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  1. @NahmIt seems with my experience when negative thoughts arise, I am aware of them,, observe them, not give them energy, and then let them pass through. Are you saying to ignore these and focus just on the good? Sometimes for me, it seems like when I let these thoughts go, they quickly reappear again and again. I then observe, question, give no energy, and let go again and again. Do I have it all wrong? ?
  2. My motivation for physical fitness is so I can be in the best condition to be a vessel for the highest Good. Our physical form is limited, being in top physical shape allows me to do more. That physique is just a bonus.
  3. That's true, I think if I where to go the asset management route, I'd need to have significant assets under management to have a significant influence. From there, corporate activism could be effective and would help me withstand challenges.
  4. I have and it is certainly interesting. I just helped a business severely impacted by COVID recover by providing analysis to get them the capital. They weathered the storm and that feels really good to see.
  5. I have been working on the LP course and have been deeply contemplating my life purpose. I feel various events in my life point to my purpose is within investing. I am just not sure how it can be done consciously. I am sure the LP will answer this as I continue my work. I bought the LP to see if this is truly my calling or if it is ego or survival driving this. I've been reading various things on the Forum regarding investing and it seems that the consensus of those I follow is it is a get rich quick scheme and not creative. That nothing from investing is being creative that adds value or contributes to the world. As a longtime investor, I would agree in many aspects. I started investing when I was in the military back in 2004-2008 after earning extra money overseas. For over a decade, I was obsessed and identified myself with building wealth. I am not wealthy, but have done well. I was fired from my job as an analyst in 2017 due to a trading error. My firing was also due to my opposition of a poor performing product that was to be included in the model portfolios which I strongly apposed and every other member of the committee approved. This didn't sit well with my boss, and the trading error was an excuse to fire me. Good news though!!! It triggered my awakening and this has been the most amazing, beautiful thing to ever happen to me. It was the fork in the road to a path which is guiding me to the Truth. Since the start of my awakening, my attachment to money has dissolved. I used to put on a pedestal milestones of account values. I just hit one of them, but it didn't matter to me. I invested without restriction for a long time, but as I've awakened, this has changed. I am much more mindful of what I invest in, for instance, no oil companies, tobacco, etc. My 2020 performance was really life transforming which led me to the urge and feeling that I need to do this for others, not just me. To many people are under-served. I feel the financial services industry is loaded with people with massive egos (I was one of them ). I take the investing approach as being more of a business rather than ownership in paper. True ownership of a business, impacting lives all around. Some companies I've owned for over 10 years. The investment industry has much regulation (rightfully so) so creative power is limited. This is an issue if always had with the business. I work as a credit analyst now. I feel the organization is conscious, but the work is limited. I can do far, far more and it is time to move on. Perhaps helping no profits would be a niche for me. For an example, I guided a non-profit on how to sell their Bitcoin, they had no idea how to do it. I could manage portfolios with companies that have high consciousness values. This isn't new, but would be a way. Could it be just through conscious, deeply present interactions with clients along with a conscious investment philosophy? I've thought starting a YouTube channel and still might, but feel there are many out there but I feel most are low consciousness, click bait, talking up what they own type of Channels. There are many paths I outline here. By no means am I starting a business in investing now or perhaps ever. It depends what the Life Purpose Course result will be. I love the idea of spiritual teaching as I have healed from a lot of trauma from the military, but that's what Leo is for Right now, I am doing the LPC and contemplating this as a possible life purpose given my path thus far, skills, passion, and intuition. I just need to see if it is correct. Soooooo... Does a conscious investing Life Purpose exist?
  6. @Leo Gura but Leo!! TulsI Gabbard is one of the more concouis politicians we currently have! I would take Tulsi over any other candidate Dems have. Am I wrong? Who else is there?
  7. @Hen Zuhe I don't see why Christian communion scored higher than Transcendental Meditation, Reiki, and Hatha Yoga. Can you possibly explain technically why? I've been doing TM for 4 years, have had great results (certainly better than the Christian stuff), but want to make sure I'm doing the most potent practice.
  8. Amazing story, thank you!
  9. Please explain "Shady." I practice TM, I feel the organization is very dogmatic and seems like everything is branded with "Maharishi" to it, even Asanas and Ayurveda. Lol. The technique, I feel, is amazing. Do you agree?
  10. Bitcoin, like gold and silver will likely be a store of value over the long term and not as a currency IMO. This is especially true since it is taxes as property in the US. Exchanging it as currency causes many tax tracking issues if you don't have the right software. Inflation has certainly taken place, particularly in the stock market, precious metals, and crypto. This will likely continue. Inflation is only good for the wealthy and has gone on for years.
  11. @Leo Gura then whats the point of doing this or other techniques at all if your baseline doesn't change?
  12. @Nahm Thank you so much! ?
  13. @No Self the abuse scandals really drove me from the church and to really question it after being a devote catholic for 33 years. It was the final straw in many aspects. The church has seen huge declines in attendance pre pandemic. I feel as the world becomes more concouis, this will accelerate.
  14. @Nahm Thank you so much for your kind reply. I will continue to reflect on this and apply is to my life. I am faced with a binary decision knowing that sending her to Catholic school would program the very beliefs into them that I needed to transcend. I feel public school at least where we are from, would provide a higher quality education and allow for potentially more experiences to learn from. Its a hard decision, especially when my wife is still very much attached to those beliefs and proir experience. Do I allow her to make the decision and just be with it and build from there? I already do a dream board on my own digitally, I will certainly try one with my wife. I wasn't aware that this would help let go but see it more now in myself as I have let go of many attachments recently. I do feel that through life experiences, my wife resignates more with spiritual teachings. I will allow the flow of these to continue to shape us more effortlessly. I myself made the most progress spirituality when I did this. I am not attached to changing her, but allowing for opportunities to teach.