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  1. Yes, you should never mix MAOI with 5-MeO but I don't understand why you're all so against trying it with SSRI's. Psychedelics don't actually increase your serotonin like MDMA which may be actually dangerous to do with SSRI's but I've seen people doing MDMA and serotoninergic RC's like 3-MMC and 1-p LSD while being on SSRI's, many times and the only negative effect is slightly to heavily reduced high from MDMA + fewer visuals on psychedelics. MAOI + 5-MeO = NEVER SSRI's + 5-MeO = not that dangerous
  2. I think that would be interesting as well. I was already awake (with weak concentration skills) when I first tried a high dose of DPT and I can tell you it was completely beyond normal awakening, not even close. I can guarantee you if Eckhart Tolle would try a breakthrough dose of 5-MeO or DPT he would be surprised as fuck
  3. Weed makes me more anxious than any psychedelic. I walk a lot and train 2/3 times a week. Meditation and psychedelics can't help it. When I do 5-MeO it only helps for 2h, then I'm back to baseline and even in the afterglow when I feel intense love, I'm still sometimes anxious. Venlafaxine helps but makes me very tired. I thought that maybe ketamine can help but don't know how to get it.
  4. @ethanb121 I have a similar problem. I've done mid doses of 5-MeO on SNRI but I'm afraid to do full dose because if anything weird with happen with this interaction, I'm not gonna be able to do much in that state. And I can't get off of SNRI because I get anxious as fuck without it and can't sleep. You can try a threshold dose no problem even on SSRI's
  5. @Leo Gura Do you know anybody that has "awakened to love" and now is walking around all loving all the time? I just don't think such people exist. The closest are probably monks who put a lot of emphases on loving-kindness meditation in their spiritual training. Don't you think your emotions are influencing a lot of your interpretation of psychedelic experiences? One thing I think you greatly underestimate is how peoples interpretation of the same experience can differ. For example from your enlightenment happening live video, I can tell you have much much stronger emotional reaction than me. When I first awakened to no sense of agency, I basically came back to my computer and continued to watch youtube. Even when I had my first big psychedelic breakthrough, first thought was not God but rather that was the most alien and weird experience ever, like becoming a very fiber of reality. Don't you think that these cosmic experiences where there is no "I" but still awareness that you enjoy, are still in a subtle way a survival strategy compared to a complete cessation of consciousness like Nirodha Samapatti? I don't think it's possible to shift into a persistent state of love. However, if it's somehow, I wish you to attain this and guide us on how to do it.
  6. If Solipsism is true, you're right. If other people have experiences of being them, consciousness can cease/you can be unconscious.
  7. To have the same experiences as Leo, it's necessary. To awaken to a persistent state of no doership you don't have to take anything
  8. @Meditationdude What Leo talks about (mainly) are temporary states you can enter through psychedelics. If you want persistent changes in your daily experience psychedelics are very ineffective.
  9. Yea, I feel like Leo talk as though you can discover these Truths by self-inquiry, meditation, etc. because he doesn't want to admit that the only way is to take drugs
  10. Btw I also took MDMA, 3-MMC and amphetamine while being on SNRI (yes irresponsible I know) and nothing bad happened. MDMA I bearly felt but 3-MMC stimulating effects where normal.
  11. I'm probably gonna have to do a Prozac bridge because getting off of Venlafaxine is just too hard without something with a longer half-life.
  12. I don't know how many mg's. I'm using a micro scoop for measurement. Generally medium doses
  13. @ethanb121 I'm on 80 mg of Venlafaxine and 5-MeO works pretty much the same as when I was on no SSRI's