your thoughts (dullness) or you're a world-class meditator. Can you focus on the sensations of your breath for 2h without any interruption + without any thoughts?
  9. @daramantus Everybody who had a high dose psychedelic breakthrough know what Leo talks about. Breakthrough of psychedelics really feels very solipsistic, like nothing exists outside of me. Yet I think taking that perspective as the only True one and rational sober mind as falsehood is not the way to go about it.
  10. 1.6 g of protein per kg of body weight is the absolute maximum that has been shown to have benefits in terms of muscle mass/strength. Anything beyond is completely unnecessary and most research finds no more benefits after 1.4
  11. I agree. I guess Leo would say something like the other tree exist in your mind as an idea of a non-existent tree
  12. @Raptorsin7 I experience life in a much less personal way now I'm much more present. My mind wandering and self-referential thoughts are hugely diminished. When I'm anxious or afraid for example, it doesn't create as much suffering as before. I lost a lot of motivation to pursue money, career etc. Better default concentration. Generally, I enjoy the good times as much as before and bad times like depressed mood and/or anxiety are more bearable.
  13. I don't know what is exactly meant by emotional mastery but enlightenment doesn't get rid of negative emotions fear etc.
  14. "you don't have fear when you're sitting there enjoying yourself watching TV, eating a good meal, you don't have fear. You only have fear when you're in a dangerous situation." When you have a serious anxiety disorder, you do. What would you recommend for fear/anxiety (that jittery, unpleasant feeling in the body) that often comes up without any apparent reason in people with anxiety disorders? "All fear is lack of consciousness. If you were totally conscious, I'm telling you that you would not fear anything" Do you mean that you would have no objective measures of fear in the body? I've had a breakthrough experience where "I" wasn't there but sensations were still present and heart was pounding really fast, the body was still terrified/anxious. Do you think total consciousness where you are fearless, is possible to maintain in daily life? I would call myself an advanced meditator (stage 8/9 in TMI) and I still struggle with an anxiety disorder. I've heard about other, even more, advanced meditators who had struggled with anxiety and that makes me doubt if it's possible. What is the relationship of stress with fear?
  15. 1) Start with a threshold dose 2) Up the dosages very slowly 3) If you encounter any psychotic reactions, immediately stop doing psychedelics And don't start with 5-MeO-DMT, it's hard to measure very accurately
  16. @Leo Gura But the ego is building on top of genetic base. Child with large and overactive amygdala (which he got in a genetic lottery) will build an identity of a fearful person, cause his amygdala fires in social "events". As opposed to a child with small and underactive amygdala who may even have some sociopathic tendencies cause no inhibitions.
  17. @Peo From my experience 1) 5-MeO-DMT, LSD, DPT 3) 2-CB 4) MDMA (it's much more empathy than love for me) 5) Amphetamine (can sometimes give me slightly more love feeling than sober)
  18. Building stable attention and powerfull awareness is meditation
  19. @EternalForest You're probably meditating in a deeper state of sustained subtle dullness How straight is your posture while you meditate? To counteract subtle dullness you have to increase the power of the mind by using intention to perceive details of the breath less conceptually (more as a raw sensation) and more vividly. You most likely using subtle concepts like "exhale" and "inhale" to follow the breath right? Focus more of the raw sensation rather than concepts. Maintain a straight posture without back support.
  20. Yes Initially, something probably has to trigger anxiety disorder but once it's there, anxiety, fast heart rate can occur without any thought related to it. Even some period of higher stress can trigger it and then, once triggered, it may take even a few years to extinguish. One's vulnerability to anxiety disorders will depend on genetic factors mostly. My father committed suicide so there may be something to it. Fortunately, my anxiety has gotten much better over the past few months and I'm only taking a minimal dose of an SNRI. Hopefully, I'll be drug-free in the next 3 months.
  21. Overactive amygdala I guess. If I don't take SSRI's, I can't sleep because my body is too aroused from anxiety.
  22. @Jed Vassallo 5-MeO/DPT hasn't cured my anxiety so I would guess it's not going to do much for your friend with bipolar.