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  1. @Shadowraix understood. I'll shut up. I was just being a devil in any case.
  2. @Shadowraix it's funny you should mention circles. Aren't they the embodiment of an infinity inside a finite form? Aren't they also only a construct of the mind?
  3. To understand something, you must well... understand it. When you talk about 'infinity' you have an understanding of it. Then all talk of 'infinity' is based on that understanding. The natural question to ask as a consequence is: 'Does my understanding of infinity have infinite depth to it?' In other words, is your understanding of 'infinity' inexhaustable? Can you keep on discovering new aspects to your understanding without end? The only possible awareness that could possibly even get close to having an inexhaustable understanding of 'infinity' is Absolute Infinity itself. If the understanding is limited on the other hand, it can only be a 'finity', and hence you have not grasped the true meaning of 'infinity'.
  4. There's nothing wrong with repetition. The need for constant novelty is a sickness we all suffer from - how else do you master a thing? Constant repetition is the key for mastery. And, without the repetition you would soon fall back asleep.
  5. Scrum is just a methodology for optimisation and as such is an Orange activity - the aim being to save money, by reducing time spent on non-productive development - since there is a tendency for customers to constantly change the goalposts, and also to get round the problem of lack of immediate feedback (from customers) from changes made in software. Scrum fails, because it doesn't take into account the individual characteristics of the workers in the team. It's a one size fits all methodology. In other words it fails to see each worker as an individual system in her/his own right; it also fails to model the interactions between those workers. Scrum also fails, because of a tendency to 'game' the system by the individuals involved for various reasons; such as reducing stress, moving deadlines, staff churn, supporting junior developers, pleasing the boss and so on.
  6. @Antonius of all the types of jobs most amenable to yellow thinking, programming/development must be up there. Don't we constantly work with systems? It's just a matter of expanding your thinking right out to include the entire world, not just a phone app interacting with a database. A first step is to invert your thinking. Top down rather than bottom up. Then funnel down to something manageable in software. Some global systemic issues could be: Plastics in the food chain and their effects on animal/human health. Mitigating the effects of automated trading systems on the boom/bust cycle of world markets. Logistics for environmental disaster relief. Stopping food waste world-wide. Supplying high quality affordable education for third world countries. Improving access to the internet for third world countries. By tackling the large systemic issues, you allow large numbers of people to improve the quality of their lives. This is turn frees them up to raise their consciousness. The way I see it, is that maybe by 'freeing' up thousands if not millions of people, you have a snowball effect. You end up freeing up that one person that will themselves change the world, another Ghandi or Mandela or Newton or Da Vinci. You don't have to change the world yourself, just enable someone else to change it. To run a yellow company, as well as large scale systemic thinking, requires that your workers are also catered for in a system type way. That means some of the following things are catered for: their needs for rest and relaxation, child care, earning potential, flexibility of working hours, flat hierarchies, strategic involvement in planning, fluid job roles, health and fitness, easy access to counselling, regular learning and development. Perhaps even a company without any management as such.
  7. I'd say it was a complex question. If you're a one wo/man band with yellow ideas, it's unlikely (though not impossible) that you'll change the world for the better with software. You have to go back to basics and ask yourself "what is software for?". In my opinion software is an amplifier just like any another tool or machine. It makes certain activities easier or it allows you to do more in the same time period or it allows you to do things that were previously impossible. Using software working with big data to do forecasting is one activity which springs to mind. You would model many interactions of many different systems at a high level, and forecast what would happen if you tweak those systems here and there. For example you could model the whole economy of a country and its interaction with its environment and the welfare of its people. You would then ask questions such as, "How does building new homes on this particular piece of land affect people's prosperity, the diversity of wildlife, how much extra CO2 is produced?" and so on. These are kind of green questions, but couched within a yellow mentality. You could for example, see how building a new airport affects the world climate or how it increases jobs in another country or whatever. Most big software in the forecasting arena is too narrow, i.e. just weather or just economy or just wildlife. There's plenty of room for synergising all of these data and models. Another area dear to my heart is using software to actually change the character of capitalism itself. Why do people work long hours for others in an office? To survive and lead a comfortable life. But software is so tremendously flexible that it can be nearly applied to every part of human life. If software can free us from needing to actually work and sucking our spirits dry, then we would be free to become more connected, less fatigued, in touch with nature, and in touch with ourselves. Essay over.
  8. Manipulation is devious isn't it? If the price were a round number: 30, you'd think "thirty" and that's it. But when the price is 29.99, then you think "it's nearly thirty" or "it's less than thirty". That sets up a kind of mental trick where you think you're paying "less". But it's only a relative "less". Also, you pay less attention to the pennies than the whole pounds (dollars). Who cares about 99 pence? I would bet that the opposite is true. If an item were priced at 30.01 it would sell a lot less than an item marked 30.00. Try finding a retail item priced like this; you can't because it would kill sales.
  9. @RendHeaven I was kind of begging the question, but you understood my point clearly. To have a definition of fantasy that is all encompassing, is next to useless for improving (sexual) relationships. @Uncover would like to have a more meaningful relationship. I say the only long term ecological way of doing that, is not to indulge in the existing fantasies, and in fact strip them back to reveal a more authentic and "grown up" way of interacting. And in the process experience a more meaningful relationship. A working baseline for that more authentic relationship are friendships, which you pointed at, are less ingorantly layered in stories. It's childish to think that you cannot have a sexual relationship without fantasy (in the narrower sense). I would go further and say an unconditional friendship is even less bound up in fantasy and a better way of being. In other words either side can choose when and if to break the relatinship and go their own way, without prejudice, deep explanation, guilt or remorse. The relationship exists because it currently suits both parties to be together (for whatever reasons: sexual attraction, financial, intimacy, etc). How could you maintain any relationship this way? The point is friendships and sexual relations will be made and eventually broken irrespective of any "fantasy" holding them together. Why the pretense and suffering? Get rid of that!
  10. @Truthority if I invited you into my house and then you called me a cu**, I know exactly what I'd do. Like it or not, this is Leo's forum first and foremost. You should at least show some courtesy. If you don't like his style, then lead by example and set up your own forum and put out weekly videos, maybe I'd even follow you?
  11. @RendHeaven would you say that a friendship involves less fantasy than a sexual relationship?
  12. Precisely. And that, is exactly why most relationships end up being dysfunctional. You are never good enough for each other. The best that can be done is to raise one's own awareness so that at least half the relationship is not dysfunctional. Or you go find a partner who doesn't want a fantasy. Good luck with that! And my friends and family don't understand why I'm
  13. Go for the path that will expand and develop you the most even if it hurts. You know what that path is. Start: Make a decision now, it's easy. Carrying it out is hard, but that's for tomorrow to worry about. Then you'll truly be free.
  14. Resistance is a quality of consciousness. It comes from the stillness of the nothing you really are. Mu. Everything else is chaos and change. To re-state Newton: to every change, there is an equal and opposite non-change.
  15. Relationships are odd really. The more you try and force them to be a certain way, the less it works out well. When you first meet someone, it's like perfection, you don't question each other and you're just in the flow of mutual love and admiration. But after a while some sort of reality kicks in, you stop being one unified being, and separate out into two again. The pain of separation then shows itself as insecurity and irritation and questioning. A relationship - friends or lovers - either flows or it doesn't, there's really no middle ground. And the both of you have to flow together or it doesn't work. If you want it to flow and be meaningful, then you only have to do one thing: keep being the best version of yourself you can be. She will find that attractive. Don't try and be her best version of you. If you think she's beautiful then that's an incredible and rare gift, maybe she's not ready to receive it?